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London, Ontario: Deep Purple took the stage at about 9:30, with the excitement building as the sun set (outdoor show) and the intro tape began. The opening rolls of Pictures Of Home came on, and the long-awaited show had finally started.

Not for long though, as the front speakers completely blew, and you could hear only a faint bass sound and barely, cymbals from Paice. The sound came back after about 40 seconds, to a great applause. The song ended, and Things I Never Said began without a break-good way to kick off the show.

A good version of the song, but again, the speakers blew about halfway through the song, leaving us to hear next to nothing. The crowd was starting to get a little antsy, but the band played through the silence none the less, making it appear as though nothing was wrong.

After 30 seconds, the sound once again returned, and remained solid through the good version of a decent song. Next in the medley was Into The Fire, which came across very well.

Unfortunately, right during Gillan’s first scream, the speakers again lost power, and we lost about half of the song. After about a minute of this, Steve lightened things up as he stopped playing and made sign-language gestures for a few seconds. Got a few laughs, but most people were wondering what the problem was.

All power once again returned, but we couldn’t hear Gillan’s vocals. Turns out after a verse of missed lyrics he turned his mic on and said “Just kidding” which got more sighs than laughs, nobody really found it funny. The song ended, and the fourth song in the medley began.

Power remained on for the rest of the night. Strange Kind Of Woman sounded just awesome, Gillan was in great voice. The band then stopped finally after the song, and Gillan made a few small comments about the new album.

The band then kicked into Rapture Of The Deep, a great song, that sounded just like the studio version. Next up, “a song that was just re-added a couple of days ago” was played. It was “not about a Woman, and had nothing to do with Tokyo”, hence the que as the band kicked in to a great version of it, singing quite high and clearly at the end. I’m glad they brought this one back, it rocked.

Next up, Steve’s solo – shortened due to the festival I assume. Well Dressed Guitar was played, albeit briefly, and after he was done, Don began the Knocking At Your Back Door intro. What a version, with a new arrangement as well, bits and pieces are cut out of it, sort of killed singing along, good version.

Next up was Lazy. Great keyboard intro, but the song seemed to lack a little punch. Then was the shortened Don Airey keyboard solo, it worked much better with the crowd then the tiring lond one.

This set up a huge version of Perfect Strangers. Absolutely awesome, everyone knew the intro. Next up were the three solid crowd pleasers that everybody knew. Space Truckin’, Highway Star, and Smoke of course.

The encores were The Battle Rages On, which was a surprising choice for an encore as few people knew it, and of course Hush. Amazing show. Great song selection. Here is the setlist:

Pictures of Home
Things I Never Said
Into The Fire
Strange Kind of Woman
Rapture Of The Deep
Woman From Tokyo
Guitar solo
Well Dressed Guitar
Knocking At Your Back Door
Keyboard solo
Perfect Strangers
Space Truckin’
Highway Star
Smoke On The Water

The Battle Rages On

Ryan Clare

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