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A 48 minute edit of this year Deep Purple’s appearance at the Montreux Jazz Festival apparently has been shown on the Swiss channel TSR2. The complete show will be released on DVD and blue-ray on November 7 via Eagle Rock. Meanwhile, here’s a preview:

Thanks to coolman7171 for uploading the video and to Daniel Bengtsson for bringing it to your attention.

76 Comments to “Montreux’2011”:

  1. 1
    Lajos says:

    I hope that i´m not the only one who miss Ritchie
    I think I have a beer,and play “Machine Head” instead.
    The name “Deep Purple” means something completely different to me, than this.

    ps.This tour is called “DP with orchestra”.What will be the next?
    “Deep Purple without the orchestra?” 😉

  2. 2
    Masse444 says:

    Was thinking about getting this one, or maybe passing…. Seems like they all give their best, this makes me more likely buying it tough.. Thanks!

  3. 3
    micke says:

    You can clearly see that the crowd is not there in Hard lovin man, but I love it!!

  4. 4
    Roberto says:

    Now the fourth dvd recorded in switzerland…I’m going to hate that venue…considering they play all over the world, in wonderful places and to much bigger crowds, this is odd…They should have published the Verona gig…oh, I know it will come out next autmun so we will have two dvd from the same tour…very clever choice…

    anyway Ian Paice is still the greatest rock drummer ever…three seconds are enough for him…: 2:37-2:40

  5. 5
    mike says:

    fucking great on my A list band on fire can’t wate for the usa release

  6. 6
    Tommy H. says:

    After watching this cutout I have to say:

    All in all it’s a strong performance. I really love “Hard Lovin’ Man”, it totally works. To point it out Gillan really did his best, I think he was on fire. He put a passion and joy into his singing I didn’t hear for years. On the other hand his singing sounded and looked like a gigantic struggle, a lot more than on the “Montreux 2006” DVD. You can hear that another five years went by. On some spots I thought he’s about to loose his strenght to carry on. It must have been on the edge most of the time. But it’s touching when a singer gives everything he’s got and for that I wished him the voice he had back in the 70ies. Paice played really fine, some fills blew me away. Airey also played in a league of his own, better than on the “Montreux 2006” DVD. But I still think that he should play less notes especially on the Hammond organ because it tends to be nothing more than a lot of noise when playing fast all the time. The performances of Morse and Glover are very comparable to the Montreux 2006 show to my ears. The new “double guitar” effect sounded nice on “Hard Lovin’ Man”, but was a bit too much during solos of other songs. I liked the orchestra a lot. I think it pushed the band to play even better.

    I’m waiting for the DVD release, definitley a fine concert!

  7. 7
    stoffer says:

    @1 Quite possibly the most ridiculous statement on here in a LONG time!

  8. 8
    Made in England says:

    Why they never performed HLM back in the 70’s is a mystery to me… Even now it comes over as hard and fast as Speed King ever did. However as good as it sounds to this day there’s still a weak link in their performance. The problem is though that without the weak link it just would not be Deep Purple.

  9. 9
    Macgregor says:

    The only rock band who has worked successfully with an orchestra in the modern era, is Yes, on their symphonic tour of 2001! Their music is classical in it’s context & unless the music the rock band is playing is that way inclined, forget it! The orchestra needs to move in & out of the music at the required times it is needed to & also embellish the music as much as it can. This concert just doesn’t work at all with an orchestra, period! Why is the orchestra there at all, the songs are rock songs without any need for any failed attempt at dragging an orchestra into it. Watch Yes’ Symphonic concert filmed in the Netherlands in 2001, that is how it is done chaps!
    That Metallica concert with an orchestra years back, was also a lost cause, actually it was embarrassing in my book, their music was never going to work with an orchestra! Deep Purple’s (Jon Lord’s) Concert for Group & Orchestra in 1969 worked superbly well! Not this!

  10. 10
    eiricd says:

    looks very promising imo!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. 11
    Bo says:

    Lajos #1#:
    You are so right. Purple without Blackmore and Lord are NOT the real Deep Purple. Adding Gillan not singing as he did in the golden days. It’s difficult. I know that Steve have been in Purple for more years than Blackmore, BUT the funny/sad/strange thing is that he also have played more Blackmore songs than Blackmore. Why? A concert is 80% Blackmore tunes.
    No it’s not like it once was, BUT I still LOVE Deep Purple. They still play on a level FAR FAR higher than most others. I only want a ROCK album next time. I’m sure they can make HARD ROCK – but do they want to?
    The same with Blackmore – he can still play ROCK – but will he one day do it again?
    And Lord – I pray that he will be fine and back with his great music.

