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An evening with Ritchie Blackmore

The latest issue of Sweden Rock Magazine contains a very funny report from the release party for Blackmore’s Night’s new album “The Village Lanterne” at the restaurant Cartouche in Prague.

The reporter is flown to Prague from Sweden only to see Blackmore chatting away most of the night with a Polish tv team. Finally the reporter get access to Ritchie for a couple of minutes and the guitar player gives weird answers, praises Abba and Jethro Tull and says he wants to play rock again (but with Blackmore’s Night). All of a sudden Blackmore’s Night manager, and mother to Ritchie’s girlfriend and band partner Candice, Carole Stevens shows up and is angry because an interview is going on after curfew. Ritchie throws a piece of paper at Mrs. Stevens and explains that he was the one to ask the Swedish reporter to stay.

When the interview is over, the Swedish reporter, who is a big fan of Blackmore, asks for a couple of autographs and all is fine as long as RB signs publicity photos of Blackmore’s Night. When the Deep Purple box set “Listen, Learn, Read On” is taken out, Ritchie asks, “who gets paid for this?” The manager runs away with the box and the reporter is reminded of the story about the guy who got his copy of “Machine Head” ripped to pieces by the mother-in-law. The reporter sets off after Stevens and asks if he can get his box back. Stevens refuses and throws the box into the hands of the Swedish record company representative and says, “this is why Sweden never will get an interview again!”

47 Comments to “An evening with Ritchie Blackmore”:

  1. 1
    Aredel says:

    No Comments Mrs. Stevens 😉

  2. 2
    Igge says:

    He he, sounds like a fun thing to have seen. Good for Blackers standing up to his manager, throwing paper at her and all. Sorry about the reporter having his box-set yanked out of his hand, though. Blackers should get another manager, she seems too similar to Sharon Osbourne for comfort.

  3. 3
    David Sanderson says:

    It was painful watching the Osbournes on TV and it is beyond agony watching celebrity X factor, what’s up next? At home with the in laws? I have the utmost respect for Ritchie as a guitarist but these petty incidents are beneath him, I can even listen to his medieval aspirations if I’m in the mood but this is just unbelieveable.

  4. 4
    Paul Wirth says:

    How old are they?

  5. 5
    Martin Fetzer says:

    Sounds like a scene from “kindergarden” 😉
    Ritchie’s under restraint. It reminds me to a report that Candice led him away out of his wardrobe with a dog-collar.

  6. 6
    Marcelo Soares says:

    Fun, but sad. Very sad. I heard about other Blackmore incidents related to recent Deep Purple releases (in one of which, said the very credible source, he not only refused to receive money for the release but also sued a former friend for that). Blackmore is my all-time favorite guitar player but, as a person I still want to see creating for a long time, I fear for his sanity. Or character. He wouldn’t need that.

  7. 7
    Paul Hogan says:

    Just a quick note to say that when I read the blogs, this bit:
    Powered by WordPress, Template designed by Azeem Azeez.
    Entries and comments feeds. Valid XHTML and CSS

    appears across the middle of the text of the original entry, making part of it very difficult to read.

    (Other than that bit), Love yer work!

  8. 8
    Peter Neumann says:

    Sad and silly, RB is lost in this Night-mare, I have no interest in what he is doing since he doesn´t play music anymore. Thank God we still have Deep Purple.

  9. 9
    massimiliano gisolfi says:

    Well, no news after all uh? Mr. Blackmore’s always been world famous for his RESPECT towards press and fans and the people working with him, isn’t he? To me, still he is the best rock guitar riff maker ever, still one real fine musician…but on the human side he only deserves to be completely ignored in the whole wide world. Hei Blackie, remember where your fame and money come from!

  10. 10
    Svante Pettersson says:

    Well, I don’t think Mr. Blackmore was the main problem in this incident. Ok, maybe for his choice of manager then. :^)

  11. 11
    John Barton says:

    Who Cares!!!

  12. 12
    George Martin says:

    This story almost sounds to me like Ritchie has to cater to his mother in law. When did Blackmore become such a big wuss! Is this the same guy who destroy’s television cameras at the California Jam? He built a reputation on being a guy who doesen’t take crap from anybody and it sounds like he has no control of his future. He wants to play rock again but with Blackmores Night? I don’t think thats going to cut it. I guess he’s getting old and really doesen’t care anymore. As far as his mother in law running around like she’s in control, Ritchie should tell her to get lost!

