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Whitesnake 1987 re-release

Whitesnake 1987 deluxe edition cover artGeffen will be releasing a yet another deluxe remastered edition of the 1987 Whitesnake album later this month in North America. The CD+DVD package will include the original American album tracks and bonus tracks from Live… In The Shadow Of The Blues on the CD and four original promo video plus four live tracks taken from Live… In The Still Of The Night on the DVD.

Disc One:

Still Of The Night
Give Me All Your Love
Bad Boys
Is This Love
Here I Go Again ‘87
Straight For The Heart
Looking For Love
Children Of Night
You’re Gonna Break
My Heart Again
Crying In The Rain
Don’t Turn Away

Bonus Tracks –- Live… In The Shadow Of The Blues:

Give Me All Your Love
Is This Love
Here I Go Again
Still Of The Night
Here I Go Again ‘87
Straight For The Heart
Looking For Love
Children Of The Night
You’re Gonna Break
My Heart Again
Crying In The Rain
Don’t Turn Away

Disc Two:

The Videos Trilogy:

Still Of The Night
Here I Go Again 87
Is This Love
Give Me All Your Love

Live… In The Still Of The Night:

Give Me All Your Love
Is This Love
Here I Go Again
Still Of The Night

The package is due out on April 20th in the US and April 27th in Canada. Those of you who can’t get enough of that scrumptious Tawny Kitaen, get your wallets ready:

Thanks to BraveWords for the info.

19 Comments to “Whitesnake 1987 re-release”:

  1. 1
    T says:

    Despite not being a big fan of the hair metal version of Whitesnake, I cannot deny their success and mass appeal. It is ironic, however, that most of their American fans from that era didn’t know David Coverdale’s Deep Purple roots, that that the band had already existed in previous forms and that some of the biggest hits came as re-worked versions from those previous line-ups!

    In spite of the glitzy production, the “new” versions of “Cryin’ in the Rain” and “Here I Go Again” (and later, “Fool For Your Lovin'” couldn’t come close to the original recordings. The synthesized keyboards and over-done guitar could not beat a real Hammond and bluesy phrasing, and I could never get used to their changing “Like a hobo” to “Like a difter”.

    Even so, the ’87 album did have some nice playing with “Still of the Night” being a stand-out track. Had this version of Whitesnake been able to produce more songs of that kind and refrain from trite commercialism and melodramatic ballads, they may indeed have rivaled Zeppelin’s legacy. The talent was there.

    But they wouldn’t have sold as many records.

    My favorite remains Slide It In.

  2. 2
    kraatzy says:

    Hey guys, if you don´t can´t get enough from …

    -Still of the Night
    -Here I go Again
    -Is this Love
    -Give me all you Love
    (witch are 4 !!! times on this offer)

    …you can buy this Re-Re-Re-Re-Re-Release two times 😉 …

    But seriously… I think, now it´s enough !

    *LLRnR* (but not always the same)


  3. 3
    stefan says:

    Well…. I agree with you Kraatzy….enough is enough, how many more times can they milk the same “cov” ???? I also agree with T on the subject of ignorant Americans, can´t say I´m too surprised though as they generally have horrible musical taste, and only care for what´s fashionable at the moment ! There are of course brilliant exceptions as always….in America as well as in the rest of the world !

  4. 4
    james jay says:

    Whitesnake of the 1980’s was the KISS of the 1970’s. Although Whitesnake were musicians not a circus act. I agree with T–early Whitesnake could rival most any band.

  5. 5
    Tomas says:

    Even though it’s far, far, far from classic Whitesnake, it’s a darn good rock album. I like it!

  6. 6
    John says:


    Not all people in the U.S. have horrible musical taste. I listen to all music by DP and the spin off bands, including Rainbow, WS, Gillan, Blackmore’s Night, Graham Bonnet, DIO, and other bands outside the Purple family. But it was the WS 1987 that introducted me to WS, and I loved Coverdale’s voice so much that I bought all of his previous albums, and then I got into the rest of the DP catalogue. So from that point of view, it was good that I heard WS 1987 or I never would have been a DP fan. Yes, it’s true that there are people who are into trendy music, but the true fans like myself stay and remain loyal to the end, despite the fact that your favorite music isn’t played on top radio anymore. Actually, I like introducing DP and WS music to the younger generation … they always say “I had no idea how good the music is … I only know “Smoke on the Water” or “Here I Go Again.”

