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IIIIAAAUUU – Copenhagen

Having read Rasmus Heide’s review there is not so much more to say. Yes, it was great.

It seemed to me that Gillan’s voice wasn’t at the top from the start, especially in Wrong Man and Ted, but after being screeming Living Wreck the whole way through, ending up with to long IIIIAAAUUU, it worket much better for the rest of the concert.

I do agree that Junkyard Blues was the weakest, I think it’s the same on the album. Things I Never Said was great, haven’t heard it before, a shame it’s not on our album.

Rapture Of The Deep worket fine and Before Time Began, which in my opinion might be the best song they have ever wrote, was really fantastic. Steve’s solo and The Well Dressed Guitar was furious, and yes, much more emotional than before. Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye was rocking, and so was the old ones.

In Smoke On The Water Roger went nostalgic, and played it on his old Rickenbacker, it sounds great, I think it has a more smooth sound than the Vigier. Paice’s solo in Hush wasn’t wery long, but included a short one hand roll, and after all, the whole show was nearly one long drumsolo. I have always loved the long solo parts from the old days, and now they seems to be returning, several times when playing solos they turned into jamming as if they nearly forgot the audience, just playing for fun.

Now I am looking forward to June 10th and the festival “Rock under broen” in Denmark, I have bought the ticket.

Ole Andersen

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