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Above and Beyond Excellence

Deep Purple live at SAP Arena (Mannheim, Germany 2013-11-02)

Powerful from start to finish with sweet humour from all the lads, Mr G. cracking puns and rabbiting funny stuff.
FRIENDS: they are NOT old, but older – ie even more experienced
They were ALL outstanding virtuosos … as were the crowd ( – and I reckon the top performance from the Peter team got us in a great mood B4 DP commenced. Peter was touchingly friendly with us).
Don is always brill. but he absolutely excelled himself. Dear Jon, who lives on in recordings, and Don, who when playing the Jon material delivers energy and honour, are A+++ with trademarks.
Ian was on the good ol’ form and there was a love affair with the crowd even better than usual (similar in Stuttgart). He was kind and conversational. Lets just put Regensburg down to his Mum’s departure to the beyond. (condolencies again Ian – hope Bruce relayed our message to you).

Hope they are back round here soon.

And a mention that personally I really like the SAP Arena acoustics – eg rich bass.

P, S. to Tracy: save ya pennies and come to Europe next time. The UK tours are even tighter with less than 40 miles between dates sometimes (eg in1996). The concerts are even funnier there cos the more of the crowd understand the fooling around

review by Roger

15 Comments to “Above and Beyond Excellence”:

  1. 1
    Lutz says:

    I have also been to the show in Mannheim. All I can say: a great concert from a great band! Just awesome! The slogan on IG’s t-shirt tells it all: “Too late to die young!”

  2. 2
    Al says:

    Cannot. Wait. For. Them. To. Tour. Canada. Next. Year

  3. 3
    Tracy(Zero the Hero)Heyder says:


    Great to read that all is well in Purple-ville. I had no doubt. As for the U.K., I actually was there in 1996 for our Honeymoon for 10 days. They were actually playing around that time there, but not while we were there. Saw some signs posted on various light poles advertising. Would have been awesome to catch them there. I’m banking on them to show here in 2014. If I do decide ton head that way, will definitely look you up.


  4. 4
    Roger says:

    Dear Tracy,

    04.04.2014 Sunflower Jam, Royal Albert Hall, London.
    “Its only a blink between t.o. & landing … so … Come on (wo)man fill ya boots”
    I’ll bring mum (86) .. dad died of the big C 25 yrs ago. WE respect.
    i’d put my cell here if the editors allow it (?) … (or other idea?)
    If ya cant find me I’ll be backstage early afternoon,
    (flares and sideburns going on forever ; – ))

    AND compatriats worldwide – lets make it a sell out (and donate on top) – in honour of our hero but more importantly now to support the suffering.


    Luv from Kaisheim/Donauwoerth

  5. 5
    Tracy(Zero the Hero)Heyder says:

    Rog, you drive a hard bargain. Doubt it will happen but, one never knows. As stated elsewhere, traveling funds are dismal as of now. Depends on that and of course, 2014 Purple Tour. Pray with me Rog that they tour America.


  6. 6
    Roger says:

    Trace, then if not i cum to ami ville. ok? (assuming ur super strict customs allow me)
    – see – meee – fly – (as the song goes)
    We will sing the whole set together. ok?
    Nevertheless the sunflower jam is mega important and we somehow get to Jungfraujoch on 05.04.14

  7. 7
    Tracy(Zero the Hero)Heyder says:

    You come here and I will put you up I our guest house……


  8. 8
    just_me says:

    i think, it was not that good, that concert. Big Ian was off stage almost half the time and the others tried to fill in for him, with probably 25.000 guitarsolos and 10.000 organsolos. You could see, that the age and the touring wants their tribute; also, the setlist was not very convincing. I don’t care about vincent price, i would have loved to hear that all the time in the world, am also missing Sometimes I feel like screaming and others. They did their 90 minutes stint, including encores, i would have loved to have a longer concert. Last year in Stuttgart they were better; they were near brilliant in Rome 2009 and the best performance has been 1999 in Dortmund, when they did the Concerto for Group and Orchestra live, with a total of around 3hrs.

    We all get older, unfortunately, them as well.

    PS: They are all outstanding musicians, no doubt, but this time it hasn’t been value for money.

  9. 9
    Tracy(Zero the Hero)Heyder says:

    @8…. “Just_me” fits perfectly,

    Me, me me….. As with any contributor here, one could point out all that is preferred by themselves as you obviously did here. Thanks for sharing your personal desires and yearnings regarding this amazing band of musicians as you put it. On that note regarding your complaint about Gillan being absent so much which contributed to ‘too many solos’ from the band….. Sounds like Deep Purple of OLD to me….. The Band is supposed to play their ass off. That is what made and continues to be DEEP PURPLE!

    Sorry bro but, you might want to look into another band more to your liking….. Something more predictable.


  10. 10
    purplepriest1965 says:

    @ 8

    1999 probably was 2000.

    I saw both Royal Albert hall shows in sepember 1999 and the the show got a tour-edition in 2000.

    From that also resulted , oh surprise, the release recorded in Rotterdam, which I also saw. No, I dont make it up.

  11. 11
    just_me says:

    @ 9

    Well, i have seen literally dozens of shows from them; and that one in Mannheim was not one of the good ones. I’ve seen a couple of them, which didn’t even come up to low standards like the one in Karlsruhe in 2004 i think it was, interestingly enough, the next one a couple of days later in Bonn was near brilliant.

    One has to accept, that the guys, and not only THIS guys, can’t perform every gig perfect. On the other hand, it was not only me, thinking so. I spoke to some of the others, they shared my view.

    @ 10 Maybe it has been in 2000 not in 99, i do not insist on that point.

    My point is: Their performance in Stuttgart (as i also heard) and in Mannheim didn’t come up to the expectations. Perhaps there were better gigs on that leg of the tour, but i’ve been only in Mannheim.

    Of course i will buy tickets for the next show, hoping to see a better gig, although we all get a year older, probably till then. 😉

    To put it straight: Big Ian is the Frontman of Deep Purple, and a frontman has to be, well, in the front.

  12. 12
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Talking about Me , me , me and me and me and me…………

    Tracy gets a lot of exposure lately.

    Stabbing and licking at the same time, sex and violence at the same time.

    Frustrated about something? 🙂

  13. 13
    Tracy(Zero the Hero)Heyder says:

    No stabbing or licking. Just telling it like it is….’keepin’ it real’. Sex and violence? Isn’t that Rock & Roll? Frustrated? Obviously. You can read can’t you? Some folks……


  14. 14
    Roger says:

    Ladies, gentlemen and others (as David once addressed),
    lets pls all just calm down. Cum on folks we all luv DP regardless of our subj, opinions of one or the other show. We r all people – machines r not so creative. I’ll bet I luv Rat Bat Blue but sum of yas dont. And sum of yas luv SOTW which is far from my fave. No problemo,
    laisse faire. OK? DP r still the alpha, and will always b so. Salut.
    P. S. @ Trace – like the guest house ploy: davidpreston24@gmail.com and pls do tell me more

  15. 15
    Scott W says:

    Jon Lord Addressed The Band Introduction during the MK III days. I am assuming the beginning of you’re post is quoting the ‘Live in London’ Recording…David’s Deep voiced: THANK YOU! always cracks me up!

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