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Stunning in Munich

My girlfriend and me, had trawelled from Denmark to see Deep Purple….and only for that.
Well we came early to Munich on Saturday and spent all the afternoon and night in Olympia Park..
It’s was a sunny day, like the evening should be.
The evening stared with Gotthard…. a german rockband…. and I can tell you… They kicked ass, but under the crowds influence…. it was hall with about 15000 people….
After an hour and a half… Purple get on stage… and what a performance…. It was stunning…I was exited to see if they could follow up the show as they did in Kiel 10 days before… and they could, indeed.
The sound was good and in my point of seeing, Stevie played like it was his last time but the other guys followed up on him…all I can say
What a concert

Thank you Deep Purple, the best band ever!!!

7 Comments to “Stunning in Munich”:

  1. 1
    Purpendicular says:

    Gotthard is a Swiss Band… a very good Swiss Band!
    But Purple still rocks!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. 2
    drew w says:

    Boy do I hope they record a new album in the spring !

  3. 3
    Adrien says:

    set list :
    1. Pictures Of Home
    2. Things I Never Said
    3. Into The Fire
    4. Strange Kind Of Woman
    5. Rapture Of The Deep
    6. Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye
    7. Contact Lost – Steve Morse solo
    8. The Well-Dressed Guitar
    9. Knocking At Your Back Door
    10. Sometimes I Feel Like Screamin’
    11. Wring That Neck
    12. The Battle Rages On
    13. Don Airey solo
    14. Perfect Strangers
    15. Space Truckin’
    16. Highway Star
    17. Smoke On The Water.
    18. Lazy
    19. Hush (no drum solo)
    20. Roger Glover solo – Black Night

  4. 4
    Mikhail says:

    A question concerning Lazy! Did they play the whole song or was it just the intro for Hush the same way they did in MKIII days or Rainbow did for MOSM?

  5. 5
    marcinn says:

    They play the entire song.

  6. 6
    purplepriest1965 says:

    They have done so since 1984

    Only during mk 3 en Rainbow days it was played in a short version


    Mikhail, where have you been since 1984?

  7. 7
    David Sanderson says:

    If he’s been mentally inactive for a long time, it may have escaped his attention span that Ritchie Blackmore is like, you know, an ex member of Deep Purple and basically, he’s, how can I put this, not coming back, it took you long enough to let that fact sink in, is that process related to osmosis?

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