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Stainless in Ferropolis

The boys were back in town, or better said – in the city of the future as Gillan ironically described the venue during the show. However, reframed by the giant excavators from past times the band was in absolutely brilliant condition. Spirits were high on stage whereas the Trinity of Gillan/Glover/Morse had its lion’s share in spreading fun.

The frontman joked that he would have seen English kickers Crouch and Beckham amongst the crowd and later on he was temporarily barely able to sing due to his laughters caused by some irritating but intentionally made tones coming from Morse’s guitar.

The setlist was the same as in Grefrath but added by a long and fulminate version of Speed King with improvisations of some old rock’n’rollers. Even Elvis was covered. Pure madness.

The one and only reason for some criticism is well known: Three tracks from the recent album are definitely not enough to call it the Rapture Of The Deep Tour. Certainly, all of us will never forget the good old songs from Swiss times but their time is running out.

I have no problem listening to these songs. On the contrary, I like and adore them. But the band should add at least two more tracks from the current stuff. The audience would appreciate it. There is also no need to remove the one or other track from Machine Head. They could only play a quarter of an hour longer and that’s it.

But back to a positive final comment: As long as Deep Purple will give such excellent performances as seen in Ferropolis there is no further room for any disappointment. Until now, I have seen the band a dozen of times.

May they remain stainless for still a long time.

Volker Thiele

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