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Sydney: Can we have everything louder than everything else?

This was my second time seeing Deep Purple the first time I went to see Deep Purple was in May 2006 on the second night in Sydney with Status Quo during their Australian Double Trouble tour and they were good there too.

The second time was at a different place, Entertainment Center. I thought that the Hordern was a nice place but the Entertainment Center is better and more bigger.

Anyway Electric Mary opened up (whom I was new of) however they were very good and introduced themselves nicely and said at the end of the show they were going to be at the merchandise section if anyone wanted to meet them. I was about to meet them but I didn’t have enough time. Speaking of tour merchandise, I got a 2010 tour shirt, and some CDs. Don Airey’s A Light In The Sky and an Electric Mary album. I was disappointed to find out that there were no tour books for this tour but then I thought it was because they weren’t promoting a new album.

Anyway me & my mum got back in just in time to see Deep Purple come on stage. They played their intro Montauges and Capulets and then they began the show with Highway Star. Lots of people were cheering, but the audience seemed a bit tired & motionless at the beginning of the concert. At the beginning of the show the sound was a bit soft but during Fireball the sound started to get louder. When the sound got louder people started to get more into the show. When The Battle Rages On started the sound shot up to deafening level and that’s when everyone started to get up and move around more often.

They played for approx 2 hours and played 21 songs in their setlist, we got encores Hush & Black Night including a bass Solo that should have went on for longer.
it was a great show and I hope they come back to Sydney soon. My highlights were The Well Dressed Guitar, No One Came, starting the show with Highway Star, the Encores & Roger Glover’s Bass Solo. I also liked the lighting effects for this show too. There was no sing along during Smoke on the Water, only during the choruses. Sadly we didn’t get any new songs as lots of people hoped but oh well.

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