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What will happen in Montreux this year?

Something seem to be up in connection with Deep Purple’s appearance at this year’s Montreux Jazz Festival. The other day, festival founder “Funky” Claude Nobs said this to Billboard:

Speaking of casino burning and fire in the sky, you are closing this year with Deep Purple, whose classic “Smoke On The Water,” was inspired by the Casino fire.

It is going to be a special evening. I don’t know who they are going to invite. I hope Ritchie Blackmore will join them. I know they are trying.

Earlier, Pete York announced on his site that a gig he was about to do with Jon Lord on the day of Purple’s appearance had changed:

Unfortunately Jon Lord has to be in Montreux on the 15 July and has had to cancel his appearance in Kitzbühel.

So, are we looking at a Mk. 2 reunion, maybe playing “Smoke on the Water” in celebration of the Montreux Jazz Festival’s 40th anniversary? DP is even featured on the posters to the festival so they are obviously a big part of the festival this year. We have no idea what is happening, this is just speculation based on some cryptic facts but if they do reunite in one way or another, I sure hope they release some kind of recording from the event.

56 Comments to “What will happen in Montreux this year?”:

  1. 1
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Is there anybody who can help me to get THERE?!


    Long Live Rock And Roll!!!!

  2. 2
    Danny says:

    A nice thought I am sure but I think Blackmore’s mother in law manager will once again manage to sequester him from the outside world. That, combined with the recent statement by Ian Gillan in which he said there was no way he would ever share a stage with RB again says to me it isn’t going to happen.

    But it would be way cool if it did…….

  3. 3
    Milan says:

    Okay that they invite Jon Lord is for sure then, of course they want to have the people who were in Montreux in 1971 but I think as for the banjo player it´s more likely they manage to get Frank Zappa on stage than Ritchie Blackmore.

    But proof me wrong…


    Ahem, well yes I still don´t believe it before it hasn´t happened.

  4. 4
    Rob says:

    this is starting to look more positive.

  5. 5
    Bad Bad says:

    I seriously doubt it will ever happen. Although, even if Gillan did say he would never step on stage with Blackmore again, after Gillan was fired from DP in the 80s he said, I’d rather slit my throat than go back to [DP]. Which he did. Go back to DP. Not slit his throat.

  6. 6
    Miquel says:

    ojalá todo este asunto se confirme pronto!

    Seria sensacional que todo el Mk.2 se reuniera de nuevo.

    Long live DEEP PURPLE!!

  7. 7
    Rasmus Heide says:

    The combined talents of these five people obviously overshadow their personal opinions about each other. But if this comes off the way a couple of random statements might indicate, it seems a damned shame and a weird strategy to do it unannounced.

    I could be wrong, but could it just be mr. funky Nobs trying to attract a little more attention to this year’s festival?

  8. 8
    Karl-Heinz says:

    I think Gillan means he will never share the stage with Richie as a part of the band, but guesting? Whay not. Why should both not jump over their shadows?

    Just fo the fans!

  9. 9
    Martin correa says:

    I have to say that i’m impressed about the show in montreux.i don’t believe ritchie blackmore will appear.gillan said he is not going to be part of the band again,never.i hope jon will join them

  10. 10
    Apollo says:

    “I could be wrong, but could it just be mr. funky Nobs trying to attract a little more attention to this year’s festival?”

    I think he already have a lot of attention on his festival, and the gig was already sold out before he said that, so what would be the point ?

    No, I think if he said it he really thought it could happen…

  11. 11
    George Martin says:

    I agree with Rasmus, I think Claude is just trying to get some extra publicity with this rumor. I can see Jon Lord showing up but not Ritchie. I think there’s to much bad blood from all the history they had for him to be there. However, nothing is impossible. I remember meeting Roger Glover back in 1979 during the Rainbow Down To Earth tour and I asked him if Deep Purple MK 2 will ever get back together and he said ” It’s not going to happen” Well we all know that it did.several times in fact! If it does for one night that would be great but it better be recorded and release on dvd. If no one gets to see it what good is it?
    George Martin

  12. 12
    Aredel says:

    If Jon Lord cancelled his show with Pete York it may be a serious matter- all in all probably the place was booked, some tickets sold. And suddenly he tells he has to go to Montreaux… 🙂 So there may be some truth in that “one show reunion” idea.
    But according to what Mr. Gillan said it won’t happen. Never :/

  13. 13
    Milan says:

    “I could be wrong, but could it just be mr. funky Nobs trying to attract a little more attention to this year’s festival?”

