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Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow “Memories In Rock – Live In Germany” to be released on November 18, 2016

rainbow-memories-in-rock-dvd-cover-lrYesterday it was only a rumor, today we got confirmation from Edel that Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow – “Memories In Rock – Live In Germany” will be released on November 18, 2016 as:

Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow Memories In Rock – Live In Germany DVD 5034504126572
Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow Memories In Rock – Live In Germany Blu-ray 5051300531478
Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow Memories In Rock – Live In Germany 2-CD 5034504165526
Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow Memories In Rock – Live In Germany 3-LP 5034504165724
Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow Memories In Rock – Live In Germany Deluxe 5034504126770

More details as soon as we get them.

47 Comments to “Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow “Memories In Rock – Live In Germany” to be released on November 18, 2016”:

  1. 1
    LRT says:

    Yawn already.

  2. 2
    uwe says:

    If they use Loreley, they’ll have a lot of fixing to do. That gig had real howlers in it.

  3. 3
    Michael Field says:

    The few videos I saw seemed so limp that I’m unlikely to buy this. Bummer.

  4. 4
    Ian Clements says:

    But Blackmore said that Birmingham was the best of the three shows ! No are we to believe that Birmingham was not recorded ? Or will this show be released in the future ?

  5. 5
    Thomas Abrahamsson says:

    Birmingham was not professionally filmed…

  6. 6
    Ian Clements says:

    I know that but a sound recording ?

  7. 7
    Andy Travers says:

    Ronnie told me, B’ham WAS the best of the 3 gigs

  8. 8
    Chris Sigman says:

    Any word on a USA release?

  9. 9
    byron says:

    Judging by what I ve seen and heard on YT ,I will not buy it.I guess the sound will be better on the DVD,but it won’t change the overall weakness

  10. 10
    Mark Gowans says:

    Thats a bit disappointing if i’m honest. That show wasnt all that good. They should have recorded the Birmingham show and released that because that was definitely the best of the three.

  11. 11
    Ian Gillans Pants says:

    Haters out already.

  12. 12
    Chris VerWys says:

    Horrible title, but if you bought the Whitesnake purple tribute album might as well get this one too.

  13. 13
    LorenZo Gonzalez says:

    I wad told by a member of the band Birmingham was NOT recorded. So bummed… 🙁

  14. 14
    LorenZo Gonzalez says:

    I still can’t believe they didn’t record Birmingham as the had control over climate and lighting not to mention if they only had three shows obviously the last one would more than likely be the best and it was according to Ritchie and from what everyone else said.

  15. 15
    Mike Whiteley says:

    I agree with Byron (#9).The YT clips showed a very under-rehearsed band with very little energy or passion.Ronnie Romero seemed at least excited for the opportunity. Blackmore went through the motions;played single note riffs or followed the bass line for the most part.Ritchie’s admitted doing it for the $$.Fair enough,but he won’t get any of mine for this “Rainbow” sideshow.

  16. 16
    mtb7 says:

    I’ll buy the deluxe version, having been to both gigs that will be featured here. And I will enjoy it – yes, I will, because luckily I can still recognize beautiful things and am not a professional complainer like some here.

  17. 17
    kraatzy says:

    I ve seen all the 3 gigs on youtube.
    Birmingham WAS the best …
    It was NOT filmed ?? (What a bull…t)




  18. 18
    Chip says:

    Professional complainer? Wow…the first show was kind of a mess. Not complaining…it just was. Shame they didn’t record the last show…which was better.

    I wont be rushing out to buy this…just like i wont be rushing out to buy any more shows fom purple unless it is chock full of new material…or a farewell show…or something i havent seen b4.

  19. 19
    uwe says:

    I think we will all be surprised how good everything will sound once this hits the stores. More Thin Lizzy’s “(Un)Live & Dangerous” than DP’s Made in Japan. That won’t change the fact that Loreley was limp and shaky, even a disaster in places, and Stuttgart, while greatly improved compared to the day before, still not up to Blackmore or Rainbow standards. But over time, we will remember the audio of this release as what was actually played at the gig, no worries! (insert devil smiley here)

    When I saw the cameras in Germany (and none in Birmingham), I feared that exactly this would happen: The two gigs that were outright bad or so-so get a release while the best one doesn’t. Or perhaps they will use some of Birmingham to flesh out/patch up the two German gigs. (I can’t believe that no audio was recorded there and the chance for obtaining “repair material” missed.)

