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Glenn and Yngwie to tour US

Glenn Hughes w/Yngwie Malmsteen US 2023 tour poster

Glenn Hughes will take his ‘Celebrating 50th anniversary of Burn‘ to the United States. The tour will start on August 16 in New Jersey and stretch into late September. The opening night in NJ and the Dallas show will be just Glenn and his band, while the rest of the tour is a double bill with Yngwie Malmsteen. There was no official word as to who goes on stage after whom, but several things hint to Yngwie closing, and Glenn performing before him.

Full details and ticket links are in our calendar.

23 Comments to “Glenn and Yngwie to tour US”:

  1. 1
    maurane says:

    bonsoir je ne vois pas ce qu’il y aura d’extraordinaire dans ces concerts?

  2. 2
    Adel Faragalla says:

    The good thing about being a first act is that you get to finish first and go home to sleep early in bed. Which is something very good at his age.
    Peace ✌️

  3. 3
    Gregster says:

    @1 LOL !

    This should be a great double-header imo, especially if Yngwie joins-in for a coupe of encores…

    Wow !

    Peace !

  4. 4
    Uwe Hornung says:

    Glenn and Yngwie could maybe hold a contest who can squeeze the most notes into 30 seconds?

    Just sayin’ …

  5. 5
    MacGregor says:

    I cannot imagine Malmsteen playing second fiddle to anyone. He may have been a support act before, I don’t know as I don’t follow him at all. Regarding fitting the most notes into 30 seconds, I was more thinking who could fit the biggest ego through the same size door? Cheers.

  6. 6
    Gregster says:

    LOL !…

    Yngwie is an awesome musician, & who’s rig sounds really, really good imo. I can’t comment about his ego, or GH’s, but I’ll say that Yngwie has the best air-kick of anyone that walks the planet !…( And he puts on a good show too ).

    This would be an awesome night-out folks.

    Peace !

  7. 7
    kraatzy110 says:

    WOW … hope to see both in Europe / Germany … I will be there …


  8. 8
    MacGregor says:

    @ 5 – it is a good thing then Gregster that you didn’t play some Malmsteen the other day at your abode whilst I was there, otherwise it would have been handbags at ten paces me thinks. Ha Has Ha. After all those Lifeson, Blackmore, Iommi & Trower riffs & lead segments you were playing & then to Yngwie, sheesh. Maybe it would have been a surprise, I don’t know. Esch to their own though & yes if he slowed down a little he would be more listenable for me, perhaps. Am I living in the past, Malmsteen may be more approachable these days? I do still own his first album from the mid 1980’s, some good songs on there with Jeff Scott Soto singing & also a few good instrumentals. But after hearing following releases & seeing him on that live video I couldn’t handle him. A guitarist friend of mine who is much more forgiving than I will ever be went to a Malmsteen concert in Brisbane about 20- 25 years ago. He left after 40 minutes or so & after scores of other people had also departed. He told me he has never witnessed a boring ego driven showing off guitar fest like that ever before or since in concert. Way over the top & also really arrogant to his fellow band members apparently. Maybe he has mellowed over the years somewhat, hopefully. Cheers.

  9. 9
    Uwe Hornung says:

    I once had a chat with Yngwie at the Frankfurter Music Fair shortly after he gone AWOL from Alcatrazz. To his defense, he was still a young man back then, but his ego was large enough to suck all the air out of one of those huge fair halls. Exceedingly difficult to be around (he was in some booth endorsing DiMarzio pick ups I believe): When I asked him why he had left Alcatrazz, he said extremely jadedly that “from now on … (he) only want(ed) to work with professionals”. Gotta love the guy.

    That said: Even the cheapskate clinical production can’t hide the fact what a great track this was, (very Michael Schenker) riff and all. That chorus at 01:19 as Bonnet climbs even higher, is just … wow! That’s Robert Halford league, really. And Yngwie’s solo, yes, it’s shredding, but of a very musical, grand orchestral nature. The little Paganini. No one did that better. But he also never had a better vocal foil than Graham.


  10. 10
    Uwe Hornung says:

    On a more personal note:

    Herr MacGregor and Gregster, now that you two will marry and move together, will your respective Purple collections be merged too? That would be soooo romantic! You could adopt children and name the boy Ted and the girl April or – if thus inclined – Mitzi, we live in thankfully woke times!!!

    I’m so excited. I could be a bridesmaid!


  11. 11
    Uwe Hornung says:

    Oops, sorry @8: In case you were wondering what German Krautrock Progsters Eloy had to to do with Yngwie/Graham …


    I wanted to link this here instead:


  12. 12
    Leslie S Hedger says:

    I never did like Yngwie’s guitar playing. I think it is too fast and boring!!

  13. 13
    MacGregor says:

    @ 10 – well we do need a bass player Uwe, so yes you may as well be involved. But only if you don’t get in the way & you do as you are told, all should be fine & dandy. Cheers.

  14. 14
    Gregster says:

    LOL !