  13. 13
    Al Johnston says:

    Reminds me of an incident a few years ago when I won tickets to a Blackmore’s Night show on Long Island. My wife and I showed up a bit early for a few beers at the venue’s bar. Not far into my first pint one of those medievally garbed fans claiming to be Ritchie’s “personal assistant” comes up and starts harassing me about the Machine Head shirt I was wearing. He said it was disrespectful to Ritchie and his current band that I do such a thing. After bickering with me about this for five minutes, he finally walked off the trinket table, bought me a Blackmore’s Night shirt and asked me to please put it on. At that point, I had free tickets and a now a free shirt — so I said what the hell (he did say please). After reading this reporter’s story, you really have to start wondering about the company Ritchie is keeping.

  14. 14
    Svante Pettersson says:

    Yeah, that t-shirt incident happens every now and then at BN concerts. Maybe a tip for those who wants a free t-shirt is to wear a DP shirt to the show. 🙂

  15. 15
    Brent says:

    This sort of thing fills me with disgust and sadness. I’ve heard stories of his manager’s foul disposition. Why he surrounds himself with such people is beyond me. However, Ritchie has always treated the press, his bandmates, and his fans with very little more than disdain and derision. Hey, Blackers… the 70’s are over. This prima donna attitude doesn’t suit anymore.


  16. 16
    Dave G. says:

    Yeah well, when I requested proposing to my (now) wife at a B.N. Show in Pittsburgh – Carol (Stevens) – Candice – AND Ritchie were nothing but incredible – accommodating – and FUN – I will admit though that it would be nice to hear some power rock from RB once again…..we all know he could do it – Heck they played Child in Time and Street of Dreams at their shows!!!

  17. 17
    Svante Pettersson says:

    Too bad their versions of the old songs aren’t very “power”. 😉 Here’s CiT from German tv:


  18. 18
    Bryan Greene says:

    Ritchie is in a difficult position; if he sacks the mother-in-law, there is a risk he may lose the daughter too!

    The mother-in-law’s attitude may explain why Blackmore’s Night have not been back to London in over 6 years, despite being well received by the fans at the time. When they played at the Cambridge Theater in May 2000, they were late coming on. Consequently the set overran the curfew time, but Ritchie refused to stop playing, so the theatre management threatened to cut the power, which spurred him on to play even longer! It is very very likely he was banned from ever playing there again.
    The mother-in-law may have decided to punish all of London, as she does Sweden’s press!
    hmmm! It sounds like Ritchie & his in-law may have much in common after all!

  19. 19
    Dave G. says:

    Thanks Svante… That clip showes that the ol’ strat still feels good to him — (not as heavy as the pittsburgh show-maybe it was the heat) Don’t ya think he owes Claude Nobs a brief MK2 reunion in Montreaux? –

  20. 20
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Still I Am Sad……..

  21. 21
    Danny says:

    Man I had a look at that Child in Time massacre by Candice Fright and all I can say is what a waste of a guitarist……..
    Please Ritchie……come back to where you once belonged.

  22. 22
    Paul W says:

    I have to admit ,Tho I like the new Purple,they are pretty boring..Leave it to Blackmore to “livin” things up,never a dull moment with Ritchie.

  23. 23
    legris says:

    ritchie is like that since the beginning of the TIME!!!!!!do you guys really think is going to get better as is getting older. fan of richard blackmore and no matter happen fan of deep purple ! FOREVER! legs:

  24. 24
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I have to admit it : I have no life besides/outside surfing on the Net looking for Deep Purple/Blackmoredrugs…….I am so wasted!!!! hehehe
    Glenn, please give me a call……Help!

    O no , I am still agnostic……

    Losing my religion? Nope…….Blackers always rules!!!!

  25. 25
    Chris says:

    Candice actually has learned some vocal dynamics after all of this time.Mind you,the whole thing was beyond awful.Give me Steve Morse anytime.

  26. 26
    sans says:

    On her website, Candice answers monthly questions of fans, this time
    questions referring the mix of Mondtanz/Child In Time and the
    water throw in 1993
    link: http://www.candicenight.com/betweenus.htm

  27. 27
    Russell says:

    Didn’t Carol Stevens also say that no one wants to see a Rainbow reunion?

  28. 28
    purplepriest1965 says:

    No One ???!!!!!

    I loath the Sharon’s and Yoko’s and Carol’s of this world…..

    Blackers, wake up!!!!!

  29. 29
    Fabian J Lelo says:

    Man this is starting to sound very unfortunate indeed. I never really saw Carole Stevens for being a control freak. Ritchie get rid of her even if it means having to get rid of Candy let alone BN. You know you’re capable of so much more.

    I guess this does kinda explain why Gillan is angry that Ritchie can do so much more after listening to those BN albums. We can only hope that someday Ritchie will come to his senses. And damn that was funny him throwing that piece of paper at his Mother-In-Law. If I go to a BN concert I’m wearing a DP shirt whether they like it or not.

