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Now we going to the palace…

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Since our favourite rumour mistress is on extended vacations on a private exotic island, I’ll have to do the honours of spreading the gossip myself.

As we’ve mentioned previously, Deep Purple plays an important role in the bizarre world of Russian politics. This little birdie told me today that the band is about to play a private gig at a Moscow Kremlin party:

Legendary rock band Deep Purple will play at Russian presidential candidate Dmitri Medvedev’s farewell party as he steps down from his job as chairman of Gazprom. President Putin will also attend the party in Kremlin.

Another little birdie says the party is to celebrate 15th anniversary of Gazprom and Deep Purple and Joe Lynn Turner are being mentioned among the invited, along with Tina Turner and some Russian acts. The concert will be held at the Kremlin State Palace and is supposed to be recorded on video and broadcasted at a later date. Management of the band refused comments to the press, perhaps quite understandably.

Dmitri Medvedev is the Russian presidential candidate endorsed by Vladimir Putin and is widely expected to win the March 2nd elections. He is an outspoken fan of Deep Purple, Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin, prefers “vinyl sound” to that of CDs’ and publicly takes pride in his vinyl collection. Joe Lynn Turner’s private gig in Moscow on June 12 last year (Russian Independence Day) was organised apparently on his behest.

Well, a job is a job is a job, but I think that they should be threading carefully the thin ice of Russian (or any other) politics. Why? Because.

Money goes to money
Yes it always returns
Finds its way back to the big house
Where it lives all alone
Wraithlike silent partners
Operators of the system
Give words of quiet assurance
To an otherwise healthy victim…

Thanks to all the little and not so little birdies for the info.

UPDATE (Feb 10): It looks like JLT’s participation was a result of somebody’s too vivid imagination, perhaps even mine. The concert appears to go ahead with Deep Purple, Tina Turner and local support acts. Reportedly, Deep Purple will play 40 minutes to close the concert at the main venue and then play another set for a very small audience. The main event will be recorded and broadcasted on ORT on February 15 at 21:25 MSK. ORT is also available in many countries for cable and satellite subscribers, check your local listings. It doesn’t appear you can watch ORT online, but I’m sure it will quickly show up on Youtube.

Thanks to many people on the Russian forum for the info.

149 Comments to “Now we going to the palace…”:

  1. 1
    palkin says:

    That gig gives a many many rumours! I’m actually in Russia and don’t understand it! Will the band play that concert??? This is a really sick rumours!

  2. 2
    Jesus Christ says:

    Yeah, we also expecting The Beatles, Freddy and Jimmy Hendrix play at this party. Boris Eltsin will be a guest of honor. kremlin has enough money to make that dream come true!!!! Bugaga.

  3. 3
    George Kikonishvili says:

    Give words of quiet assurance
    To an otherwise healthy victim…

    So, the first victim was Joe Lynn Turner, I Think, and I can’t believe that the next HEALTHY victim will be Deep Purple???????

    DP isn’t (and Joe shouldn’t be) the private band for Kremlin’s Recycle Bin Palace. It’s WORLD’s band, world, that loves… not the world of such kinds of Recycle Bin!!!
    So, aren’t they going to play for Armenia’s president’s birthday party? :))))))

  4. 4
    Anon says:

    DP is not a private band for the swiss banker, isnt it?


  5. 5
    alf+ says:

    Whit money dances the dog. And again I think for DP is easy the $$$ gain in tours, and private partys than the new album. whit a new Album DP lost time and obvious lost money.
    poors them, Hey guys we would make a private party for DP. Poors, greeds, old mans…

  6. 6
    Tvrtko says:

    I already said: DP is musical McDonalds right now. I willl not be surprised of anything… Like we said: “Everything is possible. Except wooden stove and the pig house made of pumpkins…”

  7. 7
    Mike Eriksson says:

    Just saw this on swedish text-tv, so it´s on. I have mixed feelings. The Kremlin… Good to see that russian leaders are fans of Deep Purple though, I assume that they managed to avoid getting jailed for it i the 70´s…

    Touchy subject, but I´m all for peaceful relations. This might get the band more press than they´ve had in years, possibly since that accident with the tower that fell into a crowd in South America a decade ago.

    I can see it now, fans discussing this over a pint all over the globe. I wonder how much you need to pay to get artists like Purple and Tina Turner to make the trip? I know it´s quite common, but for Purple it´s a first to me. But maybe they´ve done it before? Does anybody know?


  8. 8
    Blackmore says:

    For God’ sake, don’t do it! You will be performing for killers! Yes, Putin has had people killed to get to where he is today! Many times!

    Purple, if you do this…. CREDIBILITY!!!!!

  9. 9
    Stefan says:

    Standards is good….doublestandards are even better….they´re probably humming all the way to the bank….while mumbling… see no evil,hear no evil,speak no evil……!!!

  10. 10
    Mr Universe says:

    Can´t really believe that the band (Ian, for Chrissake!!) would play for these non-democrats (harsher words come to mind but should not be used here) … I would be terribly disappointed to say the least!

  11. 11
    Stefan says:

    What´s next? Playing for Osama somewhere in Afghanistan, in a cave with hundreds of Jihad-warriors dancing like mad to SOTW??? As long as the pay is good……..It leaves a bad taste in my mouth!

  12. 12
    Alex says:

    bad news…

  13. 13
    Alex says:

    bad news

  14. 14
    marcinn says:

    Strange things in the air… Yesterday I saw the similar news item on deeppurple.com. Today I’ve spotted the item disappeared from the site. Anyway, I hope it won’t happen… If it does… I don’t even want to think about it. 🙂

  15. 15
    Roberto says:

    Hey! I will pay Deep Purple to play for my wedding!!!They surely will come!!!
    I hope they will play a free concert in the Moscow square as didd Red Hot chili peppers for huge crowd and realise a dvd.This is what a want to see from them:play in front of thousands and thousands of people and not in front of Putin alone!

  16. 16
    mr. moonlight says:

    Deep Purple is the greatest band.
    Many “bigger stars” than DP played on private concerst for russian billioners.
    Putin is curent, Medvedev is future president of one great coutry and nation.
    Medvedev is true DP fan! Where is the problem?

  17. 17
    Taliesyn says:

    Wow… I don’t think I’ve ever read a more incoherent thread of messages in my entire online experience. I think Mike Erikkson made some good points though.

    If Purple are playing at the Kremlin, so what? If they are earning a truckload of cash for it, so what?

    As for the ‘Osama’ comment… I think that would be a little extreme although a busload of DP fans would have found him hiding in the caves of Afghanistan a looooong time ago. As for the ‘Putin has had people killed to get where he is’ comment… I wonder if you’d say the same thing if DP was to perform a private show at the White House???

    Many bands played in the former Soviet Union, some have played in Cuba and had Fidel Castro in the audience or backstage. Music transcends politics, it doesn’t answer to it. So some of Russia’s powerbrokers like DP, nothing strange there, everyone should. Deep Purple’s performance at the Kremlin says as much to me as Roger Waters and his live version of The Wall in Berlin. The world is closing in, it’s about time we all started throwing off the age old predjudices we have and realise that not everyone runs their countries how we want them too, not everyone puts as much money into the military whilst promoting peace as we do (by ‘we’ I am talking generally about the US, UK, Australia, Canada, France etc).

