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A new single and a tour edition

Deep Purple 2013

[Updated with tracklist and artwork] The record company has announced that the new single from Now what?! will be Above and Beyond, to be released on October 25 in Europe (28th in UK) as

  • 7” purple vinyl (B-side: Space Truckin’ recorded live in Majano, Italy, on July 24, 2013);
  • CD single with bonus tracks Things I’ve Never Said (studio), Space Truckin’ and Hush (both live in Rome, Italy, July 22, 2013).

Cover of the single was designed by an unnamed (so far) “young artist from Brighton” who has won the competition.

Above and Beyond single cover art; image courtesy of Edel Records

There wasn’t really a brief as such, just a size and resolution and some information about the song; and researching other Deep Purple album art revealed an eclectic mix at best, with no overall style or direction from which to take influence. So basically, I’ve created something I like, in the style that has been much loved when used for my Broken Parachute album art (see my other deviations).

It’s based synaesthetically on the music itself, the feel of the sound of Deep Purple, and also on the lyrics of the song and the circumstances of its creation (read about that here), which speak of hope carried on the waves of loss.

Or something like that, anyway. It’s purple, and that’s good enough in itself, surely?

Prints of the cover art are available for sale via DeviantArt.

In other news, a tour edition of Now what?! will be released on November 8 29 (Europe) and November 11 December 2 (UK). It will be a double CD, the first disc will contain the “regular studio album” (whatever that means), while the second one will be subtitled The NOW What?! Live Tapes and will contain 70 minutes of live material recorded this summer in Italy, Germany and Sweden — live versions of the three ?! singles, plus selection of other songs. The “three singles” presumably are All the Time in the World, Vincent Price, and either Hell to Pay or Above and Beyond.

Also, according to the record company, the album has sold “in excess of a quarter of a million copies”.

Update: online retailer JPC.de has full tracklist. The first CD will include both It’ll Be Me and First Sign Of Madness. The double album is fairly reasonably priced at €15.

Disc 1 — studio album

  1. A Simple Song
  2. Weirdistan
  3. Out Of Hand
  4. Hell To Pay
  5. Body Line
  6. Above And Beyond
  7. Blood From A Stone
  8. Uncommon Man
  9. Apres Vous
  10. All The Time In The World
  11. Vincent Price
  12. It’ll Be Me
  13. First Sign Of Madness

Disc 2 — Live Tapes

updated tracklist

  1. Fireball
  2. Into The Fire
  3. Hard Lovin’ Man
  4. Vincent Price
  5. Strange Kind Of Woman
  6. Body Line
  7. Above And Beyond
  8. Perfect Strangers
  9. All The Time In The World
  10. Hush
  11. Black Night
  12. Smoke On The Water

Thanks to Classic Rock and dirie for the info, and to Lutz for the new release date.

30 Comments to “A new single and a tour edition”:

  1. 1
    Jakub Bizon Michalski says:

    releasing touring edition a couple of months after the regular one? again? that’s lame, sorry. ca$hing-in on fans…

  2. 2
    Stephen Dunne says:

    I have a great idea , lets release it after they have played 9 dates of the European tour , at least it will be available for the last 6. We can leave a big space on the merchandising tables for it , but not have any to sell to the concert going public who may like a copy , but don’t actually know of it’s release……Great thinking eh ?

  3. 3
    Andy Worthington says:

    How about a tour where they play us more than a couple of the new tracks. It’s a great album but looking at the current set list they are still hanging on to the old material
    It’s not fair on Steve or Don, they are crowd pleasers and deserve to play more of their material

  4. 4
    SF01 says:

    They would do better if they reelased a double live album, I only hope thet this bonus disc will have the Space Trucckin from the 7″, and if it’s have the tracks from the CD single I won’t have to buy even the CD version, but I’m still angry that I will have to pay double for the album I already have…

    And they shouldn’t release the tracks from ROTD, because this is easily available on ebay, I even got the TWO digipak editions cheaply and one of the is still sealed, and there are plenty jewelcase editions available, they should release more live material.

  5. 5
    dirie says:

    CD2 consists of the following tracks:

    1 Fireball
    2 Into The Fire
    3 Hard Lovin’ Man
    4 Vincent Price
    5 Strange Kind Of Woman
    6 Body Line
    7 Above And Beyond
    8 Perfect Strangers
    9 All The Time In The World
    10 Hush
    11 Black Night
    12 Smoke On The Water

    CD1 includes “First Signs Of Madness”.


  6. 6
    LRT says:

    Not sure why some would even buy this, but it has nothing to do with the content on it. Not even a very interesting release of a very interesting release. I will wait for feedback before laying down for this.

  7. 7
    eiricd says:

    live tracks from the new album and selected classics NOT recorded in Montreux? I’ll have one 🙂

  8. 8
    Reinder Dijkhuis says:

    I’ll be happy to buy this. It’s an inexpensive release that showcases the 2013 band with three new songs in their early state of live development, and as for it being another edition of Now What?!, there was no other way we were going to get a 2013 live album so soon; not with the studio album only in the shops for six months, the proper European tour just under way and another DP live album from Eagle Rock on the release schedule. Worth EUR 15, as far as I’m concerned, and I can always sell or give away my Deluxe edition.

  9. 9
    Thunderhawk says:

    If they would play more than just 3 songs from the new album live, i would consider buying it.
    Take out Fireball for ”A Simple Song”, and ”Out of Hand” or ”Weirdistan” for Perfect Strangers, and Hush for, “Apre Vous”, than we talk.
    And ”All the Time in the World”, come on the play ”Ucommon Man” on the tour now, i would be far more interesting in a live cd of the tour where they play this song, than a live cd where they play ”All the time in The world”.
    Come on guys you can do better than this.

