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Unusually nice – Berlin

Nice show.

It started with Alice Cooper. I saw them live for the first time. I liked their songs though these antics with a coffin and a guillotine were too macabre. But other acts, as throwing pearl necklaces, false dollars or big balloons, were awesome. Intriguing band!

Deep Purple were cool as usual. Mr Gillan’s condition was great though his voice sounded a bit creaky because of bad acoustics of the venue. But he must have been well prepared because he made three mistakes only. In “Perfect Strangers”, of course:))).

I couldn’t wait for new songs. Nobody could wait. The hall was full of excited fans. We were happy to hear “Pictures of Home”, but we wanted to see how “Junkyard Blues” sounded on the stage.

The old stuff was played in a very original way. I’ve never heard such an interpretation. Especially “Pictures of Home” and “Ted the Mechanic” sounded unconventional. As if I heard new songs… I was surprised.

The scenery was unusual as well. A big screen with a reproduction of the new DP album. Two smaller screens with extraordinary lights projected. I liked these two ones the most.

Six new songs sounded great although I didn’t like “Before Time Began”. I think this piece doesn’t fit for gigs. But I also think Ian Gillan’s opinion is different and he will never give up singing it at concerts.

Excellent playing from Don Airey. Very original organ solo. I haven’t heard him play this way so far. And when he played “Living Wreck”, I felt as if I heard Jon Lord!

Excellent performance from Steve Morse as well. “Contact Lost” turning smoothly into a beautiful “cosmic” solo, then into “The Well Dressed Guitar”… He was always changing his guitars. I saw two new ones, the colour of violets:).

It was very kind of the musicians to play “Things I Never Said”. I can’t have the Japanese “Rapture” record, so I listened to this nice track with a big pleasure.

The DP musicians likes inviting other ones lately. They did it this time, too. Their guest – Uli Jon Roth – played “Black Night” with them. He did it well, but I had the impression that he was too shy.

In general, the show was cool. New decorations, new songs, new interpretations… Even new instruments. What else can I say? Deep Purple is evergreen. I was dead tired of my journey from Warsaw, but very happy as usual. I like DP gigs so much.

Many thanks and see you in Poland!

Joanna Ostrowiecka

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