    I’m not trying to agree with Russian politics per se… but I certainly don’t begrudge the band for touring the US and generally speaking US politics disgust me.

    So, if they do play at the Kremlin, good on them and I hope they can give the release rights to a Russian distributor as per the Australian Abandon tour.

    Deep Purple are artists, pure and simple… stop whining and let them take their art to the world.

    Ok, I’m done now 🙂

  18. 18
    III Reitchie says:

    …so ask the Chelsea supports, the UK pay-per-view payers, the FA what do they think about it… and lets kill all national proud soccer players financially suported by any ex-russian-milionaire owner of clubs today, cause their money was washed in blood…and, please, do not put gas from Esso, Shell, REPSOL, Texaco or anybody related to the Iraq invasion…all people who think what DP should do or not must act like true democrats, like true citzend of free world, ok ?…and do not buy slaved-asia-products made by Nike or any american company, nor cars or any other product coming from China, where a worker is paid full US$ 10 a month…and if anyone think Putin a thousand people in last years, there is a lot of other ways to keep people almost living dead with just one or two pen signatures in Europe and in America.
    If are a technician and you ve been offered 1.000 bucks an hour to run a job at Kremlin, probably you would refuse in the name your principles , wouldn’t you ? Come on…bilions of government taxes are delivered to war everyday…don’t pay taxes ! That s would be more honest !
    They are just a musical act…even Quenn performed in South Africa during apparteid…it s just music.
    Thinking in other way, its like, in Paris, just one person buy all the tickets of the gig…what the band should do ? Not playing ?
    I don’t want to cause any discussion here, Ok ? But if you want to live on the right side, do it everyday, everytime.

  19. 19
    micke says:

    It’s a good thing because it opens doors and mutual understanding.
    Talk and songs is much better than war!

  20. 20
    Stefan says:

    Just beacuse you´re an artist does not prevent you from having principles or a moral code! By playing in Russia for the elite who have a, to say the least a odd view on democracy, is to me pure prostitution! Money don´t smell…?? If they play Grozny in Chechnya the following week….for free…for the people….I´m all for it…get my drift??

  21. 21
    Ted says:

    Let’ be a little more pragmatic about this. Purple like to play for their fans in Russia, and apparently will tour there this fall. Now, in a country like Russia, I would think that it would be a lot easier to plan a tour if you are on the good side of the president as opposed to saying “no,” to him. Maybe a bit of discomfort in the short term so that they can play for their everyday fans? Plus, let’s face it, the coverage can’t hurt matters.

  22. 22
    Alexander says:

    From now on DP will be a russian house- band. England sucks! Long live Scottland, Wales and Northern Ireland. And you better kiss the “democratic” asses of Berzovsky, Achmed Zakayev and other moslem terrorists!

  23. 23
    Wizard says:

    Really interesting isn’t it? But me thinks I’ll have to agree with Stefan here, don’t really see anything to gain from this, Sorry but they have a reputation to keep, Prostitution cannot be good.

  24. 24
    Wizard says:

    Hey am I hallucinating, or did DP just get uglyyyyyyy, the photo on top of page HA HA!!!!

  25. 25
    marcel says:

    I think its not really DP. JLT will be there and play only DP songs!

  26. 26
    George (Giorgi) Kikonishvili says:


    They’d better feature Britney Spears on vocals (inspite of Gillan) than play secret party for the politicians of one of the NON-democratic and tyranic country in the world – Russia.

    I’m very sorry but this is true, Russia isn’t the part of civil democratic europian society. I do not want to be political, but I can’t.
    Anyway, I won’t be glad if they play not only for Putin, but for even my president Saakashvili.
    And who cares if the country is democratic or not. Deep Purple is the possesity of the whole world, I mean the fans who appreciate their music, who love them, who buy their albums and tickets, and whose life DP is.
    DP is a band which MUST NOT play such kinds of gigs. it’s great shame for them.
    WHY? because Ian Gillan in his interviews is all time speaking that THEY PLAY JUST BECAUSE THEY LOVE MUSIC, THEY LOVE THEIR FANS AND THEY HAVE FUN.
    But as it turned out, they play just to HAVE MONEY. They play for ANYBODY AND ANY KIND OF PEOPLE who will pay.
    There’s such catch word in Georgia: Plays who pays… so to understand, If I pay for you, you play for me what I want and how I want.
    or even such catch-word: Dancing while other is paying. So, that means: You’ll dance as I want, because it’s me who gives you money.

    So, if Deep Purple wants to dance, because Kremlin pays them, let them dance how kremlin requests from them…

    Is that all they need?

    I won’t trust Deep Purple anymore that they are playing gigs just for love of music and having fan.
    DP becomes just a machine which earns money… This is not what I expect from them!

    I wish you more playing not only for Kremlin Recycle Bin, but for even Armenia’s president’s birthday party, or so…


    sorry again, I have nothing personal to Russia, I don’t like politics and the most I hate when politics enters the music, that’s all.

  27. 27
    fabio says:

    will Mr. Gillan still criticize politicians in his interviews? 🙁

    (better keep the mouth closed from now on. Except for singing…)

  28. 28
    George (Giorgi) Kikonishvili says:


    actually, Ian Gillan already sang us that “Money talks to him”
    that’s all…
    I Love(d) Deep Purple cause it really had kind of magic, they were ind(i)epedent musicians, they ALWAYS (till now) thought only about music.
    Being commercial was NEVER their aim, they always managed to be commercial ONLY because they are great musicians, they create great music, they are fresh, vital band and BECAUSE THEY WERE INDEPEDENT MUSICIANS! It’s very important for any music fans.
    I Love(d) Deep Purple, because it was DEEP PURPLE and not Backstreet Boys. Backstreet Boys did their best to sell their albums. DP just recorded albums and they became commercial itself, because the music was/is great…

    As Gillan said, Bananas was their most political album. so, why not play the entire Bananas album in Kremlin? it’ll be really funny 🙂 As I remember band loves having fun… So, play Bananas to Putin and maybe band will be paid twice more $$$-s 😀

  29. 29
    George (Giorgi) Kikonishvili says:

    can’t believe that this is the whole rapture of the DP

  30. 30
    Son of Alerik says:

    Ian, Roger, Ian, Steve, Don, anyone,

    Please watch this,
    and do not f***ing go to the Kremlin!

    Putin and the people around him are MONSTERS! I can deliver 10+ more such videos if you wish.

    If you dare to go there I will never ever visit your shows. By the way, I have seen you six times in five years!

    Son of Alerik

  31. 31
    Anonimous says:

    lololololololol very funny stuff Putin are so hawt!!!!!11
    also, ive seen dp for ten times in three years

  32. 32
    TruthHurts says:

    Is this the re-union of JLT with Purple that some of us always wanted?!? Maybe he could bring a decent guitarist along with him…

  33. 33
    Tvrtko says:

    One word – CHECHENIA.

    Second word POLITISKAYA..

    (read my review – last one at the bottom)


    I can smell the s**t from the long distance.

