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The concert experience started as my brother and I pulled in to park at the Casino Ballroom in Hampton beach. A rain shower was just ending and a rainbow was spotted over the hall. Surely a sign of special things to come that evening (insert your own Ritchie Blackmore joke).

Even though we live less than 90 minutes from Montreal we decided to avoid the three hour delays at the border coming back into the US and see DP in New Hampshire. Glad we did.

The opening act was Gary Hoey (a fellow New Englander). He provided a very high energy, 30 minute crowd pumping show. Of the 4 DP shows I’ve seen over the years, Hoey was probably the best opening act. He is just the right amount of straight up guitar rock and roll but quite a different flavor than Purple. They should consider joining together again for future tours. Man, does this guy have on-stage energy ! Gary Hoey is now on our “must see” list.

Purple’s performance was outstanding – everyone in top form. House mix was way too heavy in keyboards and vocals. Great to hear Strange Kind of Woman back in the set list. Not much else to add over what’s already been said. Morse’s guitar tribute medley was a real treat. The crowd exploded when the opening bars to Zep’s Heartbreaker came out.

Already looking forward to the next tour,

Joe Tymecki

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