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Roger and his singing talents

Roger Glover, Quebec City, June 4, 2011; Photo © Nick Soveiko CC-BY-NC-SA

Another interview with Roger Glover — this time with HeadBanger.ru. Turns out a lot can be covered in 15 minutes — broken hearts, butterfly balls, parenting, singing talents, and meetings with presidents. Cue eloquent and insightful.

By the way, have you played this album to your Deep Purple bandmates?


Why not?

When I get copies of the album, I’ll probably give them a copy each. But it’s a strange thing, we don’t really tell each other’s solo careers in between us. I listen to what they do, and maybe they listen to what I do, I don’t know, we don’t talk about it that much. Ian Gillan really likes “Snapshot”, he told this to me, he said it’s a really good album. But it’s not something that you have to do. Right now I don’t have copies of the album. It’s interesting – talking to people like you who have it, and I don’t. Anyway, I will give them a copy of the album, but I won’t play it for them, because I don’t want to be in the same room when they listen to it. This is an uncomfortable thing – if someone plays you a piece of music, you are expected to say, “Oh, it’s great” even if you don’t like it. And I want to give them the freedom to dislike my album without feeling uncomfortable.

And about Purple’s new album:

In a recent interview you were asked why is it taking Deep Purple so long to release a new album, and you answered that there was disagreement in the band about whether you should be doing an album at all these days. Have you made any decision on this matter since then?

Yes, we have. The whole thing about doing an album is that we live in different parts of the world. When we don’t tour, we go home to our families, and it’s very difficult to get everyone to agree to come out and do something when there’s no particular reward. Albums are not the support that they used to be, they are basically a losing proposition. However, I’m of the opinion that whether it’s a losing proposition or not, we should do it. Although I said there was disagreement in the band, it wasn’t meant to say we argue. We have this rift all the time, and we’re still good friends. It’s not a bad thing to disagree. But some people in the band say, “You know, times have changed, it’s now the era of MP3 and iTunes, we should just put out a song or two via the Internet.” It’s not that we don’t want to work or that we have lost our creativity. It’s just that we couldn’t figure out which way to go. But we did actually make the start this year – in March we went to a studio in Spain and had a writing session for about nine days. And it was very productive. Every day we’d go to the studio and we’d just jam and jam. We got out of it a dozen ideas floating around, they are not finished, they are just ideas, some are more finished than others. I think later this year or certainly early next year we will be getting together again somewhere to finish those, and it’s gonna be cool. I’d hope that we will have an album to come out next year. But we’re not gonna release it until it’s finished. (laughs)

Read the rest of the interview.

Thanks to Andrey Gusenkov for the info.

36 Comments to “Roger and his singing talents”:

  1. 1
    @xel says:

    Rog said: “But we’re not gonna release it until it’s finished.”

    Uuuhh, so, *that* is what had happened to Rapture.
    Now it makes perfect sense… 🙂 🙂

  2. 2
    Roberto says:

    Hope Glover will make and entire album with Dan and Pete…the track on ‘if life…’ is the best of the album in my opinion…Hope too ‘the butterfly ball’ will be recognized as the pure masterpiece it is…it will be great to be part of a ‘butterfly ball’ live show…

  3. 3
    Eddie6string says:

    Am I alone in this????

    If you could have been a ‘Fly on the wall’ when DP were making previous Albums (Take your pick), I’m sure you’d have jumped at the chance!

    So, why don’t we get Multi-media versions of any new material? – it can be cheaply done with little compromise to quality with modern equipment.

    I’d love to witness the creative process among the guys & see the chemistry working whilst they craft a Jam session into a song or two.

    It doesn’t need to be edited into less than 3 second duration frames to keep the Dim Witted entertained, like modern Promo Vids – Just a couple of fixed cameras linked to the Sound desk should do it!

    Failing this suggestion becoming reality – Just get it together soon guys – We need to feed our DP addiction with something Fresh.