  34. 34
    Anon says:

    There will be NO jlt on this party. Its blunder. Its mentioned only here in ths blog. He did private gig in moscow a year ago or so…

  35. 35
    fabio says:

    why didn’t the Russians hire Rod Evans and say it is Deep Purple? it would be much cheaper and RE would be very satisfied! 😛

  36. 36
    Tisha says:


    C’mon my over-democratic friends! Now you oughtta burn all your DP sfuff ’cause the band is going to play for “Bloody KGB” 🙂
    Imagine Putin and Medvedev at the first row with the blood stains on their shirts (from beating to death yet another democratic hero – I hope it would be Kasparov’s blood) listening to the sacred sounds that were dedicated to the ears of the sinless Swiss bankers only… DP is damned traitors, aren’t they now?
    What a crap! What a hypocrites! Just a bunch of idiots from Ukraine and Georgia. Democrates, my ass.

  37. 37
    Konstantin Gorlov says:

    I do not like things when any bands play at private parties. This case is one of this kind but nothing more. Band should play for everyone who can by the ticket – it is my position.
    But please exclude the politics. There is nothing in this “bloody KGB” bullshit that is anywhere in your mass media. I live in Russia all my life and the quality of life here is better now than in any period of my life. Russians in general (isn’t it a democracy?) really like today’s president and his politics, no matter what do you think about it, you do not live in Russia and it is better for you to criticize your own leaders like Bush, Saakashvili etc.
    Please respect the choice of another nation.

  38. 38
    Stefan says:

    Whenever press and media can´t report what they want, when elections are rigged, when the president and Gazprom ( oilcompany ) are practically the same thing, when the predident puts the oilmoney in his own pocket and appoints his own successor….It´s a hardly a democracy…is it ?

    I´m not saying DP should be doing a Bono or Peter Gabriel and act as saints, when they really should be playing music to ordinary people in the free world….but a little bit of integrity would be nice….eh ?

  39. 39
    Alex says:

    Mr Universe Says:

    February 7th, 2008 at 8:01
    Can´t really believe that the band (Ian, for Chrissake!!) would play for these non-democrats (harsher words come to mind but should not be used here) … I would be terribly disappointed to say the least!

    Do you know some democratic countries? Don’t read fucking newspapers!

  40. 40
    Alex says:

    Konstantin Gorlov, YES!!!!

  41. 41
    George (Giorgi) Kikonishvili says:


    You’re mistaken, my dear, you’re not talking to “idiots from Georgia and Ukraine”. IF you think that only Georgians and ukrainians post here, then, you are idiot yourself. and what about other nationalities who posted that DP is very very wrong because they intend to play for NON-DEMOCRATIC AND NON CIVIL country’s president? itsn’t only me who mean Russia while talking about NON-DEMOCRATIC AND NON CIVIL countries.

    Also, as I already said, I don’t care DP will play for Putin or for Kochariani’s birthday party. The main thing is that DP is playing for politicians, DP mixed music and politics with each other, and it’s their greatest mistake, I think.
    They’d better to feature even Britney Spears on vocals, (instead of Gillan), than to loose indepedence and become President’s private band!!!

    and again, I’m talking about the music’s attitude to politics, I’m not talking about how bad are Russian people or so, I have nothing personal with Russians, I’m not such kind of shit xenophobus, as others (sometimes or always) are. So, please be polite while talking to Ukrainian or Georgian “Idiots” – as you said!

    Politics is politics and music is music!

  42. 42
    Mr Universe says:

    DP don´t need the money.
    DP don´t need the support of a few hundred Russian pseudo-democrats.
    DP don´t need publicity to promote their name or product.
    If they still play, they lose their good name.
    If they still play, Ian would lose all of his credibility for critisizing politics or society.
    If they still play, they kiss ass to a totalitarian regime and I would kiss goodbye to them!

    PS to all of you who think that “Politics is politics and music is music”: I agree, if some idiot likes to listen to a certain music, it´s not the artist´s fault … but if a band (out of their own free mind) go to play for idiots, the band does pretty well know what they are doing and, therefore, are to blame for their activities!

  43. 43
    George (Giorgi) Kikonishvili says:

    Mr Universe
    I have the same opinion, why didn’t you understand what I mean when I said ” music is music and politics is politics”
    Music has its own way, musicians do their music and they MUST NOT MIX EACH OTHER, when musician is critisizing politicians all the time and then plays private gig for them, this musician is DIED in his idea. Ian Gillan’s and the whole Deep Purples ideas and their thinkings will die on the 11’th of february, when they will play for totalytar country’s President!

  44. 44
    Konstantin Gorlov says:

    What a bullshit… If DP ever will play at the White House, should I say “how can the play for bloody terrorist Bush, who killed millions in Iraq”? For me Bush is a total idiot and terrorist, but It’s only my opinion and I respect the opinion and choice of Americans. And I’ll never say any bad word to DP in this situation – they have their opinion too.

  45. 45
    mr. moonlight says:

    As far I know ex-cancler Germany Gerhard Shroder work in Gazprom now.

  46. 46
    Andrew says:

    I like the guys who exactly know the real core of the word democracy, the real definition of it and where in the world the real Democracy is and where it does not. Moreover, this guys without any doubts know what the others ought to do, how to behave, and even, which places the one could visit. Well, before I have read all these above I believed, that democracy based on choices, that everyone has rights to make his own choice what to do and where to perform, with whom to deal and talk, etc.. Some of you already made a decision in front of whom DP has rights to perform and front of whom it must be banned. I offer you next step – checkpoints. Each person must be checked before the perfomance (and not only DP perfomance). I recommend you to develop the questions because, doubtless, you will be responsible for “yes/no” answer whether the one is allowed to attend the concert or not. A kind of a police or…police of a kind? I am serious. You right, I have just imagined how many “unchecked, no true democrats” attended DP concerts for decades of their career… Yes, you know what is Good and what is Evil hence take the responsibility! Make the choice for DP! For the rest of the world!
    The other funny thougt – Saakashvilli… “True democrat”. I recollected how he came to power years ago (the real battle inside of parliament… but I never knew that this is the real way of democratic elections), the bloody events on the streets of Tibilisi last fall (I guess the new way to convince the opponents is tear gas and unleashed police…), how some anti-Saakashvli’s TV stations were shut for a months before elections of 2008… By the way, if the democracy not exists in Russia why we can hear this opinion on Russian TV broadcasts 24hrs a day compare to Georgia?!!!
    The other guy wanted to scary people by using “key-words” like “Gasprom”, Grozny, Politkovskaya … Well, it could work for the limited people but what about the key-words like -Guantanomo jail with the hundreds prisoners? what about Irak? The real reason of invasion to my memory was ‘the weapon of mass destruction’. Sorry, where is it? I would like to attract your attention to W. Churchill’s opinion about the democracy.Please respect the other choice, do not play Gods and I do not think that this is the right thing to do; “If DP will perform in front of Medvedev – I never listen them again!” You have your opinion about Medvedev and Co – fine (“appointed successor of Putin” means not future democratic elections. I agree but what about dynasties in US? Bush and Clinton? Isn’t funny?). I respect it but think from the other point of view – how many thousands evil people (in your opinion) already attended DP concerts?… What we are talking about? About music or politics? Guys! What’s wrong with you?

  47. 47
    Roberto says:

    Gillan:I think you are the greatest singer of the story of the music but please “Bananas a political album””Rapture of the deep a spiritual album”?:Please shut up!

  48. 48
    George (Giorgi) Kikonishvili says:


    Ian Gillan already sang us: “Money talks to me, whispers in my ears, gives me everything I want”

    But he has mistaken in one thing, money will give him everything he wants, but the love of the fans AREN’T SOLD!!!
    I really don’t like this band any more… notwithstanding the fact, that I really appreciate their music, they aren’t indepedent musicians.

