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No reunion in Montreux

A Billboard magazine interview with Montreux Jazz Festival founder Claude Nobs started a rumour that there was a possibility of a one-off reunion of Deep Purple’s classic Mk. II line-up featuring Ritchie Blackmore and Jon Lord. Everyone involved are now denying this. Here is a comment from Roger Glover:

We are NOT looking for Ritchie (or Jon for that matter) to join us in Montreux. We have contacted our friend Claude Nobs to find out what he was thinking of and he has told us that he didn’t say that. He claims he was misquoted. As a rumour mill, the internet is beyond par; I am still being asked about “Jon Lord’s Dream”, a complete non-story if ever there was one.

Ritchie Blackmore has the following statement on his website:

Most ridiculous rumor of the month! Truth regarding the upcoming Montreaux show is: Ritchie and his representatives have never been approached by the members of Deep Purple, their agents or the organizers of the Montreux concert. The only way that this office has heard of the show is through the fans who apparently are being mislead by false rumors. As you all know, Ritchie left Deep Purple in 1993 – 13 years ago. Ritchie will not be making an appearance at the Montreux show.

37 Comments to “No reunion in Montreux”:

  1. 1
    David Sanderson says:

    Well, what a surprise!

  2. 2
    George Martin says:

    I hate to say I told you so but I told you so! A reunion will never happen! A shame really that a bunch of 60 year olds still act like children.

  3. 3
    Purple Sitner says:

    Ritchie Blackmore had his time with Deep Purple and we owe him a lot for all those wonderful moments he gave us by writing these fabulous riffs. Jon Lord isn´t there anymore. Now it´s different. Times have changes and so has Deep Purple. For those who can´t cope with it: Take it as it is and stop moaning. For the rest: Let´s enjoy it. I have been a Deep Purple loonie for the last 35 years, my first show was on April 3rd 1974 when they played in Graz, Austria (take a look at “Made in Europe”). Meanwhile they have been through ups and downs such as life is and I am always happy to be looking forward to seeing them again or buying a new cd or dvd. No more tears about Ritchie and Jon, a big hooray and keep rocking. I am desperately looking forward to seeing them in Innsbruck on July 6th although 550 km away from my home town Graz. There´s still some smoke on the water and we don´t need MTV to get close to our favourite music.
    Purple, Graz, Austria

  4. 4
    Paul W says:

    No S@#* !!! We had to be fools to think this..Just a thought,LOL,could you imagine Ritchie on VH1s Super Group with Sebastian Bach..Talk about 2 whiny , moody rock stars,it would be worth the laugh,although it would probaby last only a show..

  5. 5
    Chrissy says:

    I agree that how can a bunch of 60 year olds act so childish.I think Ritchie is trapped in a world by his own making.He has the bulldog of a manager protecting and insulating him from the outside world.It would have been cool to see Ritchie do a one off show with his ex bandmates and even better to see him play with Steve Morse.

  6. 6
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Dear PurpleSitner…

    I am not a whiner or moaner……

    I am just a very passionate man…..In a broad sense of the word….

    It’s your right to enjoy whatever you like…but don’t tell me what to dislike………

  7. 7
    Tobben says:

    But why can`t Deep purple do like for example Uriah heep does? Have one special night every year were they play forgotten songs and invite old members on stage!

  8. 8
    Don Branham says:

    When Ritchie tore-up his passport and left Purple in ’93, I’m sure that ended his chances of ever working again with Gillan, Glover, Lord, and Paice. I certainly can’t blame the current line-up for not wanting to include him in Montreaux. The band is so much better now without him! As for Jon Lord, he has guested at a few gigs since he left four years ago, and I’m sure the band would be glad to have him sit in any time. He had the decency to bow-out with class.
    Finally, what would be the point of having Airey and Morse sit out a show so that an contrived Mark II reunion could happen (yet) again? In my mind, they have usurped the music that the Mark II reunions produced.

  9. 9
    Lumy says:

    Totally agree with George, what a shame and anticlimax to all the built-up hub. As with Purplepriest, no grouses/whines though, rest assured, cos if it doesn’t happen then it does not happen! Can’t expect too much from children can we?

    Ya, whatever the line up/call it as you would, it is still Deep Purple, though the spectre of the definitive incarnation-with the defintive vocals and guitar/organ that is MK II will continue to hover.

    To quote Ian (upon being dragged by the throat to return to Purple)
    Gillan : ” Purple with another singer….you know it is going on but it doesn’t tickle your fancy too much.” Same applies to the guitar and organ sounds here. C’mon maestros!!!! (sorry Svante, for not letting the elderly age gracefully !!)

    Well, guess its what it was all about – the opportunity to watch the maestros in action at least for a show. Anyway thanks for the memory….it was good whilst it lasted; the excitement generated that is.

