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The Loudest Band in The World?

Deep Purple live at Thunder Valley Entertainment Center (Lincoln, USA 2014-08-08)

First off, I may try to add bits of humor to this review to keep it interesting to myself having to type it as I’m not a good typist! My views are mine, yours would likely be different. Past DP lineups and members will be mentioned as I am a nostalgic sort of fan. I am not saying one is better than the other so hopefully no one reading this takes offence as none is intended!
The Venue is outdoor Amphitheatre style probably about 100 yards long, 50 yards wide approx. so not too big. BOC opened and as i owned 2 cassettes of theirs back in the day, you could hardly call me a fan. I only recognized Buck Dharma and Alan Lanier as far as members. They were quite good but didn’t move around too much as I guess all of us are getting old! Actually, the most impressive guitar solos of the night go to
Buck D and the other guitarist (?) during an older song apparently about pot called
“The First Day of May”. The guitarists took turns soloing and really built to a climax.Pretty impressive! Purple Family wise, BOC has had 4 drummers and a bass player from Rainbow in their past lineups: Bobby Rondinelli, Chuck Burgi, Jon Micelli, and John O Reilly. Greg Smith was on bass at some point in their history as well. DP Family members get around!
I took my 15 yr old son “Richard” (named after a certain guitarist) and it was his first
concert ever. We never even sat in our assigned 5th row seats on Roger’s side and sat in the
center section about 4 rows from the front at first instead. I video taped about half of the show and
as i had recorded the entire Gillan’s inn show in San Francisco back in 2006, I did
not want to have to babysit the camcorder for the whole show again! What struck me the most was how laid back the atmosphere was. No pushing or shoving, no fights, no passed out,f#@ked up people etc. We were able to watch from the very front railing about halfway into Purple’s set as the crowd was quite relaxed. I have been suffering from Tinnitus for about a year . As a precaution, I took earplugs. I have NEVER done that before but did so for my son’s sake as well. (years of playing drums have taken it’s toll i guess). I could have not bothered as this was the quietest show I have been to since Blackmore’s Night in 2005! It probably
stems from the fact that it was a casino show and the casinos don’t want to blow the old folks’ hearing aids out. Still, the sound was balanced very nicely, no distortion etc but, I kind of missed the power that volume can bring. The set was as in Costa Mesa except Green Onions was replaced with the old MKIII/IV encore track ‘Going Down’ which lasted about 45 seconds before ‘Hush’ kicked in.
So, Apres’ Vous was dropped as an opener in favor of the more familiar (to casual US DP fans) ‘Hwy Star‘. ‘Into the Fire’ is a personal fave of mine but Ian seems to struggle a bit in his delivery, still singing the changed lyrics about ‘stick your finger right up my bum’ or some such nonsense. ‘Hard loving Man’ to me comes across the best of the MK II tracks performed. Steve really plays his version of the solo nicely! Gillan striking his tiny Gong before the solo section bringing much laughter to the ‘Fans’ who have probably never seen him do that before! Steve was wearing a brace on his right hand and I assume he must be suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome as that afflicts many guitarists. It only seemed that his right hand may have hindered his performance once during the show as he struggled with a fast solo passage once as I could see it on his face. This was not the best I have seen him play as I have seen him with DP probably 6 times, and with his Steve Morse band once in 1996. I feel that solo show in 1996 was the best I have personally witnessed him play! Part of that was not having to compare his performance of DP tracks to MKII versions. The onstage rapport of the band was a treat! Steve was ’grinning like a possum eating shit’ (old saying from my Dad) and Roger , Gillan and Don were doing likewise. Gillan was grooving with the music, at one point doing like a slow swimming motion that made me smile! I was surprised with the crowd recognition when ‘Strange KOW’ started as I think I have maybe heard it played on US FM radio once 30 years ago. About 1 minute into the song, the stage lights went out and stayed out for over 5 minutes and the problem was sorted by the end of the song. The band never missed a beat! As Chris Blackmore mentioned in his Costa Mesa 8/6 show review, Ian said more than once that ‘We’re getting good feelings/vibes/energy from all of you (audience) and we appreciate it”. As for the new tracks performed (only 3), ‘Vincent Price’ came across really well with Ian nailing the scream at the end which made me feel good! Ian has made his reputation on glass shattering screams throughout his career and it’s nice to know that this 69 year old still has it in him! At one point Don had some technical difficulty toward the end of the show and bent down to correct some equipment at his feet. When he stood up, he played the musical section in the wrong key but corrected himself. It also looked like he did not care for the heat we have been experiencing as he was wiping sweat off his face frequently. (It has been between 95 and 105 degrees the last 2 months here in Northern California.) Paice as usual was rock solid except he missed the drumhead and hit the rim instead on a couple of fills, grimacing as if to say ‘I know, I missed’! (It goes without saying I’ve done it many times myself!) I believe you could program a metronome with his snare drum beats. He always finds a way to make his drumming exciting, but probably also to conserve energy, some of the Hi-Hat counts have gone from 8th notes to quarter notes, still retaining the feel and timing of his parts. Drum fills are fewer and farther between, but the build up triplet fills before the last verses of ‘Space Truckin’ are still as powerful as ever.! After the encores, Roger threw some picks out but they did not come near me (who started that? Everyone does it nowdays). I looked down and there was a pick at some guy’s feet across from me so I grabbed it as he didn’t see it, or didn’t want it. So, along with a $35 Japanese Tour program, I had something to take home besides memories and some video footage! During the show looking at the band up there, I couldn’t help thinking about all these guys have done in the past. Roger and Don with Rainbow 30 plus years ago, the band minus Steve with Ritchie over the years. Just got me missing Jon and wondering if Ritchie misses being on stage with Deep Purple. Almost a shame in many ways. I wonder what Ritchie was up to at the moment I was watching the band play a set without him and the fact that 80% of the songs played during the show were written by RB… I hope the fact that the venue was only maybe two thirds full (like during the BRON 1993 tour?!?) will not make the band skip Northern CA on the next tour which I plan on attending. I certainly hope more NEW songs make the setlist from Now What?! ‘s follow up! I WILL be there!

