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Gettin’ Tighter film trailer

A trailer for the upcoming DVD Gettin’ Tighter: The Story of MkIV has been released to the public:

Release date has no been pushed from December 2010 to some time early 2011. The good news is that the DVD will include exclusive new interviews with Glenn Hughes and founder member Jon Lord that open the lid on the problems that beset Mk4 as they toured around the world: death, drugs and devastation, which led to its ultimate demise. Archive footage from the tour includes interviews with Tommy Bolin, David Coverdale and Ian Paice. Rare and previously unreleased concert footage includes performances of Smoke On The Water, Burn and Highway Star.

29 Comments to “Gettin’ Tighter film trailer”:

  1. 1
    T says:

    Ever since I was a teenager and first learned of Deep Purple’s history I thought that the story of Deep Purple–particularly Mark IV–would have made a great motion picture. That the story is told now through a documentary is thrilling in itself.

    As for the promo, the editing is fabulous–all the interspersed old and new commentary from the various members with the rhythm and context of the music and live video in the background–great job.

  2. 2
    stefan says:

    F**KING FABULOUS…..This is probably what I´ve been waiting for decades….FINALLY !!!

  3. 3
    Made in England says:

    I’m happy to see this stuff finally getting released and at least someone is trying to make a cohesive effort to give it some context. I’ll be happy to cough up for it too.

    I’d be much happier though if someone could put as much effort into a cohesive and comprehensive history of the band 68-76 using rare and previously unseen footage, contemporary and new interviews with all the surviving band members incl. Evans, Simper and Blackers.

    I look forward to this.

  4. 4
    XL says:

    This is great news! I look forward to this

  5. 5
    Jeff Goyen says:

    Hear Hear MIE, now that would be worth viewing & listening to ! All the later derivations/ footage/ stories are fine but the genesis and foundations of this great band – bring it on i say ! I have read about it in IG’s autobiography- would love to see/ feel it, as i first saw ( and was deafened by ) Purple in 1971 ( Mk 2 ) at their loudest and rawest in Melbourne, Australia….ah the memories….

  6. 6
    peter chrisp says:

    Be great too, to see it on bluray format inclusive.

  7. 7
    Vincek says:

    Very, very, very nice!!!
    Oh, I love Tommy Bolin(R.I.P)and MK4!

  8. 8
    Jeff Summers says:

    Can’t wait :o)

  9. 9
    Henrik says:

    – all this drugtalk is just so dumb to listen to.

  10. 10
    Crimson Ghost says:

    It somehow seems to matter to their limited fan base who see’s them as Deep Purprple and the rest of the line-ups as sobering by comparison. It somehow feeds their monkey to know that Purple went through this, therefor it might reflect their own backgrounds. Just a well educated guess from all I’ve seen over the years. I’m not one to believe that if they didn’t have bad times and dysfunctionality there is no story in it.

  11. 11
    stefan says:

    # 10 Thank you Dr. Freud !!! Limited fanbase ??? I think you´re wrong there, at least in Sweden ! I know many Swedish musicians ( some of them personally ), that states MK IV as a huge influence….not to mention all of my personal friends ( with few exceptions ) !!! The only reason this line up is so loathed among the hardliners is spelled ” absence of Blackmore “, if he had participated on this album it wouldn´t have stirred such controversy !! One might question if it really is a DP album or not….personally, I don´t give a F**K !!! It´s a killer album and I rank it as no.2 in the DP discography and only surpassed by “Made In Japan” !!! Taste differs and that´s OK….just try a little objectivity friends !!! ROCK ON !!!!!

  12. 12
    Damian says:

    Crimson Ghost

  13. 13
    George says:

    This trailer has nearly 20,000 views on youtube in just one week. That’s so cool 🙂

  14. 14
    Crimson Ghost says:

    To be fair, I must give a nod to the Swedish fans, the dedication is tremendous and for that you guys deserve this once and for all. In fact it’s your interest that likely drives it the most, one way or another. mkIV have you to thank! I know Anders btw… the worst comment I made was toward those apparently still living in 1975, which many I’ve come across, having nothing to do with the Swedish of course. In fact it was just a passing metaphoric remark to downplay the era which I find to be incredibly daft and destructive when looking back on, nothing personal.