    DP’s attitude to money and politics is just slaves and masters!
    I Don’t want to listen to slaves anymore…
    best wishes!

  49. 49
    Alex says:

    Bush is the main idiot in the world.

  50. 50
    Roberto says:

    I want remember that Ian Gillan refused to act in the ‘jesus christ superstar’ movie for a question of money and that has been,as he said, the greatest regret of my life.
    So Mr. Gillan be careful with money….

  51. 51
    Stefan says:

    Come on people….screw Putin, Bush and all of them! At least we have one thing in common: our love for DP and their music…let´s stick to that!!! Just to ease the feelings….or making them worse…a little joke for ya´ all….:What do you call a pretty girl in Russia ?…..A tourist!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. 52
    Flying Wolf says:

    Stefan, didn’t understand the joke!
    I thought Russian girls are the most beautiful in the world!
    Let’s have another battle here.
    Politics we’ve already discussed

  53. 53
    George (Giorgi) Kikonishvili says:

    To tell the truth, I didn’t understand this joke too :))
    I really like Russian girls, they are maybe, not most beautifull, but very very nice and beautifull…

  54. 54
    George (Giorgi) Kikonishvili says:

    Anyway, the topic isn’t really about Russian girls, so, please talk about the topic!

  55. 55
    Flying Wolf says:

    It’s time to rename the blog:
    Deep Purple starts WWIII because of girls and politics

  56. 56
    Mr Universe says:

    I really feel sorry for all of you who think that Putin and Bush are the same, or even worse, Russia and the US.
    If you really don´t know that (shitty as it may be) the US is still a democracy and Russia (beautiful as it may be) is still ruled by a totalitarian class then all further words are useless.
    If DP play for these people, they are not my DP anymore.

  57. 57
    Flying Wolf says:

    Ha ha ha ha
    USA is a democrasy!
    Another funny joke from dumb western people. Sorry to all the western people that are not dumb. But Mr Universe seems to be one of those with washed out brains
    The Battle rages on….

  58. 58
    Alex says:

    Mr. Universe,
    “If DP play for these people, they are not my DP anymore”. So, it is the end of your love?

    It that case, you are stupid … These things can say only a child. And again – please, don’t read newspapers in the morning! The information about Russia is not the information at all.

  59. 59
    Stefan says:

    Well…I didn´t expect you to get it…didn´t mean no harm, it was just a joke…O.K. ?

  60. 60
    George Kikonishvili says:

    Ok, I don’t appreciate DP anymore… I don’t believe them anymore, as they aren’t indepedent musicians anymore – they are slaves, playing for totalitarist presidents.

    Maybe I’ll buy their next album, I will go to their gig, if they go near Tbilisi.
    But i won’t beleive non of them in their interviews and in their songs….

  61. 61
    Iain says:

    As a life-long fan who also has all of their albums, I don’t think I’ll buy any further music from them. The whole appeal to me was that they didn’t play games, which lent credibility to Gillan’s lyrics. This is disappointing.

  62. 62
    George Kikonishvili says:

    I think that if DP will play in Kremlin, their career, ticket and album sales will go down…
    And then they can make Presidents’ private tour, from Kremlin to White House. Then another tour for bankirs and so on… but no tour for fans…
    They neglected theirselves

  63. 63
    Tvrtko says:

    Party in the kremlin
    People seein’ red
    Lenin got the elbow
    It’s a different mob instead
    Party in the kremlin
    It’s the only place to be
    You better wear your rolex
    Like a true new revolutionary

    Party in the kremlin
    No more kgb
    So what is it they do now?
    Can anybody see?
    Party in the kremlin
    It’s the hottest spot in town
    Discos and casinos
    Never let you down

    Trippin’ in siberia
    Rock and roll hysteria
    Vladivostok to moscow
    And all points in between
    It’s a new place
    Got a new face
    And a brand new dream

    Party in the kremlin
    Suits from tokyo
    Guccis are a shinin’
    Smokin’ marlboro
    Party in the kremlin
    Drivin’ foreign cars
    You better find an angle
    If you want to play a part

    Dancing bears and presidents
    Acting under influence
    We got bank loans
    And cell phones
    And levis to wear
    They got us linin’ up
    For mickey d’s in pushkin square

    Vsea govorjat dal

    Party in the kremlin
    Party in the kremlin
    Party in the kremlin
    Party in the kremlin

    I hope RG is the producer of this Nazareth tune…

  64. 64
    Phil Anselmo says:

    Weirdos! What the hell are you all going on about. You think the band get a say in their bookings?!! They are told what to do by their management company. They play when and where they are told to play. They are like you and me-they need to pay the rent-they need to make a living. Although they’ve been around for years, their wealth is relevant. They earnt good money-they spent good money!
    If you choose not to listen to the band, if they play this gig, then I feel its your loss…
    I will only choose to not listen to the band when i hear them play, and they suck-I feel this time is a long way away!!
    PS. There is a life beyond the internet-try it, you might like it!!

  65. 65
    Stefan says:

    So they´re just puppets then dear Phil, with no will of their own…..not men at all but controlled pussies…..hmmm…Thanks for clearing that up for us Phil!

  66. 66
    marcel says:

    DP sold itself! Now I listen to Britney Spears… shes a patriot… oh yeaah!!

  67. 67
    Roberto says:

    Hey TVRTKO that song is from the wonderful Nazareth album ‘Boogallo’?

  68. 68
    Alex says:

    What can i cay. You are crazy people and not really fans

  69. 69
    Alex says:

    What can i say. You are crazy people and not really fans

  70. 70
    Alex says:

    What can I say? You are crazy people and not really DP’s fans.

  71. 71
    Alex says:

    You are crazy and no really DP’s fans!

  72. 72
    Alex says:

    You can’t understand many things.
    1. DP needs money. Yes, yes
    2. Management needs money
    3. Putin is not better than any other politic. I don’t know some democratic country in the world.
    4. Medvedev is a really DP fan. Maybe he is better fan than you.
    5. Soviet Union was very closed society, so now we have a chance to see them every year. You had this chance from the beginning!

  73. 73
    Seven-47 says:

    I am a Deep Purple fan, but try to seperate politics from other areas of my life. I have had many discussions, debates, and disagreements with fellow Deep Purple fans, with a variety of issues and topics. I acknowledge different viewpoints, and attempt to appreciate differing perspectives. That being said, I might not approve of this, but will always be a fan!

  74. 74
    Seven-47 says:

    Tracy Heyder; Where are you?

  75. 75
    TruthHurts says:

    Russian girls are hot as hell and cold as hell…

  76. 76
    Paul Bernays says:

    I’m very shocked that the band have chosen to play this concert. Let’s be clear, I do not dislike or blame all Russians for the things that their leaders do, just as I would not wish to be accountable for Blair or Brown: I cast my vote and I go on the protest marches. However the band have made a very silly decision to associate themselves with these figures in Russian society. Yes Russia is being taken in an undemocratic direction but it doesn’t have any history of democracy and choice; our democracy is far from perfect but it does give us some chance to avoid populist and dictatorial leaders such as Russia has now. There would have been no harm in the band politely declining and citing other commitments. My opinion of the band has sunk. Take all the corporate gigs you can within reason, that’s none of my concern, but if this concert goes ahead I will I’m afraid find it very hard to listen to your music again. I’m serious about this – and very sad about it – but there you go.