    Warm thoughts

  4. 4
    George Martin says:

    I don’t understand, they always say albums are losing propositions but Roger and Don just released a brand new album and Ian Gillan had One Eye To Morocco just a short while ago. If it’s a losing proposition for a band like Deep Purple to release a new album, how much do the guys loose releasing solo albums. Am I missing something here. At least when Purple puts out a new album there’s a world tour to follow where a lot of money is made. Individually there is nothing.

  5. 5
    Tommy H. says:

    They participate in other albums and put out solo albums one by one but when it comes to a new Purple record – all of a sudden – albums aren’t the way to go, there is no money etc. etc. It’s ridiculous. Everybody around is putting out something new but not Purple. However I have no closer insight and I agree that they didn’t loose their creativity as individuals but it seems that they lost their fire as a band. Touring is getting to work and earn money, in plain language. What happened to the artistic side of the story?

  6. 6
    Roberto says:

    I think they don’t make a new album due Gillam’s avversion…I can’t find another reason…I have not a job but I’m producing an album with my band…”Deep purple machine” has not enough money for it? ridicolous…

  7. 7
    The Holy Chair says:

    The “old” discussion starts again following one or more interviews with the guys about the will to release another album.

    I fully understand that solo albums are a personal statement an satisfaction whereas making DP albums have become something they don’t look forward top anymore.

    One of the repeated arguments is “the distances and time schedules” of bandmembers.

    For many years now people make albums by using mail/e mail.

    Ofcourse its’s a more more authentic and /or warm idea to have the idea they are doing it in one room but….

    1 For years now it’s possible to do it seperately.
    2 Many times in DP’s history, and not only theirs, it was very standard to record tracks seperately.
    Gillan did his vocals after the guys were done.
    Blackmore did so as well.

    Don’t know if this was usual during the Morse years?

    Glover copy and pasted the intro to Anya alonbe in the studio.
    ANYA is a classic, so……..

    WDTWA albumm, although much scrutinised by many, has many fans as well.
    The well established cynical idea that WDWTWA sucks because they were unhappy or repeating or whatever is dubious.

    WDWTWA has great songs like Smooth Dancer, Rat Bat Blue, Place In Line, Supertrouper and ofcourse(I have heard them too much , sorry : ) WFT and Mary Long.

    Hell, I even love Our Lady.

    Btw, maybe they could retry “The Stallion” again. : )

  8. 8
    The Holy Chair says:


    I was ofcourse trying to say that Blackmore did his parts alone in the studio for WDWTWA.

    I never was aware or interested about this aspect but……
    I m sure there must be many more examples.

    It all starts with Paicey and Morse jamming?
    Paice lives in Spain and Steve in the USA.

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhhhh, I suppose thats not something one can arrange so easily?
    Although in these modern times they could do so with video screens LIVE across the ocean.


    Most important, I feel my intelligence is insulted with these kinda arguments.


    It did not take so long between Rapture and Bananas.

    Jealous Lover, the infamous B side made by Rainbow was recorded during a tour.
    They just slip[ped into a studio, did the job. DONE.

    How can it be so hard?

    There is no chemistry.
    No will.

  9. 9
    kostas says:

    We do not need another abandon bananas or rapture of the deep.They have understood that the music they made in the past 20 years (Morse area)it is not something special for a band like deep purple.They know also they can not do something better than this for many reasons (not having Blackmore Lord or how old are they et..)so the best thing they can do is to make another worldwide tour(their last)to say goodbuy..I know it would be very exciting for all of us to make another in rock or machine head but we must understand this thing never gona happen.The real art is not get to the top but to know where to stop…

  10. 10
    dave_wallis says:

    Or maybe their reason to lead us astray, maybe there’s a hidden reason behind it: maybe they have really lost it as a unit in terms of creativity. Maybe they simply can’t come up with rock songs anymore.

    Gillan’s and Glover’s latest solo albums were more pop than rock albums. However, Steve’s latest release proved one more time that he can come up with great ideas and it’s a shame that many songs off “Outstanding in their Field” haven’t been recorded with Deep Purple. I bet it’s not a manner of money – and that’s what they’re trying to force on us – but a matter of lack of interest in rock music and working together (after so many years, which is somehow understandable).

