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Deeply touched in Frankfurt

The Frankfurt concert was the only one that would fit into a rather busy schedule and so we were heading there by air from Copenhagen. I listened to The Aviator 10 times during the short flight. It’s one of the most beautiful songs I ever heard.

At the venue we were standing close to one of the huge speakers and the people in front of us gave up and stepped back because of the loudness and we ended up at the first row. I loved it, I want the heavy guitar riffs to make me vibrate inside, to dive completely into the music (no ear plugs).

When Purple finally came out on stage you just had to take a Deep breath. They we’re even better than I remember from Sweden. They started with Pictures of Home. I have to admit I couldn’t take my eyes of Steve Morse, it’s just this smile and the sound of his guitar – it bewitches me. I just love the way he’s bending the strings… It fits perfectly with the Deep Purple sound and with Gillan’s superb voice.

They’re all better than ever! I thought Steve looked right at me (you can never be sure can you?). We were wild with joy when they played Sometimes I feel like Screaming and nearly all of our favorite songs. The heavy riffs like Into the fire and Perfect strangers made me lift my arms touching the ceiling and circle around up there on top the world. What is it with rock music (I love it more than I can say) that makes you feel like that? I wonder if it feels the same for the bringer of such music as it does for the receiver?

They also seem to have much more contact with the crowd than other bands. And I just don’t understand how anyone can stand still, I just want to fly sky-high and I probably do… What also is very nice to see is the affection they seem to have between themselves. I loved to hear Ian Gillan say with such affection in his voice – ladies and gentlemen Steve Morse! How can I express my feelings? They were just so fantastic, their music is so massive so complete and it touches Deeply.

I wasn’t prepared for the hard landing after they left the stage, feeling so empty at the same time as being so happy. When will I be able to see them again? Now I know, thanks to The Highway Star, I’ve reserved tickets for Gothenburg and Copenhagen in July 2009.

32 Comments to “Deeply touched in Frankfurt”:

  1. 1
    Paul Grant says:

    So basically, you are saying you enjoyed this concert? I last saw Purple at Manchester last year and the sooner they come back, the better.

  2. 2
    purplepriest1965 says:

    And then to say I am someone s groupie

  3. 3
    micke says:

    Purplepriest is a sucker for… whatever… it always have to be one.

  4. 4
    purplepriest1965 says:

    it always have to be one?

  5. 5
    micke says:

    Moaner… 😉

  6. 6
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Qu est ce que c , est?

  7. 7
    micke says:

    Precis min tanke oxå..

  8. 8
    elprupdeep says:

    a 2/4/6 tu aimes DP ou tu detestes? ou t’habite moi je vis en australie. at chao bonsoir.

  9. 9
    purplepriest1965 says:

    J aimes Deep Purple sans Steve Morse

    J habite les Pays Bas



  10. 10
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Priest, you’ll stop at nothing to mock anyone’s enthusiasm for Purple without Blackmore, even when his name isn’t mentioned… this is getting childish, work on that “tunnell vision” son. I wasn’t at the show in Frankfurt but need no one to tell me how great they sounded, I have a recording of it and it’s excellent in every way imaginable.
    I’ve said it before, they could have tiny f’ing Tim on banjo and still have plenty to offer, the guitar is one fifth of a quintet, not the other way around… it’s outnumbered by four to one, making it at least no less important than the other four. Deal with it, and take some comfort by listening to some ‘old’ Purple and forget about them post 93, it sounds like you can’t handle much wind of anything new, just judging from your posts that is.

  11. 11
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Then you should read or remember better.

    I just answered this odd French answer from Australia.

    I more than once wrote about newer stuff concerning other artists.

    I even succeeded, time and time again, to find some enthusiasm making alternative setlist with lots of Morse era stuff.

    It s not my fault they keep on degrading themselves by excluding all that Morse era stuff on stage.

    They just keep on stressing the FACT that the RB material is stronger.

    But I managed to suggest lots of enjoyable tracks from the Morse era to play live.

    I m not the one who s complaining when they would do that.

    But a closed mind does not like to include different signals.

    It s hard, I know, putting up with confusing information
    Espescially if you dont like to hear things which colour the personality, once hammered in stone, different from what you like to see.