  77. 77
    George Kikonishvili says:


    DP needs money? looooooooooooooooooool
    Are you joking?
    D’you know that DP is paid over 200 000 dolars per show?
    D’you know that the whole profit from Rapture tour was over 41 400 000 dolars? (during 2 years)
    D’you know that Rapture of the Deep sold more than 1 500 000 copies and it’s their one of the bestselling album, it sold even more than Perfect Strangers.
    D’you know that Machine Head, In Rock, Made In Japan and even House Of Blue Light is being sold quite well in Europe. 3-4 month ago In Rock and Machine Head entered France charts again #21 and #29 (I mean sales).
    And you say that DP needs money? Kremlin is the only way for them to get money?
    Tooooooo ridiculous 😀

  78. 78
    Stefan says:

    I second that Seven-47….Tracy Heyder where are you? We are in need of your assistance and your poisonous toungue…A little backup in our attempt to teach these vodka swilling & “democratic” Russkies a little lesson about true democracy,and why DP should avoid the role of playing court jester to Putin and his goon squad!!!

  79. 79
    David Sanderson says:

    I find this ‘debate’ incredible, if musicians or sports people refused to play in countries whose politics they disagree with then nobody would play anywhere, let’s be grateful the incoming Russian president has good taste, was he illegally rocking out during the communist years? If DP pulled this show, don’t you think the Russian authorities would prevent them from obtaining visas in the future? If that happened the fans would miss out, it was interesting watching the TV news just now British athletes are being advised not to comment on China’s human rights record (but contradictally being advised to comment as they see fit if questioned), nobody seemed to object to DP and God help us, Wham playing there, nobody objected to Rock in Rio which took place during a military dictatorship and to top it all we learn that the very cheesey Chris de Burgh is playing a show in Iran, Purple are getting slated for playing a show that their management would find it very difficult to pull out of. Maybe they could do a blistering version of Anya and see the audience reaction or even reprise Mutually Assured Destruction for the final encore!

  80. 80
    David Sanderson says:

    By the way getting back to the second and far more important debate, some Russian girls are exceptionally hot and can make even an ageing, libido decreasing misery like me take notice but I have to say Polish women win hands down when pitted against any nation, you walk through any town in the UK or get an invite to my home you will see what I mean. I’m a lucky git

  81. 81
    marcinn says:

    David, I have to say you’re right as far as Polish women and girls are concerned. I’m a Pole and I wouldn’t like to move from this country just because every time I walk down the street I can’t fix my eyesight on anything, there are too many pretty girls and women around. Sometimes I can’t even put my mind on the right tracks, it might be a bit difficult to live with, but I got along quite a time ago. The average man in Poland thinks about sex much much more than the average man of any other country, that’s just my guess. 🙂 I’m also a lucky one, I do adore the Lady of My Heart. 😀
    Coming back to main point, after giving it some thought I have to say, it is not going to be a disaster if they will appear at Kremlin. I’m greateful for what they did to my life, to music, and will not definitely turn my back on them. Money is another thing, and I won’t comment on it.

  82. 82
    acrobat says:

    DP shouldn’t do gigs like this just because of the money and they should make their own decisions. They’re strong, excellent, grown-up (even more than that… 😉 ) musicians who should be in the position to just say “No” to some strange offers by their management.

  83. 83
    Alex says:

    Absolutely agree with David Sanderson! And please, stop it.

  84. 84
    Alex says:

    To say such words like “in that case it is not my favorite band” ….hm.. very strange, very! And I will buy the next album! And I love DP!

  85. 85
    Iain says:

    It’s not the playing for a private audience that bothers me. This is NOT simply another gig, private or otherwise. The band are allowing themselves to be used for political purposes.

  86. 86
    Alex says:

    What political purposes?!!!!???!!!!!!?????????????????
    You think that Medvedev can’t win elections without the help of DP? ha-ha-ha.
    He will win in any case. But it is another question!!!

  87. 87
    Iain says:

    By political purposes I mean their name is being used in association with a guy who is in the middle of an election. I’m sure he can win without them–that’s not what I was getting at, so calm down.

    They might as well also play for whoever ends up running next Nov. in the US.

  88. 88
    Ester says:

    Ian, Roger, Ian, Steven, Don please look back at russian history since 1917, that was the revolution, unfortunately in the mind and hearths of just a few, then we all know the rest…would you be at the service of such anti-democratic, wealthy in spite of homeless, unemployed poor, ill (especially children) tyrant man??? Please stay far from the Palace wherever it is!!!!
    No prestige, no fame, no glory in doing such a private concert, but we all love you if you play in the Red Square, just in front of Kremlin for the many deserving it. I have been loving you since I was 12, now I’m a mother what would I say to my children? Please don’t let me down! Love Ester

  89. 89
    Stefan says:

    Sure he´s gonna win (Medvedev)! It´s already been decided by Putin…and yes …DP are being abused for politacal purposes…and for what? For money…that´s what!! Apparently DP spell integrity in their own way…..M.O.N.E.Y……!!

  90. 90
    David Sanderson says:

    I went out for a walk, took in the football results and went for a drink and come back to the same argument, would some people be happier if DP did this concert for no payment? I mean. didn’t Pink Floyd play in Russia and get paid in timber or something stupid years ago? Who knows? This new president might do good things for Russia? Let’s not get carried away, who believes Gordon Brown really likes the Arctic Monkeys or David Cameron likes The Killers and who was the American politican who used ‘Born in the USA’ as his campaign song without realising it was actually critical of the so called ‘American dream’? DP are all intelligent, well travelled people who can think for themselves, surely people must realise that DP are not martyrs to some cause! Wake up, The Manic Street preachers played in Havana, shook hands with Castro and didn’t get a millionth of this criticism, Alex, thank you as a fellow DP fan I will have a beer with you any time, it is incredible that people still think of the Kremlin in the same way they did during the cold war, for the record, I have done my tourist bit to Moscow, my current girlfriend is Polish and my ex Czech, so I do understand a little from real life experience.

  91. 91
    Seven-47 says:

    This is why I love this site; you don’t have to agree, but you can always learn! I’m off for a beer, have a good day everyone!

  92. 92
    TruthHurts says:

    Yes I’ve had Polish and Czech girlfriends too, only thing about Polski babe is that if she has a problem she will always stay silent and keep it to herself – but what an exciting experience here for guys in the UK after having only our own (generally) dull-as-dishwater homegrown girlies…

  93. 93
    Andrew says:

    For a few days I kept silence but have read the discussion. Well, some guys left an impression that I am in the land of deafs and dumbs or that they unable to wage the discussion, not enough reasonable arguments and that means that I was right
    I was right about democracy in Georgia because it was not any response on the facts but only emotions. By the way, thank God ‘the divorce’ between Georgia and Russia happened. To refresh your memory, the bloody leaders of 20-50th of the 20cent. were Stalin (Jugashvili), Beria (the god father of KGB), Ordzhonikidze, etc.. – all Georgians that ruled USSR. No comments.
    Putin, Medvedev… but what about ‘dynasties’ Bush and Clinton? About answers on Iraq, about Guantanomo, etc..?
    I know, it is difficult to answer because true democracy in my opinion still under development, like a growing child that is not matured adult yet, but we have to take care of it. DP must have a choice as all people in the world, they have rights to have their own opinion that could contradict to some of you ( Volter even added that he would kill anybody who would try to shut the expression of the opposite opinion). I guess we must learn more about each other and I think that DP mostly the musicians but not politicians

  94. 94
    Adam Brown says:

    Sanderson is talking rubbish as usual, what does he know about Deep Purple or The world in general? I saved all of his comments on hard drive that this imposter posted on FRIENDS REUNITED, have you seen his MYSPACE or FACEBOOK pages? I think he is a liar, has he ever heard a Deep Purple album or been to any of the countries he claims to have travelled to? I doubt his sincerity.

