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Deep Purple live at Donau Arena (Regensburg, Germany 2013-10-25)

With positive but nevertheless mixed feelings I remiss on the performance.
Frampton+co was good and funny. But Peter: ‘mit Euch’ nicht ‘mit Ihnen’ (chuckle!). We’re all united, ain’t we?
Was Gill(i?!)an quite with it til Strange Kinda … (ie 5 th)?!
It got better and better with marvellous solos, impro. and exchange. I-An (as the Ds call him) went on to do new and interesting interpretations of his works – different, unexpected, but refreshing. Despite other reviews and rumours, Ian can still MORE than deliver – like a time served craftsman with an ever adapting style of his own.
Riffs from You Fool No One and Goin Down. Ian in 2 ‘Smokings’ (Cream then Black with dickie) …… hmmmnnn … different. (gell?!)
All very well nit together, great lights, honourable and decent homage to JON, harmonie and FUN. (oh, yes, and a lil bi a rock n roll)
P. S. well done to Rob (from Notts/Dorset!?!) and Team for somehow mastering those acoustics. Wot a bluudy challenge!
So hope to be in Stuggi on 31.10
Luv, Roger

review by Roger

15 Comments to “Craftsmen”:

  1. 1
    Milan says:

    Ah well, to get the very little negative out of the way, Big Ian could be soooo much better if he warmed up before the shows. This way it always takes him a good five songs to be in full form. After that he was mostly fine.
    And he really shouldnt try so hard on the In Rock songs (Into The Fire he gave up the first verse after a few words entirely), the new songs were great though.

    Vincent Price he seemed to deliberatly sing lower and it was quite ballsy to open with a new song (Aprez Vous) and it probably was my first DP Concert where they did not play Highway Star (though they teased with the intro before Black Night a bit).

    The band however, what can I say? Tighter than ever, Roger Glover was having so much fun leaving the stage long after everyone else,

    Paiceys glowing LED sticks where a nice surprise (as was the optical assault in general, they really put on a nice show this time) and Steve Morse stuck pretty close to Blackmore style at least on the songs he hasn´t been playing for decades (like Hard Loving Man or The Mule which were introduced only a few years ago).

    The star of the show now really is Don Airey, he stands in the middle of the stage and the organ is really really loud in the mix and he gets a lot to do (and like all of the band with their extended instrumental passages giving Big Ian a good rest).
    Setlist was the same as the previous gigs, with 5 new songs and one of them as an opener it was a really nice mix of the old and new.

    Perfect Strangers is probably the best song for this lineup to play, its meant to be played tightly and they do play it tight, they really master this one, probably my favourite of the evening along with the new songs.

    It seemed quite surreal to see four of them again in the exact same place where I saw them the first time 14 years ago (back then with Jon Lord on his final orchestra-less tour of germany), boy so much water under the bridge! Still they delivered and if they come back in 14 years again and still play as good as that I´ll be there again!

  2. 2
    Chris says:

    I would agree with Craftsmen when he says “mixed feelings” regarding the Regensburg gig. The band was great, but the vocalist weak.

    Gillan hobbled on to stage, his left foot in a medical boot. I don’t know if something was broken or twisted. His singing started off badly, and only got marginally better during the gig. Regarding his singing: (1) he came in late, (2) left words out, (3) chopped long notes short, (4) sometimes octaved down, (5) was occasionally a bit out of tune, although I think this could have been a monitoring issue (6) his voice was generally lacking in power, and he sounded like an old man. Don Airey tried to cover Ian’s high note shortcomings with keyboard.

    To give him the benefit of the doubt: (1) I imagine he was on strong painkillers. (2) He IS an old man, now, and some of the songs are extremely demanding, and we can’t expect him to hit the high ones like he used to. I saw Gillan in his prime many times as a teenager over 30 years ago so this gig really was a shock.

    What I found really disconcerting was Gillan kept hobbling off stage, and hid behind a little drape they had erected. Perhaps he needed to sit down, his foot was clearly giving him a lot of gip.