    It s human nature, it s called cognitive dissonance in Psychology.
    People dont like to change their views and are almost never able to change that.
    Only when there s a benefit
    Appearantly its more attractive to portray me in black and white terms.

    BTW, it seems beneficiairy to suggest It s mainly me writing pro Blackers.

    You KNOW that is not so.

  12. 12
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Actually, I try not to read your posts, so I’m better off not remembering.[sic]
    What you’re on about happens to be company decisions and it’s a fact that everyone has to eat, and the management and promoters are here to remind us and them of that. FYI, I’ve stood at the side of the stage and seen the reaction several times to newer material, seen exactly what the band saw and it’s very discouraging, it’s no different with any other band, same thing in 98 with Page and Plant, even worse… the second the crowd felt a new number coming on, the entire arena would be in their seats and myself the only one cheering on the great new material, seriously one of the most astonishing things I’ve ever witnessed, especially at $175 a pop!

    Don’t give me Hollandized psychology, I know first hand what type of smoke they breathe and blow. I’m 3/4 Dutch.lol!

    This kind of reaction gets old after the first couple of legs of a tour in support of new material and Ian has expressed it time and again… what you’re forgetting is that we are out numbered 5000 to 1 by the average concert going public and will never be satisfied. If they ran things to suit us they’d have hung it up long ago. Are we so self righteous that we think they owe us our wishes? Be for real, it’s not Blackmore’s Night, it’s much bigger business. So it’s not about us few hundred computer geeks, it’s about millions of others, and they have no demands… if you were the artist, which would you cater too the most?

    Plus, if they aren’t pleased with theirselves, how can we expect them to please us? Maybe they enjoy the old numbers more, Morse says the four of them enjoy playing the MH numbers more than anything.
    When a tour starts, for about 3 months or so is the time to catch the real good shows with new material, after that shit starts to blur anyway. ROTD started off magnificent, then promoters started bitching about way too much new material, the guy in OZ in particular, then the US tour is canceled, then they say ah bag it, back to old hat for two years of touring. Bottom line, catch them at the beginning of a tour and you’ll get your wish.

    I’m telling you, this show, even an audience recording sounds way better than their Montreux 06 CD. So not all is lost, they’ve somehow managed to improve, and only 2 out of the last 12 circulated shows feature anything lacking. The difference between you and many other Blackmoronic plaguesters, is cander.
    Check this noise out… if they were in such sad shape, and so lost without Blackers, why on earth do crowds continue to show up and fill the halls? You’d think the word would be out by now that something is rotten in Denmark, and they’ve played to millions in just the last year or so. Notice from reviews here how many return to see them tour after tour, they must be doing something of a slivers worth right, ‘eh? Demographics don’t lie, man.
    “People dont like to change their views and are almost never able to change that. Only when there s a benefit”
    Is that an eastern thing? It doesn’t apply to me, and I’m obviously not alone here. What mentality is that anyway?

  13. 13
    Crimson Ghost says:

    People who evolve sure as hell do welcome change, especially when there is a personel change, it’s only natural to change musical direction if you’re honest and true to yourself and your fans.

  14. 14
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I know for sure thats an approach which keeps some people very happy

    Others who hold dearly to a certain format or line up or something feel the blues .

    Sometimes change can become overcome.
    I ve experienced many line up changes since 77 in the DP family and could handle all that quite well.

    Only when a change is not worth the trouble, misplaced, or giving me any goosebumps I think WHY ARE THEY DOING THIS?!

  15. 15
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I was a bit too hasty and only saw your last reply.

    I understand the so called economics you are referring too.
    But people can make their own choices I think.
    It s far removed from being dangerous and adventurous.

    Its not Hollandized, is that really a word?, or Eastern, it s just a theory from any Psychology text book.

    I dont smoke or blow, I just try to breathe.
    Not everyone here is a cartoon from Amsterdam.

    Suggesting everyone in a country is the same also seems very lazy thinking.
    I m not typical this or that.

    Demographics dont lie?
    I always draw the link with Mac Donalds. Thats also very popular. Same goes for lots of other well sold shit.
    Quantity is not quality.