review by Scott W.

35 Comments to “The Loudest Band in The World?”:

  1. 1
    Allan McRae says:

    I hope the writer didn’t really see Allen Lanier.. He died a year ago….

  2. 2
    Allen Crumm says:

    I was at this show also with my son. Not his first. He plays guitar, and I am an engineer. We met Deep Purple – this line up – back stage many years ago in Reno. The pictures as well as the back stage passes hang proudly in in our hall at home. As stated above, the sound was good and not too loud. I have seen Deep Purple about 8-10 times over the years, and my son is up to 5 I think. I have seen the MK II and MK III line ups as well as the current line up. I believe the current to be the best. I have also had the pleasure of seeing Steve on Stage with Joe Satrinoni twice at DP concerts. Quite amazing! I though I counted 4 new songs, but that was about the only change for the notes above. I was quite happy seeing them do more new material over the older stuff, and was especially pleased that they included Contact Lost. Thunder Valley has a history of Technical glitches. I saw Bad Company there a few years ago, and they lost lights AND sound! Twice! For a new venue, they need to hire a better electrician….Can’t wait for the new album they are working on! No slight to John – RIP – but Don was his hand picked successor for a good reason! Richie was good, but I believe Steve to be a much better technical guitarist. To each his own, but great to still see them up there having fun!!! I will keep going back s long as they keep playing!!!!

  3. 3
    LRT says:

    80% of the songs were also written by Gillan, Glover, Lord, Paice. What is it with that insistence it was only Blackmore? Pure nuttery.

  4. 4
    Larry Toering says:

    Among other things.

  5. 5
    Frank H says:

    Very well written and good observations, even though you claim not to be a good typist! Unfortunately, I will not be able to see this tour due to other obligations and the fact that DP is doing so few appearances in the middle Atlantic. One thing that sticks with me in your review is the fact that only 3 new songs were performed. I’ve been a long time fan – yes, you could consider me from the classic rock era. I first heard Machine Head when it was 2 years old and I was 14. But, being a musician myself, and catching inspiration from the band propelling me through my own musical quests, I feel I have grown with and through them right through the present. It bereaves me to always read about the band (and/or their management) claiming that in order to sell tickets and have a successful tour in the USA that they need to fit themselves into their “classic rock” package to attract an audience. Thank God some of us Americans are still growing with and appreciating DP for not only what they were but also for what they have become. Perhaps, if someone is daring enough, in the next American tour (if they can agree there’s a reason to come back again), they could book two nights in each city. The first night could be at a smaller venue, where they play 75% or more of new stuff. The second night could be at the standard size venue where they can placate the classic rock crowd with all the hits. Anyway, that would be my dream, because obviously I’d go for the first night. Perhaps it would also keep it interesting for the band! It’d be fascinating to see if something like that could work. So I will continue to enjoy and appreciate the old (my vast library of DP), but looking forward to the new as well. Cheers!