    To be subjective because it’s always confused with being objective: I’ve already seen it advertised as Deep Purple gearing up to release it, and that misconception doesn’t help when they actually have nothing to do with it or any of these archival DVD’s.

  15. 15
    purpletemple says:

    MK IV is a very important line-up historically and musically speaking. Musically it’s a complete turn in dP’s music and it opened many doors to lots of fans who discovered Bolin and what he had done before (a.o. w/ Cobham).
    The album is an absolute gem and highly respected by many.
    Historically, Mk IV is as important, as it is the Mk that made the band implode, and as far as I’m concerned I consider the end of dP quite an important matter.
    A more stable line-up would have led to a completely other storyline.

  16. 16
    stoffer says:

    stefan @11 I think CTTB is a great studio album too, but I think the reason the lineup is “loathed” as you say is not the absence of Blackmore but the way some members ruined many of their gigs (giving DP a black eye so to speak) as well as their lives regretfully! Maybe??

  17. 17
    George says:

    btw, You Keep On Moving for me stands among the TOP Deep Purple classics. It’s a MASTERPIECE!

  18. 18
    George says:

    though I don’t love the whole CTTB album, just one track.

  19. 19
    Jim Sheridan says:

    The lame live gigs certainly fouled the line-up’s name; “Last Concert In Japan” was a very bad record; they drove Purple into the ground; these are reasons they are disliked.

    I also just have to believe that they sounded so different from the classic line-up! If you love the Gillan/Blackmore sound and expect it, and you put on a Deep Purple album that sounds almost nothing like Gillan/Blackmore, of course you would dislike it, no? I am that way with the different Van Halen sounds…

  20. 20
    Tracy Heyder (aka Zero the Hero) says:

    My favorite track off the album was the opener….”Comin’ Home”, and unfortunately the only song they never played Live. What an awesome straight forward rocker and the closest to the Deep Purple sound on the album….


  21. 21
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Hi Jim

    I ll always empathise with the idea that the MK 4 line up was NOT the real deal.
    And LIVE ESPESCIALLY it paled terribly compared to the gigantic peak they reached with LIVE IN JAPAN.

    But I have always loved CTTB iself as a great rockrecord.
    And when This Time Around, THE RERELEASE MANY YEARS LATER was released it really breath live into the thing that Last Concert In Japan had become……a cringing thing.

    Again, no comparison with what went before and Tommy was NOT in the best shape of his life.
    I think I ve read his peak was just before they hired him!!!!

    I always took a big pleasure in Lords dominance in the recordings.
    Lords sound is such a big part of the DP sound!
    And even though the guitarpart should be equally represented this side effect during that evening gave me and some others I know of great satisfaction for many years after.

    Not to forget the peaks Ian paice scaled in that period, the real good bassplaying By Hughes…….

    Yes, the recording is not up to standard due to the excessive screaming by BOTH Hughes and Coverdale.

    In the beginning I thought……
    What were they thinking?!
    DP had not been there with MK 3, I understood, MK 2 s final hurrah was in 73.
    Were they trying to make up to the Japanese audience for the loss of Gillan, who had been a GOD on both the live album and loads of gigs????!!!!

    Its funny I got very used to HOW Last Concert In japan sounded with all his flaws and it was always an endearing album to return to.
    Very strange, because at the same I thought it was WEAK compared to MK 2 or MK 3 or Rainbow with Dio.

    There is so much to enjoy in the rerelease.

    Yes, I know, the obvious things will still and always annoy us.

    Many years later in 1994 I felt so BLESSED that I saw Glenn for FREE in Leidschendam, near The Hague, on some festival.
    He not only doubled the lenght of his set die to the falling out of, sic, the headliners The Damned.
    He was in great shape, both physical and looking the rockgodpart, and delivering many MK 3 AND 4 tracks.

    After many years of doing those tracks we became critical again, ofcourse.
    But way back it was such a great moment to witness this.
    Never saw DP in the 70 s, so again this was an experience that made up for it.

    I do feel that his band at the moment was very suited to the material.
    Eclipsing and documented on BURNING LIVE IN JAPAN it unfortunately never did get a follow up after that period.

    But bands that backed him later on were IMHO, very good as well.
    The gigs in Zaandam and Amsterdam in 96 and 98 were again moments to cherish.

