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Getting old?

This was my DP Concert #25 or so… Festhalle was crowded, upper balcony not sold, maybe 8.000 to 9.000 people there.

In brief, I was a little sad about the evening. At first: a great opener Gotthard! Then at 9:30 pm Deep Purple: a good setlist but no surprises, not even Mary Long that night. They started with MH´s Pictures of home.

Then I saw big Ian and thought “my god, is he seriously ill, so thin, even skinny, voice not in good shape, barefooted as we seen it by now but very “unheavy” movements. Reminds me a bit like a mixture of Joe Cocker and George Harrison…

That was not my hard rock group Deep Purple. Also: no smiles except from Roger´s and Don´s faces, they were the driving forces that night. Steve somehow tired. Little Ian with high standard performance as always.

Second half was much better, the guys were somehow getting in the mood. But Ian G. seemed to have some trouble with a security guy in the front row. Also he couldn´t have any smoke around his face and waved with his hands a couple of times… Is he alright?

All in all: I have seen better concerts of the band and am excited about tonight in Karlsruhe.


28 Comments to “Getting old?”:

  1. 1
    purpletemple says:

    I believe they should calm down with the touring a bit. I mean, they have come to Belgium-which is a pretty small country-four times for the RotD tour…I’m not complaining, and it is still much nicer than the once every four years of the MarkIIb/c, but really, take a break, compose, give us a new album, and we’ll be more than happy to see them mid or end 2009.
    That’s my point of view, anyway…

  2. 2
    MactheDo says:

    I was standing up on the side of the stage and as far as I could see all the guys were fine. IG was dancing behind the amps where only we could see. Spoke to him the other night and looked fit enough for the old giffer that he is.
    If he keels over in Munich tonight I’ll report back
    Think that I’m more knackered than them after clocking up 3000 miles chasing them round Germany. No naff gigs so far
    Only complaint from me is not enough Bananas stuff but there ya go you cant have it all…………

  3. 3
    Roberto says:

    few gigs at year and Gillan will have better voice and sport palaces will be full….(as do rolling stones)…
    why they don’t understand this??

  4. 4
    big al says:

    too right endless touring is not the way forward,,, it nearly killed quo completly… ac/dc have showed that you dont have to tour year in year out… take a break guys!

  5. 5
    Danny says:

    I agree with Purpletemple. I think IG’s voice has of course changed with age and the excessive touring won’t help. I appreciate that you have to squeeze show dates together as much as possible to make the tours profitable but I think these guys could take more breaks to recharge their batteries a bit. We want them around forever you know.

  6. 6
    CE-Music says:

    I agree with you guys…but considering what Steve Morse said its how they earn Money…thus they have to tour…But they will need a break if they want to continue with purple…which I would appreciate….
    Its kinda funny that compared to the seventies they are not touring any less…but no-one seems to complain now…maybe its because there are no personal probs making the matter worse

  7. 7
    jyke , lappeenranta , finland says:

    that`s right , more break.
    we want see good purple not tired purple.
    have a break and a new album and….tour.

  8. 8
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Just another review wind up, period! Check out the bootleg, they were awesome… this bullshit about Ian’s health is just nonsense to wind up his fans, as I said, check out the bootlegs of the last several shows and see for yourselves how excellent he sounds right now. As far as how he looks goes… well, if that doesn’t speak volumes about the reviewers attempt to shoot rubber bullets. Funny, really… morons often write this kind of propaganda because they want to start commotion, nothing more.

  9. 9
    T says:

    When I played “Smoke” on stage with Ian Gillan a couple of years ago, I, too noticed he was extremely thin and a bit frail looking. At that point in his solo tour, he was quite obviously under the weather, which can happen–to any of us.

    From my vantage point, I could clearly see him struggle between numbers, deeply and heavily coughing into a towel and taking a drink from behind the side curtains out of sight of most of the audience. Sometimes these fits took a little bit of time. Up in the green room after the show, he was utterly exhausted.

    Having said that, the performance was outstanding and professional and the audience was never the wiser. Gillan also did the “can’t find the microphone” schtick, making a little bit of fun and injecting humor into the show.

    These guys are not spring chickens and have a touring schedule rivaling anyone’s–including those 1/3 their age. Personally, I would rather they record new material rather than spend so much time touring, but I take Crimson Ghost on his word that the bootlegs sound fine.

    If Purple are unable to give 100%, they will quit before things erode out of control. What is happening is perhaps a combination of age, heavy touring, and a case of not having perfection every single night. We expect a lot sometimes.

    These guys are still the best in the business.

  10. 10
    Drdp says:

    Crimson Ghost: I believe you about the quality of the recent shows on the ”boots”. BUT…. WHERE DO I FIND A LIST OF THE ”BOOTS” THAT ARE OUT THERE? Thanks.Drdp

  11. 11
    Crimson Ghost says:

    A few great download sources exist:
    Join and prepare for the motherload of recordings you will find.

    For those who prefere bit torrent file sharing you can find plenty of Purple and family audio and video at these great sites.


    I guess I got lucky on the Gillan’s Inn tour, because he sang in great shape all night and came into the dressing room in outstanding condition, which I took serious notice of and have the DVD and pictures to prove it. It’s a case of constant touring causing off nights here and there, which is inevitable. But those nights are a gamble that I’ve won on every single occasion, and when it comes to the live recordings, well… you can collect them all or just the good ones all the same. My point about the review stands, it’s just a jab for blog drama, as the late pattern shows.

  12. 12
    purplepriest1965 says:

    ” Just a jab for blog drama as the late pattern shows”

    Mmmmmmhhhhhhhhhhh, isnt that a bit too far fetched or….

