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Aloha from Glenn

Glenn Hughes recently spoke to Hawaii Public Radio. The interview is half an hour long, and understandably covered a lot of topics.

I’m the only child of Bill and Sheila Hughes, named after Glenn Miller. I grew up listening to — you’re going to love this story — Frank Sinatra was played in my home seven days a week until I left when I was 21. It just so happened that I became friends with Frank in 1981, and it just so happens I got to introduce my parents to Frank. Frank gave my father some of his clothing, and it was, like, you just never know where it’s going to take you. Remember, this is the guy who was all jacked up on blow and Jack Daniel’s in the ’70s who never would have met Frank Sinatra under those circumstances. When I started to get my life in order and realized how things have to change… I’m kind of a guy who always likes to change. It’s simple for me: I got to keep changing, I got to keep thinking differently and keep growing. I’m never going to stop until the end. I’m not an artist that’s going to say, ‘Hey, I’ve done it. I’ve created it. I’ve done it. I’ve arrived.’ No, I’m still working at it, I’m still working, chopping away. I’m going to be chopping away until the very end. I never want to be that comfortable. I just want to be able to mix myself around people, and watch people, and learn. I love to check out what everyone else is doing. So I like to be silent. I like to walk around, let nobody know I’m there. That’s the kind of person I am. I want to be a student.

From the purely Purple perspective, there are mildly interesting bits towards the end of the interview with Glenn reminiscing about California Jam and the first Mk4 gig in Hawaii.

Bonus feature: Graham Bonnett appeared on the same show a day earlier

Thanks to Blabbermouth an Hawaii Public Radio for the info.

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    Blackwood Richmore says:

    I thought the Graham Bonnet interview was more interesting. Onwards & upwards…. Be happy.

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