  7. 7
    Bill says:

    The Wizard Sorry Gentlemen and women, if you will. but my taste is guite good thank you very much! I do agree that another release of the 87 gem is just Geffens way of making more cash, That has nothing to do with DC. And I for one definitely knew where David came from, I heard burn in 74 when it was released, even though I was only 13, I could tell there was a new vocalist in the band, as I had also bought Made In Japan as well as Machine Head. And I set there and actually watched The California Jam live on my TV set which i had hooked up through my stereo way back when, on that fateful April night, so I do know where it all started thank you very much!!! cheers BP

  8. 8
    Bill says:

    I used to post as The Wizard. Sorry if that confused anyone Bill

  9. 9
    kraatzy says:

    … by the way … in the buiseness, they called that …
    an intelligent and clever marketing….!

    I call it just “milking” the money-cow



  10. 10
    stefan says:

    Like I said John…”There are some brilliant exceptions”…..!!!!

  11. 11
    Joerg says:

    The track list is wrong:


    It’s simply the EMI Collector’s Edition, that has been available in the United States as an import only, as a Geffen release now…

  12. 12
    SEVEN-47 says:

    It’s been awhile, but here I go taking the unpopular position! I am not one of “The ignorant Americans” (Hello Stefan, How are you?) I have been following Deep Purple and their family tree since “Machine Head.” I personally find the 1987 release to be Whitesnake’s best album. (Let the criticism commence.) Coverdale did what he had to do to take Whitesnake to the next level. He was not included in the 1984 Deep Purple reunion, which he wanted to be a part of. I agree with T that “Slide It In” was an excellent album, but if Coverdale’s follow up was more of the same, it would have fared much of the same way as “House Of Blue Light” did. (Another album I really like, but didn’t do as well financially.) Bands evolve and continue to grow, and if they don’t? They end up doing “Greatest Hits” shows at small venues.

  13. 13
    Nick says:

    I love WS and DC’s work, but somebody has to tell to DC that there’s a few rules when you’re remastering an album.
    1) Respect the original running order
    2) Don’t try to plug your new stuff with the historical one
    3) Try to get the best -and least- compressed sound.
    4) Bonus material has to be related to the original music in terms of time, not in terms of titles : a performance by the Aldrich teams doesn’t have anything to do with the 1987/88 era team.

    The old Whitesnake remasters are wonderfull. But the Slide it In (without the original Need Your Love So Bad), 1987 and Slip… remasters a really disappointing.

  14. 14
    stefan says:

    Hello Seven-47 how nice of you to grace us with your presence again, like you said…it´s been a while ! As I previously stated “there are some brilliant exceptions” about the “ignorant Americans” statement….I knew I should´ve kept it to myself…Ah, well…!!!

    1987 is not bad at all, I just don´t think it represents the true bluesy Whitesnake of yore ! Too metal for my taste, but not surprising considering the presence of John Sykes, plus preassure from Geffen to write some very commercial songs ! And let´s not forget the pretty boy image….let´s be honest…no matter how good Marsden, Moody, Murray and Galley are/were as musicians they were not exactly good looking to put it kindly, and D.C. knew what he wanted….SELLING SHITLOADS OF ALBUMS at any cost…hence, out with the buttugly old “friends” ! Like they say in America “nothing personal….just business” !!! ROCK ON !

  15. 15
    SEVEN-47 says:

    I can’t argue with a thing you said Stefan! As far as keeping your mouth shut? NEVER! I always enjoy your comments, and agree more often than not. My only point was bands evolve. My first exposure to DEEP PURPLE was “Machine Head.” When I purchased “Who Do We Think We Are,” I was expecting more of the same. It wasn’t exactly that, but I really liked it. Certain bands release the same thing over and over again, DEF LEPPARD comes to mind, and their music becomes rather formulaic. I hope you are well Stefan, and will exchange thoughts with you again soon.

    SEVEN-47 is 10-7!

  16. 16
    axl rose says:

    SEVEN-47 i don’t think thath DC wanted to be on the 1984 reunion…he wanted to continue with Whitesnake

  17. 17
    SEVEN-47 says:

    I may be wrong; I could have sworn I read in a publication that David Coverdale was disappointed that he was not included. It would have been “Circus,” “Hit Parader,” or “Metal Edge.” Like I said I may be mistaken, it was 26 years ago. 🙂

  18. 18
    Tracy Heyder (aka Zero the Hero) says:

    Gonna have to repeat myself here again….

    I don’t have problem with Re-issues. But when they become repetitive, without anything NEW on them, what’s the point. All the music on this is already issued. If you are a first time buyer, well I guess this could hit the spot. But it does nothing for anyone whom already has the original or second or third issue.

    Repackage with NEW Material. Otherwise……(you know)….


  19. 19
    peter chrisp says:

    Here we go again repeat, repeat, repeat!

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