    And I agree the Sharon’s, the Yoko’s of this world etc oughta burn. How dare Sharon Osbourne start a frakkin’ talk show just to further her ego. She’s the worst of the worst ladies and gentlemen. I’m just glad it’s no longer on television.

  30. 30
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Gerrit, I give up….

    Had a rethinking anyway……..I prefer a FULL BLOWN RAINBOW REFORMING anytime now…….

    Preferebly :

    Bobby, JLT, David Rosental, Gregg(RG won’t be there, so let’s forget that…)and BLACKERS…..

    I miss the Live between the Eyes times!!!!!

    And with DP we will get the same set over and over again!!!!
    This time around(…) I ‘d like to hear Eyses of Fire and Dreamchaser as well. Bring on the night!!!!!

    Narrowing it down now ……..BlackersAddict forever…
    Ritchie get your self a doctor and loose the……..


  31. 31
    Sue says:

    Oh Mrs. Stevens, please let Ritchie come out to play with his friends.
    You brush off former friends/roadies of Ritchie just like you do to with
    everyone or anyone he once knew. Obviously BN is your meal ticket
    and just that. Do you really care? I think not.

  32. 32
    Over the Rainbow says:

    A shame such petty matters get Blackers press at the mo.Certainly the MIB seems to be a ” sleeping giant ” at the present time,along with Lordy ( Jon that is ),whilst the Deep Gallons Band chase the dollars.

    C’Mon Ritchie,dust y’self down,stuff the bad vibes with the ” Gluvver-Bruvvers ” , and start stormin again.

    Village Lampoon is not you at your best by any means.Please come out of your corner fighting again as your baying audience awaits.

    Long Live Renaissance Rock and Mediaeval Roll.

  33. 33
    Dripping Wet says:

    Maybe next time Blackmore wil throw a glass of water at Stevens.

  34. 34
    Mathias "hushburn" Westman says:

    Thanx Svante
    I Actually liked their version. Blackmore´s nigth always sounds good, but i´m not always in the mood to listen to them.

    It´s funny to see that it goes 3 women on 1 Gillan…;o)

  35. 35
    fabio says:

    I saw BN last night in Firenze-Italy. Carole Stevens was before me, while shaking hands with some her old friends…the atmosphere was right, the only bad word of a stunning and beautiful night with Candice & RB was about the Security…these “bears” (in particular a fat and young bearded man) was always in the middle of the aisle disturbing us as he was trying to prevent people from taking photos…it was a nightmare. I think it was according Mrs Stevens orders…the funny thing was the finale, with Ritchie on his knees playing his Strat for Beetoven 9th and Ariel…all the people around him taking photos and flashes for half an hour…I think all managers are strange and stupid people, they think only to exploit their artists…Ritchie and Candice are nice chasps but maybe Ritchie should manage his art business on his own…I respect him and his choices, he’s making a good work on his acoustic side which is for me very interesting. But DP will be always around, it’s the history…Carole Stevens can’t destroy the story of this musician!

  36. 36
    Geo says:

    Let’s face it Blackmore and Deep Purple alike are wayyyy too old to be rocking. I really don’t care for what either of them are doing nowadays but they were both great in their day. I saw Blackmore on tour in his Rainbow incarnation in ’97 and just thought hang it up. His guitar playing was kind of pedestrian. You could tell that he just didn’t have the fire in the belly for rock anymore. I must really say, with all due respect the IG’s classic vocals, that watching “Come hell or high water” that Gillan can’t sing anymore either. I prefer to just live in the past and enjoy the great music that Purple, Rainbow, IGB, and Roger Glover have all made through the years. Now it is all just ego anyway.

  37. 37
    Tuluga says:

    ok..Lets face it people. Ritchie Blackmore is one of the most inspiring guitar player that ever exist. Along with Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clpaton, Jeff Beck etc..he will always remain among one of those guitar legend. He has done so much for the music throughout the generetion. Musikally..he is one of the most matured musician and he proofd that when he did some totally different style of music with Candice Night (Blackmore’s Night). Many Blackmore’s fan might not appreciate this kind of music or they may think that blackmore is already done, but i think if this is what he wanted to do let him do it….we owe to pay much repect to the legend. His music is still excellent and Candice voice is amazing too..like it or not.

  38. 38
    paul says:

    Mrs. Carol Stevens is very possession of Blackmore’s Night. For me personally it seems that Mrs. Stevens hold on Mr. Blackmore in into the bad Blackmores Night. And everything who reminds him Deep Purple, or Rainbow or his past in these bands, simply disclaim.

    Maybe really has Mr. Blackmore cleary interest about reunion Rainbow, but unfortunatelly is here Mrs. Stevens, which forbid it him. She is probably very egoistic. She probably don’t look at Ritchie’s luck but only She and Candice.
    Ritchie is by my opinion like a little boy who is home prisoner.