  6. 6
    MrPtheDPfan says:

    Do appreciate your writing .Great to hear your opinions on specific items .Especially drumming techniques , as you see things I have no expertise to be able to notice . Would have liked something on your son’s reaction . Very interesting that the venue didn’t come close to full .It does however make it better for those who attend , as restrooms , concessions , and just moving around is a little easier .Ticket prices being what they are , and the mentioned heat doesn’t help I’m sure . Congratulations on your poaching better positions for viewing . A man after my own heart . Hell , if the space is unused , it’s catch as catch can . I’ll try to return the favor on some kind of review as soon as possible after the WED. night show in Saratoga , CA. I have pretty good seats in a side section down front , but not center . From what I can see on the chart , there are some $140 seats that are close by. My wife is not keen on poaching , but I’ll do my best . Thanks so much , hope Steve’s hand ailment is decent . They will be playing after a two to three day break . And they are playing a string of at least , four straight nights So I’m fortunate on that . Cheers , and rock the F**k out ! Mr P

  7. 7
    dyzbat says:

    I was there at Thunder Valley in Lincoln and have a little different spin than the one above. First Allen Lanier wasn’t there with BOC because he died last year. But the guys who were there played great but didn’t have as good sound quality as Purple. I was really happy to hear Buck’s Boogie and Last Days of May because they are my favorites from the old days. And BOC played most of their big hits as expected.
    Purple was as good as I’d hoped they would be. I didn’t focus on all the personal details of the members as much because I was digging and dancing. I was surprised to hear Into The Fire and Hard Loving Man as the 2nd and 3rd tunes but happy nonetheless. I remember that they played at least 5 or 6 songs from Now What!? instead of just 2. It was unfortunate, and obvious, that the crowd wasn’t familiar with the new stuff, and since no one was under 50 I wasn’t surprised that it was generally a tame crowd. There were at least 3 solo parts each for Don and Steve and they definitely got appreciated by the crowd for their efforts. Contact Lost was the softest part of the show and Steve got the crowd enthralled. They did at least 1 tune from all the newer albums (Perfect Strangers, Perpendicular, Abandon, Bananas, Rapture of the Deep) but nothing from Battle Rages On. The crowd definitely liked the MKII songs and I swear I heard one song from Stormbringer, one of the Glenn Hughes tunes. I remember it because it really surprised me. And they included a minute or so a Zeppelin riff towards the end that the crowd enjoyed as well. The band was very tight and it was a GREAT show.

  8. 8
    purplepriest1965 says:


    I think you mean TBRO?

    The halls were not 2/3 full, thats a lie by Gillan.

  9. 9
    purplepriest1965 says:

    What are you smoking?

  10. 10
    Scott W. says:

    @1 My bad, not Lanier but Eric Bloom! Told you was not really a fan of BOC!
    @3 When will you give it a break…?! Nuttery indeed…You had to know what I was saying, you just like to bitch! Of course 80% of the songs in the set was written by Blackmore AND Gillan AND Glover AND Lord AND Paice. Just a fact regarding the setlist played, nothing more. Too bad we can’t erase the past history of the band as some people are offended by it which I do not understand. Why don’t YOU tell the current lineup to ONLY play Morse era stuff yourself? I know I would prefer that, honest. I’ve heard Hwy Star, and Smoke enough to last a lifetime. BTW, my 15 year old son loved the concert and said it was a better experience than listening to the studio tracks.
    @6 Your right, I almost forgot, They (Steve) Played the riff to Led Zep’s ‘How Many More Times’ during an extended jam. Also @6 I never said they only played 2 songs from Now What?! I just did not write about all of them. (There were only 3, ask anyone who was there) New stuff was Vincent Price, Uncommon Man, and Hell to Pay.
    Why is it when you spend 2 hours writing a review from the heart do people moan and complain? Write your own review and don’t bother to read mine. ! Probably the last piece I will write for this site…It’s just not worth having to explain myself.
    Here’s the setlist for dyzbat and others:
    Hwy Star, Into the Fire, Hard Lovin’ Man, Strange KOW, Vince Price, Contact Lost, Uncommon Man, Well Dressed Banjo, Lazy, Hell 2Pay, Key Solo, Perf. Strangers, Space Tr., Smoke, Encores: Going Down, Hush, Black Night. All in all, 3 new songs and the rest written by Ritchie Blackmore all by himself, the lyrics, Bass lines, Drum Parts, not to mention Stellar Guitar, Engineering, producing, etc. No help from any other bandmates….(Just my sense of humor and patience starting to wear thin….) : ) ( :

  11. 11
    RobH says:

    Thanks for the great review Scott.
    Hope your son enjoyed it as much as you did.
    Dyzbat…….you couldn’t have been paying close attention. They played 3 songs from ‘Now What?’…..Vincent Price, Uncommon Man and Hell to Pay, and none from Purpendicular, Abandon, Bananas, Rapture ( okay, well dressed was on the special tour edition bonus disc) or Stormbringer!
    It was a cracking gig though.

