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No hang-over in Hannover

Six months ago, when I bougth tickets I wasn´t sure whether the setlist would be worth the euros or not. With no new album around it would be either the same old ROTD setlist as in Kiel three years ago, or just another best of – revue, or so I thought.

I should not have worried. With a fun and energy level so high throughout a concert lasting for more than 125 (!) minutes Purple can do no wrong.

Glover pumped his bass right into our stomachs (especially during Wrong Man, Into the Fire and Black Night); Gillan screamed – not only sometimes – as if there was no tomorrow; Paice had our jaws dropped with his one hand drum roll. But the real star of the show was Steve Morse with new solos all over the place and a rhythm work more prominet than the whole rest of the lot.

My only complaint is that Don Airey was too far back in the mix with his otherwise brilliant keyboard work.

After the opening bravado of Pictures, Things and Into the Fire, SKOW was rearranged to almost a new song.

With five new songs (i.e. Rapture, Wrong Man, Contact Lost, Well Dressed Guitar and the Purpendicular stand out Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming) all in a row no one can say Purple ignore their Morse years. [By your standards Highway Star was a new song when the band reformed in 1984. Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming is 12 years old. /Slightly Wiseass Ed.]

But the best was yet to come: Hearing long lost gems Wring That Neck, The Battle Rages On and Mary Long I was over the moon.

The mighty Perfect Strangers, Smoke and Space Truckin´ made a grande finale.

But the band was so fired up by the reaction of the capacity crowd in the sold out sports arena that they didn´t hesitate to return almost immediatly to the stage with a lengthy and true to the original version of Lazy; and singing along to Hush, Black Night and, finally, Highway Star we ruined our collective voices… So for each and everyone it was a night to remember.

Even more so for me, because for the first time I had my twelve years old son coming with me to see the band I loved and followed for a good third of a century (yes, I´m 47 years old – thanks but no thanks for asking).

Setlist in Hannover:

1. Pictures of Home
2. Things I never Said
3. Into the Fire
4. Strange Kind of Woman
5. Rapture of the Deep
6. Wrong Man
7. Contact Lost (w. Morse solo)
8. Well Dressed Guitar
9. Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming
10. Wring That Neck
11. The Battle Rages On
12. Mary Long
13. Perfect Strangers (w. Airey solo)
14. Smoke On The Water
15. Space Truckin´

16. Lazy
17. Hush
18. Black Night
19. Highway Star

Ernst Lüders, Hamburg

18 Comments to “No hang-over in Hannover”:

  1. 1
    andresihotang says:

    So, so, look up my friends! I can’t stand again for your pointless comments about set list again. They’ve change it up even just a bit (the order, ‘wrong man’). That’s well enough to prove they didn’t stuck in THE SAME AND ONLY SAME SET LIST (like oasis). But what is important is the audience very wel loves them so much. And from what I read from this review is that their show was bringing the house down.

    Ian Gillan in better voice? I think several months rest is a real present for him and it has a lot to do with his performance. I don’t believe he is 63 now. Come on guys, rock! rock! till you drop…

  2. 2
    Eric E, New Jersey says:

    Still need to shake up the top of the set list a bit ( enough PICTURES OF HOME), but otherwise a very satisfying list indeed. Gotta love the long set as well. Way to go DP!

  3. 3
    Karl-Heinz Baier says:

    Hi Ernst,

    thanks for this great review. I’m looking forward to Kiel this year (Friday).

  4. 4
    Jason Hillenburg says:

    “Mary Long” needs to go into the dustbin. Roger Waters wrote about Mary Whitehouse much better in Floyd’s “Pigs (Three Different Ones)” and, anyway, it’s too specific and grounded in its time to serve as some kind of universal anti-censorship song.

    Rant concluded. We now return you to your regular programming.

  5. 5
    Adrien says:

    I love DP! I saw them on stage twice… but I hope they will change their setlists a little bit.
    They could play more rare songs…

    For example:
    1. Pictures Of Home
    2. Things I Never Said
    3. Into The Fire
    4. Rapture Of The Deep
    5. I Got Your Number
    6. Ted The Mechanic
    7. Doing It Tonight
    8. Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming
    9. Any Fule Kno That
    10. Contact Lost / Steve Morse Solo
    11. The Well-Dressed Guitar
    12. The Battle Rages On
    13. Living Wreck
    14. Knocking At Your Backdoor
    15. Don Airey Solo
    16. Perfect Strangers
    17. Speed King (inc. Burn Riff after duet between Steve & Don) – with Ian Paice Solo
    18. Lazy
    19. Smoke On The Water
    20. Highway Star
    21. Too Much Fun (short version)
    22. Roger Glover Solo – Black Night