    I doubt that as the festival sold out two weeks ago(the interview was done a while ago though but was only published recently after the sell out)

  14. 14
    Chris says:

    I think its very possible, moreso than we might think. The guys are all or approaching their 60s and you never know if an opportunity will present itself again or if everyone will be around. You would think 60-years olds would have the foresight to put away and bury past anamosities for an appearance every now and then. Its not like it would be permanent. I really don’t see what the big deal is. After the show, RB will go back to Blackmore’s Night, Jon will continue doing his thing, and DP will continue to do their thing with the current line-up. Lots of other bands do this all the time with storied line-ups see: Black Sabbath, Lynyrd Skynyrd (w/ Ed King), Cream, Kansas (Kerry Livgren shows up for about a show a year), etc.

  15. 15
    Lumy says:

    I don’t only wanna believe, I only hope and want it to happen. A Mk II reunion !!
    Totally agree that past animosities should be buried, as no one ego is too big over the other. It is a blessing that all original members of Mk II are alive and kicking and the onus is on you to make it happen and in this aspect, I believe many a fan of other bands (with due respects) eg Led Zep or Queen would encourage it too.
    Come on boys, the timing is perfect, the occasion is fittingly ideal and you owe it to the fans, all of them-from the sixties to the present. In the name of Purpledom and nostalgia (Machine Head) do it, not jsut for one show but as long as circumstances permit.
    We shall all fly half the globe to be there !!.

  16. 16
    Jo Bro says:

    Would you s***w your ex-wife or ex-husband once in a while just for the fun of it? Even if you were happily remarried?

  17. 17
    David Sanderson says:

    The timing of this rumour couldn’t be worse with Milton Keynes only a couple of days away, Steve and Don have fitted in perfectly and if the classic Mk2 line up ever did reform (Yet again) even just for a one off, many people will just see it as Rock cabaret, Ritchie seems very happy to be doing what he’s doing, if he ever wants to return to hard rock, I’d prefer to see him and Ronnie Dio settle their differences and reform Rainbow.

  18. 18
    BURN says:

    LET IT BE!!!
    DEEP PURPLE is Blackmore, Lord, Gillan, Glover and Paice!

  19. 19
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Although Mark 2 is MY favourite line-up……Deep Purple was and always will be the AXIS of Blackmore, Lord and Paice……
    Supplemented with other GREAT men to make up Mark1, Mark2 and Mark 3……(Still doubting about the one with JLT…..Not too do sour grapes. I love JLT very Much!!!)…

    So wheel(…) out Mark 3 or (hehehe)Mark 1 !!!!?????

    Listening to “In Rock” today…reading my 2005 DPAS(Darker than Blue from the English fanclub, that is……For the “greenies” amongst us…….Getting all soaked up and EXITED again….

    Don’t bother me what “they” say or have said…..about the non-possibilities of reunions……History proved you can’t take those “opinions” serious….So glad about that “escape route!!!! hehehe


    “For this week this is my weekly toy….Who knows what will happen if things take off? ”

    Freely inspired and non-authorised by the Purps since I was 12 years of age……..I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!! BRING IT ON!!!!!

  20. 20
    bonzo says:

    i emailed blackmores website about a reunion for this show and the last thing i said regarding the reunion was “i say no way” i got a response to the email that said “you are right no way”

    so from blackmores side its no way

    shame really

  21. 21
    purplepriest1965 says:

    But John Bonham is dead……….