    Look forward to Purple in Denmark later this year. The DVD I must have. Like all the others 🙂

  12. 12
    buttocks says:

    happy days are here again. Come on people lighten up, Purple or no Deep Purple is still Deepest Purple.

  13. 13
    Bo says:

    Have to add:
    Wow – Steve Morse hit the rock sound in Smoke on The Water. Suuuper!!!
    Something wrong with sound/picture ???

  14. 14
    Drdp says:

    SUPERB!!!!!!!!!! Can not wait for the official DVD

  15. 15
    Gillanfan says:

    I was dissapointed when i heard the news that Montreux show was a part of this brainless orchestral tour… I was hoping to hear (and see) first ever official live performance of Hard Lovin’ Man as normal five piece band with a gong ! Instead we got 20 classical snobs who hate rock music screwing up Purple classics including my fav. Hard Lovin’ Man !

    I saw them last year in november in Germany. It was that tour where they played H.L. Man for the fist time, and i was more than satisfied with that performance, not like this crap

  16. 16
    Peter says:

    @Lajos – which year does we have? Mr. RB left this band nearly twenty years ago and makes music like “Heino”-Medleys with old german crap-songs. you must trink 20 beers to listen to such a crap.


  17. 17
    beanietorme says:

    I think this is amazing esp. Hard lovin man can’t wait to see it at the MEN in November!

  18. 18
    Héctor says:

    I like so much this performance. Obviously all DP fans miss RB & JL, but today (since many years) this line up give us the best that they have. And it’s too much. Can’t wait seven days to see them on stage at Luna Park !!!

  19. 19
    tony lind says:

    What a bunch of old people you are. I experienced DP in 1968 when they were “Rundabout” and they have evolved beatifully through warious members and how can you say all these stupid statements. There can only be one Lord and one Blackmore, and the newer members have taken the baton the best as anyone can do. Just enjoyes and listen to beatiful music. Nobody except Morse and that keyboard player could take the job and succed. !!!

  20. 20
    MacGregor says:

    @ 7 – Stoffer, bollocks, there are plenty who agree, Lajos is someone who states his opinion on what he hears, as so many others do!
    @16 – Peter – whatever do you think are the old German crap songs ??????
    What is this Purple era then? Relying heavily on the old standards from the past, that we hear time & time again……but without the magic…..enough said………..

  21. 21
    Tony Harris says:

    Brilliant…..absolutely brilliant……loved the way that members of the orchestra really “got into it”

  22. 22
    Purplemaniac76 says:

    Remember when Jon Lord said : “Ian Gillan is going to tour until he’s 146 years old…”. He was absolutely right! Ian’s singing is a total shame… Once he was a giant… now he became a parody of himself, disagree anyone? No matter how tight the band is, they don’t have a singer IMO. Sorry to say that… Adding the orchestra did no better, the horn section in Hard Lovin’ Man is like… I don’t know… Kerry King doing a guest solo on a Whitney Houston album. The same pointless effect… One good thing: the band plays great, as usual. But this is certainly not enough for me. It’s DEEP PURPLE for God’s sake!!!

  23. 23
    George says:

    here’s a fan-made teaser of the Montreux’11 concert


  24. 24
    dave_wallis says:

    I think they keep up to their (Mk8’s) usual standard on that one, though it is still imo a level below Mk7 with JL. Just songs played fast and with a lot of energy, but something’s missing. They sound as any rock band these days, and they should sound as DP. Shame. But I’m glad we can at least have this. Still, the orchestra is pointless. It doesn’t give any new dimension to any song except to “Perfect Strangers” which originally had that orchestral feel to it.

  25. 25
    Roberto says:

    @22 “parody of himself”: that’s right if you look for an highlander…considering his age, smoking, drinking and 40 years of screaming he is not so bad…but he was able to scream well untill just very few years ago (and that was a miracle)…
    Now if you listen just not to high vocals note but even to the tone, expression and low and midlle vocal notes, you will understand that the only parody is to judge his singing like a shame…

  26. 26
    stoffer says:

    macgregor @20 bollocks to you too (I assume its a greeting of sorts ;)……) Lajos is entitled to his stated opinion and I am too, I saw them this past summer and judging by the crowd the “magic” was still there…………………… like Lajos I love beer, love Machine Head and also like Blackmore but that doesn’t mean this era sucks!! If you are tired of hearing DP songs “time and time again” then why listen? and judging by the posts here you may be outnumbered, if you are strictly an MKII fan thats great, but no need to bash this era, they will never sound like that again these guys are in their 60’s afterall, just enjoy all the MK’s and RB’s current style if you wish
    Cheers and bollocks 🙂

  27. 27
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:

    @7, Stoffer wrote:

    @1 Quite possibly the most ridiculous statement on here in a LONG time!

