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“…We’re a country and western band.”

The year was 1984, the spring was in the air, the video machines were all the rage, and Deep Purple were celebrating their reunion with a red carpet press conference in New York City. The banjo player stayed in his dungeon though. Or something 😉

Thanks to komodoman for uploading the video and to Daniel Bengtsson for reporting it.

29 Comments to ““…We’re a country and western band.””:

  1. 1
    ratbat says:

    Awesome video aaaaah perfect strangers i would like more of that!

  2. 2
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Name me one time Ritchie attended such a thing, sheesh! I see some things take forever to make the rounds before winding up here, where they should be seen first if anywhere on this stinking info super highway. But I was glad to see this surface when it did, my old tape was losing the soundtrack.

  3. 3
    HZ says:

    Ah! Reunion 🙂

  4. 4
    HZ says:

    Maybe Ritchie doesn’t have anything to say on these occasions… He’s just like that, really not camera guy, and a little bit… I don’t know why should people feel bad about it. Even though, he really never spoke to much to the press or reporters or people like that, it’s weird 🙂 still his fan-base is as strong as ever. Today I spoke to 20 year old salesman in music shop, and he took guitar and started Lazy, saying Blackmore is the king 🙂

  5. 5
    MrPtheDPfan says:

    Cool . Don’t think I ever saw this .Thanks

  6. 6
    NWO says:

    Cool video. I saw this back in the day, I think. It is a bit of a blur but I am pretty sure this is one of those VJ guys from Much Music here in Canada. Now that I watched the end I see it was the New Music Show. This show was around before Music Video channels here in Toronto and sort of died when they came around. As soon as I started watching this it looked familiar.
    Great era of concerts. I saw Gillan with Sabbath and even though the show was awesome , everyone wanted a Deep Purple reunion. I always remeber RB as a loner type and he never did interviews or PR stuff.

  7. 7
    stoffer says:

    I had never seen this before, but then again I’m not an “official collector” therefore not a real DP fan!
    But anyway MY MY how times have changed, it used to be the US was the place to launch such BIG NEWS, now
    “not so much”.
    Thanks for the video, Cheers

  8. 8
    T says:

    In my job, I also am expected to attend a multitude of distractions that amount to nothing more than Kaffeeklatsch where you end up just standing around doing nothing. It amounts to less than a bit of PR and way more than a total waste of time. I don’t attend, and as a result, have acquired a similar reputation.

    It is easy to criticize Blackmore for his absence, but it is also easy to understand why he chooses to opt out.

    That’s his business.

  9. 9
    Edwards Coletta says:

    Reportedly (acc. to IG) Ritchie was at the vet with his cat then, hence his absence 😉

  10. 10
    Rascal says:

    Those were the days…………….so long ago

    No Blackmore??? A man of such creative flare hasnt time for all this crap!…………….No…..he’s probably sulking somewhere.

    Was he really needed for any of the reunion???

  11. 11
    Drdp says:

    Interestingly at the press conference in NYC ( 1:42 mark) there are 5 people at the head table so TMIB was at least there for that! Maybe he didn’t like this “far Out” & “bitchin” guy. Still a great find from (DEAR GOD) 25 years ago!!

  12. 12
    kraatzy says:

    Hy guys,

    at 4:12-15 isn´t Ritchie Blackmore isn´t it ???

