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Piano man in Osnabrück

Last night in Osnabrück I managed to witness the most interesting Purple gig I’ve ever seen. During the second song (Things I never said) Don´s – or better still Jon´s old – Hammond stopped working, also the keyboard on top of he Hammond, “which is used in many of our songs,” said Gillan.

So Don had to go on playing with the keyboard on his right side only and the syntheziser. For several minutes the technicians tried to fix the Hammond, then they gave up. And so we got versions of DP songs, that were never played before and probably never will again, I think. For example a beautiful piano version of Lazy…

Don showed that he is a master of improvisation, but seemed to be lucky, when it was all over: On stage he fell on his knees and seemed to thank heaven, that everything went that well.

“I hope not,” he told me – grinning – afterwards, when I said to him, that I hope to get a bootleg of this show somewhere. But if anybdy gets one in his or her hand – I´d be thankful to hear from you… It was really a very special evening…

The setlist was the same as in the previous shows, with Living Wreck dropped and Wrong Man added to the set.

Friedhelm Wenning

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