    Well now Stof, you can add @9, 15, and 22. I am amazed at how these guys continually hang around a fan site that they seem to hate. The usual suspects with the usual comments. 4 out of 24. That is the average dissatisfied commenter here whom wastes their time where they are unhappy. How lame is one’s life that they surf the internet in search of crap to bitch about. Surely there is a fan site you can locate with a band you like. “YES????”

    As I entered in a prior posting, “Stoffer, you hit it on the head, short sweet and to the point, with a lot less words than I could do it.”

    Anybody whom claims to be a Purple fan that doesn’t see the validity of this concert or enjoy the performance should truly stop wasting their time here and just ‘Walk On’…..


  28. 28
    Mike says:

    I really like it and I wish I seen it at the time.
    Steve is doing really great and the band is really tight.

    Hard Loving man is awesome.
    Thank you Deep Purple for 44 years of great music.

  29. 29
    Tommy H. says:

    In my opinion the only task left to the orchestra is to make everything bigger and to me it succeeds. The changes in terms of arrangement aren’t that big so far I can say but add, as Glover already stated, another dimension to the songs we know all too well. Some of you find it pointless to have the orchestra around because of its relevance for Deep Purple’s usual set of songs. I think you are judging from a very different point of view. The orchestra isn’t there to add something which is kind of missing when the five guys are playing, although there’re songs like “Perfect Strangers” or “Rapture Of The Deep” which fit to that thought. Playing very neo classical pieces like Yes with an orchestra is a whole different approach and fits a lot better because of their musical style in the first place. The intention of “Deep Purple with orchestra” is different to that.

  30. 30
    Joanna says:

    Thanks! Nice to see it.

  31. 31
    Black Sheep says:

    @dave_wallis – It’s obviously all about opinions but I’d be inclined to say that you don’t have a particularly refined ear for music based on what you’ve written.

  32. 32
    Woodruff P Hoppinstopp says:

    Power to the Purple We saw this tour in June at Bethel N Y Woodstock site. Peace and Love. We saw Blackmores Night in May Great shows both bands. Long live R.R

  33. 33
    deep lavender says:

    I like it! Breathes new life into some old classics! If you like the old classics just as they were, turn on any classic rock radio station in America & listen to the same ol’ songs. I’m glad they picked up Steve & Don and gave us new music these last 17 years. Oh, and Steve, I’m diggin’ the shades!

  34. 34
    sjc says:

    I was at the Montreux show this year (travelling from the UK specially for the show) and could find little to fault it except for the lack of material from the Steve Morse era albums.

    For me the unexpected highlight was the guitar/violin duel between Steve Morse and the conductor at the end of Lazy.

    Regarding the frequency of Deep Purple DVDs from Montreux, most shows at the Montreux Jazz Festival are recorded and filmed these days since the facilities are built into the auditorium so there is little point in not recoding the shows.

    You will find that there are now a lot of DVDs/CDs from Montreux since they are also going back through the archives; a 1980 recording of Rockpile has just been (or is about to be) released.

    At the end of the day there is no compulsion for you to buy the DVD.

  35. 35
    MatsB says:

    @7 Stoffer, I could not agree with you more;-)
    @20 and others, let´s just face it, the days when TMIB and Jon were in purple are gone. You are free to listen to the music these gents are playing now. (sincerely hoping Jon will recover….) The fact is though, the only thing omnipresent and always around is: Change…. I was a mere ten years old when first listening to Highway Star. (and of course a bunch of other MKII songs) I immediately fell in love with it, I still consider it one of the best rock songs I have ever experienced, for some simple reasons. (many songs have “better this, better that etc…” )Now we have some forty years later. I have changed a lot since then, the song still stands up well, I think. Does that make me dislike or even disrespect the musicians that Steve Morse and Don Airey are? I don´t think so. On the contrary, them playing this song at a gig fills me with rejoice, hearing it live again, and fills me with respect, for their ability of putting aside their ego´s and doing good legacy great justice. (yes, I do want to see/hear a new album, with the fresh spirit of purpendicular, damn soon….) Some voices blames Steve Morse for not playing only material he has written himself. Everyone´s entitled to an opinion, and that´s what these are, opinions. Mine is (opinion that is;-) that the fact that he does this tells a great deal about him not only as a musician, but as a person. To me, that´s a compliment to him and a display of strength, not a point of blame I would put upon him. Just my very personal opinion though, I happen to not feel a lot of respect for people with huge ego´s;-) Just my couple of cents, nothing more, nothing less…