  10. 10
    j-strat says:

    Let’s see in Montreux!
    The event will be fantastic anyway.

    I’m listening to DP since 30 years now (unfortunately, they had splitted at that time and I had to wait until the reunion tour) and I’m still enjoying their music.

    I’d say the same thing Purple Sitner wrote…
    (Just a few words: Graz was in 1975 for the MIE tour)

    I hope Montreux will be a very good surprise (I wonder who they will invite) and it just will be another very good DP show for me with or without Ritchie (who really could give a very bad ambiance if he was there – and I’m a hard Ritchie fan…)

  11. 11
    white fender says:

    It’s not fair to the fans to say the least!!!!! You are strumming that medieval crap now for 9 years instead of playing real rock which, after all, brought you all the money and fame. Mr. Blackmore, don’t you realise you’re just waisting your precious time! Anyway, see ya in Rothenburg ob der Tauber in august!

  12. 12
    Sue says:

    A shame indeed. Carole Stevens should go back to doing whatever the heck
    her day job was before…..I think it may have been consulting plastic surgeons for her daughters. Regardless Ritchie is a legend and always will be and hopefully someday we’ll see him shine once again.

  13. 13
    Anton says:

    Now that it’s confirmed that there will be no MK2 reunion, I think we can finally put to rest all speculations about what will happen in Montreux if the Man In Black re-joins DP. The show must go on with MK Morse…(groans)

  14. 14
    David Sanderson says:

    It was all getting a bit ‘Spinal Tap’ to be honest.

  15. 15
    Rasmus Heide says:

    Deep Purple’s first singer, Rod Evans, apparently reads this website. He has sent us this mail:

    Dear HighwayStars,
    Although I left Deep Purple in 1980 after our successful North American tour,
    I’m still the original singer – founder member, you know. I’m told that
    David Cloverdale and Ian Gillian get more press than I do, but that’s what
    happens when you go “underground.”
    Now I hear the guys are having a big to-do in Switzerland where our Burn album was recorded, and former members are invited to make appearances. I’ve decided that it’s time for me to step out of the shadows and recognize my part in the Deep Purple history.
    Therefore, should you have any interest, I’d be very interested in joining
    the band onstage in Montreux. As you know, I can sing anything, but I
    might suggest a medley of Love Help Me, Hey Bop a Re Bop and April. You do remember, Glenn Hughes wrote these.
    Here’s my phone number: xxxxxxxx [edited by the editors(!)].

    Kind regards,
    Rod Evans

    Wouldn’t it be great if we could get more people together? I’ve always
    wanted to meet Tommy Bolin.

  16. 16
    George Martin says:

    Rasmus, I think someone is trying to pull the wool over your eyes! That e-mail could not have been from Rod Evans. First of all, the album he should be referring to being recorded at Montreux is Machine Head ( remember Smoke on the Water? ). Second, Glenn Hughes did not write Love Help Me, Hey Bop a Re Bop and April. Glenn did not enter the band until the Burn album in 1974 long after Evans and Simper had left. I can’t believe you diddn’t catch that. Anyway anwser this question for me, when is Deep Purple going to tour in the United States?

  17. 17
    Barrie says:

    In addition to the well noted above errors, Tommy Bolin passed away in 1976. “Rod (whoever) Evans will never meet him.

  18. 18
    Lumy says:

    …..Or could it be also that someone out there is masquerading as a certain “Rasmus Heide” ?

  19. 19
    Svante Pettersson says:

    Maybe it was a JOKE?

  20. 20
    Lumy says:

    More than a joke perhaps, as evident even from the beginning of the letter, content/facts were erroneously quoted (on purpose?) – now, was Purple active in 1980?

    Further scrutiny reveals its more likely a little work of ingenuity (or mischief?) on the part of Rasmus (the bona fide one) to side track the ongoing debate of the non reunion issue and in the process diffusing the “heat and frustration” that is being generated?
    If it is, way to go, Rasmus.!!

  21. 21
    Svante Pettersson says:

    “was Purple active in 1980?”

    Rod Evans thought so:


  22. 22
    Lumy says:

    Thanks for the enlightenment.

  23. 23
    Rasmus Heide says:

    Some people just fool too easily! 😉

    Burn was actually recorded in Montreux, and Evans used to mention it as ‘our Burn album’, when he did Might Just Take Your Life with his Purple fiasco in 1980.

    Glenn has previously claimed writership of all manner of Purple songs – though of course mainly Mark III titles! 😉

    And what with his track record for keeping in touch, who says Evans would even know that Bolin died 30 years ago?

    But hey, let’s just kill all these ridiculous rumours about Blackmore and other ex-members. Musically speaking, a brief onstage reunion wouldn’t really accomplish much anyway!

