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Purple reviews in Music Street Journal

I came across this on one of the mailing lists. The announcement was for the Steve Morse Band Live in Baden Baden and Dixie Dregs Live at Montreux reviews at the Music Street Journal. Since the announcement didn’t give direct links, I started poking around.

First things first, i know it’s just a matter of personal taste (and some people say the same about The Highway Star), but I’ve found the design and navigation on the site to be particularly hideous.

Now, getting this out of the system, I was very pleasantly surprised with objectivity of the reviews (at least once it comes to Purple material, I didn’t read the rest). For example, here’s an excerpt from the Deep Purple Live at Montreux DVD:

Sometimes it’s all about the impression. I saw Deep Purple once quite a few years back, and frankly, I found them to be boring. Now, I barely remember the show. After seeing this DVD, though, I can tell you that either they were having a really bad night (it happens) or I just wasn’t in the right mood for them. Either way, you never saw the review of the show at Music Street Journal. Why is that? It’s because we don’t do negative reviews. If we don’t like something more than we dislike it, we just don’t review it. That serves two main purposes. The first is that with as much good stuff out there we don’t waste our time (and yours) with sub par material. The second goes more to my central point in talking about this – just because I happen to not find something entertaining it doesn’t mean it’s bad. After seeing this video, my guess is that was definitely the case on that show. I know that I’ve always like Deep Purple’s particular style of hard rock on album. That one particular night left me greatly unimpressed, though. So, why trash them over one night? Well, I’m glad I didn’t because it was probably more about a long day of watching bands than it was about them. As evidenced by this video, these guys simply kill in the live performance venue.

This, in my book, is a pretty good position to start with.

And now do go and check the reviews:

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