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Roger: we’re connected with Montreux at the hip

View of downtown Montreux

In the wake of Monteux’2006 release, Classic Rock Revisited has published Peter Lindblad’s interview with Roger Glover. Roger discusses special connection the band shares with this swiss town, the infamous Casino fire that laid down the story told in Smoke on the Water, their appearances at the Monterux Jazz Festival, and the upcoming French tour.

On the matter of a new Deep Purple album, nothing is written in stone yet:

Peter: Is there another studio album on the horizon?

Roger: Intentions yes, but no plans; right now, we’ve been touring after Rapture of the Deep, which came out what …. 18 months ago? We’ve been touring continuously on that all around the world … and I think pretty much through the end of this year we’ll be touring. I would imagine next year … January, February, March or something, we’ll be back in the studio, but no plans yet.

Read the interview here.

Thanks to Mike Garrett and Daniel Bengtsson for the info.

9 Comments to “Roger: we’re connected with Montreux at the hip”:

  1. 1
    Mitzee Dupree says:

    Final album?

    To old to rock

  2. 2
    Thomas B. says:

    Hey! I just can’t wait for another fantastic Deep Purple album. I really like current line-up and their work.
    Don’t get me wrong, I although love Jon Lord and Ritchie Blackmore, but I’m very glad that they do their own stuff. That gives me the chance to listen to more good music.

  3. 3
    T says:

    Too “old” to rock? Ridiculous. As long as they are playing at the level they are playing, touring, recording–and far better than any of these young kids who all sound the same–there is a place for Deep Purple.

    The key comment in the interview is, “I think the same attitude to music is there, and this band has always been about music, not image or gimmick of any kind. It’s always been a very musicianly kind of a band, and I think that’s remained.”

  4. 4
    Rascal says:

    ‘young kids who all sound the same’

    you sound like my father!!

  5. 5
    Sami says:

    Maybe he is…

  6. 6
    T says:

    Heh, heh. I’m a teacher. Be thankful I didn’t say “young punks!” not to mention whippersnappers!

    I meant the stuff that’s popular nowadays sounds very similar. To me, that is. Generation gap.

    Damn, that did sound old didn’t it? O’ well, some of you guys are into Deep Purple–how bad could you be??? ;p

  7. 7
    purplepriest1965 says:

    It’s a FACT that most great music(…)stems from the sixties and seventies. In general there was a different climate with lots of creativity, optimism, etc……
    After the punk “revolution” everything went down hill.
    We got disco, heavy metal(which is a retarded form of the beloved classic rock played by the greats like Zeppelin, Free, DP, Rainbow,Foreigner, UFO, and so on……), punk rock(aaaaarggggghhhh)new wave, House(blurghhhhh), Brit pop(whahahahaha) …….
    And it’s a fact capitalism in a negative way kinda won over humanity. We did get Reagan, Thatcher,…….

    It’s not(I’m not that depressed) there was nothing worthy after 1977 but….
    Well, you know……
    I understand…….
    Every generation thinks like that : we are better than the one before, etc……..

    Saying that everyone sounds the same is a generalisation ofcourse, but there is a core of truth there…… Let’s say in the classic rock genre it’s like that, outside I can’t really say……honestly…….

    But inside the genre REAL identities are lacking……

    REAL IDENTITIES like Mister Blackmore…..Mister Morse is a great chappie but NO identity.
    Blackmore is like Bach, Chopin, Mc Cartney and Lennon, …..Morse is a friendly hired hand to help out Msrs Gillan, Glover and Paice to walk the final miles before they retire in the resting homes.
    And that’s not to say I’m starting again the Morse vs Blackers debate.
    O jeeez, I did………..

  8. 8
    Cranberry says:

    Oooooh come on ladies!!

    Heavy metal is a retarded form of classic rock????? It could be argued that classic rock is a retared form of rock ‘n’ roll. What a stupid comment to make!!

    Back onto the Blackmore vs Morse debate……………..The only comparison RB has with the likes of Chopin and Bach is that their successes can only be measured in the last century or before!!

    If Morse is simply the hired hand then:-

    Blackmore’s identity relied on the likes of Hendrix, Clapton, and Beck to show him what a guitar was all about. RB didnt set the pace, he merely followed.

  9. 9
    Sugar Plum says:

    PurplePriest seems to have a ‘love affair’ with Ritchie.

    How sweet Priest, but it only serves to make your outlook so blinkered.

    Ritchie’s gone, long live Steve!!

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