    I think, it must be his younger brother called “hugh” 😉
    (this one who couldn´t play guitar) 😉

    Greeting from old germany

    > kraatzy <


  13. 13
    Made in England says:

    I always find it….. strange, that Deep Purple – at least “DP(O)Ltd” founded a label with the logo “the open ear”. In other words “without prejudice” (my interpretation) and yet the individual members of the band continued – and still do to this day – to show extreme musical prejudice. In this example JL’s derogatory remarks about the Culture Club. Now I understand that this music is not everybody’s taste but why is it necessary to trample on other people’s musical preferences/tastes in order to wave your own flag. The point could have been made without the put down and would have had more impact without it. Instead of thinking how right JL is about the lyrics of UtG I find myself wondering why he – of all men – has such musical prejudice…

    Nice video though. I always find these 80’s vids a little hard to watch though. Nothing worse than someone trying to define why their music is good…

  14. 14
    Andrés says:

    I can’t stand all those ungrateful bastards that refer to Ritchie as the “banjo player” (including IG). If you’re so big fans of the band, you must respect Ritchie Blackmore for the genious he is. And you should be proud of it.(If you don’t like BN, doesn’t matter. It’s about MUSIC). He was the main builder of DP’s legend and if we still have the band after all these years, playing the classics over and over is because of his legacy. So be mature and wake up. The day we won’t have him anymore between us, we´re gonna miss his talent so much. There’s no other RB. So stop wasting your time on stupid rancor and enjoy the man in black while he is still active. Be grateful. Be positive. Long live rock’n’roll. Long live Deep Purple. Long live good music. Long live Ritchie Blackmore

  15. 15
    Rascal says:

    @14 Exactly………………….Banjo Player aint the correct term for a man of RB abilities!

    Isnt he actually a ‘Mandolin’ player or is it ‘Lute’?

    Although if pushed I bet he can play a mean tune on the banjo!

  16. 16
    stoffer says:

    Andres @ 14, Well said I might add “Long Live” (in our minds) ALL who has played with Deep Purple
    they are all part of this tremendous legacy that we should enjoy every time we hear it.

  17. 17
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I do remember Culture Clubs frontman, what was his name again?….Oh yeah Boy George……Whats ina name????!!!!, saying….

    I hate Deep Purple

    It was during the introduction of the reunion.

    I do not know what preceded what.
    Maybe Lord felt irritated by this clown?
    Or do you think it was the other way around?

    I dont think DP musicians are full or musical prejudice, on the contrary!

    Glover loving reggae, Talking Heads, Philip Glass

    Blackmore loving Bach, ABBA
    Kurt Cobain , Tommy Bolin and The Dixie Dregs he even gave the thumbs up! IMHO and perception it must have been irony.

    Lord said he like to play The Village People, for crying out loud!

    Paice plays with whoever wants to play with him. Its not only the cash which prompts him, I think.

    Gillan did like all kinds of shit incl that Pump Up The Volume song and even sang rap with Ray Slijngaard on a disc full of crap versions of SOTW.
    Singing for Dutch Alan Parsons Projects wannabees Bolland and Bolland and even doing narration on their disc about Darwin….
    Listening to his solo outings one cannot say he has a one dimensional taste.

    Its just a grasp.

    There must be many more examples.

    I agree with Andres.

    Without Ritchie there would not be a Deep Purple TODAY.

    The reunion WITH Steve???!!!

    Yeah, ofcourse.


  18. 18
    HZ says:

    Well, I know, RB isn’t basic part of DP legacy… OK, hands up, Smoooooke on the waaaateeeeer!! 1972-2010 over and over again… If he’s not “the pillar” then even I can fit and play everything from In Rock to Stormbringer, so we don’t need nobody for any kind of reunion, we can jam up and be DP legacy. Come on…

  19. 19
    Andrés says:

    stoffer says:

    “Andres @ 14, Well said I might add “Long Live” (in our minds) ALL who has played with Deep Purple
    they are all part of this tremendous legacy that we should enjoy every time we hear it.”

    Amen brother.

  20. 20
    AndreA says:

    Nowdays RB probably is lost on some part of his imaginary castles…but who is searching for him?

  21. 21
    HZ says:

    Well, probably his biggest fan, the guy that persistently playing his riffs..

  22. 22
    Moreblack says:

    Ritchie Blackmore was the boss then.bosses use not to appear in such events.

  23. 23
    AndreA says:

    a boss is not a friend and does not belong to good people..

