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Sizzling in Singapore

I don’t travel often on work, so it was a nice surprise when a trip to Singapore coincided with a Deep Purple concert on May 12, 2010. Of course I had to see the concert, so tickets were booked, and I managed to slip away a little early from work to catch the gents live.

I reached the venue (Singapore Indoor Stadium) at 8:10 PM (10 minutes past the scheduled start) to the strains of Highway Star. By the time I located my seat (to the right of the stage), Don was in the middle of his keyboard solo. The mix didn’t sound quite right. The keyboards and vocals seemed way too low.

The mix improved as the evening went on, and so did the performance of the band. I really need to get some sleep, but here is a quick review of the show.

Highway Star
The mix, the mix, the mix…was quite lousy, at least where I was, but the band sounded tight. The crowd was really into the song, though.

Things I Never Said
Competent job, but IMO they can drop this one for some time.

Strange Kind Of Woman
Excellent version. The mix was still an issue, with the guitars dominating way too much. Only Paicey’s drums sounded consistently good in the mix. The version was similar to DP’s earlier tours Total Abandon.

Maybe I’m A Leo
Nice version. The mix was beginning to get better now, although Don’s solo still sounded like it was played from somewhere deep down a well. Tasty drumming by Paicey.

Rapture Of The Deep
The mix finally sounded right. A great version of the song! Big Ian sounded great. How the hell does he still have the pipes after so many years on the road? Some of the crowd settled down during this song.

Scorching version, with stunning drum work by Paicey, and some great work by Don as well on the Hammond. The Hammond sounded great in the mix.

Contact Lost
Big Ian introduced Steve with, “I want to introduce you to the freshly manicured, very equatorial Steve Morse.” A lovely version of Contact Lost song followed, which blended into…

Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming
A shorter version of the song that appears on the album, and the Total Abandon tour, but it sounded great. Big Ian in fine voice.

Well Dressed Guitar
SIFLS blended into the Well Dressed Guitar. I have always liked this song live, and this was no exception. Steve clearly getting a lot of time center stage, and Paicey’s drumming during this song was also exceptional.

Mary Long
My first time hearing this song live, which was great. Not as strong as the Perhelion version though, but still thoroughly enjoyable.

Don’s short Hammond solo heralded the beginning of Lazy. Excellent version. Great vocals.

No One Came
I love this song live, and this version did not disappoint. Terrific guitar outro by Steve.

Don Airey keyboard solo
Good solo with a short snippet of Mr. Crowley’s key intro. Predictably led to…

Perfect Strangers
Tight version! Really got the crowd on its feet.

Space Truckin’
*The* song of the evening, I thought. Paicey’s drumming was stunning. Great vocals too.

Smoke On The Water
A short guitar intro by Steve led to Smoke. The crowd was on its feet throughout the song. I am not too fond of this song, but I thought that they played a good version.


Good version with a slightly longish keyboard solo.

Roger entertained the crowd with a nice bass solo, before the band burst into…

Black Night
A great version of this song, featuring a short guitar spot by Steve where he got the crowd to sing along with the guitar. Great way to end the evening – it ended much too soon!

I was seeing the band after 3.5 years, and it was good to see that they remain as tight as ever. Big Ian looks in great shape, and still has the pipes. Paicey\’s drumming continues to be a highlight of any concert. Steve is phenomenal as usual. Don and Roger look like they are enjoying themselves a 100%.

Still a great band to see live. And yes, they are *loud*.

Comment to “Sizzling in Singapore”:

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    andre sihotang says:

    Great review Mahesh..
    It’s look like I’ve been there too when following your review..
    Too pity they didn’t come to Indonesia, while Malaysia and Singapore got their amazing presents..

    The set list is as usual, but as long as they perform it tighter as if it their last concert. Still I wish they add some ‘new things’ to the set, like snippet or something from Ian or Morse’s new albums, and also from Aierey solo work (since they won’t produce new music this year). That will be fantastic and promptly the shows will be transformed into ‘tiotal’ Deep Purple Mk’8 concert..

    Loud! Loud! Loud!
    If there is any professional recording of this show, I will be bloody searching for it..

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