    I checked the MOSCOW Yotuubes from

    Although, and thats incurable, I always get depressed by the often mentioned SM Soli factor , it seems to me that the performance is top notch mainly

    Liked the sound as well.
    This guy did a good job there.

    Hell, it even made me rethink
    Maybe I should grab another gig before someone dies
    Sorry, could not resist

    Yes, IG did lose weight and perhaps he looks a bit skinny compared to the past.
    But I dont think he looks unhealthy.
    Maybe he should issue a statement inwhich he put our worries to rest
    I m not here to stir things up so saying in general people who speak out their worries are having bad intentions here is wrong, I THINK

    Everybody a HEALTHY weekend

  13. 13
    Roberto says:


  14. 14
    George Fotis says:

    Ian Gillan was at his music peak in the late 70’s and early 80’s , his voice was at it’s best back then. All those Gillan albums sound very good, his vocals are perfect. Nobody could hit those high notes like he did, like on the song Fighting Man a wonderfull song, what a band Gillan were! Purple need to do solo projects or go on extended hoilday’s then record a better sounding album like Perfect Strangers , the last good album was Abandon.

  15. 15
    Roberto says:

    I know Gillan reached the note D6 on the album ‘Gillan BBC ’79-’80’ by Angel Air which is a note higher than the highest one on ‘fightin’ man’ but I am still looking in what song…could you help?

  16. 16
    Bo says:

    It should be an event when Purple comes to town. These days they play all kind of trange places and festivals where they should be far to BIG to play. Take time to rest. Do some solo stuff. Ian Gillan please bring Gillans Inn to Europe. I would prefer that to Purple right now.
    And then make that SUPERIOR CD that brings you back in top also when it comes to selling CDs. Maiden can do it, Sabbath can do it, AC/DC can do it after years off the stage and so can you. But you dont give your self the chance. I think it’s time for you 5 greats guys to re-think the future. You for sure have future, but it’s up to you if it should be on first or monkey class. I know what I want to see.
    I cross my fingers and more…………..
    Love and deep respect

  17. 17
    T says:

    Regarding #9, I caught Gillan’s Inn at the second-to-last night of the tour, and it’s entirely possible Gillan was under the weather.

    Both my wife and I were a little surprised at how thin Gillan was. My own photos bear that out, and any contrary opinion must be chalked up to a difference in point of view. We thought he could stand a couple of kilos.

    My point, however, remains: Despite struggling off-stage, the on-stage performance was OUTSTANDING. Only a true professional can weather these difficulties and still pull off a spectacular show.

    All perhaps totally moot in that this one was two years ago.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hcWMOMNql0M .
    Scroll to time index 3:39.

  18. 18
    Roberto says:

    I totlay agree with you Bo…

  19. 19
    Roberto says:

    George probably you can help….I know Gillan reached the note D6 on the album ‘Gillan BBC ‘79-’80′ by Angel Air which is a note higher than the highest one on ‘fightin’ man’ but I am still looking in what song…could you help?
    thanks a lot

  20. 20
    Roberto says:

    I report what ‘Arnaud’ wrote about this question,I hope He is not opposed:’…but I can’t be completely sure about the name of the cd because the concert is an import from Japan called Gillan at the BBC.The japanese import was released in 97.I know his voice goes off during a normal scream, and he reaches those very clear notes.There are two songs with such screams, but I’m only sure of Smoke on the water on disc one (towards the end). I’d also say Mr. Universe, but its only a wild guess. These are tracks from 79/80, and Im sure they were released under another title in Europe (could even be the gillan tapes?).

  21. 21
    George Fotis says:

    Roberto I bought this live Gillan album years ago, they had a volume 1 & 2, can’t remember which one i bought. Haven’t heard it in ages, will listen to it when i locate it and see what i hear. Check out you tube for information ,you hear songs & albums on there two, plus people write things about the songs & video clips.

  22. 22
    Roberto says:

    on vol I there are : live festival + bbc
    on hese show there should be the highest Gillan scream ever…please check…:’I know his voice goes off during a normal scream, and he reaches those very clear notes.There are two songs with such screams, but I’m only sure of Smoke on the water on disc one (towards the end). I’d also say Mr. Universe, but its only a wild guess.’

  23. 23
    purplepriest1965 says:

    This can only be a discussion between real die hards, hehehe

    And then to know that certain people here on board did not recognize FIGHTING MAN as one of the soundclips in a YouTube about the range of Ian Gillan…..

    Just teasing

    Guess you know who you are

    A fighting man and a highwaystarreke

  24. 24
    Tom D says:

    guys i can say that iam a die hard fan of DP.and i want to say that even if the band one day come in the situation to can’t even be able to play they will still be the best band ever for me.


  25. 25
    Roberto says:

    on ‘fighting man’ (a wonderful ballad) Gillan reach an higher note than on ‘child in time’ but in the live I’m looking for he reach an higher note than on fighting man!!!! which should be D6…

  26. 26
    Hannah says:

    Roberto, I’m looking for that song too, where Ian Gillan reached the highest note D6….

  27. 27
    Roberto says:

    it should be on the concert release as : ‘unchain your brain bbc vol 1’ or /and on : ‘gillan bbc ’79-’80.
    the songs should be: at the end of smoke on the water and on mr.universe.
    Can you find them?
    please let me know…

  28. 28
    Roberto says:

    these are the official cd: Gillan
    bbc 79-80 on angel air – or – tapes vol I dead of night(and not the above mentioned unchain your brain…)

    these are the shows:
    1-7: Reading Festival/Friday Rock Show, August 25. 1979
    8-12: BBC In Concert, Recorded Sept 19. 1979

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