    Cant find that word.
    Do you mean candour and question my integrity?

  16. 16
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Do you know what a typo is?
    I’m talking about my own people when I mention Holland, so don’t tell me I’m suggesting anything, it was tongue and cheek from a descendant. When I use the “lol” expression, the last thing I’m being is serious.

    Quantity does produce a better quality of life for the families of those doing the job, so sorry you’re in need of a refund you can’t get, that’s your problem. Making your own choice is what I was talking about millions doing, in fact. What are you on about with that anyway? Who’s forcing anything upon you? So you’ve made your choices and you can’t grow out of them, what are you telling me that matters here?

    You just need to see that your occam’s razor theory does not apply when it’s you yourself who keeps falling for the banana in the tail pipe so to speak, it makes you a contributor to your own gripe.
    You have to actually believe in the theory in order for it to apply, and if you did, you wouldn’t waste your time here, that’s for sure.

    I certainly don’t subscribe to the quantity factor really, I’m actually with you on that, but we only live once. I tend to think you think the guys are reading this and you want them to take your corny advice… Misery loves company, and you have plenty of that here, for sure. I can tell you’re not a bad guy, just playing in a ring that’s perhaps full of some that are ahead of your speed and have been down the pike and back that you’re not even half way to the end of one swim down. Otherwise I see you as a harmless subject.(save it for Tracy)

    Your integrity level is yours and yours only to evaluate, not mine… glad you’re content with yourself, and it’s good your name is not Roberto, you have more sensibility, I’ll give you that, but you’re much older too, so it’s no surprise there.

    One last thing, I’m glad you mentioned McDonald’s, all I can say is if you don’t like it, don’t eat it, and certainly don’t pay for the next one when you’re already sure it’s crap… same applies to your musical listening and consumer choices. Is that laymen enough for you? Bothering with and carrying on about something you don’t like is a waste, isn’t it? Especially when you do it just to argue with people, you can’t say you actually don’t enjoy that, can you? I know if I can’t enjoy something, I jump in my ride and travel at least 25 miles away from it, instead of beating myself and others up over it.

    3 favorite Blackmore quotes:
    “I’m not 17, therefore my opinion is of no consequence”
    “I don’t know what I’d do if it weren’t for music, probably turn to crime”
    “I put it there to annoy people, which is what I live to do”

  17. 17
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Well, you certainly did go out of your way to beat me here.

    Occams razor…..

    I knew what that was, cant find it right now.

    I did not say I m content with myself but my integrity is allright, thank you.

    Now and then I try again Mc Donalds or something but its unfullfilling, the same applies to DP a lot for years now.
    Just because I do remember it has been different I should leave it alone?
    Well, you ve got a point there.
    But its not a new point.
    Others and myself have questioned here often enough the insanity of putting things to word.
    But appearantly we like to do it
    Lots of things in life are stupid
    I m just , like everybody else, spending time.

    Or would you like to suggest it all really matters?

    And does it only matter when you support the current events?

    Do I really believe in a theory or something else?
    Guess not.

    To me everything here is a tragic joke.
    And inbetween I do find beauty and so on.

    But thats all personal and might be some kind of illussion.
    Whats real?
    What really matters?

    It depends on the person you ask and when….

  18. 18
    Crimson Ghost says:

    If your integrity is good and you feel so, then you are in fact ‘content’ by definition. Just pointing it out.

    Some are here to waste time, fine with me… but I’m not, and I’m not here to whine about DP either though.
    If it’s a joke, then it’s one at your time expense, if you like doing that. Entertainment can be found here, but self entertainment at the expense of others, now that’s a joke.

    Let the music keep your sanity, it’s always better that way.
    I don’t only support the current events, but the current events are the only events to talk about here unless they post something concerning the past that can hold a blog discussion, sorry, not much of that around here to speak of, and that’s not my fault.
    I’ve been supporting them since the 70’s, traveling to shows and collecting thousands of import territories of records, now I Administrate the Hub and support them through lots of PR work with them, the labels and publicists and other artist’s as well, my work as a fan is staggering to say the least. Now I’d almost swear you’re developing the mind set that I prefer the current line up to mkII, but that could not be more wrong, I just know good about is the best it gets for any rock band these days and they’re still good, I don’t expect miracles of the past to eclipse their selves. I’m a free man in that aspect.