  36. 36
    Kjell says:

    This is so sad, and even releasing this heartbreaking performance on DVD makes me even more sad. Gillan’s voice is gone (as Ian Anderson’s from Jethro Tull), but still they keep on going… ??!!!!
    A song like ‘Hard Lovin’ Man’ is ruined by Big Ian as he can’t get around the beat anymore. A song they should have done in 84/85. That would be great 🙂
    Furthermore, even on ‘Highway Star’ as an opener, we get to know what’s in store for the evening… I’s just plain sad to see a band that I’ve been a great fan of since 1971 fall to pieces because of a ‘once great’ performer not willing to call it ‘a day’ before he ruins the legacy of ‘the greatest rock band’ of all time..!!

    I’ll rest my case…

  37. 37
    Colin M says:

    For the 40 years I have been attending Purple concerts they have done it all,IMO the best band ever, so why shouldnt they tour with an orchestra, the orchestra seem to be totally into it. Those harping back to the Mk 2 glory days get over it, we all get old. If you dont like it stay away, I certainly will be there to see it. Yes it would be great to see them again with Blackmore but Morse is also a genius on the guitar. Go and see the best rock tunes ever played by some of the best musicians ever.
    Special thoughts to Jon Lord in his recent illness, we prey he will be back soon.

  38. 38
    al says:

    Like Ive been saying all along,if i want to hear the orchestra i could go to a classic concert.They re trying to revive the sound and the band,but it’s pointless.I love Ian Gillan but he cannot sing song like Highway Star anymore,it’s too much for him.The band should concentrate and put some more effort on the studio with less touring. I understand the nature of the business,and i know they re not making any money anymore with studio albums,but cmon this is Deep Purple were talking about ( or whatever is left of them).

  39. 39
    jim says:

    Well I’m going to see them in november 26 2011 in Glasgow for the 3rd time with this line up… I’ve also seen them once during the house of blue light tour and before that twice on the the burn tour….. but I would’ve still loved to have seen them during Gillans first era and the Mark one line up…Looking at this Vid the band sounds great ………by the way the highway star intro for flawless and hard loving mans guitar solo GREAT just GREAT

  40. 40
    MacGregor says:

    It seems that there are a few people here who think they have a right to their opinion, but anyone else who doesn’t have an opinion that is similar to theirs, has no right at all in stating their personal opinion?
    People will express their personal opinion if they wish to, & as long as it it within reason, will continue to do so! Get used to, or you should be by now!
    Apologies to the moderator, as this is a day off work for me & I feel like wasting some of my time, again!

    Stoffer @ 20 – [macgregor @20 bollocks to you too (I assume its a greeting of sorts ;)……)] You can assume what you like! [Lajos is entitled to his stated opinion and I am too,] That is correct, no one said you were not entitled to your opinion!
    [I saw them this past summer and judging by the crowd the “magic” was still there…………………… like Lajos I love beer, love Machine Head and also like Blackmore but that doesn’t mean this era sucks!!] Some people just don’t like it, so what!
    [If you are tired of hearing DP songs “time and time again” then why listen?] Anyone who is interested in certain types of music & or musicians, sometimes has a listen as to what they are doing. Well some people don’t listen at all & simply write off something for what ever reason. I always listen to see if I like it, hoping I will, but I shouldn’t expect anything & just listen to it. This has been happening for a long time, if people like or dislike or whatever, so be it! As to the hearing DP songs time & time again, I doubt that. [and judging by the posts here you may be outnumbered,] Ok, so that is what this is all about is it? Not! [if you are strictly an MKII fan thats great,] No, I never said that. [but no need to bash this era,] I don’t bash this era, again merely stating an opinion, if certain people cannot handle that, so be it! [ they will never sound like that again these guys are in their 60’s afterall, just enjoy all the MK’s and RB’s current style if you wish] No one is saying this era of Purple should sound like 1971 or what ever era pleases them the most! Some people just don’t think it sounds like it is ‘happening’ that is all! Most eras of Purple I do enjoy. There is certain music from all era’s that I don’t enjoy at times! Like most people I would imagine. I am starting to feel out numbered here, help!
    [Cheers and bollocks] Fair thee well!