  22. 22
    Marcelo Soares says:

    If Blackmore agrees to do it, I’d sell my mother to go to Montreux. No question. I don’t even need a ticket – standing there outside of the place would be great enough.

  23. 23
    Marcelo Soares says:

    (Does somebody here need a mom?)

  24. 24
    Craig says:

    I am flying from PA, USA to see Deep Purple in Montreux. A brief reunion on the 15th would be exciting. But, it really is inconsequential. The current lineup echoes the commitment to musical excellence that is DP’s trademark, taking the band in a fresh direction. Its virtuosity should not be hamstrung by the past, but having Mk 2 reunite on the Lake Geneva shoreline would be almost cosmic. It will be awesome either way.

  25. 25
    Anton says:

    With or without Ritchie in Montreaux, Deep Purple will perform. If Ritchie will ever shows up, it will be a bonus to fans. And regarding Ian’s statement about not wanting to be part of the band if Ritchie will play again, let him do that. He’s not Deep Purple after all. Deep Purple made him. There are better vocalists that can replace him anytime. (I hate him doing that squeaky whizzy whine!)

  26. 26
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Long Live The Joy of EXITEMENT as well……..

    Reunion rumour time again…YES!!!!

    I still remember the days of REUNIONTIME in 1984…..I also bear with me the feelings when it was announced Ian Gillan was returning to the fold.
    I enlarged the text from “Kerrang Magazine” and put it on one of my doors, that exited I was…..
    I took a deep breath and played all those wonderful discs again…….

    The MAGIC I felt, hearing Made In Japan” , being 12 years of age…..UNFORGETTABLE.
    Before that I did not even care about MUSIC……The MUSIC of THEM changed me for ever.

    Nothing compares……..

    Things come and go………

    My love for their music never collapsed…..

    Good music is when it sooths your soul.


  27. 27
    Marcelo Soares says:

    If I was Ritchie, I’d agree at least with some teleconference stuff.

  28. 28
    Rob says:

    if the blackmore camp have said no then its not gonna happen, shame. however blackmores night don’t start touring until the end of july, hmmmm….

  29. 29
    David Sanderson says:

    All set for Milton Keynes! I was ecstatic when Purple mk2 reformed and the memory of Knebworth will be with me forever, but no one member is bigger than the band, It is obvious that Steve Morse gells with the guys, he’s brought a lot to the band, Purpendicular to me is as good as any of the old classics, how would it make him and Don feel about their futures if this reunion however brief did happen? The original reunion was great for a while and even the 1993 tour had it’s highpoints but not sure about this at all!

  30. 30
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Let’s not forget that it was Ian gillan who fucked up big time with his performance during The Battle Rages On Gigs, Ritchie was SUPERBE………
    Steve gelling with DP? Don’t think so……In the new songs maybe…..The old songs he ruins with his always the same shreddersound.
    Try to crucify me……I love Jesus christ superstar!!!

  31. 31
    richard legs says:

    lets not! ritchie has to be respected and deep purple has to be respected!ritchie is very happy now so is DP right! nobody wants to see unhappy people reunion just for a show (off). If DP is DP (now) is because of steve don and ian roger &ian OK. thanks god for that! the past is the past lets look forward please and no more bullshit.thanks for the deep purple family.and long live to all of you without any more anger.bye and happy festival/qui dit purple dit legris/

  32. 32
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I like happy people too…..

    I think the “bad blood” between the Purples is being exaggerated. And it’s years ago Ritchie left…….Water iunder the bridge and all…..Old loves , btw, never……rust.

    DP is Deep Purple now…..?

    Like Jon Lord once said around 1985 : “If one of us stops now it has to be the end…”

    Unfortunately they(…)changed their minds ….Again and again and again.
    The idea of a family is nice but somewhere it has to stop : Gillan said before(During “Toolbox”-days): It’s all becoming to incestuous…..

    Blackmore wanted Gillan in Rainbow around 1980. He then had Airey and Glover in his Down to Earth line up…..If he steps in now he’ll have Gillan, Glover and Airey…….plus Paicey…

    Will that suffice for you too?

