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Smoke on the Kremlin

The Kremlin gig from February 11 was broadcasted today, February 15th on Russian ORT Channel 1. Smoke on the Water from Purple’s set was included in the broadcast:

Thanks to Mr.Trinity for the info and recording.

42 Comments to “Smoke on the Kremlin”:

  1. 1
    palkin says:

    How many songs were playing?

  2. 2
    fra says:

    it was a one hour setlist. it included “strange kind” and “perfect strangers” for sure. check out reuters video: http://www.reuters.com/resources/flash/includevideo.swf?edition=US&videoId=76051

  3. 3
    alf+ says:

    it´s a shame…

  4. 4
    Eric E says:

    WOW!!!. Not sure if that was edited or not, but what a great directing job…and the band was awesome as well!!

  5. 5
    stoffer says:

    Great version of Smoke, good camera work and cool backdrop, woukld like to view the entire show.

  6. 6
    SEEK ! says:

    Some DVD perhaps…..

  7. 7
    Janbl says:

    Funny, no sing along 🙂

  8. 8
    micke says:

    Shaking hands is way better than building missiles…. way to go!

  9. 9
    George Kikonishvili says:

    WOW, Dp sounds too hard on this show

  10. 10
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I DO like the heaviness displayed here…………
    And I can even notice some “improvisation like Blackers” in the soloing……..
    But still that horrible guitarsound………..

    The last few days I ve been listening to BANANAS again………

    I still hate the artwork, I reckon it really distracts from the overall good (…)album. Ik like variety and Steve does sounds more subtle…..

    Hopefully the new(?)album will be a cross between Purpendicular, Bananas and a new player with the sound of RB……

    That would be something :

    A fresh, rejuvenated, cross between old and new.

  11. 11
    Stefan says:

    Great version……If only they took the lyrics literally and “burnt the place to the ground”!! Sometimes I have a hard time understanding your naivity, Micke my boy….Like those Kremlin goons would give a toss about yours, mine or anyone elses opinions….let alone DP´s!! Sorry baby…they´ll never change! Just look at the agenda this weekend…..Kosovo!! If they want independence….just wish them the best and let them go….Not bloody likely if those nationalist, megolmaniacs in Russia and Serbia have anything to say about it…Don´t be surprised if those “democrats” start a war in Kosovo anytime soon………!!!

  12. 12
    Seven-47 says:

    Is it just me, or was the hi-hat a little over-powering?

  13. 13
    Seven-47 says:

    On an unrelated issue, I just viewed the 1993 water throwing incident that some of you referred to in the past. WHAT WAS THAT ALL ABOUT?

  14. 14
    craig neely says:

    Great to see music transcending cultures. Kinda like a universal language. I want to know where Roger gets those bandanas–they are really cool.

  15. 15
    deep lavender says:

    I wonder if the Leningrad Cowboys opened for them? (see THE HIGHWAY STAR news entry from Jan 23rd).

  16. 16
    micke says:

    I rather be naive than a cynical like you Stefan, they never change you say.
    Well the Sovietunion/Russia have gone through a lot more changes in the last 18 years than the country you come from anyway…

  17. 17
    Stefan says:

    What country is that, Micke ? In my book cynical is spelled completely diffirent….R-E-A-L-I-S-T-I-C !! I´ve been around long enough to know that idealists are full of illusions and usually wasting their time….and sometimes mine….!

    However…I still love DP and always will….when push comes to shove, It´s the music that matters!!

    P.S. Micke…I´m Swedish, living in Denmark in case you´re in doubt!!!

  18. 18
    Radek says:

    DP, Kremlin = End, Ende, koniec,konec…hard rock

  19. 19
    palkin says:

    Who knows the set-list?

  20. 20
    Rich Woodhouse says:

    What are they doing playing for a government who are making anyone critical of it disappear. I thought Gillan and company were better than that. Anything for a payday I guess. I find it a bit ironic, considering some of the lyrics on the last record. Oh well, I guess expectations of consistency is too much to ask for in our crumbling morality of today.