  12. 12
    MrPtheDPfan says:

    Hate to dispute your memory of the set . But Abandon ? Bananas ? Rapture and Perpendicular songs have been extinct for some time now . If they did in fact play from those records , you really got a show .Would love to see a play list .

  13. 13
    Michael Soto says:

    That all depends on how much PA system you’re packing. The band’s onstage volume is very different from the sound the audience hears through the PA. Stone & Biscuit!!!

  14. 14
    MacGregor says:

    LRT@ 3- We have been here before, Purple MK2 like the original Sabbath, credited all band members with the songwriting. But that doesn’t equate to each & every member actually being involved in ALL of the songwriting! I doubt that Lord & Paice were involved in the songwriting on every song, they may have been, but I doubt it! I may be wrong on that though. Cheers.

  15. 15
    al says:

    hey Priest why don’t you drop the Priest from you name and use Gillanhater instead! just messing with you man! lol

  16. 16
    Scott W. says:

    Priest @7 I know that the 2/3rds full thing Gillan said was not true for the most part during the (sorry, i just abbreviated it that way: The BRon = The Battle Rages On Tour).
    I have a habit of being facetious with comments, trying to inject some humor which may get lost on some people. So, when I was referring to the setlist as ‘Blackmore Songs’, I only meant that they were not ‘Morse Era’ songs. Of course the other band members of any band have their contributions to arrangements and what parts they play on their chosen Instruments. It used to get up my ass when (99% of the time It’s the guitarists) members in my past ‘bands’ would say: ‘Lets play that tune I wrote last week, when I was there playing MY Instrument (drums) when WE came up with the tune together! Anyone who has been in a band knows that the guitarist will take credit for the music and of course, the vocalist usually writes the lyrics. Not always, but generally speaking yes. (There I go explaining myself again…)
    I look forward to reviews from the more recent DP shows that happened after the Lincoln, CA show that I reviewed, so then I can pick the review apart myself and correct any mistakes on the poster’s observations! Just kidding, I’m sure there are others who will do it…

  17. 17
    dyzbat says:

    purplepriest1965 – I know what I heard, and like I said it surprised the hell out of me!

  18. 18
    dyzbat says:

    I can’t be sure of the order past the first three songs but here is a list of what I heard: Highway Star, Into The Fire, Hard Loving Man, Strange Kind of Woman, Maybe I’m a Leo, Lazy, Space Truckin, Razzle Dazzle, Ted the Mechanic, Junkyard Blues, Contact Lost, Well Dressed Guitar, Smoke on the Water, Hush, Black Night, Vincent Price, Weirdistan, Hell to Pay, Above and Beyond, It’ll Be Me, Perfect Strangers, and a minute or so of Going Down which also surprised the hell out of me. And as for the MKIII tune? Have to go listen to Stormbringer to see which one it was, but it made me stop and stare in surprise and it may not have been the whole song.

  19. 19
    Tracy(Zero the Hero)Heyder says:

    Nice read and surely does get the excitement popping in my brain in anticipation of seeing them just 3 days after my Birthday in Biloxi, Ms. on the 29th. Hey Purple, it’s my friggin’ Birthday!!! Can you throw in a few tunes for me? “Sun Goes Down”, “Wierdistan” and “Out of Hand”. Is that too much to ask?????

    Anyway as for the above review, my only gripe is in regards to the closing remarks stating that TMIB wrote 80% of the songs….. WRONG! Deep Purple contributed to all those songs and the ones you are referring to were co-written by 3 fifths of the present line-up (Paice, Glover and Gillan). They are their songs just as much (actually more so since they are still in Deep Purple and he is not). There is no shame in playing any MK2 song live by this band. On the contrary. The songs are theirs to play. The only shame I see is the lack of MK7/8 tunes being played.


  20. 20
    Scott W. says:

    What show did you go to?!? Ask anyone who was at the Lincoln CA 8/8/14 Deep Purple show. My set list is correct. You have added 7 songs that just didn’t happen. Wish they did though! Would have been even better!

  21. 21
    F miller says:

    In my opinion , Deep Purple is the greatest band of all time but to appreciate Blue Oyster Cult you have to go back to the 70s when Joe and Al Bouchard were in the band. Just like when Deep Purple was at their best with Ritchie. To say Steve Morse is better than Ritchie to me is a joke. However, Steve is great. I would also like to add All The Time In The World is a great song. Blue Oyster Cult has slipped with only 2 original members Left. I really miss Jon Lord.