  11. 11
    marco polo says:

    they cant write unless the guitarist does all the work as stated by ritchie numerous occasions…steve has had enough and should now go back to the dregs adn own projexts the others have no riff ideas……i think its time to finsish and retire…

  12. 12
    Eirik Solum says:

    @George Martin: That’s what I don’t understand either! If making albums is such a loosing game, why do all of them make solo albums? Even charity stuff – if it’s loosing money??
    I don’t believe it, and I don’t think the business has become that bad, albums still sell – if they are good and people like them – but they dont give as much “reward” as in the 70s or 80s.
    I dont think Glenn Hughes, BCC, Whitesnake – or Maiden, Metallica or U2 – loose money on their albums:-) It’s a question of popularity, good songs, sales and motivation.

  13. 13
    andrew says:

    I think, they need Blackmore and he needs them….

  14. 14
    Roberto says:

    (I know a professional album, recording and promotion included, will cost much more but if there’s a true aim I believe they can find the money…)

  15. 15
    Sami says:

    You’re right guys, their ‘reluctance’ to put out new material/giving the same old excuses eludes me too. Look around: Nazareth, Heep, Quo, GH/BCC, Yes, Alice Cooper etc. etc. old-timers have all put new albums out(quite on a regular basis too!), isn’t it about time to give the side projects/solo albums a rest for a while & concentrate your (song-writing)efforts on the real deal…yeah, who am I to complain, just tour it to death with the more or less same setlist/orchestras & whatever next, see you in December anyway 🙂

  16. 16
    purpletemple says:

    They all released solo albums (except Paice) via the old fashioned cd way, so why couldn’t it be the same with a new dP? That just doesn’t make sense to me! All artists (new, old, famous, unfamous) still release cd’s and/or vinyl. It is not obsolete yet!

  17. 17
    jeff says:

    If the spark was truly there, they would do it- ‘where there’s a will, there’s a way’…it speaks volumes that all the solo stuff comes out, but nothing collectively for DP….just remember the good times guys :-)……the end may be nigh

  18. 18
    Robert Daems says:

    It’s just about time they release something new. I decided not to go to see Purple in Arnhem in December to hear the same songs again. The old stuff I can hear and see on numerous DVD’s and cd’s I have.

    Let Steve do some riffs in the USA and forward them to Roger and Ian P. They can find a rythm to go along with it and after that Don can put some melody around it. Finally Ian G. can add some nice lyrics. They can all do it in their home studios, which they probably all have. There’s no need to be together to make an album.

    And what about developing songs when you’re on the road? Try them out in front of an audience like they did with some songs on Bananas?

    I think the guys are letting it slip, make some bucks out of the tour without being inspired.
    They should call it a day or bring out something new. Otherwise it’s just nostalgia.

  19. 19
    kraatzy says:

    Hey guys

    I think, it totaly simple.

    At first, they are over-long-years-good-friends, like a married couple.
    And like this, it is normaly, to have varying viewpoints.
    So in this recording point, I think it is the same.

    When they are on tour, it is like simply job-working:
    The roadies are building the stage an the technical parts.
    The musicans (our stars) only come together, when they have promo-dates and the gigs.
    And most of their (rest-) time the musicians are make their our thing.

    That will be the explanation, why they don´t come together beyond of this “events”.

    Maybe it is like an old marriage couple… They don´t talk so much, it works like a charm and it is the best way to get old, without a struggle or controversy.

    Outside of the touring, they are at their families at their home … Paicey in Spain, Roger in Swizerland, Steve in the USA … and they make their own thing (Steve with other projects …

    And the management makes some new dates and organized touring and all about this.
    I don´t know, but I think, Ian Gillan has said, that they (Deep Purple) are like a company with many workers and the band had a responsibilityv to that workers, because the band is the employer.