    Well for me it would because

    1) Cozy Powel is dead. (RIP)
    2) RITCHIE BLACKMORE is the main composer behind everything Purple…….

    Without him they would not be here……He is the KEY.

    Enough proof : Years after his departure they still have to rely on classics HE wrote while on stage……

    Please understand me well :
    I would have supported the outcome of : playing 80 to 90 % Morse material…..not the other way around.
    Or call it something else than Deep Purple…..Because THEY are NOT Deep Purple……And they know it!!!!
    But ofcourse it pays the bills. (…)

    I saw Gillan in Paradiso in 1990, the hall was not full. Rainbow in 1996 in Rotterdam did sell out. With DP Gillan had a full crowd again.
    Gillan must stop telling everyone DP had half full halls in the early 90’s because of Ritchies playing. It simply is not true.

    Part of the problem was the terrible GRUNGE thing. People liked Nirvana and Pearl jam instead of the old REAL BANDS.

    Ritchie played very good during that little string of gigs.
    I know, I was there. And I also saw Gillan struggling and forgetting his lyrics. Even worse : It seemed he did not care!!!!!

    Again : Gillan is my hero…..But maybe he should listen one of his old songs : “Don’t want the truth”(GILLAN/FutureShock”)

    And maybe John Mc Coy had something WORTHY to say after all?

  33. 33
    Wolf Schneider says:

    Even if Ritchie were to show up, i doubt very much if it would be for anything beyond a guest spot in Smoke. That certainly doesn’t count as “Ritchie is playing in DP again”, and there is no obvious reason why Ian Gillan would be against it, especially if Jon Lord was also sitting in.

    And the idea of a Blackmore – Morse guitar duel makes me quiver.

    Of course, then we’d have to endure weeks of BlackMorons and MorseMorons arguing about which guitar slinger “beat” the other… ;^)

  34. 34
    Rob says:

    claude should have said nothing. then what will be will be.

  35. 35
    Mad Mick McMick says:

    I say leave the past behind.

    Deep Purple is what it is now, focus on how good it has become with post Blackmore with Morse and Airey, not what it was.

    I agree with our friend Mr Legs. Some respect please for Steve and Don.

  36. 36
    Bo says:

    Deep Purple are great as they are now, but NOTHING can ever get even close to the Mrk II line up. Just put on any live CD with Mrk II, and you will find out. I’m sure 99% DP fans will agree.
    So please make the impossible possible. We will be there – all fans since 1968.

  37. 37
    Bo says:

    …. and may I add: It would also be a great honour to the now late (and great) Erik Thomsen, who was such an important part of Purple, Rainbow, Gillan and Whitesnake in Europe since the days even before the name of Deep Purple was know to anybody.

  38. 38
    purplepriest1965 says:


    I don’t think that is a nice wy to treat eachother……
    Svante…do something!!!!
    On this world there is place for everyone and everything…..INCLUDING a so called deep Purple Mark 356/whatever……
    But I am not a moron just for speaking out my lifelong committment to the Deep Purple phenomena and being critical at the same time…..
    God forbid…….

    BACH = GOD and Blackers is his , erm, son….?


    “Let’s drink the wine from the cup of happiness again now…..

    “(Thought : Let’s nick something “nice” from an other board….The Glenn Hughes forum. GET THE FUNK OUT!!!!….I must admit , although being a Mark 2 diehard : Glenn was “something” I did not like after being addicted to Gillan’s voice(Gillan , the Hero…)but he grew on me and I LOVE HIS(…) albums…..They are all very different…..And HIS(…) live performances kick ass!!! In short : In the last 10 years or so Glenn’s ouput was more exciting than the Purps…..Blackmore’s night is nice “now and then”(…) but bores me to death after a few songs. Sorry Ritchie……I am glad you are happy…but……..

    Have a nice day, you all!!!!

    Kind regards from Rotterdam

  39. 39
    Reinaldo Barroso Alves says:

    I think it is easier to convince Jimmy Page to play an encore, since he has seen some Purples lately than to have a Blackmore appearance. Jon Lord making a guest would be normal, but still essential.

