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Born again fan – Middelfart

I’m an old Deep Purple fan, but I admit I haven’t heard them so much for the last 10-15 years. From the experience given at “Rock under broen” (rock under the bridge, Middelfart, Denmark) this is wrong – ‘cause I really never heard so much power in DP as yesterday.

We were probably about 20.000-25.000 left after a long, long, extremely hot summer day when DP ended the show. And usually heavy rock is not the easiest music to get a hold in the masses from – but DP succeeded.

It was pure nostalgia. Gillan was extremely good, Glover was great – so was Paice. Airey was on the top – and very noisy. But to me the biggest surprise was Morse: I’ve never heard him live before, but boy, could he play guitar – it was fantastic.

One of the greatest things to me was their happiness – it’s not a band of young, angry men – but a band that just seems to love, what they are doing. Even though it was a mixed audience (not a pure DP fan club) Morse had us singing ‘the sound of his guitar’ – and I believe we did great. Gillan also succeeded in getting people to sing along – and not just on Smoke on the water.

Lazy. WOW! Strange kind of woman – I loved it.

Basically I only missed Child in time (and a bit of my own old favourite Woman from Tokyo) – but then again, it’s always a question of what to choose and what to leave out. But what they had chosen, they just performed marvellously.

But please: Get that zipper fixed … 😉

Erling Laursen, born again fan

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