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Classic Whitesnake box set

Classic Rock reports that a new Whitesnake box set is in the works, scheduled to be released (presumably, in the UK) on November 7. Titled Box O’Snakes: The Sunburst Years 1978-1982, this has every studio and live album from the period, two BBC concerts, a limited edition 7” EP, a DVD, and a 90-page book with “new interview and unseen photos”.

Track listing:

CD One: Trouble (1978)

  1. Take Me With You
  2. Love To Keep You Warm
  3. Lie Down (A Modern Love Song)
  4. Day Tripper
  5. Nighthawk (Vampire Blues)
  6. The Time Is Right For Love
  7. Trouble
  8. Belgian Tom’s Hat Trick
  9. Free Flight
  10. Don’t Mess With Me

CD Two: Live At Hammersmith (1978)

  1. Come On
  2. Might Just Take Your Life
  3. Lie Down
  4. Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City
  5. Trouble
  6. Mistreated

CD Three: Lovehunter (1979)

  1. Long Way From Home
  2. Walking In The Shadow Of The Blues
  3. Help Me Thro’ The Day
  4. Medicine Man
  5. You ‘N’ Me
  6. Mean Business
  7. Love Hunter
  8. Outlaw
  9. Rock ‘N’ Roll Women
  10. We Wish You Well

CD Four: Ready An’ Willing (1980)

  1. Fool For Your Loving
  2. Sweet Talker
  3. Ready An’Willing
  4. Carry Your Load
  5. Blindman
  6. Ain’t Gonna Cry No More
  7. Love Man
  8. Black and Blue
  9. She’s A Woman

CD Five: Live… In The Heart Of The City (1980)

  1. Come On
  2. Sweet Talker
  3. Walking In The Shadow Of The Blues
  4. Love Hunter
  5. Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City
  6. Fool For Your Loving
  7. Ain’t Gonna Cry No More
  8. Ready An’Willing
  9. Take Me With You

CD Six: Come An’ Get It (1981)

  1. Come An’ Get It
  2. Hot Stuff
  3. Don’t Break My Heart Again
  4. Lonely Days, Lonely Nights
  5. Wine,Women An’ Song
  6. Child of Babylon
  7. Would I Lie To You
  8. Girl
  9. Hit An’ Run
  10. Till The Day I Die

CD Seven: Saints & Sinners (1982)

  1. Young Blood
  2. Rough An’ Ready
  3. Bloody Luxury
  4. Victim Of Love
  5. Crying In The Rain
  6. Here I Go Again
  7. Love An’ Affection
  8. Rock An’ Roll Angels
  9. Dancing Girls
  10. Saints An’ Sinners

CD Eight: Live At Reading Rock ’79 (1979)

  1. Walking In The Shadow Of The Blues
  2. Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City
  3. Steal Away
  4. Belgian Tom’s Hat Trick
  5. Mistreated/Soldier Of Fortune
  6. Love Hunter
  7. Breakdown

CD Nine: Live At Reading Rock ’80 (1980)

  1. Sweet Talker
  2. Walking In The Shadow Of The Blues
  3. Ain’t Gonna Cry No More
  4. Love Hunter
  5. Mistreated/Soldier Of Fortune
  6. Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City
  7. Fool For Your Loving


  • Promo Videos 1978-1982
  • TV Performances
  • Official Bootleg: Live at the Capital Centre, Washington, USA 1980

Snakebite EP (1978)
33rpm seven inch white vinyl

Side One

  1. Bloody Mary
  2. Steal Away

Side Two

  1. Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City
  2. Come On

No details on the packaging and (re)mastering status are available so far.

15 Comments to “Classic Whitesnake box set”:

  1. 1
    Roberto says:

    interesting for the ‘reading’ live albums and the DVD…while ‘trouble’ is my favourite Whitesnake album…

  2. 2
    Joe Siegler says:

    What label is this on?

  3. 3
    drew says:


  4. 4
    The Holy Chair says:

    Interesting, although very late.

    Frustrated like Bernie I downloaded several GREAT bootlegs of the Old and REAL SNAKES by now.

    I was not aware of the Washington performance yet.
    Gonna try look it up somewhere : )

    Well, that’s surely a great teaser.

    I hope the old Snakes will be payed in FULL.(….)

  5. 5
    Jami Nieminen says:


  6. 6
    Sami says:

    Hey hey, what’s with this bootleg dvd from 1980…any information over that, anyone!?

  7. 7
    Svante Axbacke says:

    @2: As far as I know, it’s on EMI.

  8. 8
    Svante Axbacke says:

    @5: Why not?

  9. 9
    The Holy Chair says:

    @ 6

    The only reason NOT to buy this is that I d ofcourse prefer certain items and not the whole bunch..

    I suppose this will cost a lot?

  10. 10
    Roberto says:

    Great to have true Snakes live on official releases. Very welcome! Better late than never!

  11. 11
    Made in England says:

    I can see the attraction of the two Reading shows and the DVD from 1980 but having bought all the remasters just last year there’s no way on God’s grey earth that I’m forking out for all that lot again…. I’ll wait a couple of years for them to turn up separately…… and they will turn up.

  12. 12
    Rasmus Heide says:

    Got one question: Why isn’t this the remastered albums with bonus tracks?

  13. 13
    ormandy says:

    I bet it’s gonna >>> sound <<<< like crap. Hope I’m wrong though.

  14. 14
    Purple Botzy says:

    There are “No details on the packaging and (re)mastering status are available so far.”, so we just have to wait for more details as they come.

    In the meanwhile here’s a song from the Washington show to tease a bit:
    Whitesnake – Ain’t Gonna Cry No More – Live 1980

    Maybe, after this, they also can remaster the Donnington 1983 show and the Ludwigshafen 1983 show….while they are still at it, maybe release as a nice double pack?

    Ah yes, that is wish full dreaming indeed.

  15. 15
    Roberto says:


    Hope this one will be realesed too…wonderful playing…

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