  20. 20
    Michael says:

    Awful title.. and Ritchie looks like he’s gone to heaven already.. Hmm don’t know about this one.

  21. 21
    bernie says:

    Oh what a surprise yet again all the complainers out there are the one’s who didn’t even attend a show and watched some crappy videos on youtube!! Don’t worry complainers you stick to watching the next Morse release with the same old solo’s we saw 20 years ago and those that actually attended these rainbow shows will enjoy a truly great guitarist at work

  22. 22
    Strat says:

    I went to both german shows AND to the Birmingham one.
    The complete tour ! lol

    Lorelei was awful, the second one a little bit better, but the sound very weak and the third one was definitely the best show.
    …but these shows were far behind those of 1981, 1982 and even 1995 I went to.
    And the weakest link was Ritchie himself !!!

    Maybe in 2017…

    Anyway, I will buy the complete serie, …just for my colelction 😉

  23. 23
    uwe says:

    I was at the two German gigs plus a few weeks later Blackmore’s Night (where his guitar playing still wasn’t up to scratch and he soloed very little), does that make me a “non-attending complainer” too? I’d very much prefer the merit status of “complaining attender”! ; – ) Let me know if having seen Ritchie up to 40 times in half a century is regarded as insufficient to pass judgement on these last concerts.

    Maybe it’s because I saw Rainbow – inter alia – back in 1977 at midnight in Munich, when Ritchie had just been let out of an Austrian prison cell and was firing on all cylinders? So I know what a great Rainbow gig feels like. It kinda spoils you.

    And anybody not noticing how Steve’s style with Purple has changed over the decades – he’s become a lot more sparse and less playful, leaving an almost inordinate amount of room for Don Airey – is perhaps not listening all that much. I’ve seen less than inspired DP concerts, yes, but they were never shaky like Rainbow was at these German gigs.

  24. 24
    Dr. Bob says:

    Think of all of those wonderful live Deep Purple & Rainbow albums and videos. Does anyone think that they actually recorded or filmed the very best show of the tour? Odds are against that. Where & when has to be planned well in advance. Heck Led Zeppelin’s Song Remains the Same is considered to be one of the worst shows of that tour, but the movie was great. I enjoyed the poor & mediocre fan videos of all three Blackmore shows. The singer is really good. I am sure that I will enjoy the professionally filmed & recorded shows even more – even if they weren’t THE best show of the three.

  25. 25
    Mike the Muso says:

    When has Ritchie ever done anything anybody wanted him to do..?! I was at the Stuttgart gig, & very excited to be there. Had a great time, & will be completely content to buy this dvd momento, enjoying it for exactly what it is: a record of a 71 year old Ritchie playing Rainbow & DP songs in 2016, nothing more, nothing less. It cannot be compared to anything that has gone before it. Buy it or don’t. There’s no point in even discussing it’s possible merits, it simply is what it is.

  26. 26
    Randy says:

    I would much rather watch and listen to a 70 Year old Ritchie Blackmore perform than almost any other musician,What he has given us over most of his life is a treasure of music that few can duplicate,Sure he is not the player he once was but he is Still a helluva lot better than most younger ones. Long Live TMIB.

  27. 27
    MetalJoe says:

    Credit to Ritchie for reforming and playing for fun! I flew to Germany and enjoyed every minute of 18.06,

    He didn’t milk it for cash … show tickets were reasonable, t-shirts were low so wish him well releasing a DVD.

  28. 28
    ICEPIC says:

    RockHard has released the tracklist.

    Have a look at:



  29. 29
    RB says:

    If you look at Ritchie’s ring finger on his left hand you can see how swollen it is – he clearly hadn’t recovered fully after the hand operation so he is probably struggling due to pain. Shame they couldn’t have postponed the gigs until he was fighting fit, but I imagine that was shelved due to the Rainbow (including the filming) and Blackmore’s Night shows making things too difficult to coordinate. The record company are clearly milking these concerts for all their worth. Hopefully there will be more shows in 2017 with Ritchie in better form.

  30. 30
    The Judge says:

    I was very disappointed with the video’s I watched. Was Blackmore even there? It didn’t appear to be fun playing… maybe I remember the old Blackmore….