  95. 95
    Tvrtko says:

    If there is Jon Lord, he would never do such gig.

    There is a line of dignity.

    We will see.

  96. 96
    Flying Wolf says:

    In fact since 1993 real Deep Purple doesn’t exist.
    So all this blog is meaningless jabber.
    It all comes down to one point that Deep Purple cover band has begun to play corporative parties and what’s that?
    Shouldn’t I listen to In Rock, Machine Head and Burn anymore?

  97. 97
    Alex says:

    David, beer is waiting for you in Moscow!:))

  98. 98
    Alex says:

    Flying Wolf, you should also listen to Bananas and Rapture! And the next album too:))

  99. 99
    AndreA says:

    Bad thing mix politics and music;
    I hoped that the DP could be out of these sensitive things,especially that fans not falling in these things that don’t belong to OUR music. F**K politics on all over the world!
    Let us speak about only music and not about Mafia..ops..arghh..pardon..Politics!

  100. 100
    AndreA says:

    all WE ARE here to write,here we build ralations,friendship etc….all these we could destroy…All this WE can destroy if we start talking about politics. For me politics, religion poses obstacles…and barriers separate us, we must skip or avoid them if we want to be one family or just a group of friends who seek one another to make relations and friendship. I don’t wear the Tshirt with the A anarchist, I am not against the Conservatives or against the progressive, the truth is that politics is a tricky thing here and Ithink it must be out from here, the DP are not R.A.T.M. …

  101. 101
    Flying Wolf says:

    To Alex: In post-Blackmore era I prefer Abandon 🙂

  102. 102
    Roberto says:

    DEEP PURPLE PLEASE:DO A FREE SHOW IN THE MOSCOW SQUARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  103. 103
    Flying Wolf says:

    + 1

  104. 104
    Ale says:

    Don’t you think that maybe they’re doing a sort of private show, not so far from the one they did in MonteCarlo two years ago? A show for few people, with lots of money…
    It would be very sad if they would support those people for the elcetions…in this case DP would really be supporting a group of questionable people.
    But that’s not what they’re doing. This man seems to be a true fan of DP and he has the chance of having them playing for him and some other people… I mean…he’s not Hitler or Stalin, after all.
    I’d like to read that they play a free concert in the square, it’s sure. But the fact that management is responsible of this is sure, too.

  105. 105
    Stefan says:

    Let´s end the debate here, and here´s my personal conclusions: 1. Yes, DP can play wherever they please 2.Integrity is not a word in DP´s dictionary 3.Putin is in the same category as Stalin,Breznjev,Andropov and all the other politrucks from the past 4.Russians doesn´t have a clue what democracy is all about 5. I still love DP and their music to death ( I just question their moral )!!!

  106. 106
    Ale says:

    However, Medvedev is a DP fan. As said some time ago, he ha sbeen seen at a DP show last year. And, luckily for him, he has the opportunity to have them playing “for him”.
    I love DP also as persons. I can’t imagine they’re doing this with no care. Surely they’re are obliged. We don’t know what their contract says.
    In Italy lots of actors work for berlusconi even if they criticize him…so should I think that they’re shameful people? I don’t. And so for DP.

  107. 107
    Alex says:

    Stefan, 1. if you want to end the debate, you should be more correct. 140 million people doesn’t have a clue what democracy is all about? But Stefan has! 2.We here in Russia know how to live in non-democratic society, but not you! 3. Putin is not a best boy for sure. But it is impossible to compare him with Stalin. 4. I love DP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  108. 108
    AndreA says:

    stop politic debate!

    for me DP have fault…

    very sad

    I prefered a DP concert in memory of Anna Politkovskaja..It could have been better than I’ve read here: very astonished by this new

  109. 109
    AndreA says:

    I mean..I would not have ever read here things like Hitler Stalin Berlusconi … what means with the music ? Especially with the hard rock,mainly DP music?

  110. 110
    Flying Wolf says:

    At least we have a chance to see the concert on 1st channel

  111. 111
    Alex says:


  112. 112
    David Sanderson says:

    Not sure what this Adam is on about or what planet/medication he is on! By all means look up my profiles! Alex thanks, having a beer with a Russian is always an experience! I am surprised nobody mentioned The Beatles playing in the Southern USA during segregation, Roger Waters doing a concert on The Berlin Wall site or bands like Queen being blacklisted for playing South Africa during apartheid (ironically ‘I want to break free’ became an anthem for blacks fighting for civil rights).
    Has it never occured to anyone that visiting the Kremlin does not mean DP support any human rights transgressions previous Russian governments carried out as much as anyone visiting 10 Downing Street or The White house isn’t supporting anything previous British or American governments have done? Simple point but worth considering. DP are doing this show by invitation, the person who invited them just happens to be a fan who probably listened to radio stations that were banned and got as much satisfaction from hearing DP as we all did/do. He might even do something positive for Russia (and could we have a leader like that heresome time?).

  113. 113
    Roberto says:

    FREE CONCERT IN MOSCOW SQUARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    DEEP PURPLE FAMILY CONCERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    COM’ON PEOPLE!!!UNITED WE WILL WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LET’S START TO MAKE PRESSURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  114. 114
    Tvrtko says:

    This is THE DAY when DP cease to exist in my soul.

    MOSCOW (Reuters) – The Kremlin rocked to the sound of British band Deep Purple on Monday in a gig with a difference.

    The fans wore furs, suits or war medals rather than jeans and T-shirts; they arrived in black chauffeured limousines not buses; and the front row of the audience included Russia’s likely next president Dmitry Medvedev and a top former KGB spy.

    The occasion was the 15th birthday party of Russia’s giant firm Gazprom, which flew over the veteran British hard rock band to top a gala evening of entertainment — and to keep the boss happy.

    Gazprom chairman Medvedev, who is also the Kremlin’s candidate in Russia’s presidential election next month, has told interviewers Deep Purple is his favorite band. Officials at the world’s biggest gas company are eager to please him.

    Deep Purple, once dubbed the world’s loudest band by the Guinness Book of Records, seemed almost lost in the vastness of the State Kremlin Palace which seats 6,000 people and boasts one of the world’s largest stages.

    As they belted out some of their 1960s and 1970s classics, including their signature hit “Smoke on the Water”, the audience of mostly middle-aged men sat impassively in suits and ties, with only the odd shake of the head to indicate they were listening.

    Attempts by the five-man band’s front man Ian Gillan to encourage audience participation led to the kind of slow, steady handclap which used to reverberate around the wood-paneled hall during Soviet Communist Party congresses.

    It was left to a small group of students and young executives sitting at the sides of the hall to wave their hands above their heads and make the odd whistle or shout.


    It’s over.

