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Lost socks in Munich

After the Rocky Alice Cooper Horror Show we had to wait a little while. The tension was high.

And then… They started and the sold out Olympiahalle exploded. A few bars of Pictures of Home and we were immediately in. You could see them, hear them,feel their music: THE GODFATHERS OF ROCK.

Imagine: There is every week a young band, which tries to top them. Thirtyeight years now and no one ever could reach them. There were Glam Rock and Disco, Heavy Metal, Dark and Gothic, all the shit of Rave, Acid, House, Techno, Kozmic, all the Hip Hop and the Rap-nothing will remain, but the DP’s are immortal like Bach or Beethoven.

The program was quite similar to Berlin or Stuttgart; Ted the Mechanic and Wrong Man were brillant and powerful rock at its best, Living Wreck so straight that you got to know where the origins of AC/DC were, Rapture of the Deep and Before Time Began were not from this world.

All was perfect: An incredible light show in a new dimension, the sound clear, strong and loud-the bass went to the stomach, the Olympiahalle was vibrating… Motion pictures, to see every solo and great-inspired pictures to the songs: Marilyn, the man from the new cover, the third stone from the sun, fire and water… wonderful.

Mary Long, Perfect Strangers, Contact Lost, Lazy, Space Truckin’. All brillant – Steve and Don went to a big form, Paicey’s question and answer play was too complicated for the stupid Munich audience. Highway Star was better as the MADE IN Japan recording, I didn’t believe that I ever could hear this in my whole life. Thank you Steve. Smoke started with a gag: Alice Cooper played this best-known, eternal riff.

Roger Glovers solo – he well humoured like ever – led to the final pieces: Hush and the song about the lost socks: Black Night. A perfect show.

Ahh… did I forget someone? Ian Gillan. Ian Gillan, barefoot like Joss Stone, is the heart of Deep Purple. We are not in ’72, but he is the best living rock singer. His voice is better as ten or twentyfive years before. They all do a hard job. They do a great job. With every single note you can feel the joy of these gentlemen to make such good music. The harmony is perfect. There was magic in the hall that night and you got more for your money than you could expect.

Today it isn’t often so at rock concerts.. and otherwhere. After the show, inhaling the cold air of that February night I was sure, it was a great, an amazing evening.

Thank you Deep Purple.

W. Zacherl

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