  31. 31
    Blackwood Richmore says:

    @23 uwe, just wondering about all the complaints with regards to the guitar playing of Mr B. of late…. both with Rainbow & Blackmore’s Night. There must be a reason for it. Is it his arthritis?, or tendon trouble?, depression?, medication or alcohol? Perhaps he just doesn’t really care anymore….. a side affect of aging?. Should the old fellow be bullied & coerced into playing the way he did when he was young firebrand?. Is it really possible to flog a dead horse?. Nobody is forcing you to buy it!. Tell you what, when he is eventually dead & buried, then you can go & take a crap on his grave…. it’ll help you feel better!. Cheer up Dude… Smiles to ya & to everyone.

  32. 32
    Merlin Rotte says:

    New DVD track list
    01. Pomp and Circumstance
    02. Highway Star (2016.06.17 Lorelei)
    03. Spotlight Kid (2016.06.18 bietigheim-bissingen)
    04. Mistreated (2016.06.18 bietigheim-bissingen)
    05.16 Century Greensleeves (2016.06.18 bietigheim-bissingen)
    06. Since You Been Gone (2016.06.18 bietigheim-bissingen)
    07. Man On The Silver Mountain (2016.06.17 Lorelei)
    08. Catch The Rainbow (2016.06.17 Lorelei)
    09. Difficult To Cure (2016.06.17 Lorelei)
    10. Perfect Strangers (2016.06.18 bietigheim-bissingen)
    11. Stargazer (2016.06.17 Lorelei)
    12. Long Rive Rock and Roll (2016.06.18 bietigheim-bissingen)
    13. Child in time (2016.06.18 bietigheim-bissingen)
    14. Black Night (2016.06.18 bietigheim-bissingen)
    15. Smoke On The Water (2016.06.18 bietigheim-bissingen)
    01. Spotlight Kid (2016.06.17 Lorelei)
    02. Man On The Silver Mountain (2016.06.18 bietigheim-bissingen)
    03. Long Rive Rock and Roll (2016.06.17 Lorelei)
    04. Stargazer (2016.06.18 bietigheim-bissingen)
    Japanese Bonus tracks
    05. Since You Been Gone (2016.06.17 Lorelei)
    06. Catch The Rainbow (2016.06.18 bietigheim-bissingen)

  33. 33
    John Smith says:

    The set list was more-or-less the same each night. If you take the best version from each night, you’ll have yourself a pretty good DVD.

    Each show on its own had a few mistakes, so I wouldn’t use just one show.

    Some of the iPhone videos on YouTube were quite good. A pro sound/video mix will be much better

  34. 34
    Moorey says:

    The first band I ever saw was Deep Purple in 1971 and I was amazed,especially by Ritchie.Have seen him dozens of times since, although Rainbow at Birmingham was the first time for a number of years.No one is a bigger supporter than me so it pains me to admit I was disappointed.His solos were short and laboured and the rest of the band didn’t seem up to the job apart from Ronnie Romero.Of course I enjoyed it to a certain extent because I was watching the great man on stage again but if that was the best show then unfortunately I don’t think I will be buying the new release.No I’m not a serial complainer just honest.

  35. 35
    Randy says:

    Boring band lineup..Not buying this crap..bet JLT is smiling somewhere knowing he was right.

  36. 36
    Blackwood Richmore says:

    @33 John Smith, really?, now that’s just gotta be a ‘nom de plume’!. I like it…. that’s a name that even I could use. Yeah, the concerts were alright, I enjoyed them for what they were… the fading lights of an old star. You know, new cars these days are much better & go faster than those of 45 years ago…. the only constant is change… & the more things change, the more they stay the same. Life is like a bowl of all-bran, it’s full of crunchy bits. These cliches are just kiĺling me!. Trust me on this, Mr B is just having some fun as he runs down the clock…. Be happy & keep on truckin’. Smiles to ya.

  37. 37
    rosario says:

    Ritchie made three great shows; with fun and played much better than Steve Morse, for examole; you just have the objectivity and neutrality in your words; you are for most disrespectful human; you accuse a man of 71 years who underwent surgery six months earlier, to be still present and fight until the end to deliver the performances; you blame has it not have been the grave of cozy powel and R dio seek to prevent a tribute band; and finally you blame a gentleman of being the best guitarist of all time there are forty years; so that it was forty years ago everyone said that Jimmy Page to be the best; you – not – be happy – whatever ritchie do – because you are manipulators and pro Gillan! You’re not indispensable and nobody forces you to listen and buy what ritchie! enough of us to love! MY DOG embrace you on the mouth.

