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New video interviews with Glenn Hughes

Glenn Hughes recently talked to http://www.faceculture.com. FaceCulture spoke to Glenn about the Black Country, California, Joe Bonamassa, his rock dream, forming a band, writing under pressure, playing live, drugs, autobiography, age, secrets, achievements and lots more! An excerpt is available above and the full interview can be watched on FaceCulture.

Hughes also talked about BCC with MariskalRockTV in Madrid. This interview can be watched below.

18 Comments to “New video interviews with Glenn Hughes”:

  1. 1
    kraatzy says:

    That was a very intresting personally interview.
    It pays.
    You can hear the reasons and a lot of background informations about BCC and Glenn.

    Now I am a lot more in suspense to hear this album.

    Thank you to the people of FaceCulture for this interview.



  2. 2
    T says:

    Glenn Hughes is the most prolific of all the Purple family, and in addition to that quantity is quality. Although he had done outstanding work with Hughes/Thrall and then the Seventh Sign album with Tony Iommi in the 80’s, it was with the LA Blues Authority Volume II that he began this stretch of high-output, high quality work.

    I see constant comments regarding the “screaming” that Glenn does live. Although this style was particularly annoying during his tenure with Purple, it does not occur on the studio albums to any great degree, and I suspect that many of those comments are from people who have yet to explore the post-Purple catalogue. Simply put, they’re missing out, and the Burning Japan Live album is a statement that few can match live.

    As a side note, it was great to hear Castellano again as here in the US, a different dialect is spoken. Castillian is so easy to understand.

  3. 3
    stefan says:

    Thanks T….Have nothing to add, you nailed it perfectly….again, thanks !!!

  4. 4
    Crimson Ghost says:

    But perhaps obviously the least prolific in terms of live performance. This lends hugely to your theory, and as it turns out, it’s where the real test lies, but it’s also giiven him a big edge because he hasn’t worn a whole lot because of it. So I don’t know how relevant his prolific factor is because recording is only one function of many, but it has given him a chance to really peak here and there throught the years. I agree it’s been rather consitently good since around the L.A. Blues Authority albums. I haven’t turned the other ear since, and it’s also helped me appreciate stuff like ‘Play Me Out’ ‘Addiction’ and ‘Burning Japan’ more than I did before. I was never huge on him in Purple, but I’ve grown t like his work a lot, so thanks to his tenure in Purple I’ve accepted his music for the better and can see why others do.

  5. 5
    indra kusuma says:

    mr hughes ..your voice is great, wonder why your body getting thin and thinner, hope you’re well and come by my place , jakarta indonesia ( you’re there in Dec 1975 )

  6. 6
    stoffer says:

    Interesting interviews, as far as “exploring GH’s post-Purple catalogue” I haven’t. I simply do not care for his style and I can’t get the noises (shrieks) he made live with DP out of my head. He has a lot of fans here and rightfully so, I’m just not one of them, loved his work with Trapeze still listen to it often.

  7. 7
    Moreblack says:

    And the crowd yelds,Glenn Hughes Glenn Hughes Glenn Hughes Glenn Hughes Glenn Hughes Glenn Hughes Glenn Hughes Glenn Hughes… Crimson Ghost Crimson Ghost Crimson Ghost Crimson Ghost…

  8. 8
    purplepriest1965 says:

    @ 6

    It s so understandable and easy to miss out on stuff due to previous build assumptions.

    But I scratch my head when you say you loved his TRAPEZE stuff.

    IMHO there was loads of that to enjoy in what he did.

    Feel very privileged knowing I witnessed some of the greatest gigs in my life thanx to Glenn, doing TRAPEZE stuff, doing the occassional Stevie Wonder cover, awesome renditions of MK 3 and 4 material.

    Glenn, I salute you!

  9. 9
    Sami says:

    @ 7 Moreblack, that was good 🙂

  10. 10
    stoffer says:

    @8 GH was not the only member in Trapeze

  11. 11
    purplepriest1965 says:

    @ 10

    Is this becoming a test?

    Yeah, I know about the lovely Mel Gally on guitar.
    And I was so blessed to have seen him in 1983 during an dazzling solo in CRYING IN THE RAIN.

    Still dont know if the story that he fell out of Whitesnake due to an arm injury inflicted by John Sykes was true.

