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Nice one – Rostock

We were so glad to see Deep Purple live again. We wish they played more ROTD songs, but the gig was awesome as usual.

Ian looked so nice in his white shirt and blue jeans. We wonder why he doesn’t wear this sort of trousers more often. They suit him so well.

One weak point of the show: there was something wrong with the instruments. Steve’s guitar was too loud. Sometimes we could hear neither Ian nor his harmonica. What a pity. If we stood in the middle, we’d hear him better, of course, but then we couldn’t see the stage:).

Regardless of this we had the time of our life. And so did the band. Both Ians, Steve, Roger, Don – each one of them was smiling and showing off, especially Ian Gillan who stuck out his tongue at a camera man. 🙂

As for the newest songs, only Things I Never Said and Rapture of the Deep were played. We wonder why Before Time Began was taken out. Ian is so proud of this song …

A surprise: Hush was played in the middle of the show, not as an encore. And we were very glad to hear When a Blind Man Cries again.

Very nice gig. We wish the band played longer. But even if the concert lasted for five hours, it wouldn’t be enough. Thanks, Don, Roger, Ian, Steve, Ian, you were great!

Joanna Ostrowiecka & Zenek Kołota

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