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Things to look forward to in 2017

"The Long Goodbye Tour" souvenir ticket

And the new year is shaping up to be a busy one.

Glenn Hughes will kick of the touring on January 20 in the UK, which will be followed by a month long European tour. And right now he is in the studio recording the fourth Black Country Communion album, which we also might expect some time later in the year.

The NAMM convention is going to be held on January 19-22 this year, so Glenn would probably have to miss it, but Steve Morse usually makes an appearance there as well. In December Steve also took part in the Flying Colors writing sessions for their third album. Fingers crossed this will bear fruit in 2017.

Ian Paice has a handful of dates booked in January through March, appearing with Purpendicular and Forever Deep tribute bands across Europe.

Nick Simper continues playing low key gigs with the Good Old Boys in clubs and pubs around London, and also has a couple of dates booked in Austria in March with Nasty Habits.

Don Airey will embark on a short European tour with his band in March (which threatens to become an annual event by now).

Which all brings us to the main dish: the new Deep Purple album inFinite is scheduled to be released on April 7. And if past is any indication, it will be followed by a heavy media blitz until the band starts the massive European tour some time in May (the earliest surfaced date so far is Bucharest, Romania, on May 13). It will continue well into July and will be followed with a UK tour in November. No other dates have been publicized so far, but the word on the street is … uhm, that i should shut up at this point 😉

In June Ritchie Blackmore will play four dates in UK with his latest incarnation of Rainbow. The customary Blackmore’s Night summer tour of German castles may or may not follow.

6 Comments to “Things to look forward to in 2017”:

  1. 1
    ed says:

    i met jason bonham at one of his shows in december and he had told me about bcc going back to the studio but dont expect a tour he said there will be a announcement the end of january of jblze going on tour with 2 other “big names” then right after that he is going back on the road with sammy hagar in the circle so i dont see a bcc tour fitting in (imo) he didnt elaborate on a possible release time for bcc just said they would be in studio in january

  2. 2
    nupsi59 says:

    Oh my god, on December 31th in 2050 I will be 91 years old!

    Hope, there will be an extra room, big enough for all the rollators!

    See you!

  3. 3
    DeeperPurps says:

    And if Coverdale &/or Whitesnake do something this year too, 2017 will the most complete Purple year in quite some time.

  4. 4
    glubert says:

    The ticket says: Dec. 31. 2050. That´s a very, very, very Long Goodbye Tour. I´m 93 years old then. I think I will go there (with a nurse).

  5. 5
    Blackwood Richmore says:

    Meanwhile… Oscar went back to work on the production line at the local scuz factory, all the while making plans for his overseas vacation next September, whilst the throbbing, pulsing syncopation of Ian’s drumming emanated from the little stereo on the side table…..

  6. 6
    evil_louie says:

    There have been some rumblings on Facebook that they have finally acquired the soundboard tapes of Mk IV’s final shows from their UK tour. If so, I do hope they release them sooner rather than later. Another thing to (possibly) look forward to in 2017!

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