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Gettin’ Tighter iPad app

Gettin’ Tighter app screenshot; image courtesy of Thompson Music

The Gettin’ Tighter companion app for iPad has been released a couple of days ago (we’re being assured that releases for other platforms will follow). The app is really an ebook with previews from the upcoming Phoenix Rising documentary, articles and pictures. Browsing tabs for deep-purple.net and thehighwaystar.com, as well as Twitter and Facebook clients are thrown in for a good measure.

Video clips included are:

Friction within the band
Sunbury 1
Sunbury 2
Drug issues
Tommy Bolin
Glenn Hughes
Australasian tour
Jakarta nightmare
Hughes problems

The app is available at the Apple app store for $4.99/€3.99/£2.99. We were not able to preview it, so please post you comments below.

US release date for the Phoenix Rising has been set for June 28.

This is the first in a series of Purple-related apps. Other titles in the works are Deep Purple Sunbury 1975 and Rainbow 1976 Australian Tour.

Please note that this app – although it offers THS browsing capabilities – is not related to The Highway Star in any way.

13 Comments to “Gettin’ Tighter iPad app”:

  1. 1
    purpledaniel says:

    Does this mean they found real Sundbury proshot footage?

  2. 2
    Larry R. Toering says:

    Intersting, but of course limited to iPad users. Pretty cool industry deal I’m sure though, there is bound to be a buck or two and potentially wide exposure.

    “Rainbow 1976 Australian Tour” sounds interesting, what this can be I sure do wonder, Drew. But why another app for Sunbury ’75 when it’s obviously already included on this mkIV app?

    It really is a shame something can’t be worked out with what is supsected to be some great reunion era footage in Bruce’s posession. I know it’s not DP Overseas ltd. but perhaps it’s a good idea to work out something with him on a separate project for Eagle, and/or Thames/Thompson?(assuming it’s still operating) This is by far the biggest dream of the honest dedicated Purple consumers, the one’s all there is to rely on for initial gate sales support for such projects. Most of us live in the less distant past when it comes to curiosity of uncovered footage… just another reason to put together 80’s Purple archival product that sells reasonably well at least, on top of it’s other significant reasons to exist.

  3. 3
    scott says:

    #1, i agree, as the sunbury footage has been long sought, and the people who have it are not forthcoming about the duration or quality! also, how about the made in japan and, the 1973 final mk II footage from osaka june 29?!? clips are shown (like on the deepest purple dvd) but will we see the complete existing footage?!?

  4. 4
    butttocks says:

    ipads are really overrated to me. Give me the standard true sence they were recorded in10/20 audio where you don’t have to highs or to lows drownin out the music. ………..UFO The great melodic band from england will be playing @ Havana’s in New Hope Pennsylvanna on 5/10/11 @ 8:00 PM , tickets our $35 dollors.

  5. 5
    Larry R. Toering says:

    What proof is there of MORE ‘existing’ footage from MIJ and Osaka 73 is there?

    I agree with this, but market forces don’t.

  6. 6
    scott says:

    #5 the made in japan footage is supposed to be about 45 min. not sure about the 1973 osaka final show as they just tease with short clips.
    R. simon used to have the osaka footage, then S. robinson obtained it, and now i believe d. thompson has it. i just wish it would get released in some form as even bootleggers do not have it!

  7. 7
    Space Ghost says:

    Hopefully the Ipad app is a little bit of a teaser of what the DVD will have with more in depth interviews for each segement. ( That is my hope. ) Plenty of articles placed underneath each video. The Jakarta segment is really interesting. You get the sense that both Jon and Glen both really liked Tommy as a friend and musician and that if the drug issues hadn’t been so prevalent — that the band might have worked. In summary , a great little Ipad App with some nuggets of bits of interviews, which we hope will get longer and in there proper perspective on the full length DVD. As for the concert footage of this tour, it was probably hoped that we might see some newer footage added in. Ironically, one of Bolin’s best songs on the FAR EAST Tour had to be his song — WILD DOGS. However, that kind of request was probably expecting too much. The 30 minutes of Deep Purple has been published before albeit that it will be much cleaned up from what has been released. At the end of the day perhaps we should be happy with that. Without any new footage of this version of the band I can’t see many more releases coming out. So Kudos to Drew for putting all this energy into this release. Lastly, I enjoyed the Ipad App and it left me wanting more. A great TEASER !

  8. 8
    Space Ghost says:

    My first impression of viewing the IPAD APP of “GETTING TIGHTER ” is that the short clips were great little “Teaser” pieces. You sense that both Jon and Glen really liked Tommy as a friend and musician. In the end, they both say sparkling things about Bolin onstage. Moreover, that without the drugs perhaps this lineup might have worked. We see some film footage of Jakarta and lots of press clippings put into the background. We have a full photo layout of the bands program sold at the gate for the Tokyo concert. Unfortunately, we probably won’t see Bolin’s best song on video with this group which was WILD DOGS. This DVD is a labour of love and an ODE to Deep Purple with Tommy Bolin. Moreover, I’m sure it will be great for all of us to own a copy of a much cleaned up concert in BluRay of on DVD — it will be much improved for most of us. If there is any new footage or live footage of this version of the band it is not shown here. In summary, I thought the IPAD APP was worthy the journey and I hope they continue to release these type of APPS for different version of the band. 2 Thumbs UP for this review. Thank you to Drew for all the hard work as this is a great ode to this version of the band. Thoroughly enjoyed the viewing of this Ipad App.

  9. 9
    Heimdall says:

    I really enjoyed this, kudos to Drew for his great work, professionalism and attention to detail!
    Hopefully, more MkIV material will emerge. Judging from the live tapes, the only truly bad performances were the Japanese shows, where Tommy was incapacitated and could hardly play at all. Probably from some heavy-duty arm twisting in Indonesia…

  10. 10
    Space Ghost says:

    BUTTERFLY BALL:: This was Glen’s re-entry or “Tryout” back into Deep Purple or so says Jon Lord in the IPAD APP….. But I can’t imagine,, on such short notice who they might have brought in at the last minutes to fill for Mr Hughes on bass. Because cancelling a major FAR EAST Tour with only weeks to go seemed a bit extreme , but this is one of the tid bits of fresh information in the IPAD APP. Of course, Glen passed with flying colours . And the tour went on. Jon Lord is a master racontour (Storyteller). You might say that he is the “MOSES” of Rock N Roll bands. A great interview. A nice follow up to this would be Nicky Horne’s interview of Jon Lord in regards to CTTB and Tommy Bolin. Another show stopper by Jon Lord with each story about Tommy with a new spin on it.
    Thx u, Drew.

  11. 11
    scott says:

    #s 8 & 9, so what are the two sunbury segments on the app? any footage from that show?

  12. 12
    Space Ghost says:

    Jon Lord also covers off how Tommy was able to play with a bad arm . He had all his guitars setup in different tunings per each song.

  13. 13
    Andy says:

    On my 20th birthday, November 9, I saw Rainbow at Festival Hall in Melbourne, Australia, where I sat second row from the front between RB and RJD and of course my then hero Cozy Powell. Got some great shots too. Also I was fortunate that afternoon, I said g’day and chatted with Cozy for about 5 min while he was buying smokes….Memories

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