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Finally: A satisfying setlist

For years and years I am complaining about the seltist. And now the big surprise: Yesterday in Hannover I was absolutely satisfied with it.

Deep Purple gave us a two hour concert, Gillan in very, very good shape, the band superb. Highlight for me was Don´s solo spot. Crowd pleaser was – Smoke…

A good idea were the video screens on both sides of the stage.

A really well balanced setlist I think. There was very little chat between the songs, the first four songs were played in a row without a word from Gillan in between.

Maybe not in total correct order:

Pictures of home
Things I never said
Into the fire
Strange kind of woman
Rapture of the deep
Wrong Man
Contact lost (dedicated to Pyro)
Steve Morse Solo
The well dressed guitar
Mary Long
Sometimes I feel like screaming
The battle rages on
Wring that neck
Don´s Solo
Perfect Strangers
Space Trucking
Highway Star
Smoke on the water

Sadly we had to leave before the encores, because my wife didn´t feel well in the sold out AWD Hall. But from outside the hall we could hear them start with Lazy.

14 Comments to “Finally: A satisfying setlist”:

  1. 1
    Giuseppe says:

    I hate SKOW in live version, and I love Fools so with this change the setlist would be perfect.
    Bye and excuse me for my english.

  2. 2
    andresihotang says:

    From reviews I’ve read and DVD, should Highway Star make his place as the opener again? Because it looked like Gillan was a bit tired when singing this in the final part of the show. HS, Speed King, Woman FT need some very high notes above another DP’s rock song.

    I can’t wait for another surprises they will bring to the set. Same on you, don’t you?

  3. 3
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I m longing to put on my VINYL version of 24 carat and never go back again to the rest.

  4. 4
    Rainer says:

    i’m still waiting for ian gillan to grow his hair like in the early seventies down his back & straight, grey of course and purple playing a concert of just 69 – 73 material.

  5. 5
    Rascal says:

    What, and look like an ass!!

  6. 6
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Why should he look like an ass that way?
    Jon Lord looks ok with grey long hair in a tail, so……

    I think the esthetical problem lies more in bad clothing like the white pyama,s

    But, ofcourse, that too is an opinion.

  7. 7
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Hahaha, if only you guy’s knew the real reason he had to cut off his long hair… but I suppose he got used to it, even after growing it half way back in 2005.(anyone remember the return trip he had to make to Michigan for a court appearance concerning an assault charge on a security guard… off the hair went for a $100 fine for a charge that is rarely overturned and resulted in just a fine in this country, especially in one of THE most violent states… true story, ask his lawyer/creative manager and guitarist)

    Rainer forgot to mention why he said that, because he’d rather a certain enigma were in the picture as well.(otherwise he would have mentioned like he did in another blog here, that he’d like the hear more mkMorse tunes in the set…. whats up with that, Rainer?)

  8. 8
    andresihotang says:

    In some articles I’ve read, Deep Purple is one of “BAD LOOKING ” bands on stage. Sad I’m agree, look at silly white dresses used by Gillan, Morse with no shoulder dresses and blue collar jeans all over the years (since 1994 I think), frequently barefoot naked vocalist, funny gypsy’s hat by Glover(since 1993), and drummer’s simple t-shirt (usually white) since 1991. In 70’s Gillan long hair is sexy, but now sometimes doesn’t suitable with his age IMO.

    But I think they would not give that a s**t, as they are here on stage to entertain the audience by music, not by clothes and other terms like popularity, sensation, etc.

  9. 9
    gillan says:

    I do not understand. 2 years ago who are playing the same songs (with some changes, certanily) That is satisfactory?
    I think they should renew the set, there are songs which can not be ignored but they should let some as picture of home, things i never said, SKOW, Rapture of the Deep, the well dressed guitar and even Mary Long.

  10. 10
    marcinn says:

    Who’d care about the image or clothing? They are second to none when it comes to musicianship, besides rock’n’roll is something you have in heart not necessarily to manifest it with your outfit.

    I adore Ian’s present image; walking barefoot with simple t-shirt and jeans on. I have to say I have no taste in clothing myself whatsoever. I also liked when he used to wear those baggy white shirts and trousers. The rest of the band feel comfortable with what they wear on stage, just plain casual clothes. I’m okay with it.

    I always have the impression when a band has some sort of clothing image and their music is about theatrical show it is always to distract audience’s attention from their half-baked music. Of course, there are exceptions.

    Am I here the only one who actually enjoys the outfit of DP??? I thought music always counts, not what one wears or what hairstyle one prefers. 🙂

  11. 11
    Roberto says:


  12. 12
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Music is, ofcourse, the prime thing why we love DP

    But I must confess having a hard time to look at them when they look like they just stepped out of bed, or give you the impression they dont give a toss anymore and for example get very fat.

    And now it comes…..
    Blackers KNEW how to dress
    He was very much aware of looking properly
    You might call that an image with half baked music, I m not so sure many will agree
    RB was, perhaps still is, very exciting, not dull, unpredictable…..

  13. 13
    Rascal says:

    Early Eighties promo pic, ‘Fat Lord, Fat Gillan’, and then Blackmore:-

    ‘Black with a hat’…..MMMmm……….certainly no style guru.

    And the in in the Nineties

    ‘Tights and a pointy hat’….MMmm…….pantomine material??

    Dress to impress……..Beauty is in the eye of the beholder………….dark glasses and a guide dog are optional.

  14. 14
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Indeed IG and JL fat during the 80 s and RB looking ok.

    I already implied that I ve my doubts about how he dresses now
    On the other hand, thats what I and a lot of others complain about, the tights and so on…..

    Whig or implant or not, I also think THEY look better with hair.Preferebly a bit longer.
    There is nothing wrong trying to dress up and keep in shape

    I ve seen in lots of situations, marriages for instance, people let them selves go
    It s often understandable but also very confronting and ugly and sad.

    I really do dis agree that its only the inner side which matters
    Through the outside you express your intentions, how much you still care for the other and……not unimportantly YOURSELF.

    But, ofcourse, people grow old and get damaged in life mentally.
    It s not always possible to find the mental energy to do your best.

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