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Formidable frictionless force

Boston: Another special Deep Purple night went down under a massive tent overlooking Boston Harbor. The venue is beautiful and the band is a frictionless force that generates smiles and sends out massive amounts of great music and good feelings.

My wife and I had the previous set list in hand, and therefore had a good idea what would be played. Before the tour dates were announced I was hoping for more Morse era songs as we get to hear no airplay of this music in America. But sitting in second row center how could I quibble with the choice of songs.

Thanks Jim for your set list and review from the Saint Louis show.

We all got to see a band that is so professional that the 14 year olds in the audience were grooving as much as the grizzled veterans.

First, Blue Oyster Cult opened up with a rocking set that got the early attendees up. Buck Dharma led a 5 or 6 song set that was well received as the audience kept rolling in during the sunset.

Due to virtually no advertising that I heard, I was afraid that the venue would be not half filled, but I was very wrong. It looked like just about a sellout by the time the first notes of Pictures of Home resounded through the huge steel-supported tent.

As reported by others, I will affirm that big Ian is looking to be at his lightest weight since I first saw him live in ’84. He does look healthy though, so I’m hoping it’s due to a healthier lifestyle which he has talked about during recent years.

All of the others looked great, Roger especially was energized (maybe because he was close to home?) I won’t repeat details of the show structure as it seems to be consistent for this summer North American tour, but I will say that the interplay and smiles between them all was indicative of a band that knows how to seamlessly perform and have some fun.
At one point Ian yelled out an aside to Bruce (Payne?) and laughed, it sounded like it was going to cost someone – maybe drinks later? Did anyone else hear it?

Another cool scene: Roger did indeed haul out the mighty Rickenbacker for Smoke – I’m enclosing a picture of this.

My final takeaway from the event? Steve threw his towel out to us. A guy in the front row and myself both caught it – he had the height and leverage so I clapped his shoulder and said “it’s yours, nice catch”. He then attempted to give me the towel and after a few – “no you keep, no you take it” he pushed it off to me as we both said simultaneously “I don’t need it”. Just another small but nice moment from a Purple show, and the joy when I found out my teenage kids thought it was really cool when I showed the trophy at home!

It is a travesty that Deep Purple is not in the Rock Hall of Fame in the U.S.!

Mike Kirwan

Check out Mike’s photos:
roger-steve-boston.jpg roger-rickenbacker-little-ian-boston.jpg roger-during-smoke-in-boston.jpg roger-in-boston.jpg steve-in-boston.jpg little-ian-at-the-kit-boston.jpg ig-sm-sharing-mike-boston.jpg big-ian-steve-don-in-boston.jpg big-ian-boston.jpg

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