    Get Raptured! 🙂

  24. 24
    Ritchie Blackmore says:

    I’m sorry fans, but Carol wont let me go to the Montreux Jazz Fest (she’s afraid that she wont make any money out of a reunion, and that her daughter wont be invited), and Gillan and his band don’t want me there ’cause they’re afraid that we, MKII, might go down better and sound better than MKWhatever.

    Yet again, sorry!

  25. 25
    Johan says:

    Mr Blackmore ain´t got the time to fool around in Montreaux.
    Mr Page has invested his Polarprize money into a bookstore and his
    partner Mr Blackmore will be doing inventories on July 15.


  26. 26
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Rod did a bad bad thing in 1980.
    That’s for sure……but I love Mark I and HIS contributions to the Deep Purple saga dearly……..
    But it sure did help Paicey, Lordy and Blackers were there as well….

    Hi Nicky!

    Cheers!!!! Weather is fine now and my roses and yasmins are blossoming and very nice smelling……

  27. 27
    Joe says:

    Too bad. I would like to see Deep Purple have a tour with everyone that has ever played in the band.

  28. 28
    Purple Sitner says:

    Dear Purplepriest 1965
    I never intended to cross you. Of course you should enjoy what you like and that´s good. I am just tired of all those useless gossip and wanted to express that. All the best from Graz, Austria

  29. 29
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Dear PurpleSitner

    Let’s have a beer?

    I am a bit jealous too : You live close to places where “nice things” happen regularly……Jon Lord sologigs and so on……


  30. 30
    Purple Sitner says:

    Hi Purplepriest 1965
    If you want to write me I can keep you updated what´s going on in Austria.
    My email is no secret: psitner@aonmail.at
    Having a beer is always an idea. What about two ?
    All the best
    Purple, Graz, Austria

  31. 31
    tuggi says:

    @ Purple Sitner!
    I completely agree with you! I´ve been a RB-Fan for over 20 years, he really “made” DP with his unique style and energy….. BUT THAT´s THE PAST! DP went forward and they went very well, the “new” guys do their job in a perfect way and they also fit to the band perfectly. DP are sounding refreshed, they enjoy playing their music again, and let´s hope, they keep on rrrrocking for a long time. I loved the concert in Innsbruck last week very very much – it was my first Purple-concert without Ritchie and Jon and I didn´t miss them at all. Thanx to Steve and Don – both of them are bringing lots of new energies and inspirations to this faboulos band!
    All the best from Innsbruck to Graz – keep the faith!!

  32. 32
    dwdrumer says:

    It is to bad DP won’t have a reunion. And it looks like no tour for the USA. Gillan is doing a tour with his own band. They resently played in Massachusetts. But, Hey Richie, Its time to put down that acustic gutiar and pick the strat back up and start writting your hard rockin’ stuff again. How about a new Rainbow CD?

  33. 33
    flouk says:

    I read some of these little letters!!!you are all wrong i think.I play guitar, ritchie is one of the best players in the world for 30 years and over.he plays his music so what you care if you do not like him. he composed with jon lord the best songs of DP ever written.GILLAN,ROGER are too old to rock now.With no Feeling anymore.There is one person who all we should apologise.Ian Paice.He is the one behind the drums.And remember which are the songs that little children learning in guitar.SMOKE ON THE WATER BLACK NIGHT.not ted the mechanic or something of all those new pieces.i saw them in thessaloniki (greece) in 2000.something was missing(ritchie).someone else plays his songs and it’s not right.there is no energy now(see scandinavian night ’72,come hell or high water ’93 they kick asses).i love their music and my opinion is that ritchie lord and paice were the soul of this super band ever existed.bass players and vocals were just simple members.they came and they gone.Listen to St Teresa of blackmore’s night.Absolute heavy rock song that glover and gillan never wrote after blackmore was gone.anyway thank you and i wish the best all you here.let’s let them to do anything they want.we just listen to them,we love them and we’ll love them.bye

  34. 34
    Svante Pettersson says:

    “Listen to St Teresa of blackmore’s night.Absolute heavy rock song that glover and gillan never wrote after blackmore was gone.”

    Well, Blackmore didn’t write “St. Teresa” either…

  35. 35
    Cal Scotland says:

    Hey Ritchie – if you ever read this, would you ever pick up the strat again – just for one last “Rainbow” time – the world beckons mate!!!

  36. 36
    riza sihbudi says:

    the real deep purple is deep purple mark 2. the other marks is not a deep purple but another version of ian gillan band or steve morse band or rainbow (dp mark 3 n 5) or tommy bolin band (mark 4) !!!

  37. 37
    kitkat? says:

    Love the comment from White Fender, agreed whole heartedly.

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