  21. 21
    micke says:

    Yeah, Sweden have gone through a lot of changes, haven’t we?
    There can only be changes if we TALK to each other, rather than hate each other. And maybe the russians is learning that too.

  22. 22
    Stefan says:

    Too many and not for the better….that´s one of many reasons I moved 17 years ago…..

  23. 23
    Miguel says:

    To Stefan
    Sorry, fellow….you are so brainwashed that it is not even funny. “These guys that never change” just want to stick to the international law and not to the “law” based on the power of the strongest that it is the case now. In your opinion, is this “independence” lawful only because US and some others support it and can use their power to simply cut the part out of the independent state and hastily recognize it? Is it lawful to say to an independent state: “we decided that this province is not yours anymore” which is the case now. Or do you think that without US support Kosovars would dare to declare anything? Either you are biased or naiive – this case creates a huge precedent all over the world – how many provinces all around the world want to separate from their countries? Dozens of examples around Europe and hundreds all over the world. Why Kosovo can and the others can not? This is the spark that will ignite conflicts all over the world. And don’t think that it will never touch your own country, may be not now, later. Believe me the reasoning about Kosovo will be there. You are Swedish…how many Muslims live in Malmo area? 25%. In 25 years from now there will be in absolute majority there (as happened in Kosovo during 1950-1980) and you will have your own Kosovo. Therefore, think about things and analyze yourself before saying anything

  24. 24
    smoke on the water.. says:

    ..and fire in the sky…in Kosovo? i fear it

  25. 25
    stefan says:

    Historically Kosovo,Serbia,Croatia and the other small states in that area,were gathered together by Tito (yes,another commie dictator)! Beacuse there are so many different ethnic groups in former Yugoslavia, and beacuse of Milosovic,Mladic and the other nationalist morons we have the situation we have in the Balkans!

    What I mean is…If they can´t live together…go your separate ways. You´re bringing Malmo up in the debate…No problem Miguel. Sweden does´nt have a similar history as the Balkan countries,Swedes are genarally not nationalist morons…and if that should happen…well,let´s follow Denmarks example and just kick them out of the country! Very simple really:behave yourself or get out!!

  26. 26
    Seven-47 says:


    I admire your passion!

  27. 27
    Torsten says:

    Music hasn’t changed and the Band isn’t the first and won’t be the last that is doing stupid things. Therefore I don’t want to condemn them too much. Nonetheless I’m a bit disappointed … At least Gillan should have the power of judgement knowing that this isn’t the right thing to do. The Stones met Vaclav Havel several years ago … Much better decision!

  28. 28
    AndreA says:

    Communist or non-communist belief that here is not a site to talk about politics: I sincerely broke the balls

  29. 29
    Seven-47 says:

    Too many rules and regulations
    Stupid laws designed by fools behind closed doors
    And another thing I won’t discuss is “politics”
    It always causes a fight!

    Actually I choose to “Listen, Learn, Read On.”

  30. 30
    duttka says:

    It’s only music, but the best! Not politics!
    Anyway, what was the setlist???

  31. 31
    Cranberry says:

    DP playing Russia seem to envoke many political responses.

    Mmmmm………how about DP playing the States or Britain………I guess thats okay. Bombing the crap out of the Middle East is just ‘fine and dandy’

    Forgot its done in the name of ‘freedom’, or ‘oil’, not sure which.

  32. 32
    AndreA says:

    I ask soory to all DP fans (me included o.c.) but I wish remember that today (19 febb.)is Anniversary’s Bon Scott (R.I.P) and T.IOMMI’s Birthday.