    The drummer became known in very dubious ways, unfortunately, later on.
    After his time in Judas Priest he was widely cast out because of his deviant sexual interests.
    Hopefully he is ok now……

  12. 12
    Tracy Heyder (aka Zero the Hero) says:

    T @#2…

    Though I agree on your ‘Prolific’ remark regarding Glenn’s output, I disagree with your description regarding his Screeching being given too much attention. Yes by all means you are correct about the ‘LA Blues Authority’ being his catapult, and actually his Studio Albums along with even his Purple albums don’t contain so much of the overextended excruciating ‘Hoot Owl’ Screeches. I have never complained about his studio efforts. He has done some outstanding work in the studio overall. It’s when he gets on that stage and goes off to his overindulging Screeching highs that it become very quickly irritating. I have so many live bootleg videos that I wind up turning off due to his overbearing attempt to outdo his predecessor….Mr. Gillan, to the point that it is a total turnoff. I Love his voice and his ability. I am not a fan of his stage efforts. It’s like JLT but from another standpoint. Probably why they felt the need to do a joint effort. The same in many ways, yet different also. Either way, probably their main reason for not reaching the actual status they deserve. It’s about self control and both lack it on stage…..


  13. 13
    purplepriest1965@hotmail.com says:

    Is it really that hard for fans in a lot of countries to learn proper English?!

    Would be so nice if we can all enjoy the REAL LANGUAGE spoken.
    Subtitles is faster and cheaper as well?

    Cant listen to that one from Madrid without getting very stressed.

    Oh well, must be subconsciously I envie the fellow rockers in Spain for their weather.

    Not to mention the Latina s I m missing out upon!!!

    Did already have the abstract goal of moving south during my studies.
    But it never materialised.
    Dont think it will after this years.

    Regarding the economic situations Spain and Italy are in I dont think its realistic to think in that direction.

    Did think about the south of France as well.
    I always loved the beautiful language. It is as well the only language, besides English, I did a serious attempt to learn.

    Scandinavian stereotypical women are my first preference.
    But I never been there and been told it s not really the case they look like that in those numbers.
    Scandinavia is like England, Ireland and so on as COLD as my homecountry.

    I m thoroughly aware of the fact that TOO HOT can really be to hot sometimes.
    The Northern countries have other great traits,like the country sides, but I m longing for warmth.

    It is mid agust and I have NOT been to the beach since early july.


    I wanna go to heaven, this place is hell!!!

  14. 14
    T says:

    Re: #4

    You are right. Mr. Hughes has not done as many shows over the years as his Purple counterparts. It’s not something that I’d thought about. No doubt that has preserved his voice. Good point.

    It’s a different matter for each person, but I prefer recordings to live shows. I like new music. I wish Deep Purple were able to be that active. I don’t get to see them live but once in a few years anyway. It might be different if I lived in a market they visited a couple times a year.

    Re: #12

    Tracy, I think you may have taken my comment the wrong way. I meant to say the “screeching” does not appear much on studio records. Certainly live it does, and the farther back one goes, the worse it is. It’s not too bad now, but back in the day, Glenn had those substance abuse problems that does make it difficult to listen to at times. And you are right–the great recordings go all the way back to Purple. The man is fantastic in the studio–quite the artist.

    You said it was “like JLT but from another standpoint”. That’s a point well taken. I understand exactly what you mean. Maybe that’s why the two can work together so well.

    The master of the stage prescence was Dio, God rest his soul…

  15. 15
    Jeff Summers says:

    Glenns a fantastic, intuative musician and a truly gifted singer. I often see him play live here in the UK and he always gives it everything. The constant falsetto stuff live does grate a little (he’s no Gillan in terms of falsetto work – who is??) But I love his soul power style in natural voice. Hats off to you Glenn, I am looking forward to seeing BCC with a line-up like that:)

  16. 16
    Crimson Ghost says:


    Uh, are you feeling well today?


    I tend to cherish recordings more than live music, but I haven’t heard many professionally working in music who do. They find it stuffy after a while and just want to play, big money in it or not, that’s why many play for free and still manage to record on their way. So we have luck to thank for anything more. Sadly. Glenn would gig more if the demand was there, it’s the only reason anyone can tour. We’re also lucky he has spent his time not touring, by recording, bettr than a sharp stick in the eye.

  17. 17
    Tracy Heyder (aka Zero the Hero) says:

    Thanks for the clarification T:

    No problemo. As with you, I am much more interested in New Recordings in the Studio than live stuff. I totally enjoy attending the Live Concerts and That is how I really enjoy the live atmosphere of the band. I wish Purple had the tenacity that some of the predecessors exude in the Studio. Would have loved for MK7 and 8 to have produced more music than they have thus far. I for one enjoy all 4 of their records and wish there were 4 more. I truly believe they will do one more, but that will be that. Hope they do it up right. Not that I don’t think the last 4 were not, but the final record should be special and contain a lot of bonus quality factions. Maybe a special concert containing mostly their present line-up material and filmed for DVD inclusion….

    Eitherway, it’s been an amazing band that has produced some of the most outstanding music available and I will be gracing each and every album from now on. Plenty of entertainment there. As I stated before, I have every Studio album and song including all non-lp bonus tracks on my portable MP3 player. I set the mode to ‘Random’. It plays what it plays and I am surprised by whichever song is selects. Great way to enjoy this historic band. I recommend it to you all…


  18. 18
    purplepriest1965 says:


    Right now!!!!

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