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Blackmore interview in Fingerstyle Guitar magazine

Fingerstyle Guitar magazine, issue 61 cover

You can think whatever you want of the direction Blackmore’s music took some 10 years ago, but slowly but steadily he’s being recognised as an accomplished acoustic player. The Fingerstyle Guitar magazine featured him on the cover of issue 61. The issue also includes what is by all accounts an excellent interview done by Ray Flacke. You can get the issue here for $9.95 (plus $8.50 for international shipping).

Thanks to MikeY for the info.

13 Comments to “Blackmore interview in Fingerstyle Guitar magazine”:

  1. 1
    Sig says:


    Anyone who appriciated Mr. Blackmore for his guitar work in Deep Purple and Rainbow have to admire Blackmore’s Night… his sense of melody is second to none… one of a kind!

    Now if he would only release a CD of acoustic instrumental songs.

  2. 2
    Jeff Summers says:

    In certain places he is still not recognised for his innovative electirc guitar playing, let alone acoustic!! It seems impossible to beleive that he sometimes gets overlooked, but has been as important as any of the so-called greats in terms of influence.

  3. 3
    alf + says:

    innovative electirc? or innovative electric o eclectic?

  4. 4
    Bo says:

    Ritchie Blackmore is still the “one and only”. NO ONE comes even close to the talet of Ritchie. OK, he is not always pefect to promote himself – but who cares? Just listen to everything the man have done since even before Deep Purple. Just magic – and a sound which is so RB!!!
    Who cares about the OVERRATED Jimmy Page and most of the rest. There a few true greats – but RB are superior.
    Only one wish to RB: A “2 in 1” concert: First part Blackmores Night and then Rainbow/Purple with either Dio, Joe LT or Coverdale. What a dream – and people will be there. I’m 100% sure.

  5. 5
    legris richard elprupdeep@w.fr says:

    richie has always been a true man .he never cheated ,or like clapton and the others changed 20 times style of music to be fashionnable and make money ;like dp , ritchie has been honest with his fans and god know how many we are (just see how many dp gigs have been scheduled in france in 6 months 2006/2007 “never never before toodoodoo” we have seen this in the past .unfortunatly blackmore night is not as popular “fu..ing rap and other shit stuffs; but we can only hope!!!!!!thanks for everything ‘man in black’ and long live you and rock&roll. richard legris elprupdeep@wanadoo.fr.

  6. 6
    tom says:

    Very good news for Ritchie. At least in his acoustic-driven years he gets some respect for his unique mastering of the guitar!

    I have a lot of respect for him, becouse he always did wat he wants to, he has a very strong mind and is always on his way, which startet more than 40 (!!) years ago.

    I’m self a Guitarplayer for 20 years, listen to all kind of music and guitarists. But there is simply no one else, who can be compared to him. The closest person in music history to him is in my opinion maybe just Nicolo Paganini: A crazy master and virtuoso of his instrument, often judged by the people as a genius and as a insane, out-of-this-world-human.

    Long life Ritchie!!

  7. 7
    Tim says:

    legris richard elprupdeep – you say Ritchie never changed his musical style to make money? What about when he went commercial to try and crack the States, starting really with the Long Live Rock n Roll album, but certainly going all the way with Down To Earth and the rest? Watch California Jam or Rainbow Live in Munich and tell me honestly that Ritchie’s not wasting his undeniable talent in Blackmore’s Night.

  8. 8
    dr.robert says:

    Ritchie is The Greatest!!!

  9. 9
    Murray P. says:

    I agree that Ritchie Blackmore is one of the best (maybe even “the best”) hard rock guitarists of all time. His technical mastery aside (shared by only 7 or 8 other greats – including Steve Morse, that guy is awesome as well), I think it is Ritchie’s unique style that sets him apart from all the rest. Steve Morse is indeed a worthy fill in in the current DP line up, but (no disrespect intended) he is no substitute for the real thing (anymore than Ritchie would be for the classic Kansas line up featuring Morse). Ritchie (and the rest of the Mark II line up, including Jon Lord!) please, “for the love of all things holy”, get back together whilst there is still time. The world needs at least one more great Mark II album!

  10. 10
    Seek says:

    Ritchie is simply the best….

  11. 11
    James Gemmell says:

    Murray, I know you mean well… but you do realize that Jon Lord died eight years ago? And there is no way on Earth the Mark II lineup is ever getting back together. Ian Gillan is far too vindictive and petty to ever let that happen. I asked Ritchie a couple years ago about Gillan’s statement that Purple invited him to join them on stage at the Hall of Shame induction ceremony. Ritchie’s reply? “That’s a lie.”

  12. 12
    Nick Soveiko says:

    James Gemmell:
    you do realize that you’re replying to a thread from 2007, do you?

  13. 13
    James Gemmell says:

    2020, Nick. The new one was deleted.

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