    Yngwie was a very-young-man when he took-the-plunge, packed his suitcases, & headed off Stateside, & so an arrogant attitude was warranted & even needed to survive over there…And besides, as RB has proven, any press is good press.

    Like most successful acts, there is a period of substance abuse that rears-its-ugly-head, & in Yngwie’s case, it was alcohol, but that was long-ago apparently, & his attitude & arrogance have moderated quite-a-bit we’re told.

    As for his playing, it’s great imo ! Sure he’s a shredder, but what’s wrong with that ??? He can do it, & do it well, as his success proves…And from what I can tell, it’s all picking with light-gauge-strings, no finger-tapping goin’-on…

    He’s got great skills that have earned him world-wide-success, & he’s into his 4-th decade of success, so he’s stood the test-of-time in my books, & like him or not, respect is warranted…And his air-kicks need to be seen to be believed !

    @9… Ah, the bonus of having a small residence & reasonable coffee ! I can’t really approach Yngwie’s speed, & I don’t know any of his tunes to be honest lol, but I can play “Toccata” reasonably quick, so I’ve got that going for me ! And apparently, independent ears have confirmed that the amp sounds good, so I’m well pleased with that result ! ( 6n2p-ev folks, grab them while you can )…

    Peace !

  15. 15
    MacGregor says:

    No Parole for Rock ‘n Roll was my introduction in 1984 to a young guitar slinger in Malmsteen. The guitar friend I mentioned who went to that later on Yngwie concert in Brisbane gave the album to me. I couldn’t get into it as a whole but I did have an interest in the guitarist’s first solo album for two reasons. We were getting into those new whizz bang guitar players at that time & also Barrymore Barlow (ex Jethro Tull) was on the drums, all be it those horrible electric things. Cheers.

  16. 16
    Gregster says:

    Uwe asked…

    “Herr MacGregor and Gregster, will your respective Purple collections be merged” ?

    Ah yes, a very important question…However, the only interest at this stage from the DP palette discussed was small-talk about the new-album-to-come with Simon, & availability of the 25th Anniversary of Machine Head, since neither of us have it…

    In my defense however, I have a massive amount of DP live material that I generally prefer to listen to, & have already acquired MH on tape, record, & twice already within CD boxed-sets…I couldn’t go for #5, & then restocking with all the 25th anniversary reissues…Besides, the Classic Albums DVD of MH does have Roger talking & allowing us to listen to an extended ending of Pictures of Home, & IG double-tracking through Never Before from memory…

    And…The 2014 Alan Parson’s Project 11-CD Boxed-set arrived 3-weeks early, & to my surprise, I really like all-of-it LOL ! Only 1-or-2 slips in quality to my ears over 11-albums is extraordinary, & I’m surprised they weren’t more popular…I’m not sure who-copied-who here & there, or whether some melody was unconsciously shared around between bands at the time, but there’s PF, DP & the Police & others that I hear through these albums. PF was a given & expected, but to hear elements of “When a blind man cries” & “Every move she makes” was surprising.

    Peace !

  17. 17
    Uwe Hornung says:

    Regarding the merging of your two collections, I could do the prenup pro bono, guys, you know who gets to keep the Machine Head remaster if one day it all goes awry? I’m selfless. At this point, in the Aussie heat of burning romance, this might seem like a remote concern to you, but it is better to be safe than sorry!

    “But only if you don’t get in the way & you do as you are told, all should be fine & dandy.”

    Herr MacGregor, I never get in the way, but curiously all the others do with my bass runs!!!

    Gregster, Yngwie plays 08s. It makes sense for him as he is such a stickler for accurate bendings (he once said in an interview that Hendrix’ and Jeff Beck’s bendings are too sloppy and all over for him, is there a guitar hell?).

    But the ultimate prize for being the pansiest light gauge string player goes to – this might surprise some of you – Billy Gibbons. He plays 07s (and has for decades), which means his strings practically aren’t even there.

    But it’s a cliche that light gauge strings make your life easier, what they give in less tension (and therefore less strength in fretting them), they demand in more control and restraint of the player, especially if – like Yngwie – you play a scalloped fret board Blackmore style. While I do quite a bit of bending on bass, I stick with medium-light gauges between 100 and 105, anything below just feels weird, but I’m a creature of habit.

    PS: I’m listening to the most recent Muse offering while I’m writing this and I have to say: Like nearly all other Muse stuff, it sounds decidedly awful. There I said it. I pride myself in a liberal, eclectic music taste, but Muse sound to me like an AI generator wrote music to appeal to the masses. It’s totally contrived and their mix of Queen (without the effortlessness), Green Day (without the raunch) and U2 (without the restraint and sometimes delicacy) melodies, light-weight Tool instrumental elements and extremely obnoxious keyboards lifted seemingly straight off a Rave Music party sampler is stomach-upsetting to me. Compared to these guys, even Coldplay sound like Delta Blues, yuck!

