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Tour edition update

Now what?! gold edition cover art; image courtesy of EdelEdel has released an updated tracklist for the Now what?! tour edition. The second CD (a.k.a. Live Tapes) portion is now:

  1. Strange Kind Of Woman
  2. Hard Loving Man
  3. Vincent Price
  4. Contact Lost
  5. All The Time in The World
  6. No One Came
  7. Bodyline
  8. Perfect Strangers
  9. Above And Beyond
  10. Lazy
  11. Black Night
  12. Smoke On The Water

Live tracks were recorded in Rome on July 22, Milan on July 21, Gävle on August 10, and Aalborg on August 9 this year.

The double album will be released November 29 in continental Europe, December 2 in the UK, and some time in 2014 in the US. It will have a price “which is lower than the usual price for any new stand-alone live release”. There also will be a double vinyl edition and digital, with the latter available both bundled with the studio album or as a standalone live release.

Thanks to BraveWords for the info.

9 Comments to “Tour edition update”:

  1. 1
    Jim Murphy says:

    Having watched them in Manchester on the 12th Oct I look forward to it but a full show on Blu-Ray would be more appreciated(not another Montreux show though), more shows from reunion and early Morse era would also be appreciated, still waiting for the Wacken concert in 3D to appear, at least I have my first Xmas present!

  2. 2
    Dave says:

    I hate those cut and paste live album. How can you start a show with Strange Kind of Woman??????

  3. 3
    Drdp says:

    Am I correct in saying that Apres Vous & Hell To Pay are the other 2 songs from Now What?! performed live not included here?!

  4. 4
    thunderhawk says:


    You forgot Uncommon Man which is also played live and isn’t included on this live release, a shame that 3 of these extremely well performed songs aren’t included on this tour edition release, not enough new songs for me on this release to buy the live album.
    A big mistake from Edel records in my opinion.


  5. 5
    T says:

    I wouldn’t mind the “cut-and-paste” approach if the running order included a proper set opener, followed by the best versions of as many of the new songs as possible, followed by an encore or two to properly close the disc. Between-song banter should be preserved as much as possible to create the illusion of a real concert. “More of the same” should be kept to a minimum for a “tour edition”.

  6. 6
    Reinder Dijkhuis says:

    An album or DVD/Blu-Ray that resembles a real concert from the Now What tour will undoubtedly follow (not including the Wacken disc, which is a concert from the summer tour). This is just a filler release (and also based on the summer tour) where they use the most appropriate cuts that are available from a limited number of gigs. Just stick it in Shuffle and enjoy.

  7. 7
    Drdp says:

    #4. You are correct Sir. Thanks.

  8. 8
    John Derry says:

    Does anyone know what the Now What?! box set available to pre-order from Amazon.co.uk includes?

  9. 9
    SF01 says:

    So USA will have different bonus disc?
    Bankrupcy for myself…
    Such actions really, really discourages me to buy this album…

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