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Victorious – Copenhagen

KB Hallen, Copenhagen, Denmark – January 28, 2006

Pictures Of Home
Things I Never Said
Wrong Man
Eduardo The Mechanic
Living Wreck
Rapture Of The Deep
Before Time Began
Mary Long
Contact Lost
Morse solo
Well Dressed Guitar
Airey solo
Perfect Strangers
Junkyard Blues
Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye
Space Truckin’
Highway Star
Smoke On The Water
– – –
Black Night

A victorious return to Copenhagen for Deep Purple. Everybody left with huge grins on their faces, including me!

Endless list of excellent stuff to talk about. Things I Never Said is a corker, as is Wrong Man, so heavy. The set list is very well structured as it moves from an inspired first half of mainly new songs, which all sufficiently capture the crowd and satify the hardcore followers. Then a second half of powerful renditions of oldies spiced up with masses of energy and enthusiasm rolling back and forth between the crowd and the band.

Steve did a ‘new’ solo in Mary Long, which got a huge cheer – even if Gillan missed out a lot of the first verse. His flowing white Ghandi dress is gone. Black pants are back – as is the colourful waist coat, and the man is looking good.

Paicey did a solo in Hush and generally there was a lot of solo spots dotted around the show. Perhaps even a bit too much for my liking.

Don Airey has a mostly new and very inspired solo spot, bits of which sounded like Jean Michel Jarre variations. His new keyboard caved in on him in the middle of the Star Wars theme – perhaps a sign from above… Interestingly Ian Gillan has introduced ‘air keyboards’, which meant the entire KB Hallen was wriggling their hands high in front of themselves, as if playing keyboards. An impressive sight.

Steve’s solo also featured a whole new approach and became very emotional as it gradually built from the beautiful Contact Lost to a massive Well Dressed Guitar, which the entire venue seemed to latch onto with great joy.

Then only slight low point was Junkyard Blues, which felt pedestrian coming after a thunderous Perfect Strangers. Good thing it was followed by the fabulously powerful Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye.

Sadly KB Hallen was apparently too small to properly mount the new video screens, so the video crew got a night off and the smaller screens (only mounted in half size or something) showed only creative colour patterns, which seemed both pointless and out of place.

The new tour programme is both well designed and includes some excellent bits of writing. Most of the tour shirts are again too blatant to want to wear anywhere after the show – although the licence plate longsleeve is nice.

Deep Purple 2006 – very nice – and my wife thought so too! 🙂

Rasmus Heide

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