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Nice one – Rostock

We were so glad to see Deep Purple live again. We wish they played more ROTD songs, but the gig was awesome as usual. Ian looked so nice in his white shirt and blue jeans. We wonder why he doesn’t wear this sort of trousers more often. They suit him so well. One weak point […]

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Born again fan – Middelfart

I’m an old Deep Purple fan, but I admit I haven’t heard them so much for the last 10-15 years. From the experience given at “Rock under broen” (rock under the bridge, Middelfart, Denmark) this is wrong – ‘cause I really never heard so much power in DP as yesterday. We were probably about 20.000-25.000 […]

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Whitesnake and Deep Purple in one day! – Lichtenvoorde

At the Arrow Classic Rock Festival in Holland my wife Jannie and I saw both Whitesnake and Deep Purple on the same day and it felt kind of strange. No doubt that mr. Gillan’s shape both in figure and especially voice was much better, though mr. Coverdale is quite some years younger. We got the […]

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Stood up for rock – Milton Keynes

We scrambled our way to the front at the very beginning of the show, 13.30, although I wanted some more time at the beer tent and time to chill and have some food. But no, my wife, Margaret did not want to miss a thing. So we stood for 10 hours. Once she had pole […]

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Pension off the mothballs – Milton Keynes

Purple struck it lucky with fantastic weather and an appreciative crowd. Taking the stage at sunset they stormed through an hour and half (too short as is usual nowadays) of high energy rock – 13 songs by my count – and solo spots were kept to a minimum. Bearing in mind the diverse nature of […]

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The monsters arise – Milton Keynes

When I read that the Monsters of Rock was to return this year, headlined by Deep Purple and Alice Cooper I was really excited. The main reason for this exitement, however, was the festival itself. After being a little bored by two of the three Purple gigs that I have seen before, I was worried […]

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Piano man in Osnabrück

Last night in Osnabrück I managed to witness the most interesting Purple gig I’ve ever seen. During the second song (Things I never said) Don´s – or better still Jon´s old – Hammond stopped working, also the keyboard on top of he Hammond, “which is used in many of our songs,” said Gillan. So Don […]

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Stainless in Ferropolis

The boys were back in town, or better said – in the city of the future as Gillan ironically described the venue during the show. However, reframed by the giant excavators from past times the band was in absolutely brilliant condition. Spirits were high on stage whereas the Trinity of Gillan/Glover/Morse had its lion’s share […]

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Spoiled by previous experience – Gefrath

After I have seen a lot of DP shows over the last 21 years, DP visited a small town very close to my hometown – I could go there by bike! Only a few words on Alice Cooper – his music and live act is not my cup of tea – but I appreciated the […]

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