    Tracey Zero Hero @27
    [@7, Stoffer wrote:
    @1 Quite possibly the most ridiculous statement on here in a LONG time!]

    [Well now Stof, you can add @9, 15, and 22. I am amazed at how these guys continually hang around a fan site that they seem to hate]. Continually hang around a fan site they seem to hate? We all hate it guys, anyone who doesn’t have the same opinion as others here, hates this fan site! I hate it, really I do! Hate, what a word! [ The usual suspects with the usual comments. 4 out of 24. That is the average dissatisfied commenter here whom wastes their time where they are unhappy.]
    I am starting to feel out numbered again! Suspects? Are we criminal it seems, well in someones eyes I guess we are! Wastes their time? Well, that is implying that anyone here who states their opinion, wastes their time! And I mean anyone posting here! According to Tracey, we are wasting our time folks! As to the unhappy comment, who is actually unhappy?
    [How lame is one’s life that they surf the internet in search of crap to bitch about. Surely there is a fan site you can locate with a band you like. “YES????”] Yes, I don’t agree with what is happening with that band (Yes) at present either, I had better get on over there & waste my time, hating it & start bitching etc. Indeed we all live a lame life Tracey, wasting our time surfing the internet for crap, I note the ‘crap’ word Tracey used! To bitch about it? Bitch about it, hmmmmmmmmmm! Still trying to get my head around that one! That is the old personal opinion again folks, better not have an opinion, well at least if it is similar to certain people here, we should be ok? Shouldn’t we?

    [As I entered in a prior posting, “Stoffer, you hit it on the head, short sweet and to the point, with a lot less words than I could do it.”] Correct!

    [Anybody whom claims to be a Purple fan that doesn’t see the validity of this concert or enjoy the performance should truly stop wasting their time here and just ‘Walk On’…..] Claiming to be a Purple fan? Here we go again, Tracey telling us what we should be doing folks, I prostate myself before thee……………..not……………. Who should walk on?

    [Cheers] Yes, Cheers, everyone! Apologies to the moderator again, I am full of hate & love bitching & wasting my time!

  41. 41
    daviep79 says:

    I turned 50 Years old today. This band has been part of my life for 42 of them. Everybody wishes Ritchie & Jon was still in the band ! But, I have grown to embrace Steve & Don into this group. They are true professionals for playing up to the standards that were set before them. I have to admit that Mk III was my favorite, but I enjoy all the versions of this great band! Why they are not in the Rock & Roll hall of fame is beyond me! I just enjoy the fact that they are still out there playing almost every night! I still crank up the volume when I hear DP on the radio or tube!! Get well soon Jon!! Hopin for a Mk III reunion!! LOL!!!

  42. 42
    stoffer says:

    Well said Tracy……thanks for havin’ my back..ha..ha

  43. 43
    Lajos says:

    @16 @ 27
    Hi all……it´s me (again).I understand your reactions,but what i was trying to say is that:
    1.Deep Purple without RB ,(and JL) couldn´t never be the same again.(all gree here?)
    2.@16 I never said that i follow Blackmor today.The first two BN records was great,and after that i completely lost the intersest in Blackmore.The difference between Blackmore and Purple is that Ritchie plays what he loves,and Purple play what they have to.(80% of the set is from Blackmore´s era)Quite a few of you guys says that Gillans voice is gone,and i have to ask you again:”what is wrong with taking a beer and listening to Machine Head,instead of this Alternate Purple?”All of you diehards have seen the videoclip from ´72,when Gillan clearly stated that he was tired off lack off variation in the live set like “opening with H.Star” …etc .etc.What is DP still opening in 2011 with?
    Think about it…
    I´ll have another beer now and get an overdose of “In Rock”
    Having said that,i can concluse this messsage that hardly anyone can compeat with this great musicians,but the Purple spark is gone.
    Love you all!!!!!

  44. 44
    jim says:

    sorry i put the word FOR instead of the word WAS before flawless about the highway star intro being flawless

  45. 45
    Ted The Mechanic says:

    Lajos @ 42,

    Wake up and go back to sleep….



  46. 46
    stoffer says:

    @40………WOW!!!………..BEST rant since purple priest in his heyday.. 🙂

    p.s. not to anyone in particular (lest someone be offended) but when people post that the current DP plays mostly Blackmore material….I was under the impression there were 5 band members that shared the writing…hmmmm..time for one of those beers

    Cheers and no bollocks

  47. 47
    Xavier Gomez says:

    ~ i agree with Lajos. its a pain to see deep purple go through the motions without Lord and Blackmore. that creativity, chemistry and seriousness of being deep purple is now a shadow with band trying to be deep purple, a very poor standard version of it, playing unimaginative boring and sub-standard solos. i can’t imagine if the next album will be bananas and cherry cream.