  115. 115
    Andrew says:

    Stefan …Stalin=Hitler=Putin?!!! God! What are you an alien? Or forgot to take the medications?
    If you blame somebody – prove it. I never heard even from anti-Russian major political foes such tough accusations. Are you familiar with the meaning of the word ‘responsibility’? I mean, please, be responsible for your words. I agree with Alex – 140mln Russians do not know democracy but you do. Maybe you can bring a light to us? (I am not Russian by the way) Teach us! bring us to the light! Direct DP in front of whom they must perform! The Beatles, the song “back in the USSR” was written when they planned to perform in USSR when Brezhnev was in power but the show was banned by communists. But! The Beatles was ready to perfom and even wrote the song. What about the concerts of Rolling Stones in China? Judge them, express your opinion. Why so many talks about DP?

  116. 116
    Tvrtko says:

    For most of the band’s one-hour set, the guest of honor Medvedev sat stiffly in the centre of the front row, exchanging the odd word with Gazprom chief executive Alexei Miller, his head occasionally twitching.

    Towards the end Medvedev became a bit more animated, making the odd handclap and tapping his feet but staying rooted to his seat.

    A few places to his left, First Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov, a former KGB spy, stared at the stage impassively.

    Current Kremlin chief President Vladimir Putin, perhaps mindful of Moscow’s poor diplomatic relations with London, did not stay to hear the British rockers at all.

    Putin, who prefers patriotic Russian songs to foreign heavy metal, opened the gala evening congratulating Gazprom’s 430,000 workers on their achievements and hailing the company’s market value, which he put at $350 billion.

    But after watching an opera singer, a banjo-strumming quartet and a bald crooner with a moustache sing their way through Russian classics, the Kremlin leader disappeared after the first interval and did not return for Deep Purple.

    The State Kremlin Palace is a vast 1960s building inside the Kremlin complex constructed at the height of Soviet power. It was here that then-leader Nikita Khrushchev gave a different meaning to the phrase “heavy metal”.

    During a Communist Party Congress held there in October 1961, Khrushchev ordered the testing of what was then the world’s most powerful nuclear bomb, a device nicknamed “Big Ivan” whose shockwave circled the earth three times.

    IT’S OVER.

  117. 117
    Tvrtko says:

    I will leave DP to those LATTE-LIBERALS (crypto communists-watermellons) for their mouthwash of celebrty fame.

    They should be ashamed of what they did.

    I am out of here.


  118. 118
    Tvrtko says:

    One more word:

    11 February 2008

    An announcement by Mikhail Khodorkovsky

    The tragic situation surrounding Vasily Aleksanyan, my gravely ill former colleague and lawyer, has shown that there are a great many people in Russia who are not indifferent and that the foundations of civil society exist.

    That gives cause for optimism.

    I hope that the soulless bureaucrats who are prepared to let a man die, just in order to please their bosses, are fewer among us than those who are moved by conscience. I’m convinced that defending the rights of everyone who is in need of such support is the moral duty of all Russia’s citizens.

    I am sincerely grateful to everyone who has reacted to these outrageous acts of inhuman torture, perpetrated on an innocent man who is at death’s door, in order to force him to give false testimony against others.

    Since Vasily has now been transferred to a specialist civilian clinic I am calling off my hunger strike.

    Mikhail Khodorkovsky
    Chita pre-trial detention centre

  119. 119
    Stefan says:

    First of all dear Andrew,I never mentioned Hitler did I ? For the rest of them, I stand by my statement! Maybe I could educate you about democracy, but I don´t think you would understand anyway!

    About stones playing in China….Yes it´s wrong, but I don´t give a toss about them! Queen in South Africa…that was a no-no, but at least Freddie had the balls to admit that he was a “musical prostitute”! But when one of my favourite groups plays for the elite in a country who doesn´t know the meaning of the word democracy….I get pissed off ! I would´nt mind if it were ordinary gigs for ordinary people!!!!

  120. 120
    Mr Universe says:

    DP really did it … I cannot believe it, I just can´t. I´m sad, angry, and terribly disappointed.
    Hope they choke on the money or whatever they buy with it!

  121. 121
    Alex says:

    DP did it and were very happy (see foto). Medvedev was very happy. He has told that he loved DP from 14 years. Listened to them by foreign radio (BBC) when it was dangerous to do it. He has told that it is something like surrealism to see DP in Kremlin. So it’s o.k. I think that mr.Bush even does’t know the band. HA-HA!
    Some things about democracy again.
    1. I don’t know were is real democracy in the world. More or less, but…
    2. I have my own bussiness in Russia and I work without pressure from the state. And it is democracy for me.
    3. I have an opportunity to travel now. And it is democracy for me.
    4. I’m not going to participate in elections and to support Medvedev. And it is also democracy.
    By the way, there is no death penalty in Russia, and what about some states in US?

  122. 122
    Rost says:

    Very sad story. I’m a fan of the band since 1986 and I think this is ridiculous what they did. To play for KGB – what the money can do. They are not my idols any more. I will continue to listen to their music, because I think their music is great, but my feelings to them as to persons changed forever. “Money talks to you” Mr. Gillan – what’s a shame.
    To Alex. You can talk whatever you want about Russia, but democracy there doesn’t exist. The Russians always like the power and always looked for the “Tsar”. The centuries ago their “Tsar” was Romanovs in XX century communists and today Putin and Co including Medvedev. Congratulations for Russia – the era of KGB started.
    I don’t like the US and their policy, but compare to Russia there real democracy. There is no 75% for one candidate and 25% for others. The same is in the other western countries.
    And what was done for “Yukos” and Hodorkowsky – this is the most undemocratic thing that could be done.

  123. 123
    Mr Universe says:

    Alex, you are an idiot.

  124. 124
    AndreA says:

    Russia believe to be in democracy only because people is able to vote,like me in italy here..well…it is not enough to be honest…I respect you Alex but I don’t agree with you..I think also that Anna Politkovskaja does not agree with you…ops..sorry she was killed..you know. But this kind of dinamics is on all over the world: I don’t believe in democracy..JFK spoke about democracy,but he had mafious friend,this is not democracy..Putin is not a democratic,oh my god,don’t tell me you believe he is…here in italy is very sad…the politics wants only power to comand…they are all corrupted..no no,of course is better now for you after CCCP era,but believe me,if they want they can destroy you,you must always obbey,don’t think against them…in 2001 here in italy we had like Argentina and South America had in 1978…you can spent few days to pass to hell from heaven…in this world we all have a lot of no justice.

  125. 125
    Alexander says:

    Алекс, все правильно. Давно пора перейти на русский. Одуревшие от сознания собственной “демократичности” папаноики – вот это настоящее лицо американской демократии и их англо-грузинских жопоплизов.
    Я фан ДП уже 35 лет, это они были одними из тех, кто действительно изменили нашу совковую жизнь. И не этим козлам Mr.Universe, Stefan и Киконишвили (Сракашвили) судить о нашей действительности.

