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New Coverdale interview


A new interview with David Coverdale appeared this morning on several sites. He talks mostly about the new album, Good To Be Bad:

Would you say that GOOD TO BE BAD is a mixture between your blues roots and a modern attitude? Any other influences?

For me it has all the elements, all the ingredients that I enjoy about Whitesnake…It’s a very solid, muscular, melodic rock record with a couple of fine ballads, so, there’s a little tenderness when the moment calls for it…& of course the ballads help balance out the chest beaters! I find it a very complete piece of work, actually…It covers a lot of musical ground…A positive chapter in the Book Of Whitesnake… I’m able to sing from a whisper to a scream, with all points in between, very comfortably with the new material… We also tried some new musical keys for me to sing in…which made it very fresh, interesting & fun… When Doug & I sat down to jam on each others song ideas the structure of the album was evident pretty much immediately…it came together very naturally… There was never a danger of compromising the acknowledged identity of Whitesnake for the sake of trying to be modern…or fashionable… I’d say if there was any influence it would be all the previous elements that have come together to make what is Whitesnake, coupled with the very welcome fresh injection from Doug , Chris, Timothy, Uriah & Reb… Chris Frazier has brought a very Paicey feel back to the band…He swings, grooves, rocks & rolls…A very pleasing foundation to build from…Whitesnake’s got it’s groove back! As a band, these guys know how to tell the Whitesnake story very well indeed…

The interview was conducted by Matthias Mineur and appeared on a number of different sites. We are not quite sure who reprinted it from whom, so we’ll send you to whitesnake.com to read it 😉 — here.

2 Comments to “New Coverdale interview”:

  1. 1
    George Fotis says:

    How come you will never hear this new release on Austrailan radio? All you hear is songs from the 1987 album. As soon as Pearl Jam, Bon Jovi, U2 release a new album it’s all over the radio. But with Whitesnake and Deep Purple all you hear is old stuff. You never hear Steve Morse era songs on radio , just the usual 70’s songs Black Night & Smoke on the Water!

  2. 2
    Peter chrisp says:

    George, you are correct it’s annoying, must admit we will never hear the “Snakers” but we are all looking forward
    to their Aussie tour soon

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