    Or something much more different:
    1. Pictures of Home
    2. Wring That Neck
    3. Doing It Tonight (with the end of Picture of Innocence)
    4. living Wreck
    5. Rapture of The Deep
    6. You Keep On Moving
    7. Fools – Steve Morse Solo – Fools
    8. The Battle Rages On
    9. Lazy
    10. Fortuneteller
    11. Loosen My Strings
    12. Don Airey Solo – Bad Attitude
    13. I Got Your Number
    14. Ted The Mechanic
    15. Mary Long
    16. Highway Star
    17. Via Miami
    18. Any Fule Kno That
    19. Smoke On The Water
    20. Money Talks
    21. Clearly Quite Absurd
    22. Hush (Roger Glover Solo & Ian Paice Solo)

  6. 6
    Phil says:

    I’ve been to a Purple concert twice. Once for the “Bananas” tour and then I went to see ’em in 2006 (Rapture….Tour)

    I agree that DP could do with some old songs. So the ideal setlist would be:

    1) Highway Star
    2) Watching The Sky
    3) House Of Pain
    4) Talk About Love
    5) Into The Fire
    6) Child In Time (Airey Solo)
    7) Burn
    8) Woman From Tokyo
    9) Speed King
    10) Knockin’ At Your Back Door
    11) The Battle Rages On
    12) Living Wreck
    13) Anyone’s Daughter
    14) King Of Dreams !!!!!!!
    15) Lazy (Guitar Solo)
    16) Razzle Dazzle
    17) Blood Sucker (Paicey Solo)
    18) Smoke On The Water

    19) Money Talks
    20) Stormbringer !!!!

  7. 7
    Ernst Lüders says:

    Hi Karl-Heinz,long time no see!

    If you´re really looking forward to the Kiel concert, you better get there on Thursday, for on Friday Purple will play in Frankfurt already…

    PS Best wishes to your kids and wife!

  8. 8
    andresihotang says:

    To @5 and @6. Of course we all can dream another dream, but in my very honest opinion King of Dreams, Burn, Stormbringer, You Keep On Moving, Fortuneteller, Talk About Love, Too Much Fun, Bad Attitude, or Doing it tonight should not get into your wish about the set list. How can those songs make them on stage while Gillan is about to hate the period (exc. TMFun and DITonight) when those ones were made, or don’t you think it’s a pity to see Morse play (again) another Blackmore’s lick? The latter I think is better in the studio, because it won’t stand fit with other DP’s rock songs, except DP make a private show or a disco show. But it’s nice to see you put some Morse song that in my opinion will be great to perform live (The Aviator, Stole My Guitar, Almost Human are great too).

    So guys, again, let’s make this forum is easy to enjoy. Please do not put any strange (like extreme set list) or ‘very selfish’ comments (such us no B no DP, SM is ****, etc), then we together can share and see our opinions and ideas about the best rock band Deep Purple in a good term and balance. Long live DP!!

  9. 9
    Whatsever says:

    Hi dear,
    are you shure about correct songs order?
    You are so enthusiastic of closig with HS, but the bootleg tells another story…I hope you finnaly been there

  10. 10
    whatsever says:

    Hi dear,
    are you shure about correct songs order?
    You are so enthusiastic of closig with HS, but the bootleg tells another story

  11. 11
    Joachim says:

    Hi everyone,
    not that important: but did anybody see that Ian Paice is not using a drum podium any more? This looks a lot like very early 70s.

  12. 12
    Ernst Lüders says:

    Hi Joachin,

    you´re right, no drum podium any more – just like in the old days!

  13. 13
    andresihotang says:

    I’m sorry, but I have no idea what drum
    podium is?

  14. 14
    Nigel Young says:

    The actual running order of the set list in Hanover was:

    Pictures Of Home
    Things I Never Said
    Into The Fire
    Strange Kind Of Woman
    Rapture Of The Deep
    Wrong Man
    Contact Lost (dedicated to Pyro)
    Steve’s solo
    The Well-Dressed Guitar
    Mary Long
    Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming
    Wring That Neck
    The Battle Rages On
    Don’s solo
    Perfect Strangers
    Space Truckin’
    Highway Star
    Smoke On The Water

    Hush (incl. drum solo)
    Roger’s solo
    Black Night

    The drum and organ risers were back for Leipzig but were ditched again from Hanover onwards.

  15. 15
    Rainer says:

    they should add in super trouper, nasty piece of work, junkyard blues with extended middle section to make it last 10 min, spanish archer, bad additude,somebody stole my guitar.

    if they can do all of those i’ll die and go to heaven.

  16. 16
    Crimson Ghost says:

    … you mean you aren’t just a Blackmore’s Night fan, Rainer? Tee hee!

  17. 17
    purplepriest1965 says:


    I thought that was quite known, even to me.

  18. 18
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Happy to hear it… hope they don’t know about it in their camp.[sic!]

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