  126. 126
    Rost says:

    Могу перейти на русский, без проблем. И если за 35 лет ты ничему не научился, то уже поздно что то менять.
    Deep Purple для меня, до вчерашнего дня были глотком свободы и свежего воздуха, а после вчерашнего “события” они скатились к уровню Стинга, Джоржа Майкла, Рода Стюарта и т.д.
    Это доказывает одно – бал правит тот у кого деньги. И Deep Purple стали даже не любимой игрушкой Газпрома, а лично будущего президента России, потому что всем остальным на концерте на них было НАСРАТЬ. Deep Purple – СТАЛИ КЛОУНАМИ ПЛЯШУЩИМИ ПОД ДУДКУ ЛЮДЕЙ КОТОРЫЕ ИХ ЖЕ И ЗАПРЕЩАЛИ в совковые времена.
    А то что Медведев президент России – это такой же неоспоримый факт как и то что вы Алексы и Александры ЛОХИ.

    Одно радостно – Blackmore & Lord неучаствовыли в этом ПОЗОРЕ.

  127. 127
    Alex says:

    Mr.Universe, look at yourself

  128. 128
    AndreA says:

    about Italy I’d like to make an example for sayng what I think of politc.
    On next April,after only 2 years,we should come back to vote; I am tired because for some people (mainly for some High Politicians) to go to to vote is like to go to bet the football matches. we people get no sense to go always to vote only because the governament falls. and you all know that for voting the state loose a lot of money…very sad..fuck off to all politician (here),there is no more Moral and social ethics into this people,they only like to joke us and getting power,only to protect their interests with new strange laws…

  129. 129
    Alex says:

    А ты Рост, к своим годам не понял, что кто заказывает музыку, тот и платит! Или ты дебил?

  130. 130
    Alex says:

    нет давно 60-х и цветов!

  131. 131
    AndreA says:

    I find it very rude write in Cyrillic, I thinkthis is a public site…BADS: meet yourself in Red Square 😛

  132. 132
    Alexander says:

    Of course, the whole word should speak and write in English. But please try to answer in Russian, you overdemocrates.

    Рост, крайне незрелое суждение. И при чем здесь Блэкмор и Лорд. По-твоему, иметь собственное мнение – это плясать под чью-то дудку. Воистину ДЕМОКРАТ! Кстати, в советское время они ничего запретить не могли, так как были еще совсем юнцами. Пора и тебе повзрослеть, малыш.

  133. 133
    Alex says:

    АndreA, i agree with you in principle

  134. 134
    AndreA says:

    I write in English for meet you all,not in italian,Alexander. try to understand

    NON SONO DEMOCRATICO (“please try to answer in Russian, you overdemocrates”) CON LE TESTE DI CAZZO COME TE

    do you understand me now?

    As I tell you all before upstair,politic divides the people,as Palkin wrote in begging this gig has given a many rumours. i stop here because I know to be not democratic, fuck off Cremlin and his followers. bye

  135. 135
    Alex says:

    Only one addition – fuck off all politics

  136. 136
    Rost says:

    Completely agree with you Andrea. I love Italy very much. I have a luck to work in your wonderful country for one and a half year.
    I will answer now to Alex and Alexander in Russian just to be “democratic” enaugh 🙂

    Огромная ЧЕСТЬ выпала Deep Purple выступать перед газпромовским БЫДЛОМ только потому что у них куча бабла не заработанного, а наворованного. Интересно почему не пригласили Макартни или Джагера или Оззика, которого Медведев любит не меньше Deep Purple. Ведь всем, кроме Медведева, было по барабану кого слушать? Я думаю что не малую роль ещё играет чувство собственного достоинства. А нынешним Deep Purple нужна дешёвая популярность. А Лорд с Блэкмором действительно не причём и слава Богу.

    А тебе Александр, взрослый ты наш, ты всю свою жизнь был в рядах “единогласных” и там твое место. И пофиг кто у власти Брежнев, Горбачёв или Путин ты всегда с ними. Не удивлюсь тому факту что ты бывший коммуняка. И ещё, по поводу взросления, если бы все были взрослые как ты, то жизнь была бы скучна и однообразна. Если бы Джагер повзраслел, то давно бы умер 🙂

  137. 137
    Alexander says:

    Ну здравствуйте, г-жа Новодворская, давно Вас не было слышно.

  138. 138
    David Sanderson says:

    Alex, I agree in principle BUT this show has taken place, like it or not, it is a fact, some of Gillan’s lyrics have dealt with social issues, so he knows his own beliefs and concience, the band/management had their reasons for doing it, agree or disagree they did it, personally? I will be at their next show in my area and buy their next album, that’s my choice and each to their own, after all that’s democracy.

  139. 139
    Alex says:

    David, I also will be at the next show and buy next album. Music is more important. And more important even than lyrics for me. IMPO. And I also will see on Friday this show by tv:)) And bear is still waiting you…..

  140. 140
    Flying Wolf says:

    Да, медведь ждёт Давида!!!
    А мы выпьем пивка в пятницу и посмотрим концерт

  141. 141
    Breznev says:

    Очень хорошая вещь, по крайней мере, что передается по телевидению
    таковой иль Партито Аккетта

  142. 142
    Alex says:

    David, sorry! For sure not bear but beer! 🙂

  143. 143
    Stalin says:

    What? Again about me?

  144. 144
    micke says:

    It was a good move bt dP, look at the discussion it opened up here… 🙂

  145. 145
    Ester says:

    AndreA ma ti sei bevuto il cervello??? Va tutto bene quello che dici ma non mi pare il caso di dare delle teste di c…o, a chi ha un’opinione diversa dalla tua e oltretutto non capisce, dovevi ribadirlo ma in English “in a very polite way(?)”.

    Anyway I have realized that for Russian the most important thing is that after so a long silence they accept everythging, even a private concert for such f….ing people, they are out of question, don’t expect nothing different, I say once again to DP: “Please do not play for politicians wherever they are!!!

  146. 146
    AndreA says:

    Ester, you are right
    my respect is to speak in english,I would like to speak in italian but someone fools me like a “overdemocrates” . I am soory for my reaction but someone has not bring respect. we are all the same,mainly here that we have meeting only by computer so I wish that none offend in personal way.
    I don’t speak russian because I don’t know this language and mainly because this site is on english…sorry people but don’t fool me.

    Long Live to music,get away politc from me..
    I hope one day I’will not see DP on stage in honor of Mr.Berlusconi,the premier of new fascism here in Italy..Russia can make what wishes,it is “democracy”…enjoy it,I am disappointed for this concert.
    Perhaps someone feared a diplomatic incident between russia and the united kingdom if DP refuse to play? I am curious to know..

    Love to DP fan from russia


  147. 147
    Ale says:

    I’m sure they HAD to do it! Ian Gillan, in particular, has always expressed his point of view about politics…and surely he doesn’t like people like the Russian politicians. And surely he didn’t wrote what he wrote for interest, because nor Deep Purple nor Gillan were bands that had interest into politics, and their success wasn’t found on such things (the opposite of u2, for example).
    So, it’s sure they haven’t played to support medvedev, but only because this man payed a lot to their management.
    If medvedev had paid for a free concert, then it would have been a real propaganda, via Deep Purple. But they did something different.
    However I don’t like this thing very much…but saying that DP are bad people, that they’ve no credibility, that they don’t deserve respect…it has no sense at all.
    I am still proud to be a DP fan and a Gillan fan. I’m proud of their music and I’m proud of them as persons, too.

  148. 148
    Ale says:

    And I think that is very probable that they’ve fallen into something bigger than them…as AndreA said at the end of his post…

  149. 149
    Nick Soveiko says:

    i think it’s a good time to end this discussion. further comments are closed.

    p.s. to Alexander:
    переход на русский язык здесь не дает права на хамство.

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