    I’m not concerned with what matters, you expressed something or other that indicated you were, so I put it that way.

    Those who only want to talk about the past and how glorious it is compared to now can easily be accused of living in the past, which is not a crime, but a minorital activity here, but I don’t think you mind that, the problem is, you can wind up talking to no one after so much time, but perhaps to the voice in your head. Refusing to get along is your choice, but it makes it easy to see that you’re negatively motivated, at least in counter of the thick positive vibes here. You use the forum for your own amusement and to knock Purple, I do not. Fair enough. But that doesn’t define me as their lapdog, if you followed my work on the net enough you’d more than likely agree.


  19. 19
    purplepriest1965 says:

    You mixed 2 theories

    The one I suggested and the one you came up with

    It seems you think they are the same

    Occams Razor, as far as I understood is about tryong to keep it short and simple

    Not your favourite, I think.

  20. 20
    purplepriest1965 says:

    But then again, I might have misunderstood.
    A lot of your text confuse me.

  21. 21
    elprupdeep says:

    to 20. je pensais simplement que tu etais francais! vivant en france voila tout. salut.

  22. 22
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I once tried to learn this beautiful erotic language.
    I scratched the surface.
    Things stopped me continuing.

  23. 23
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Priest, I didn’t mix the two theories, one just lends itself to the other, so therefor I was summing your approach up to occams because broken down, that’s how you come off. It’s not just keeping it short and simple, it’s about taking the nearest way out because you can’t be bothered with the possibility of flexing your bias, and you keep finding that you’re right because you probably feel let down somehow. In your case, Ritchie seems to always be the common denominator in so many of your posts. As I said, I try not to read it all, but that’s how it comes off to me, wrong or right. If you mention mk2 in the context of a review or mention of something to do with mk8, you’re traveling down that road according to your approach to the discussion, that’s all. I didn’t say you were aware that you do it, I was just putting two and two together. I also didn’t say there is anything wrong with it, I accept it as my understanding. I’ve been doing these forums since 1993 and Administrate two popular DP sites, and you’re no different than the rest of the people who do it, and I have plenty of experience dealing with it, so I’m just letting you know that… not saying you’re even bad imo, because I’ve seen much much worse.
    I call it a by-product of the Blackmoronic Plague, you can call it being Purplepriest1965. lol!

    I didn’t bail on Ritchie and never will, but when I’m bailed on, it’s not my fault that I let go, I just have better things to do than pretend or wish it’s 1970 or 1980 something. Purple have at least happily kept me from doing that, but if mk8 were a crap band, which you know they aren’t, as long as you don’t compare them better days, then I wouldn’t even be on this blog… because all I would have to say is the kind of things you talk about, and that would be counterproductive for me, maybe not for you as far as you’re concerned, but that’s what makes us different here.

    Cheers, and merry Christmas!

  24. 24
    purplepriest1965 says:

    You remind me very often of those long philosophy texts I tried to grasp years ago.
    I kinda understand what you re doing now but it takes effort to follow.
    I dont know why that is, me being lazy or you trying to impress.

    I still think its not true that I m just a case of stuck in the past

    Although I tend to conclude that someone like RB simply is irreplacable I gave it a chance
    It s just that I cant stand this choice
    When someone says RB or the guitarplayer is or was just 1 of the 5 members I disagree
    The gigs I witnessed the 4 of them could what they want and as good as possible I could not get myself into enjoying it because his souns is so wrong within the total DP sound.

    I dont think its positive or a compliment saying you chose the present just for the sake of it.

    But, ofcourse you ll try to outsmart me again, one way or the other.

  25. 25
    Crimson Ghost says:

    I see the problem is that you don’t follow my syntax. But you’re not the only one reading… and trying to impress you is the furthest thing from my mind, I’m quite certain of that. And that doesn’t mean you’re lazy either, but it’s you who winds things up, so you should take some responsibility toward that by at least make a better effort to follow through with those who call you on certain things.