  22. 22
    F miller says:

    Sorry, I forgot something. The BOC song mentioned at the top of the page is Then Came The last Days Of May. Like I said Deep Purple is the greatest band of all time but go to you tube and listen to BOC from 1972 to 1981 and you will here some great music. Also, listen to Three Man Army, a great bonus. I can go on about a lot of bands but there is not enough time so research the 70s and also watch the movie The Stoned Age if you have not seen it.

  23. 23
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I dont hate Ian Gillan.

    I m just so dissappointed in him.

  24. 24
    stoffer says:

    @16 that is a heck of a different set list than anybody else has posted, but if that is what you heard thats cool………..6 days till DP in Elgin…..will be there?!

  25. 25
    stoffer says:

    Happy Birthday Tracy 39?! ?!, sorry we won’t see you in Elgin, so I hope the Biloxi show kicks ass and hope the band can play one of your requests….

  26. 26
    RobH says:

    Scott, your list IS correct.
    As I’m one of the sound engineers, I can confirm this 🙂

  27. 27
    dyzbat says:

    Too funny! Certainly not the first time I’ve hallucinated at a concert. But usually they were visual and not auditory. Nevertheless, I had a GREAT time in Lincoln on 8/8/14, and loved everything I thought I heard. And apparently I got a better show than everyone else so maybe you guys shoulda been smoking what I was smoking! 🙂

  28. 28
    Scott W. says:

    Thanks for confirming RobH @24. I knew it was correct as i printed out and took an online setlist with me from the previous show that i glanced at during the show to take notes. Only change was the ‘Going Down’/’Green Onions’ swap.
    @25 I was going to say, that i did not get any of the acid that must have made the rounds at the show! Holding out on me…?!? I do like your setlist better for sure! Lack of new Steve era songs is a shame. If as Gillan says: We are a living breathing Deep Purple” I sure wish the setlist reflected that with NEW “living breathing Now What?! ” tracks. But, i understand they have to appeal to more ‘casual’ DP fans who probably have not bought a DP album since Perfect Strangers. Unfortunate state of the music scene in the US especially.

  29. 29
    Scott W. says:

    My first Youtube vids from the Lincoln, CA 8/8/14 show. Some shaking as i did not make filming a priority. We were right up front so they are quite watchable. I picked the best of the bunch, enjoy! I’m the Asshole who yells STEVE! during a quiet bit at about 2:45 during Contact Lost! I couldn’t resist….!

    Contact Lost:

    Set closers Hush/Black Night

  30. 30
    Tracy(Zero the Hero)Heyder says:

    Thanx Stof @25;

    Though my B-Day ain’t till the 26th, I accept the gesture. As for the age factor, I do feel like I’m no older than 39 but my Driver’s License tells a totally different story. Hope yours went well last night. I read somewhere that they were playing with an Orchestra there at Elgin??? I’m hoping not so in Biloxi.


  31. 31
    steve says:

    Saw DeepPurple in Elgin last night, settled in and enjoyed ELO (opening act and very listenable Glenn Burdnick from Styx on bass…. ) Deep Purple was hard, heavy, and loud !
    The current lineup gels well and the venue was full…. I recommend that if you have opportunity to see them, do so, grab a few overpriced brews and take a hit of some of whatever ya got and enjoy the DeepPurple vibe, you won’t be dissapointed !

  32. 32
    stoffer says:

    Tracy @ 30, it went really well. The orchestra is the name of the opening act..aka..ELO II and they were pretty darn good. Lots of good DP fans at the motel too, had some beers with some of them (will write a review about the night, don’t know if it will get posted) but yea it was a really fun night. The park was not as nice as Ravinia in 2011 but more laid back, actually when DP started the crowd filled the aisles and got closer than us (row 9) but thats OK we had great sight lines. Hope Biloxi rocks for you…………..

  33. 33
    Kidd Purple says:

    You guys are lucky as they are not coming anywhere near Va and the far away cities did not fit in this time . Enjoy because its all great!

  34. 34
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I never cared for being the loudest band shit et all that.

    I like to LISTEN to great live music and espescially when it is different from what the albumversion is.

    Getting deaf is not a priority.

    Thats something for simple heavy metal teenagers.

    You know, the Beavis’s and Butthead’s amongst us. 🙂

  35. 35
    Scott W. says:

    Not sure who your comment is directed at…? I love to listen and not be blasted to deafness myself. When i say that this concert was too quiet, I mean just what I originally said… this was the quietest show EVER!. My small time bands were this loud. Not what I have EVER experienced at a pro concert in my 35 years of concert going. That said, the balance was PERFECT. I would have welcomed some more volume myself thats all…..

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