  48. 48
    Reinder Dijkhuis says:

    I love this! It’s true that Ian Gillan’s voice isn’t what it was, but he is the most charismatic front man DP have ever had. And I love what they’ve done with the orchestrations. Mostly it just adds body to the existing arrangements, but where they stick out, they remind me of the big, meaty orchestral arrangements on old disco records, which were always the best thing about those records.

    (And before anyone comes in saying that that’s not really a compliment: yes, yes it is, and I’m completely serious and sincere about this. Those orchestral parts are fantastic.)

  49. 49
    dave smith says:

    Seeing as the Uk shows look like being sellouts (including the O2) there obviously IS an interest in seeing the band with an orchestra!!

  50. 50
    Paul Jacklin says:


    I hope you are right about the sell-out – especially O2 as I’m going – and there certainly is interest from me and the 6 people coming with me (all, except me, will be seeing DP for first time)

    What information do you base this sell out on? I’m fairly sure the Wikipedia entry on this Tour is at least partially wrong as it says that the LG Arena sold out within a week ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deep_Purple:_The_Songs_That_Built_Rock_Tour) when in fact there are still plenty of tickets left 6 months after they first went on sale (https://www.theticketfactory.com/default/online/seatSelect.asp)

    It is true that TicketMaster only currently indicates that there are 128 seats available for the O2 but I think they release new ones in dribs and drabs and I’ve not seen any original tickets on sale for the upper tier yet.

  51. 51
    Hristo says:

    …yes, to all Gillan’s ‘critics’ here – You have to raise up and make a bow! Any other statements are shame! As for the next hero, who you kindly forgot, David Co. is in his worse shape ever… but what?

    Both makes great concerts and i personally enjoy it …so if you don’t like – don’t buy!

  52. 52
    olivier says:

    Great perf, i’ll buy the dvd.

    I like the way they bring in the orchestra, more as a nice touch, like the soul records of the 70s before the synth stuff made everything so cold.

    And for those who said gillian can’t hit the original notes : hey, it’s not your random prog metal band, it’s purple, it’s rock-n-roll, you don’t juge a performance by how close they were to the studio record !

  53. 53
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:

    Well said Olivier…..


  54. 54
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:

    Olivier @52,

    Though I stated ‘well said’, who is Gillian??? ‘Glover’? I thought you were talking about Purple…..

    Just messin’ with ya. I still dig your point..


  55. 55
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Some more to rave about : )


  56. 56
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:

    Holy Chair, Purple Chair, Holy Priest, Purple Priest, 1932, 1972, 1992, 2011……you have trulu fallen off your rocker…..

    Cheers Sybil

  57. 57
    holy priest says:

    Yeah, good one too : )

  58. 58
    Holy Priest says:

    In the year 65, 65……..
    We all……were alive….

  59. 59
    Matt Ferro says:

    You must embrace all that is Purple!

    Classic bands get older and want to try things that expand their sound and vary their experience. Even Paicey is trying a new beat to the Highway Star intro just to give him a change…of paice (ha ha)… So enjoy! You can’t expect the same sound when the band’s members change…but just as with MK III and even IV there’s something uniquely Purple afoot. Even the Man in Black is off with the faeries, and you know what? It’s Awesome too!

    Bravo to the band, to Steve Morse….who ROCKS, to all of them working together to take what we all know and love and give it back to us as something NEW yet still familiar….but with surprises around every corner. I can’t wait to buy the DVD.

  60. 60
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:

    I was just 9 years old then…..

    Amazing, 3 years later I heard ‘Hush’ on the radio for the first time and was a Purple fan from then on…..


  61. 61
    Larry R. Toering says:

    I heard Hush on the radio too, in fact about an hour ago. 🙂 Been a Purple fan for a whole hour now… have I missed anything yet? lol!

    A necessary comment?
    @40 -[Cheers] Yes, Cheers, everyone! Apologies to the moderator again, I am full of hate & love bitching & wasting my time!

    How’s that going for ya? I hope it didn’t burn to include that, it would be a waste of pain.

    @59 – Finaly something positive that isn’t unrealistic…. line up, this guy can put any price he wishes for lessons in Purple life. I vote to put him in charge!