    Deep Purple – Uncommon man / Well Dressed – Colmar 13/08/2013:



  10. 10
    errol arias says:

    simply ridiculous.totally ridiculous and absurd.A “Tour edition” of Now what with the same studio album we all have and a “concert” with the only 4 songs live of an album with another wonderful tracks ( to name a few : Weiderstan,A simple song,Uncommon man,etc) … Playing always the same songs across the years…what is DP now ? A tribute band of the glory of mkii? Is a shame to see how they are wasting the magical moment of the wonderfull new album. I can’t understand… Eight years waiting for a new album.they give us after such long wait, maybe the best album in 20 years,and now they release a “tour version” that only include 4 songs of Now What and a lot of songs of 40 years ago….Please someone explain to me what is happening to this people ! Is a shame!

  11. 11
    T says:

    You can see my entries to the “Above and Beyond” contest here:


  12. 12
    dirie says:

    It seems even the vinyl edition of “Now What?!” is getting a rerelease with “It’ll Be Me” and “First Sign Of Madness” included. The new live tracks will be added via bonus CD.


  13. 13
    AhNow says:

    Man, having bought the new cd on pre-release, and the vinyl edition, I am feeling annoyed there is yet another version. Sorry, this is pushing a fan too far – I’ll never buy another release until the versions settle (assuming there ever is another new release). Somehow this news takes some of the pleasure off the glory of Now What? Yeah yeah, I know the band will say it’s not them, it’s the record company, or it’s
    ‘special priced’……bah.

  14. 14
    Reinder Dijkhuis says:

    Cool, I might get that instead. Wouldn’t be the first DP album I have multiple vinyl copies of :P’

    (I am normally frugal to the point of stinginess, but I do allow myself to collect Deep Purple stuff, up to a point.)

  15. 15
    Lutz says:

    I am going to buy it, actually I already preordered it. The reason is: this double CD costs 12.99 € at the Amazon store in Germany. It’s the same price as for the regular NW?! CD. Saying this, for me it means: 2 CD’s for the price of 1. One I allready have, the live one is going to be new. I don’t really see a problem with that kind of price policy. And I don’t think that it’s gone to be handled much different in other countries.

    Greetings from Germany, Lutz

  16. 16
    Fleece says:

    I e-mailed the Deep Purple Official site asking them to put ”Out of Hand”, ”Weirdistan” and keep “Uncommon Man” into the set list for the UK Tour and do a live Blu-Ray. That’s why I bought the new album which is fantastic. Anyone else fancy e-mailing support for these tracks live?

  17. 17
    Jack says:

    They should play A Simple Song, Weirdistain, Vincent Price and Uncommon Man, live!! They’re great songs!!! Tour Mexico a.s.a.p.!!!!

  18. 18
    errol arias says:

    Good Idea Fleece #16

    I will do the same right now !!

  19. 19
    Rob Hebenaar says:

    I can’t wait to buy this double cd! Why don’t they release a large box of bootleg series from the tour? As they did in 2000 and 2001.

  20. 20
    Peter Steiof says:

    I recently read that the actual álbum already sold about 250000 copies. congratulations.somebody has an idea about sales numbers for the previous releases?? ( just to be able to compare)

  21. 21
    rik_uk says:

    The new single would have been a nice album cover.

    I did wonder if they’d be another new album release after the….new album release.

    Can’t help thinking the ‘Gold Edition’ should have been a single ‘live’ release, i already have the new album twice. Thrice?!

  22. 22
    dirie says:

    It seems the live recordings are going to get released on vinyl, too.


  23. 23
    Bill says:

    Amazon.com.uk has posted the CDs and artwork for the Above and Beyond CD Single and the Now What?! Gold edition. It says the Gold edition is only one CD at a price of 10.20 GBP. Perhaps this will be updated to reflect the 2 CD edition as described on theHighwaystar.com.

  24. 24
    kwf says:

    Well, I’d held off on buying this up till now, so I guess I’ll bite now….

  25. 25
    Bruce says:

    Hi guys,
    let’s see it from this point of view:
    A proper live album + now what? as a bonusdisc, for only 12,99€ at Amazon.de is not that expensive to grumble about.
    SO WHAT?

  26. 26
    Lutz says:

    Hi there,

    received an email from Amazon.de today. The delivery date of “Now What?! Gold Edition” has been changed to 29 November 2013. Price is still the same.
    The Amazon.de website tells the same: date postponed, price the same.
    Just to let you know.



  27. 27
    Rajaseudun Rampe says:

    This season not only brings the Perfect Strangers Live package from Eagle Rock and the 24k Gold 4CD box set from Audio Fidelity, but also the 10CD box The Complete Albums 1970-1976 from Rhino.

    The set kicks off with the 1969 live album Concerto For Group and Orchestra and also includes In Rock (1970), Fireball (1971), Machine Head (1972), Made In Japan (1972), Who Do We Think We Are (1973), Burn (1974), Stormbringer (1974), Come Taste The Band (1975) and Made In Europe (1976).

    Expect clamshell box packaging and card sleeve wallets for the discs themselves. This set is out now for Canada, US and Germany – UK release date still to be confirmed.

  28. 28
    ao says:

    I’ll buy it!

    Now that they are adding more new songs from Now What?! to the live set list, I hope there will be more concert releases from the supporting tour(s).

  29. 29
    Rajaseudun Rampe says:

    The price 15 euros is very reasonable also for those who already bought the regular edition of Now What. We will get a new live album with several whole new songs. That is worth 12 euros, and in addition we’ll get a new studio track First Sign for a reasonable price of 3 euros. Altogether it IS quite decent.

  30. 30
    jon says:


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