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Hampton: Deep Purple’s perfect record continues. I’ve never been disappointed with a Deep Purple show and I’m glad to say this tour is no exception.

The opening act was The Gary Hoey Band. A very good band indeed. Three excellent musicians who were a blast to see and hear. They played a great version of Hocus Pocus they got the crowd fired up.

The Casino is an odd venue, a little rough around the edges but I like it. It sort of adds to the hard edged rock n roll flavor of the show.

As for Purple I saw them in Boston and in NH. I have to say NH was the better of the two shows even though they skipped playing “Battle” Ian’s voice was stronger and he seemed to be in a really good mood, joking around with Steve and Roger.

We had great seats. It’s the closest I’ve ever been to my favorite band. The volume was a little low at first, especially Steve’s guitar. He made a couple of adjustments and then it was fantastic. To quote another famous banjo player “It was like being inside the Machine Head album” It really was!

When Don started playing the Lazy into, that awesome Hammond growl reminded me of the first time I ever heard it. Don was just fantastic through the entire show. His playing and feel for DP’s music is IMO, much improved on this tour. He’s still Don though and that comes through in his solo spot. His technical ability is second to none.

Mr. Gillan was all over the stage. It was hot and humid in the Casino but that didn’t stop him from bouncing all over the stage and screaming like a banshee. He gets help from Steve sometimes, sometimes not. It’s funny, he doesn’t shy away from trying to sing the difficult stuff. He just goes for it. The whole band does it too. They still have the hard rock attitude.

Ian Paice was GREAT! I love watching him play. His hands are still lightning quick. The one handed roll during his Hush solo spot was cool but his playing throughout the show was signature Ian Paice.

Steve and Roger were super! They were really good to the crowd too. They kneel down and let the people in the front play their guitars a bit. It’s not an act, these guys love putting on a show for a crowd that appreciates the music.

Roger is such a gentleman. When the picks were being tossed out to, one woman didn’t catch one and Roger carefully placed one in her hands. Nice guy! The Purple rhythm section was as heavy and locked in as always. It’s one of my favorite things about this band. They lay down a monster groove!

Steve went from the newer sunburst guitar to his trusty blue one and played a great version of Contact Lost and Well Dressed Guitar. When the classical feel morphs into the classical over the hard rock backing, it’s just so cool.

I could go on forever about these guys. I only wish there was a little more Morse era stuff. I think Don’t Let Go, MTV or Wrong Man would go over well. So would SIFLS or Don’t Hold Your Breath.

As for Purple, they do something few can match. For a little while, I forget about wars, violence, work, money etc. and just enjoy the moment. It’s reassuring that there are still moments in life when you can do that. Thanks Ian, Steve, Don, Roger and Ian!


Pictures of Home
Things I Never Said (Goes over very well live)
Into The Fire (Killer version of this for sure! Listen for Ian’s new lyrics ; )
Strange Kind of Woman
Rapture Of The Deep
Woman From Tokyo
Contact Lost/
Well Dressed Guitar
Knocking At Your Back Door
Lazy (Killer Hammond intro)
Keyboard solo (Amazing Don Airey)
Perfect Strangers (Best I’ve heard in a long time! Very Heavy!)
Space Truckin’ (Another highlight)
Highway Star

Smoke On The Water
Hush (With Ian Paice solo!)

Frank Fitzgerald

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