    So it is my opinion. I haven’t heard any word from Mr. Blackmore personally.

  39. 39
    Степан Aгарков says:

    Да уж Пока это у нас не очень сильно развито, так что придётся чуть подождать.

  40. 40
    BOO says:

    I,like many others,embraced the first couple of BN albums and there were some inspired moments. But this medieval theme has run it’s course. It’s just plain boring now. Ritchie needs to explore new avenues to relight some passion. I don’t expect him to leap around firing licks off left,right and centre. But he is capable of so much. Come on Ritchie! You can do it!

  41. 41
    Craig says:

    Sounds like this whole thing was a big joke, completely fabricated… If not, then I agree with the guy that said ‘who cares’…

  42. 42
    Craig says:

    I would also like to defend Ms. Stevens (or Mrs. if that is the case, I certainly don’t wish to offend). A little over two years ago, a personal issue arose and I sent an e-mail to the BN site. This had absolutely nothing to do with money or material goods or anything whatsoever changing hands. I don’t wish to be specific in a public forum but if anyone e-mails me personally I will give specifics. I only wish to say that Ms. Stevens (possibly even Mr. & Mrs. Blackmore) displayed kindness far far FAR beyond anything I could have hoped for under any circumstances and I remain eternally grateful. So do several other people I can tell you. Any negative comments re: Ms. Stevens simply do not register with me and never will.

  43. 43
    Craig says:

    I meant what I said about e-mailing me and give full authorization and hold completely harmless ‘The Highway Star’ for showing my e-mail address. It is: craigeyler@yahoo.com
    If you have a policy of never showing e-mail addresses I understand.

  44. 44
    Paul says:

    I actually kind of get a kick out of reading Ritchie Blackmore stories and the negative comments that tend to follow them. I’ve been fortunate in that I’ve been able to meet Ritchie several times, the last being in Cleveland, Ohio in October 1999. I went with a friend of mine and insisted in sitting in the front row on Ritchie’s side. Throughout the night, Ritchie gave us several bottles of Beck’s beer from his 12pk that he kept behind his amps and even asked us if we had “any requests” for songs…and no, we weren’t dressed in medieval garb (but we were head to toe in black, heh).

    I had taken my Custom Shop Blackmore strat with me (at this point as the then head of the custom shop told me, the only models made thus far were for Ritchie himself. They eventually offered this guitar the following year). We waited outside and Candace and her mom, Mrs. Stevens came out and she saw my guitar (Fender had to get permission from Mrs. Stevens and Ritchie in order to put his signature decal on the headstock). Mrs. Stevens went back inside and a short while later, Ritchie came outside with her and she pointed me out. Ritchie recognized us from the front row, came right over to us, shook our hands and talked to us for a fair amount of time. After a few jokes (and magic tricks!), Ritchie signed our guitars (my friend brought his RB strat too) and posed for pictures. Unfortunately, due to economic pressure I had to sell that Strat, but I still have the picture of me, a wide smiling Ritchie and my friend, framed on my mantle.

    This was my third time meeting him and like all of the others, was a complete delight.

  45. 45
    Purpdawg says:

    I had a run in with that little troll in Charlotte in 2009. I had my camera dangling down from my arm by the strap & she came after me like it was a pistol. I didn’t know that was Candice’s mom. We drove up from Atlanta like we did 2 years before & I have been a Purple/Blackmore fan for over 40 years so I was in no mood to hear this shit from a sawed off clinger who did not know Ritchie existed until Ritchie picked her daughter up at a promo soccer game in ’88. I knew she was their manager or that she had some fan club title or something but I did not know exactly what. I very politely told her to get her scary ass away from me & she literally flipped out. That really makes Ritchie look bad. What made it worse was in the latter part of the show Ritchie decided he had enough & just walked off the stage with the rest of the band staring off to their left where he walked off [right under me from the balcony]. They waited a few seconds & then said goodby. I tried to buy Dave & Malcom a beer after the show at this pub downtown & they just refuse it & said not a word. The temporary back up singer was friendly as she could be. Ritchie & Candice stayed in the RV.

  46. 46
    Tracy(Zero the Hero)Heyder says:

    Hey Purpdawg, I too was at that show and the one 2 years prior. We traveled from Nashville, TN to see them. Moments like these are where it’s hard not to badmouth TMIB. As much as I love his playing, I find it preposterous that he has the gall to ditz his fans whom fork out big bucks for tickets and CDs. Great player. Just as great an asshole. Maybe greater….


  47. 47
    MG says:

    Whoever wrote this article needs to get their facts right first. Candice Night is not Ritchies girlfriend she is his wife. They’ve been married for a few years now.

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