    Well, enough rambling on and trying to promote one of the black sheep in the family.
    It looks like TODAY might be the last day of Summer 2010 to visit the beach.

    Hoping for a bit of Naked Thunder.


  22. 22
    Made in England says:

    The reason DP imploded was because DC, IP and JL agreed that it was over. If they had persevered things could have – although unlikely in regard to the extent of GH and TB’s drug use – got better or changed. These two could have been fired for example. PAL asked DC to join them early on so there’s an example of where DP could have gone had they had the will to do so. Both IP and JL were with the early Whitesnake so there’s another example of where DP could have gone. It’s all water under the bridge now. CTTB was and is an exceptional album in many regards. Far stronger than it’s predecessor. Last Concert in Japan as an album was appalling but that was a management mistake in regard to what show was chosen, what tracks were put on the album and how it was mixed/hacked to bits. The later reissue “This Time Around” shows us that the concert in it’s entirety wasn’t as bad as it was presented back in 1977 – almost a full year after the band had dispersed. “Foxbat” shows us that the band had the potential to fire on all cylinders. That the band had the balls to perform almost the entire album in their live set showed just how much faith they had in it and how ready they were to move forward.

    It is true that the the live performances were unravelling DP’s reputation but let us not forget that MkII and III both had their bad days – and tours -too. I tire very quickly of mkIII shows because there is simply no variation whatsoever. I find the mkIV shows much more interesting although I too feel the performances are often spoiled by over indulgence.

  23. 23
    stefan says:

    Stoffer@16…..Of course you have a valid point here, my mistake….should have clarified myself ! Yes,their drug habits are probably the main reson they imploded, and the shitty live performances certainly didn´t help their legacy !!! It´s a shame really and we´ll never know what could have been, if mainly Bolin / Hughes hadn´t gone “snowblind” and f**ked up the majority of the shows !

    To this day I´m convinced their intentions were right from the start, but everything went down the drain due to heavy substance abuse !!! We have a killer album in CTTB to prove it…..if only the live performances had been equally excellent…..!!! ROCK ON !!

  24. 24
    Alex says:

    СTTB very nice, sad, but beautiful album.

  25. 25
    james jay says:

    I read somewhere that a DP security member died suspiciously overseas during a quick unscheduled MK IV concert. This version of the band had some great songs along with some terrible events to boot.

  26. 26
    Jeff Summers says:

    I saw them at Wembley in 75 and they were just awful. DC had obviously lost interest by then and GH was obviously off his tits!! Tommy was inexcusably awful especially on the MkII Stuff and i got the impression that he didn’t care for it:o( Despite this, CTTB Is a fabulous album IMHO. Like most successful DP albums it has stood the test of time well. CTTB Is definitely the most adventurous DP album of them all (in terms of musical structure, time signitures etc.) and highlighted what wonderful musicians they all were. However, CTTB did not sound like a Purple album at the time mainly because of the loss of Gillan and Blackmore…

  27. 27
    Roy says:

    Blackmore’s departure from DP was like the band’s death certificate. Glenn was Bolin’s puppet from the start, it was a mistake altogether allowing him into the band. Bolin was a talented musician but it was another mistake to hire him. Drug problems become obvious the first day or two: didn’t anybody notice? Coverdale was a good choice but too much an aficionado for a band like DP. The band became way too Americanised, another mistake there. Tax evasion ? That’s a probable cause. But, please, don’t get me wrong. I love every and each musician that has been involved with DP, only that they all had too strong a character as to make up a ‘band’.

  28. 28
    purplepriest1965 says:

    @ 27

    I tried to figure out what you meant by aficionado concerning DC….

    It means something like ADMIRER OF…..?????

  29. 29
    si-gl-hu says:

    EVERY lineup of that band was good. Even the brief stint w/Satriani. Evans lives in CA. like a hobbit, RHB keeps going further and further into his own dreamland, Hughes just put something out thats’ AWESOME, Bolin made Teaser(xcellent album), Paice still goes while Bonzo(RIP) and Ward have in different ways left music. Gillan is truly a gentleman. We generally keep looking back at groundbreaking groups like DP mostly because of what? is currently being released”musically”, with exceptions. Sometime in the 80s’ the ‘production” of music began to outweigh the ‘music” of the song/track/etc…

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