  40. 40
    Karl-Heinz says:

    Ok, I would like to hear Ritchie and Steve and Jon and Don duelling in “Space Truckin'” together.

    But if this would not be happen – what do you expect form a special Montreux Night in favour of “Machine Head”?

    Will DP play the full MH album plus “When A Blind Man Cries”?

    Or what do you think?

  41. 41
    David Sanderson says:

    The MK show was great, EVERY band was just awesome and I had a great time, but a couple of points, firstly the only Morse era tracks were ‘Rapture’ and the largely throwaway ‘Things I never said’. The bulk of the set was admittedly from ‘Machine head’ (bizzarely NOTHING from ‘In Rock).
    Getting to the point, my previous posts were hinting that bands do move on, times change etc. I know people love to hear the old classics but I feel too many people have this idea that we’re goping to get this great mk2 reunion, complete with album tour etc! Can’t see it ever happening the next UK tour has been confirmed and I know they were coheadlining at MK and played an abriged set but I hope we get a few more Morse era tracks on the next UK shows, Blackmore IS an essential part of Deep Purple history, the band will always play his songs live just as Pink Floyd always played Roger Waters material but does anyone really expect a full blowm refomation? Come on, it’s a bit like asking David Beckham to guest for Manchester United!

  42. 42
    purplepriest1965 says:

    First :

    I am one of those to admit that he doesn’t give a……about football. (…)

    Secondly :

    Over the years I always have been one of those people who begged for a BETTER SETLIST. In 1985 when they(…)reformed …yes, I wanted to see the old classics live!!!

    In the years after that I suggested something like this :

    The Battle Rages On
    The Unwritten Law
    Dead Or Alive
    Bad Attitide
    Bird has flown(…)
    Wring that neck
    Place in line(!!!!!)
    Smooth Dancer(…)
    Rat bat Blue(…)
    Hard Lovin Man(…)
    When a blind man cries
    And the Adress(Another break for Big Ian)
    A gypsies Kiss
    Wasted sunsets
    Son of Alerik(Another break for Big Ian)

    And so on…..

    Ofcourse, some of (other) the machinehead/live in japan-songs too…..But with good measure….

    They made so many classics…….Everything(…) after pales in comparison, I agree……

    Ok, I am really fond of Mark I and Mark III, but hey…..

    If I have to choose…….

    But Glenn is wonderful too……..I am really forward to his new album….
    David? Nahhhhh, like Purple with Morsey does……he ruins GOOD SONGS of old line ups…..David, don’t be so stubborn and give Moody, Marsden and Murray a call!!!!
    Rod, Nicky and JLT? It would be really wonderful and special if that “idea of Jon Lord”/misunderstood so I’ve been told. Sob. Sob.)could find a way sometime. We are getting older and older ……
    Kiss and hug and make up, guys!!!!
    Before it’s too late…


  43. 43
    Lumy says:

    Claude should be commened for starting it all. Why, his little spark has indeed reignited a general consensus that has refused to be closed – the general consensus of Mk II and its status within Deep Purple.
    And before we all get confused, we should agree that we are not expecting a full blown reformation, no siree, but a reunion of sorts of the classic line-up for a special cause and for the fans, the opportunity to observe one more time, this classic line-up in action. Anything more than that is a bonus. As with so many other guest spots these past years, the same can still apply and with due respects to Don and Steve – it should be more a pleasure than a concern to be playing alongside the definitive grouping.

    Whether the ex individual is happy with his current preoccupation or the current members gelling nicely into the new line-up, I believe “it is to each his own” opinion.

    Sentiments and denials aside, the enthusiasm is definitely building up and if this column can contribute and do its part in making it a reality by pricking at the conscience of those in the center of the debate then it is all worthwhile. May I contribute a little bit more with these past quotes:

    “The DP sound centres around the guitar of Ritchie, the drums of Paicy and of course the organ (Hammond) of Lord”
    – Bruce Payne, DP-Heavy Metal Pioneers DVD

    “I suppose this particular line up is my favorite”.
    “Ian has identity, we’re not the best of friends but we make some good music”
    “Friction causes passion-it makes a good marriage”.
    “Here we go again after Mk 14, I don’t care I just want to play”-
    – Blackmore, issue 468 KERRANG Nov. 6/93.

