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“The Soundboard Series” on iTunes

I haven’t seen this mentioned anywhere – not that I am present anywhere on Deep Purple related ‘net communities anymore – but Drew Thompson’s releases of Purple stuff seems to be readily available via iTunes – at least my local, Norwegian version, but I guess this is global.
The original 12-CD box “The Soundboard Series” originally published in 2001 seems to be available in full, alas as separate 2CD albums, each priced at twice the normal album price.
Drew, are you reading this? Price them as one normal album a piece, and I might be buying one or two.
Normal setlist for the normal gigs seems to have been a la (Mk 7 lineup: Gillan-Glover-Lord-Morse-Paice):
1. Woman from Tokyo
2. Ted the Mechanic
3. Mary Long
4. Lazy
5. No one came
6. Black night
7. Sometimes I feel like screaming
8. Fools
9. Perfect Strangers
10. Hey Cisco
11. When a blind man cries
12. Smoke on the water
13. Speed king
14. Hush
15. Highway star

and the two last gigs were from the Concerto tour, complete with Ronnie James Dio and a Japanese philharmonic orchestra.

Titles available via my iTunes are:
– Australian Tour 2001 – Melbourne
– Australian Tour 2001 – Newcastle
– Australian Tour 2001 – Wollongong
– Live in Hong Kong
– Live in Tokyo 3/24
– Live in Tokyo 3/25

Live at the Rotterdam Ahoy (Concerto-gig) is also available, as is the “Well Dressed Guitar”-single.

Now, can anyone please recommend me which of these gigs to buy, if I’m only getting one?

And Drew, drop them to single album price, and you’ll see sales rice dramatically.

3 Comments to ““The Soundboard Series” on iTunes”:

  1. 1
    Harrie Hendriksen says:

    IMHO, Rotterdam is the one to get. The guy who helped figure the 1999 version out (Marco DeGoeij) was there, I was there (If you listen closely you can hear ne sneeze during the First Movement around 5.38, no just kiddin’)

    It was agreat night and allthough it misses the Concerto part, the 1999 official release couldn’t be topped anyway. (Or the 1969 version for that matter)

  2. 2
    Peter Neumann says:

    Live in Hong Kong is the most powerful of the “normal” concerts.

    From the Concertos I prefer the first Tokyo gig (3/24).

  3. 3
    Chris says:

    The Rotterdam Ahoy one is continuously in my car’s CD player. I witnessed the Antwerp Gig in this series. I would recommend this one. Regards,

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