    I was also disappointed there really wasn’t any rapport with the audience, e.g. bit of chat, an anecdote about the old days and joke here and there. There was just about nothing, except a few comments after the last encore. I just felt he didn’t want be there and in all fairness with his foot, he probably didn’t!

    On the positive side: (1) The band was clock on (2) The new album is super (3) Peter Frampton was excellent.

  3. 3
    Stefanie Leonhardt says:

    Ian Gillan is one of the greatest and strongest singers in our world. He gives us all a lot of his power and he may have days, where he can not be so strong as it is always expected. He is a human and not a machine. I wish him a lot of strength.
    Stefanie Leonhardt

  4. 4
    Roger says:

    Milan, Chris and the rest of our family,
    apparantly Ian’s mum died a couple of days ago. Big Condolencies. It must make Above and Beyond now even more emotional for Ian. I don’t think I could sing it with losing 2 close People. Deepest respect, dear Ian.

    On a completely different note, do I detect a sort of English speaking German fan base in (South) Germany? U 2 have a much better standard than other reviews (which of course I have all respect for when someone leaves their mothertongue). Nobody’s Perfect even the Silver Tongued (sorry, couldn’t resist that).

  5. 5
    Christof says:

    I’ve also been to the Regensburg gig and I have to agree with Chris on quite some points.
    Although I was positively surprised by Gillan’s voice (he was not hoarse and did hit even some of the high notes), his stage presence was very weak.
    In Into the Fire he had a complete blackout where he suddenly stopped singing and apparently was completely absent minded (I stood in the sixth row so I could see his expression very well). Afterwards he himself shook his head about that in obvious disbelief. I started fearing about him at this point. However, as a real pro he continued with the concert.
    However, what did really affect the show as a whole was him hardly being on stage but hiding behind Ian’s drumset most of the time – probably to recover. When he came back to the mic, one could see that his face was really strained. So it’s likely that his leg / foot really did give him a lot of discomfort. As a consequence, the band didn’t have a real frontman so the crowd remained a bit reserved; the spark between band and crowd was igniting only on a few occasions.
    The rest of the band delivered a solid show.
    However, apart from the eternal discussion about Ian’s voice (which here really was ok for me), I noticed over the last years (not just this time) that he really seems to suffer some health problems. His facial expression hardly changes at all; when he moves he always seems to be very tense. I fear that there is really going on something else with him. Hope I’m wrong!

    Concerning Peter Frampton: his bass player was Stan Sheldon – Tommy Bolin’s old mate. So at least I could see an old friend of Tommy on stage :-).

  6. 6
    Tracy(Zero the Hero)Heyder says:

    ‘Onward Christian Soldier’….even under duress, the show must go on.

    I realize this is a review of a particular show and I expect folks to describe what was experienced, but taking these issues to such a doom and gloom level is to say the least, remarkable. There have been many shows played since the album release and 99% have been described as incredible. Especially Ian’s voice. All singers have bad days. In Gillan’s case, from what was stated he obviously is experiencing some difficulty due to a leg ailment, probable medication side effects and then dealing with the passing of his mum. The voice is an instrument, but not a mechanical one. It’s a delicate form that depends on the human body to support and drive it which means there are many intrusions possible which affect its quality. Plus the combination of performing as the front man is effected by frame of mind and emotional surroundings. Ian is a Pro and does his best all the time. He is human and as with any mortal human being can be subjected to all things around us. Not to mention his age. I’d say he does one hell of a job overall and I do expect a stumble here and there. Hell, he has always had better nights than others. Even in his prime. When one pushes himself to the limit as he set his baseline towards, it’s easy to under perform comparatively from night to night.

    So, would you have preferred they canceled the show? Maybe he should have pulled a Blackmore moment and walked off the stage due to having a bad day. I’d say he is a stalwart consummate performer whom hung in there even though his body and mind were begging him to quit. As the line says in the song ‘All the time in the World’….. “I may be slow, but I never quit”. Someday unfortunately he will call it quits. After reading the above criticism, from one night’s off kilter performance I think I would. But he won’t. He’s a pro.