    PPS: The Muse CD just finished playing, thank goodness!

    PPPS: APP didn’t go any further than they did (and they went quite a bit) because they had an image and live presentation problem. The lacked a true front (wo)man, Alan Parsons was their brain, Eric Woolfson their heart, but neither was a front man. And they (actually Alan without Eric who left rock music behind and turned to musical) only actually began playing live once their recording career had stopped. Neither Eric Woolfson nor Alan Parsons saw that as their realm when they were still creating music together. It’s difficult to be a household name if you never show up for gigs. And people tend to forget you sooner as they – thankfully so – did with never-gigging Enya too. Now you might raise Kate Bush as a counter-example as she hardly ever gigged/gigs, yet still kept a high profile, but Kate was good at sustaining this mysterious, esoteric & theatrical image (and had iconic videos, does anybody remember an APP video?). APP were as charismatic as Barclay James Harvest, which means: not at all (but BJH we incessant tourers and hence for a while one of the most popular bands in Germany). That doesn’t mean Alan Parsons can’t deliver live, I’ve seen them/him twice in recent years and it’s a well-executed greatest hits show where you can hum along all night.

  18. 18
    DeeperPurps says:

    Gregster @ 13. Re: “Sure he’s a shredder, but what’s wrong with that ??? He can do it, & do it well, as his success proves…And from what I can tell, it’s all picking with light-gauge-strings, no finger-tapping goin’-on…”

    I agree wholeheartedly. And yes, picking instead of tapping. In much the same way that Blackmore did his lightning fast runs. I know so many people are enamoured of the EVH school of tapping guitarists, but for me, the real wizards are those who can pick as fast as the tappers.

  19. 19
    Uwe Hornung says:

    To the late EvH’s credit: He could pick (nearly) as fast as he tapped and he was very much the complete package including being an ace rhythm guitarist. He was also an accomplished keyboarder. I saw Van Hagar in the late 80ies at Nassau Coliseum and Eddie really impressed me (I was no Van Halen fan, neither in the Roth – always an issue if a singer can’t sing – nor the Hagar era). And at a time when tapping was en vogue and totally overdone by everybody and his brother, he actually tapped very little at that gig, he was tasteful with it.

    Eddie could actually be simply supportive in his role as a lead guitarist, that is something Yngwie – for all his undeniable talent – finds hard to do. I mean he was just a kid back then with Alcatrazz (and, granted, it’s fun to watch him), but the issue is that he never stopped playing like an overly busy adolescent trying to draw all attention to himself even as he aged.


    Compared to Yngwie, Eddie is a model of restraint. Yet he let’s things rip towards the end of the song and even his “simple” parts are actually technically head and shoulders over what a regular guitarist would play.


    Here I am in a forum of Blackmore devotees waving the EvH flag – LOL!

  20. 20
    MacGregor says:

    Eddie Van Halen played for the song, a complete guitarist in that rather important aspect. A wonderful musician who as you said Uwe knew when ‘not’ to play also, which is incredibly important. Malmsteen, who’s he? Cheers.

  21. 21
    MacGregor says:

    Talking about this Al worry permeating throughout modern & a futuristic society, how predictable. I Robot indeed. Sting was talking about it recently in regards to his concerns to songwriting with Al & the like. It reminds me of the Hawkwind song lyrics to Spirit of the Age, from Robert Calvert. ‘My android replica is playing up again & its no joke, it’s the spirit of the age”. Cheers.

  22. 22
    Rock Voorne says:

    I d not mind Yngwie since it was 1996 I saw him in Paradiso, Amsterdam.

    But in Europe he is not supporting I read. Hoping for a GH show in the Zoetermeer venue again, 2018 was the last time.

    Since then Glenn looks better than ever while I m falling apart.
    Must be the California beachlife.

  23. 23
    Gregster says:

    @16…Yes, APP reminds me very-much of being the UK’s Steely Dan in a lot-of-ways, in that they had no fixed band-members, & didn’t tour until late-in-the-game…My Dad visited Germany in 1981, & he came back with “Eyes of the Universe” by BJH, & used to play it quite a bit, & so did I 10-years later lol, which is when I got into APP. This also told me that Europe thankfully had a far more diverse & appealing music industry. We generally get US-of-A sanitized garbage in the mainstream here in Oz.

    I’m also pretty-sure that B.B.King likes 0.07’s too as far as string gauges go, stating “Why make your fingers work harder than they have to” ? LOL ! I’ve used 0.011’s for decades, along with a 3-mm Jim Dunlop Big Stubby pick.

    @17…I haven’t seen too much of YJM, but remember being blown-away with his tone, & surprised to learn that what I thought must be finger-tapping, was actually picked ! He really is a great player, & throws tonnes of classical-sensibilities / lines into his melodies.

    @ 20…AI will never better the human brain in decision making & / or speed. It doesn’t possess reasoning…Our issue isn’t necessarily the AI itself, but the persons who have access to the information gathered & its use…

    Peace !

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