    If they make a new album, the year-time-schedule in context of the industrial relations
    will get out of balance.



  20. 20
    dave_wallis says:

    You’ve got the point. Their excuses don’t make any sense anymore. Period.

  21. 21
    Richard says:

    Have you ever gone to a circus with a blind lion, tired clowns, a fat trapezist, a deaf elephant , handless magician and grown dwarfs ? And you go home thinking ‘ why do they still run the same number for years ? ‘ or Why don’t they get a real job instead ?’.
    And you do not find the answer….or the answer is so cruel for the heart and the kids that its better kept in secret…
    That’s it.

  22. 22
    Andra Thompson says:

    Blackers had the spark no harm to the other guys but no spark no fire

  23. 23
    dale says:

    I think they have dug themselves a big hole here. The longer they wait the more difficult it gets. Writing music should be naturally thing to do if you are a true musician. So individually they have no problem writing stuff but collectively as a DP they find it hard as the chemistry is not there any more and I think they will be releasing individual songs as MP3 on the net rather than finishing a whole album….That’s my guess but who knows…Gillan has and will the final word as usual.

  24. 24
    Eddie6string says:

    I say chaps – If Time & Dosh are the real issues here, why not limit recording Time to produce the modern day equivalent to the old EP (Extended Play) Disc – Saving costs at the same time, What?

    How about 4 Cracking tracks available via Download, followed by another 4 next year, followed by (Maybe LIVE versions) of the above 8 + Bonus track being released on CD.

    Job gets done!!!

    Are we (DP Fans) really such a minority Sport, that our purchasing power renders this concept a Non-starter????

    What about all these 17 & 18yr old Fans that go to the LIVE shows, Don’t they have disposable incomes to purchase New material from this unique collection of Talent?

    I’m perplexed in the Extreme!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. 25
    Svante Axbacke says:

    Or we could do it the “Marillion way”: everyone wanting a new album order and pay for it before it is done. Then the band/label know how much they can afford to spend on the recording of it.

    Of course, that also gives the band another excuse not to do it, because they get too much pressure to create. Ah, whatever!

    Maybe we should just set up an account and let everyone who wants a new DP album pay 15 USD/10 EUR. Then we’ll give the money to the band and let them run with it. Oh, and pay 2 USD/1 EUR to the same account whenever you watch the band on YouTube so we can get them to shut up about how bad that is too! 🙂

  26. 26
    Paul Jacklin says:

    Funny lot of comments about DP not doing an album when Roger is basically saying they’ve made the decision to do a new album “Yes we have” and that work on it has been started. “But we did actually make the start this year – in March we went to a studio in Spain and had a writing session for about nine days. And it was very productive. Every day we’d go to the studio and we’d just jam and jam. We got out of it a dozen ideas floating around, they are not finished, they are just ideas, some are more finished than others. I think later this year or certainly early next year we will be getting together again somewhere to finish those, and it’s gonna be cool.”

  27. 27
    The Holy Chair says:

    @ 25

    It’s like dealing with Greece.
    Should we or should we not?
    What is the effect of strategy a or b?

    Hopefully their ego won’t be bruised if “The marillion route” does not provide a friendly effect.

  28. 28
    The Holy Chair says:

    Btw, today I read an interview with Chickenfoot in DUTCH magazine “Aardschok”.

    Satriani is asked about how he got into the gigging days with DP.

    He says that they gave him a tape to work from.

    That was known to me.

    Not this :
    He proclaims it was ahard job becaise RITCHE WALKED OUT HALF-WAY AND NEVER RETURNED!!!!!!!


  29. 29
    The Holy Chair says:

    Again about the Satriani quote (…) :

    He said it was the last gig he got the tape from.

    That should have been Helsinki, or not?

    Last night I finally got the download right and found no evidence of it.

    Is he talking about another gig maybe?

    I suppose Rasmus knows : )

  30. 30
    Svante Axbacke says:

    @29: I don’t see what this has to do with the topic of this page but I think you are misunderstanding that Satriani quote. I think he meant this: “Ritchie walked out half-way [of the tour] and never returned”. He didn’t walk out in the middle of the Helsinki gig.

