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Stood up for rock – Milton Keynes

We scrambled our way to the front at the very beginning of the show, 13.30, although I wanted some more time at the beer tent and time to chill and have some food. But no, my wife, Margaret did not want to miss a thing. So we stood for 10 hours.

Once she had pole position, there was no moving her. At the front on the rail and in the crush. 51 years old and she loves it. We had our toes crushed, my legs don’t feel like they belong to me, my forehead was well sunburned and we were lathered in sweat along with everyone else. Body odours were running high and climbing. The marshals were great, running around with cups of water for everyone, although they could have brought me a bucket.

The show started as we arrived. Right from the beginning it was obvious that there were some sound problems. I thought ‘OK, it’ll settle down.’ It did for a while, then it started again and carried on through the show. For some bands the sound was great, for others not so good.

The musicians that stood out to me were Ted Nugent, Thunder, Journey and of course Alice Cooper. They were all great. Then came the moment… Deep Purple!

Things kicked off well enough with Pictures of home, Things I never said and Hush. Then Rapture of the Deep started without the keyboards. Steve on his own and it was obvious there were some problems, but hey, what do we come to see Deep Purple for? It’s a different story every show and it’s great to see how they get out of trouble when things do go wrong. That’s when you fly by the seat of your pants.

When a Blind Man Cries stood out as a master guitar class. One of the best I’ve heard, and I have Gillan’s Inn. The sound was great too and Steve was well on form.

Lazy started OK. Then just at the crucial moment Steve’s guitar went off, and I thought how the hell are they going to get out of this? These are all split second thoughts and I’m sure it’s the same on stage. Don brought it back nicely and Steve slid back into it without a flaw.

Once again sound problems on the keyboard solo and didn’t seem to hit home. Sack the guy on the desk. The rest of the show was Deep Purple with a capital DP and at the end the crowd was gagging for more.

See you at Lichtenvoorde and the Montreux Jazz Fest.

Love to Purple people everywhere. Keep on Rockin’.

Margaret & Peter Howdon-Brown

Pictures of Home
Things I Never Said
Rapture of The Deep
Strange Kind Of Woman
guitar solo
When a Blind Man Cries
keyboard solo
Perfect Strangers
Space Truckin’
Highway Star
Smoke on the Water
Black Night

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