    “There was a time when I thought he was very difficult to understand, but actually he’s very easy. I can tolerate his shortcomings because his technique is second to none.”
    – Gillan on Blackmore, issue no.128 RAW, July 21/93

    “There is a classic line up and you can’t get away from it.”
    – Gillan on Deep Purple Mk II, issue 8, vol. 8 METAL HAMMER Aug 93

  44. 44
    Svante Pettersson says:

    Poor people, who aren’t allowed to change opinions and get older and wiser, but have to stand by things they said 10-15-20 years ago…

  45. 45
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I see the point you are making……
    But, again, I think “the personal problems” between them have been overcome before……
    And I agree…….It would be wonderful enough to see just astring of gigs not a full blown reformation…..

    But I never say never again…..

    Maybe I am a dreamer…..
    But I am not the only one…..

    Gillan in his book about the reunion of 1993 : “First I did not want to do it. But when things gather MOMENTUM……..”

  46. 46
    Friedhelm says:

    # Jo Bro Says:
    June 1st, 2006 at 5:47

    Would you s***w your ex-wife or ex-husband once in a while just for the fun of it? Even if you were happily remarried?

    eerrr….. yes!

  47. 47
    SJC says:

    I will be there.

    I had my ticket before this was announced and it has no bearing on my attendance.

    I expect it to be a presentation to the band members, not a performance.

  48. 48
    purplepriest1965 says:


    Ern, yes, because she is the LOVE OF MY LIFE……

    Do not mind admitting that……
    Say or think whatever you want …….
    For me here is only one Irene and only one Deep Purple……

    Give my blessing and love to Algecircas…..1990.

  49. 49
    Gerrit says:

    ….take a look at blackmoresnight.com…..

  50. 50
    Marcelo Soares says:

    Yoko Ono Syndrome. Period.

  51. 51
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Indeed Marcelo……

    What the hell did we do to deserve this?!


    Loose the……….

  52. 52
    Marcelo Soares says:

    Don’t know, don’t know. Yesterday, when I thought about the Yoko hypothesis, I went on to read the last John Lennon interview. That famous, glorious Playboy interview. There are many parts of it that I think Blackmore would agree, if he wasn’t busy with goblins and faeries.

    Yesterday I read that interview putting Blackmore instead of Lennon, Candice instead of Yoko and Deep Purple instead of Beatles. It worked a little to understand better what goes on Blackmore’s mind. At least for my understanding.

    I enjoy Blackmore’s Night in comparison to Deep Purple in the same way I enjoy Plastic Ono Band in comparison to the Beatles. Don’t think we’ll see a third Mk2 reunion, but I’m happy with what I have in my shelf. If Blackmore is happy with what he’s doing now, that’s what’s important for him – and we, as fans, must respect that.

    The interview:


  53. 53
    Lumy says:

    Blackmore happy with what he is doing now? You bet….! but then again perhaps….Fish and chips day in/day out can be a bit of a monotony. At times a “heavier” dose of steak would be a refreshing change – Why else do we still get Child In time..etc,etc. And oh..those familiar guitar licks -tempting and teasing as if to say” See…I’m still game for it, want more?.

  54. 54
    Marcelo Soares says:

    Don’t know. If I take my current personal taste into account, I’d agree with you. But he’s 61, I’m half that. He seems to be happy with what he’s doing – if he wanted to do something else, he would. He is Ritchie Blackmore, after all.

  55. 55
    David Sanderson says:

    Just a thought, is Purplepriest 1965 any relation to Ritchie or just his unofficial publicist?

  56. 56
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Dear David

    I do not stick my head in anyones arse….
    Pardon my French…….Svante…..

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