    For one, I didn’t say you were stuck in the past, look up the meaning of the word ‘generalize’ and you’ll see what I was doing when I mentioned that… I was merely relating you to a generalization and if you feel it doesn’t apply to you, then don’t let it.

    I have a big problem with those who act as DP’s job describers on the internet, and when you say “DP sound,” you’re acting as such… did you put it in writing with them at some point that they must follow your ideals concerning what is and what isn’t their sound?
    I don’t even see that as a valid point, every last DP line up has a different sound and style to a degree, they’d actually not be following their own pattern if they tried to keep the same sound when changing any personel, once again they would be copying them selves instead of evolving, so it’s a silly argument to say they don’t have the “DP” sound, this, like all other line ups, is now their sound, if you will… not liking it fine by me, I don’t care if you like it or not, it’s just irritating to read your aludeness to Ritchie in discussions that don’t concern him. You can’t get past the comparison factor, I will say that much.

    “Deep Purple is whatever it wants to be, as any band should be, it’s neither a sound, nor a style.” Roger Glover 1987

    Did someone say one of us chooses to enjoy the present just for the sake of it? If you don’t like it, don’t listen to it… I wasn’t keen on the idea of him joining either, in fact when I heard he was in I about puked because it was fifteen years ago and I was much younger and stuck where the sun now refuses to shine myself. Being me and not you, I was swayed when I heard the studio result.

    I have never paid that much attention to his live work on the classics, I listen to them live for the Morse material and I tolerate the rest of his playing and focus on the rest of the band, which might be hard for those who think the guitar is more than one fifth of a quintet, but for those who don’t, it’s easy, at least in my case.

    All I’m down on is your insistence that it is or should be all about someone who’s been out of the picture for fifteen years… when you do that you definitely label yourself as living in the past, so to direct the generalization at you is fair. But if it doesn’t apply to you, then see it for what it is, but remember that people are reading, so there is call for generalizing, it’s not all about you.

    I don’t “try” to do anything here but read your posts hoping that I don’t have anything to argue with, but it’s nearly impossible.
    It gets me skipping over some of them, and that’s where I can “miss something,” but it’s not my fault.

    If I were to put things in less words, I’d be selling everyone short here… it’s funny you think it’s about wits, that’s where you lose the point completely and there is nothing to “outsmart.” You’re on the wrong track there, but it’s your choice. Sorry if I irritate you back, but that’s my internet privilege, just as it is yours to irritate, knowingly and intentionally or not.

  26. 26
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Thanx for replying again.

    Although we cant agree on everything I accept your opinion and will try to get into the rest.

  27. 27
    Crimson Ghost says:

    You forgot to yawn, lol!

    Merry Christmas

  28. 28
    purplepriest1965 says:


  29. 29
    Katarina says:

    So many words. Nobody is irreplacable (did I spell that right?). obviously RB left the band ages ago, and they’re still a hit. I don’t like livng in the past, news always contains someting positive (and I was a teenager when DP started) Happy New Year!

  30. 30
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I dont think everybody is replacable.

    Unfortunately not everyone is blessed with the the same amount of gifts by Mother Nature

  31. 31
    Crimson Ghost says:

    It’s a matter of opinion how it turns out, so it’s neither here nor there.
    But the fact is, when someone takes over for someone, that someone gets replaced, no matter who they are, some just can’t accept it, some can. The reality can be a blessing or a curse.

  32. 32
    Katya (Katarina) says:

    Ok, I admit not everbody in a band is replacable without consequences. In DP:s case I just seems like the rest of the band is very happy with Mr Smiley (as PPriest called him, and I think that´s kind of a sweet name, are you sure you don’t fancy him, PPriest?). They seem to think very highly of him. There has been some cases of replacement i rock history,like ACDC, when Bon Scott died. This was terrible, I loved Bon like everybody else. But Brian Johnson is perfect for them as well, and I love his voice and so it seems like the rest of the fans do as well. What happened to Guns N’ Roses was not really a success for them. To me it seems like the combination of Axl, Slash and Duff is necessary to make it sound like the Guns we used to know. But everybody’s got their opinion, and are entitled to, what would happen to the world if not?

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