  62. 62
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:


    Something I’ve stated many times in the past…..BRAVO and may we be rewarded with another addition to the Purple Albums early in 2012. Isn’t looking too positive after reading Gillan’s latest interview though. If it does happen, it will be different again I’m sure from the others. That is a Good thing and what makes this band so great.


  63. 63
    Scott says:

    At least they sound better here than they did at Casino Rama June 3rd. Gillan`s voice is pretty much gone. But I`d still rather have him fronting the band than anyone else.

  64. 64
    Sami says:

    @ 40 MacGregor: I admire your stamina & agree with you

    wholeheartedly, some people seem to take all this way too seriously, now

    that’s a waste of good time and energy!! Take care

  65. 65
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:


    To state that Gillan’s voice is just about gone is miles from the truth or reality. Seen them many times including this year during, the summer in Chicago and he is singing quite well. It is old news that he has lost the extreme highs of the upper register so to continue to refer to that is mute. He does an outstanding job working around that and that the consummate professional in him that allows him to belt out the tunes, manipulating through the rough spots. Too much emphasis is put on wanting album hit notes Forget it. Ain’t gonna happen on some parts. Aside from that, his voice sounds remarkable and I too don’t want to see anybody else in there. So we agree on that at least. My only complaint about Gillan is that he won’t allow for any songs to be played from any of the other line-up live. There are so many great songs being ignored due to this. So in that respect, that would be my only contention regarding Gillan leaving, At least whoever took over would most likely sing ALL era material. That is my only true frustration with Purple along with lack of an album.

    On that note, it has been announced that Black Sabbath are reuniting with Ozzy Osbourne and a new album will be produced followed by a world tour in 2012. Though I am glad that a new album will be offered from BS, I am not that excited regarding Ozzy being back. He is like Gillan in the sense of doing only OZZY era songs live. Ozzy won’t do any DIO, Hughes, Martin, or Gillan tunes. Would love to hear his take on “Heaven and Hell”, “No Stranger to Love”, “Zero the Hero”, or “Headless Cross”. But at least they are doing an album thereby it won’t be the same old Original Sabbath greatest hits setlist as has been offered in their shows at the Ozzfests over and over.


  66. 66
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I side with you with most of your post, Tracy.

    To me it’s like this : parts of it he should not do. PERIOD. Wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to annoying.
    Apart from that, considering his age and klife style he delivers many moments which are very good IMHO, I should say.
    And although his voice has lost a lot his authentic voice still shines through.

    Dont think he could deliver BURN or that OZZY is able to do justice to many other classics recorde by Dio, Martin and so on.

    But I agree there must be plenty which should be possible.
    I d love to hear Place In Line, Anthem, Bird Has Flown, for example.

    And why not do 1 or 2 S and M tracks…..

    I m completely oppopsed to continue the horrible parts in SKOW.
    I DONT NEED HIM TO SCREAM. Its painful and spoils the general reception.

    I dont think after all these years he ll change his attitude towards many things. s, so…….

    My last experience with Sabbath unfortunately was 1996.
    I had to be dragged away from the stage because of the warzone there.

    1992 and 1994 were excellent shows with Dio and Martin.

    They wont make as much money as with OZZY, but I prefer Tony Martin.
    Maybe I ll try again to attend a show with my aging bones and hopefully I can add a another great studioalbum, who knows.

    Btw, I wonder why it will take so much time to release the album.
    Werent they able to do that quicker, I say.

    OZZY did look very good at the press conference, did he add extra hair to his head, I ask myself.

  67. 67
    Purple Tickler says:

    Have seen the band 3 times in Denmark in 3 years, and have certainly not been disapointed. The current line up works extremely well. Kicking myself, as the next venue in Horsens is sold out – bummer !

  68. 68
    Guillermo - Heavyrock says:

    More Purple live material from this era, I went to the two Purple shows in Mexico City this year, what a experience!!! November 7th? I must go to the store and look for it

    I have to say that I really love all the MKII era, what a deluxe lineup, and I would like more official material from them… But I wont live from the past, and Morse is an excellent member, for being in this lineup I met him and became my favorite guitar player (just before John Petrucci, another big fan from him), and Don Airey is also a beast with the keys, I think he was the member with the most crowd ovation, during his solo moment in Mexico shows! Wow!

    The only sad thing for this dvd is a new release with no new album, Steve said in a Guitar World Fan Questions section that the part that he doesn’t agree with the music business is the contracts for making tours, but the band hasn’t had the opportunity to record.

