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Who do these guys think they are?!

They are Deep Purple and they know how to rock! and they do it loudly! Wow, what a show!

The set list is the same but all were played with a fiery and smokey enthusiasm that many of today’s newer bands can barely muster.

Skilled, professional and very, very loud (I think the amps went up to 11 on this one). I think the volume caused the muddy sound but that would be my only complaint.

The crowd was just as loud and as enthusiastic giving the band a prolonged ovation for Strange Kind of Woman that caught Mr. Gillan of guard. (He was getting into his intro for Rapture when he had to stop and acknowledge the standing ovation.

Excellant show. One of the best I`ve seen in a while.

Set list:
Pictures of Home
Things I Never Said
Into The Fire
Strange Kind of Woman
Rapture Of The Deep
Woman From Tokyo
Knocking At Your Back Door
Contact Lost (guitar solo)
Well Dressed Guitar
keyboard solo
Perfect Strangers
Space Truckin’
Highway Star
Smoke On The Water

The Battle Rages On

Gary Poronovich (with ears a ringin`)

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