  33. 33
    scottbuster2000 says:

    It’s quite interest to read the commentary’s above and how they still fall on the idealogical lines of right vs. left & west vs. east. Western governments send people into wars based on lies(No WMD’s, No Cheaper Gas:Before war $26 oil Now $99). As a result over 2 thousand members of American armed forces are dead which if you figure in the average social circle(Family & friends)of about 100 plus people per soldier then you have millions of Americans who directly grieve a loss. Do the same for Iraq’s 100 thousand plus dead and you have millions of people effected by the corporate driven decision of Bush & Blair to go to war. Now concerts are played every year for the president and prime-minister and no one questions those artist!
    Most of you above are well intentioned and believe that you speak from a place of peace but ask yourself this. Can you be for peace and simply wave off a 100 thousand plus lives for the personal portfolios of those who profit from war(Bush, Blair, Cheney, Putin etc.)?
    It’s Rock’n’Roll concert people. If you want to have a go at DP for playing the gig then you should be for a universal ban on all musicians playing before politicians & royalty, that way no blood on the bands hands just the politicians still. Then how far do you push it no play in certain countries? Everyone keeps their eye on the small things(Bush & co. Luv that.)and the big things go unchecked.

  34. 34
    stefan says:

    Point taken Scottbuster2000!Basically I agree. I never said it was anything wrong gigging in whatever country on this planet!As long it´s for ordinary people and not the establishment,especially in well known totalitary governed nations!For what I care DP,Whitesnake,Zep or whoever can play anywhere they see fit,even Cuba,North Korea,Belarus or Sudan….as long as there´s no bloody dictators involved….Cheers!!!

  35. 35
    juraj says:

    Great gig,fantastic atmosphere like usually in Russia.I like to ask some “democrats” from States or England whot kind of music Bush or Blair is listening?You can talk so much about democrat or nondemocrat.But if I see what your country are doing to the others countries in the world I am not very sad to be from somewhere else.And sorry,if Bush would be so human once and invitet Purple to play into Whitehouse I am afraid,atmosphere would be bad there.Russians have at least great and real Purple fun in their comming president and that is very positive,I belive.

  36. 36
    AndreA says:


    before Tito was not good? ok…..
    and now with KLA soldiers at the new Kossovo Government?

    Do you like this “people”?



  37. 37
    cranberry says:

    I tell you what lets boycott all communist, and post communist countries…………

    Im not longer buying anything from China…..

  38. 38
    stefan says:

    Dear Andrea! Extremeists from far left to far right on the politacal scale, are just as bad in my book! That includes religious fanatism of any kind!I always try to keep an open mind,at the same time I also keep my right to be sceptic and freethinking!In other words:try your best to find the truth yourself! Not mine,not my neighbours or any governments truth,but the actual truth!Yeah,I know….that can be hard,all one can do is try!By the way Andrea….I love Italy!!!

  39. 39
    Seven-47 says:

    I’m no longer buying china!

  40. 40
    AndreA says:

    at the end I agree with you…the truth should be into ourself but everywhere there is “Someone” that exploits our thought of ordinary people and and becomes the unauthorized spokesman.But I think that at the same time find it is unthinkable that there is a commanding because ordinary people no longer able alone to respect and live together.So we have always a price to pay,in any place of rhe world. This is my thought..
    Stefan: Do you really love italy? 🙂 …about me,I love the rest (2 weeks ago I spent 6 faboulos days in Lisboa,Portugal: very nice place and good wine…

  41. 41
    Vitalis says:

    It’s a huge shame on you! That fact shows that you guys have absolutely no principles and morality. Just keep in your mind that you have just made a show for support a new Hitler. SHAME ON YOU FOREVER!

  42. 42
    Kirill says:

    Hi to all of you from all russian DP fans!
    this concert isn’t a shame of the band. absolutly! DP rise above all this our f*** politics, presidents, gazproms… They just plaied for people who asked them to play!

    Conserning our politic situation – you guys will never understand the soul of russian people. never. don’t try. Just remember that mere mortal russian people is not the enemies of your, quite the contrary we will give up our last shirt to those who need it more than we.

    By the way ! DP is going to get back in Russia! I’m going to visit two perfomanses. Does anyone going to come to Russia on Moscow, St. Petersburd concert?

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