  31. 31
    kraatzy says:

    to 23 dale:

    I don´t know who said this in an interview, (I think it was Ritchie himself)
    that HE (Ritchie) had make the mostly (Purple-) album work and only for peace reasons
    (in the band) they wrote (Blackmore/Gillan/Glover/Lord/Paice) for the royalty
    and not (mostley) only Blackmore …
    That make sence, because Ritchie works a lot and he makes many songs
    and albums.
    And since Blackmore leaving, they (Deep Purple) do not work a lot on albums (4 CDs in 17years but only Blackmore makes 11 or 12 CDs with Rainbow and Blackmores Night).

    That makes me thoughtfully in context with DALE.



  32. 32
    The Holy Chair says:

    I think the reporter made a mistake or tried to spice it up, Svante.

    I know it’s off-thread but I was too lazy to look for a suitable one : )

    Maybe you could have shifted it to the right one, if there’s any.

  33. 33
    Eddie6string says:


    Got my Vote!!!

    As long as it’s not Pay Pal!

    If DP had about 75% of the ‘Live DP’ material currently available on Yutube or it’s equivalent Via a ‘Pay to Play’ service, where the funds go into the Band’s Coffers, I’d prefer this option to the Free versions.

    I do disagree with Steve Morse that the Youtube phenomenom is a negative aspect on folk purchasing Tickets or CDs – Hearing tunes played on the BBC for decades is what has inspired me to want to hear more of certain artists, resulting in masses of Cds, LPs, Cassettes, Wind -Up Gramophones etc causing a self induced Poverty.

    It may just be worth commenting that in DPs defense over the Financing of a new Album – Comparing the Production quality of a Solo Album from Messers, Gillan, Glover & Airey, the last 5 DP CDs have been of a very High (Costly) standard.

    Get Jeff Lynn to Produce you Guys – the worst he will do is put some Cellos on the tracks!

  34. 34
    dale says:

    Sorry guys but you all talk about the money aspects of things …the guys in DP are not going bankrupt by any means ..DP is a live band and they will die live on stage…I feel there are so many conflicts and friction when it comes to writting a song…in the past these friction resulted in some great songs but the truth is the last 4 DP are not the core of their live performances so what is the incentive in killing themselves over a new one with the same format (members I mean)..I watched the band first UK performance of ROTD album and they sang about five songs from the album and it wasn’t received very well among the crowds and the same old songs saved the day as usual…The problem is the band can’t stand another knock on the head from the release of a new album…Releasing single songs and playing them live might be a safer option I think…But make no doubt it not about the money at all…DP must have toured the world five or six times since the departure of Ritchie..God help them in the studio as it will be a hell place fro them…and then again never I might be damn wrong and they will release the best album ever…I hope they well I really do…There are no other great bands left if they mess this one up.

  35. 35
    Alan Northwood says:

    Whilst it is some 6 years since the last Purple studio album it is understandable.

    Clearly Ritchie was the driving force behind the bands creativity. The musical director if you like.

    I like the post Blackmore albums and that is the problem. I only like them and do not have the same interest in them as I do the albums from Ritchie’s era.

    Purple are still a quality live band but sadly are not up to replicating that in the studio.

    They should now call it a day, announce one final farwell tour which will boost ticket sales and retire as a band to pursue individual interests.


  36. 36
    Jeff Summers says:

    Its very easy and inexpensive to make an album these days (providing you are able to do without 5* hotels for a couple of weeks) You can hire a pretty good quality studio for a couple of weeks for around £3k and then you get your famous and extremely good bass player and producer to mix for you. Lets be generous and say the whole thing with flights cost £15k. Licence this on through a worldwide distributor for an advance on royalties and retain the download rights for the band (most worldwide distribution companies would be interested in this) the band would make a great deal of money and the fans would be very satisfied…Lots of big bands are actually doing this already :o)

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