  38. 38
    byron says:

    It’s a shame but I find his playing is better now in BN than in “new” Rainbow..

  39. 39
    clay l. says:

    I have to agree with Moorey, Blackmore’s guitar playing are what made me a DP and Rainbow fan but, I found his soloing a little on the conservative side and the drummer a bit underwhelming.
    I didn’t see or hear the fiery passion of old on songs like Stargazer and Child in time.
    Lets face it Ritchie is in his seventies now and maybe this is the best he can play these songs now.
    Of course, if he were to tour the USA I would get tickets, but I’ll understand that I’m seeing the Ritchie of 2017 and not 1977.

  40. 40
    LRT says:

    Most of these comments say it all.

  41. 41
    uwe says:

    Sigh, I’m a demanding fan. Ritchie has made so much money from me over the decades, I’m entitled to be.

    I forgive him the swollen finger and the playing impediment it caused just like I forgave Tommy Bolin the numb arm at Last Concert in Japan, he still put his heart in it. Ritchie doesn’t have to play fast for me, I’ve heard his triplets in Highway Star so often I don’t need to hear them ever again, I actually prefer when he plays slow, he could do a one hour version of Catch the Rainbow for me. But he sounded disengaged at those concerts I saw most of the time, it wasn’t the bum notes, it was his frame of mind.

    It pains me to write this, but I saw David Gilmour at the RAH last week (the gig where Cumberbatch guested on Comfortably Numb), you can be old and yet not rusty (Gilmour hasn’t had a fraction of Blackmore’s extensive live experience in the last two decades) and you can play slow (and mainly pentatonic, unlike Ritchie) and still say something meaningful. That performance was in a different universe compared to the German Rainbow gigs. This is coming from someone like me who spent most of the 70ies as a card-carrying Purple-ite (and, ok, Status Quo-ite) pouring derision even over the original Pink Floyd which I saw in 1977 on the Animals tour and slammed so badly in a review letter to German Musik Express – I was young and didn’t get any money for it! – that some nearby Pink Floyd fan club threatened physical force. ; – )

  42. 42
    will says:

    grow up….loreley had lots of great moments…Birmingham was a lot tighter…but will always remember being there at both. they were two great musical experiences. Nothing wrong with any of the other band members either. the guitar playing on Soldier Of Fortune was sublime…..

  43. 43
    blackwood Richmore says:

    @41, There, there uwe… it’s gonna be alright… no one’s gonna threaten or hurt you here!. We’re all old & jaded now. When I saw the live album title, I misread it as “Mammaries In Rock”- a natural mistake given who was singing backing vocals!. Lol. Funny you should mention David Gilmour, a friend & I had once mused what Purple would have sounded like with him on guitar…. Anyway, Smiles to ya!.

  44. 44
    Bob Worm says:

    Was at Birmingham and it was a great gig for lots of reasons. If we all focus on how amazing we expect him to play, we miss out on hearing the whole songs, beautiful songs played live again. Yes he is not shredding or throwing the strat around like he used too, but he is playing those songs again and loud too. Thats the one thing i took away from the NEC, it was loud and the crowd was full of positive and excited energy. So however well he played on the night, (Soldier Of Fortune was indeed sublime Will) and I do feel for those right at the back with no video screens to see it closer. He played and made me so very happy. Still want to hear Temple of The King live again and Stone Cold and Eyes of the World too, along with many more. So I hope he is happy enough to do more dates next year and I will buy a Ticket and the follow up dvd and cd releases and do so, as in another 20 years time, It wont be happening again 🙂

  45. 45
    man in black says:

    The Birmingham show was recorded as a bootleg. However after viewing it I can confirm that it’s probably better quality and more professional than the two German shows put together.


  46. 46
    Rock Voorne says:

    Gilmour is still amazing indeed.

  47. 47
    Ian Southall says:

    I feel compelled to add a comment having read a fair few of the views on here. There are several points we all need to remember. Ritchie ain’t getting any younger, I’m also certain he was hampered by his recovering finger op. Having seen the live show in B’ham, I came home and played some of his ’90’s YouTube clips and the difference is VERY noticeable. I’m glad I saw the Gig but I’ll hold more dear the memories of shows of the past. I prefer him now with Candice and the guys… He’s far more at home in this environment!

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