    Just some minutes before my mother woke me up today for forgetting to schedule my alarm, I was dreaming with Ted The Mechanic song, and I brought my Purpendicular album to the office, listening now.

  69. 69
    Henrik says:

    – does anyone know if you can download this dvd from an official store?

  70. 70
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I gave it a listen and I must say that I felt emberassed/annoyed/angry and, I must admit it,laughing my ass off(…) again because of the singing.

    On the instrumental side it must have been “enjoyable” (I do transcend my usual dislike for certain “things”now : )but the vocals in too many places I find horrible.

    How does one have the nerve to sell something like that?!

    What bothers me is that I noticed that Ian had better days during this tour.

    So, again, DP releases product from the wrong evening?


  71. 71
    scott w. says:

    Must say i agree with #70. I put it on and was looking forward to “Hard Lovin’ man”, and found myself embarassed for IG… I watched half the show and put it away. Maybe i can summon the strength to finish watching it soon. I am afraid i may not get through the whole show. sad but true…. I hate feeling that way about my favorite artists believe me!

  72. 72
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Btw, I forgot to say maybe I did not WATCH it.
    Perhaps that would be even more painful.

  73. 73
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:

    After waiting this long and still not coming across this DVD to purchase, I finally decided to watch this edited version. All I can state here is that those of you whom are so blatantly critical to the point that you can’t enjoy this performance have made it oh so clear just how insignificant your views are here. I found this snapshot of the performance to be awe inspiring and truly refreshing. Ian Gillan has mastered his vocals to slam through those songs by manipulating the areas that he obviously can’t quite hit anymore in a way that it totally works and he should be given kudos for that, not slammed. The rest of the band is also cranking and Don Airey moving to the forefront is FANTASTIC!! He has taken the spot over completely and by all means is every bit no longer filling the shoe but instead, jumped into a pair of boots and wearing them well. His Boots. Again, they though they have obviously played these songs many times throughout the years, these are once again different renditions and takes on each one. From the intros, into the body, and at the end, different expressions from what was played in past tours. The Orchestra is a fantastic enhancement to this set list. I believe this was the idea behind this set list. Yeah, it has been around for a while but this ensemble gives it a whole different delivery and it makes it quite refreshing. I do believe that once they drop the Orchestra, they will also change the set list quite a bit. Especially if there is a new album to promote.

    I’ll state it again…Kudos Mr. Gillan for being 66 and still able to Rock Out with the best of them. This DVD is a testament to just how incredible his voice was and still is. And it also documents the rest of the band as to their prowess. Watching this really does provoke one to think they could actually go on another 10 years. Unfortunately, at this age the next 10 to mount quickly and that would be a total pipe dream, but at this present time, they truly are absolutely awe inspiring….each and every one of them, culminating in what to this day is still and by far, the Greatest Rock Band Around.
    Thankyou Deep Purple for carrying on this long, and giving us so many amazing performances to witness, attend, and remember.


  74. 74
    scott says:

    Off the subject but as i do not know where else to post it….? The ‘Metal Evolution” documentary Pt. 3 episode ‘ British Early Metal'(?) will be on VH1 on Dec.3. The first episode had a Lord interview and DP Speed King from the Vickie Leandros TV show 1970. I think this 3rd episode will be a must see, with more Purple People featured you can be sure! The commercial for this episode shows ritchie/purple no less than 5 times! Sabbath as well. Check it out if you can as this documentary is quite well done.

  75. 75
    scott says:

    #73 You have not come across the dvd to purchase?! where do you live? At least with my ‘insignificant view’ i at least support the band by purchasing it. Give us a break and keep the band going for another 10 years and buy it. Then, if you love it, great… It is easy for long time faithful fans to forgive shortcomings of our fave artists because we have grown up thru the various aspects of their careers and have seen the greatness. Just try playing this DVD to a casual rock fan and the first thing they will say will be: ‘What happened to the guy who sang SOTW,HWY * and WFT?” Then, you can tell this person it is actually the same guy and they will probably think you’re lying or that maybe it WAS just a bad night.

  76. 76
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:

    scott @75….

    I have been supporting this band financially for almost 40 years, thankyou very much. I have purchased every record, video, DVD this band and the spin-offs have put out. Dude, you have no idea how much Purple and related stuff I have purchased. Been to too many concerts to count. I will obviously purchase this DVD when I come across it and yes I am pulling for them to be around another 10 years….not likely though. As for Gillan not being the same as from 1973??? DUH!! Who is? Are you?


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