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Bolin special on US radio

Monday December 1st, from 7:00-8:00 am (central time) Stormin’ Norm from KKFI 90.1 FM in Kansas City will be having John Herdt and Johnnie Bolin as special call in guests. Norm will be discussing all things Bolin, from the new guitar by Dean to the new books on Tommy and the new Hartman Pedal. Norm has hosted several Tommy Bolin related radio specials in the past. You can listen it online by going to KKFI.org and choosing broadcast stream (Win or MP3).

Thanks to Trace for the info.

5 Comments to “Bolin special on US radio”:

  1. 1
    George Fotis says:

    For some reason i always find myself listening to the This Time Around Live in Japan 75 cd when driving as it sounds interesting. The remastered cd sounds excellent, it’s one of the best live sounding cd’s around in terms of the production. Glenns bass sounds so strong & powerfull , Ian is playing the drums the best you will hear & Jon is in fine form. Tommy’s guitar sounds good his better on some tracks than others , his not as good as on Long Beach but his ok. It has a spooky errie feel it has too it , all the things that were going on in the band back then. The live record is rubbish & should have never been sold. It’s good to hear some Springfield gig is going to be released ,it’s been a long time coming for another Bolin era release.
    I would like to see more shows from the line up released, all you get is the MK3 line up and 80’s stuff all the time along with the 90’s with Morse.

  2. 2
    andre sihotang says:

    You’re right man, they were playing well, even I can only hear and watch the bootleg. I’m working hard to find where’s this line up recording can be found. And then You Tube answer my prayer.

    Bolin played brilliantly in his own stuff. Unfortunately he is not Steve Morse, who can play (and willing to play) his contender’s licks well (not very good). I wasn’t around when MkIV went around the world, but apart from his playing, Lordy and Pacey must be suffered on that particular tour. Highway Star solo should not be like that! And Smoke riff make me miss Blackmore even I wasn’t born at the time yet. But Bolin was killer in Stormbringer. I never get ‘Lazy’, so I have no idea how it sounded.

    But one thing I am dying to find is live version of ‘Gettin’ Tighter’. Since the CD doesn’t distributed in my region, can anybody tell me where to download this one, please? I’m so thankful and delighted for your helping….

  3. 3
    Bill The Wizard Pierce says:

    Hey Andre, how’s it goin, Gettin Tighter live is not that hard to get a hold of, it’s on This Time Around 75 in Japan! it’s also available on the Long Beach Ca. show in 75, It’s a King Biscuit Flower Hour label double show very good stuff, except he couldn’t or wouldn’t do (Bolin that is) justice to any of the MK11 material, which is pure blasphemy, my viewpoint of that time would of been to let Glenn sing all of Gillans vocals or of MK2 material and tell Tommy to learn the material period, no freeform playing on that material. It would of sounded much better DC’s voice is great and all but he can’t sing Gillan material, should of been more give and take in that situation, but those huge egos got in the way!! Actually DP mk4 CTTB, was my very 1st concert, they were really really good. I saw them in Knoxville Tennessee in 76 on a bill with Ted Nugent, Aerosmith, Deep Purple. Purple played second, they blew Aerosmith off the stage! It’s hard to remember everything but I remember Coverdale had a hell of a lot of hair, and wore a lot of Turquoise bracelets, he sounded good, but he screamed to much in between the songs, but he was pretty young back then! Hard to believe I was just 15, my best friends brother took us. What a memory!! Andre, can’t you get Amazon.com? where do you live? I can burn the material for you, but it’s not like having the original!! The Wizard

  4. 4
    Nero says:

    Does the intervieuw exist somehere to listen?

  5. 5
    John Herdt says:

    Nero, I posted that interview and some other recent interviews on the Tommy Bolin Archives web site at:


    Thanks to Stormin’ Norman for keeping the flame of free-range old style adventure radio going and for supporting the great Tommy Bolin.

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