  7. 7
    Juri Renko says:

    It was much the same in Berlin. Perhaps being the third show in a row, the effects on IG’s voice were to be expected. Not so much an issue with the voice, he still more than delivered when he sang “within himself”, what was more noticiable was his lack of connection with the crowd. He hardly spoke, and has been mentioned spent a lot of time back stage. Who know’s what he was suffering with his foot/leg, and if he was in pain or discomfort then respect to him for carrying on and still delivering a damn good show.

    The rest of the band were totally on fire, some really great moments and playing from all concerned. Apres Vous does not totally convince as an opener, but apart from that an excellent set which went down very well in Berlin.

    Ater being a fan or 30 years, and not having seen them since 2006, I was somewhat aprehensive beforehand. Need not have worried – they are still great and hopefully it was not the last time I get to see them.


  8. 8
    Roger says:

    Hi Tracy, r u reading my appraisal or referring to the comments? Its an appraisal as objective as pos. but not a critisism – well not negatively anyway. And this even though I have loved DP and all its incarnations for over 40 yrs (as i was a kid). Merely comments on my observation and experience on that night. In the first instance i didnt take background info into account.
    What is ‘Blackmore’?!?

  9. 9
    MacGregor says:

    It is a bit of a worry this Ian Gillan thing. As Tracy says, lead vocalists do it hard at times & that is in reference to their voice. To have a leg injury & to lose his mother recently is stress in itself! No doubt they would have thought about possible postponement of some of the concerts?
    I remember back in 1996 & Jethro Tull ‘honoured’ an Oz tour when Ian Anderson had had a recent knee operation because of an injury. He flew out here from Britian to soon after the surgery & did one gig in a wheel chair in Sydney & collapsed after the show & was rushed to hospital with DVT. He nearly died as a result & is now an advocate for the prevention & awareness of DVT.

    I see The Who have announced 2015 as their final year touring. Roger Daltrey has looked after himself like no other rock lead vocalist, but by then he will be 70. It all catches up with the human body after a while, if they all can go out on a high that would be good! Cheers.

  10. 10
    Claus says:

    A report about the concert in Düsseldorf:


  11. 11
    Tracy(Zero the Hero)Heyder says:

    Hello Roger,

    No my remarks weren’t aimed at your review but towards the remarks that followed….. You kept it to the point of the show. The Doomsdayers took it into the negative opinion level as though that gig represents the norm, which based on the previous reviews of prior shows confirmed the opposite.


  12. 12
    Roger says:

    Thanks Tracy, you confirm my opinion of your high level (which I never really doubted).
    My presence in LB (Paicey at 16:00) and Stuggi tomoro is confirmed and i will post a review soon after. I will try to be as objective as pos for a devout thru n thru DP fan.
    C U soon maybe, Roger (with the weird beard and bespoke flared jeans)
    P. S, Wot duz !Ch-BeerZ? mean?

  13. 13
    Tracy(Zero the Hero)Heyder says:

    Gee Roger, you truly are blessed to be in a country where Purple is willing to tour. You are able to see them multiple times on this tour and I am praying they eventually come to the US while they are still playing the new tunes (hopefully more by then). Looking forward to reading of your experience.


    p.s.; It’s just my quirky way of signing off. Combo of Cheers and Beers along with the addition of !? in reference to Now What.

  14. 14
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Hey Tracy

    Still no news on USA dates?
    Isnt it about time you deliver and buy at least one ticket across the ocean?

    Would be tragic if they dont come to America and you ll be sorry to experience so.

    Almost nonalcoholic woodsnake from Rotterdam..


  15. 15
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:

    I am becoming a little worried you may be correct PP….

    Praying for something in 2014. Can’t afford the trip over there at the moment. Might have to start a Purple Piggy Bank….


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