  24. 24
    Dawg says:

    Hey Priest. Don’t state the obvious, state the fortunate. If it weren’t for Steve we would be listening to The Battle Rages On for the last 17 years and thinking what a jerk Ritchie is for not drinking the cup of water instead of depositing it on the camera lens. What would you do if you couldn’t bitch about tights and mandolins? Time to move on don’t you think?

  25. 25
    Bill The Wizard says:

    Hadn’t been around for awhile, my my-you all have been busy haven’t you! I’ve been reading a few posts here and there, and noticed a few things. As for Whitesnake working on new material, that’s great news as GTBB was a great CD, we need a follow up, with this lineup, they work quite well together! Beach and Aldrich work great together. I wish DC would include some more Blues based tunes that feature his lower register as well example The River Song, superb blues hard rock, Maybe they could rework it or better yet, just include it live! Really no need to Rework it. Also in another blog. I agree also that they shouldn’t put Blackmore into just the Banjo player category! Quite an underestimation of his talent, But I do love the current Purple lineup, Steve came at a great time for DP, his excitement and intensity surely helped, and his guitar tone works great with that big Hammond sound! I was listening to Made In Japan-Made In Europe the last few weeks, and just loved Blackmores intensity in thost live records, You Fool No One is just amazing, Made in Europe was so underestimated! It’s a very good CD! Blackmore was on Fire then. I hope DP does get into the studio soon, also wish that Martin Birch would return to twist a knob or Two! He’s a great producer!anyway, have a drink or 2 on me or with me cheers BP

  26. 26
    Bill The Wizard says:

    #19 Eloquently said, doesn’t that one quote, basically sum it all up in a nutshell? If not, It Should! Whenever I do a random CD mix, It’s always got somebody from (the family), as I fondly put one of my stamps on it! It is after all The Deep Purple family tree, even if some of the gentlemen doesn’t even speak to one another! And quite a Legacy it is, even Slaves & Masters has it’s moments, Fortuneteller-Breakfeast in Bed-King of Dreams is not Bad, and the one that wasn’t released Slow Down Sister is pretty good. Cheers BP

  27. 27
    Crimson Ghost says:


    Are you putting words in BG’s mouth, or did he really say “I hate Deep Purple?” Now that would be much more entertaining than Lord speaking the truth. For some odd reason I’d rather see/hear that with a straight look on his/her face! @13, maybe that just was the case, one struck, the other reciprocated? Or perhaps it was just one of those few chances to tell the world how you feel about something you recently agreed to set ot to make a long overdue difference at.

    Music in general wasn’t at an all-time high prior to the year they came back. I noticed Ritchie doing it too, saying he’s tired of all the ‘Police’ music going around and its time to re-intro some class.(his words) I like the Police, but Culture Club annoyed me, mostly because so many took to it but let go the next day, as soon as he fell… this kind of flavor of the week stuff just isn’t worth much of a compliment. Paice did it as well too, saying at the time in London all music was nothing but a fashion show. In this light I’d say it was justifiable for a couple of reasons, one you have to admit music wasn’t exactly boiling hot at the time, and two its good press to be snobbish concerning the musical landscape when you’re on a comeback, so actually, being honest about how you feel is where its at.

  28. 28
    purplepriest1965 says:

    In never make things or quotes up, so…..
    Why are my quotes being questioned again and again?

    I just repeat things I read in magazines which were, IMO, unquestionable.

    But ofcourse, if they made something up its very hard to validate…Espescially because the Purps themselves seem to show an inclination to bend the truth, make up things or just try to trigger the interviewer.

    After so many years and dynamics it becomes very difficult to shed right from wrong.

    Its like opinions on here.
    They seem debatable, but in essence its very hard to justify.

  29. 29
    Roy says:

    Mr. Blackmore is brilliant. He always made a mock of journalists and the music business. Music is not meant to be taken seriously and he always kept that in mind.

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